Beautiful gorgeous teen gal stands doggy fashion

Beautiful gorgeous teen gal stands doggy fashion
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We are working security in a large female toy store. We sit in front of a bank of monitors as watch with amusement as various women, read the trash magazines, while they rub themselves. There are couple of corners of the store which are dark, just for those couples who think that no one is watching.

I just love the night vision units we have. In walks Cathy, the bitch. We have nicknamed her the bitch because she always causes some commotion whenever she is in the store. The last time she was here, she screamed at a young trim sales clerk with the perky breasts and tight ass.


You remember her? She used to go to the ladies room for her breaks. She loved our rapid deployment wireless vibrator with long life battery and pulsing head.


We knew she was enjoying herself because whenever she came out of the restroom, we could smell her pussy, her nipples would be at least an inch long and her cloth covered stool at the register would be soaked through.

We gathered quite a file on the bitch and never could really prove anything. Until now. She walked through the metal detector and it registered nothing. At least she was not wearing anything inside or out.

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We watched her like a hawk. She walked to the dyke BDSM magazine area, picked up a magazine, looked up at the camera in the ceiling and put her hand into her panties.

Then she began to rub herself. I wonder if we could ever sell all the clips we have of women getting off. We watched as she came, pulled her hand out of her panties and licked her fingers.

She dropped the mag to the floor. The bitch as struck again. She walked to the new toy aisle. We both have told management that area of the store needs more lights. We flipped on the night vision units and watched as she pawed the toys. She looked at the mother of all dildos, three feet long and 10 inches in diameter with a head which grows like a mushroom, once it gets wet.

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She began to stroke it like a cock. Sorry, bitch, you are wasting the stroking on us. We are lesbians. Guess she thought it would get us off. Nope. Then she moved to her left and stopped in front of the wireless eggs. These have been our best sellers. We both have a set and we know what the eggs can do. So Cathy, looks around and this time she does not look up at the camera, since she can not see it. But hey bitch, we can see you.

She breaks the seal of the box, slips out the eggs, drops her skirt, lowers her panties and the eggs disappear. Just then another patron approaches. Cathy is flustered and pulls up panties and skirt and walks away.

We have the bitch.

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She walks around, still looking over her shoulder. She has the eggs but not the transmitter. I get on the speaker and tell everyone the store is now closing, which it is. Cathy keeps trying to go back to the transmitter but we are turning off the lights.

As she walks to the front door, she has to pass through the metal detector. We are at the door as she steps through the detector.

The detector screams with an alarm and red lights. She stops dead in her tracks. Her face has turned bright red. The bitch is ours. "Come quietly with us," I tell her. She comes without a fight. We take her to the back room office. She sits down and you clip a handcuff to her wrist and one to the metal chair which is bolted to the floor. "Do you know why you are here?" I ask.

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She shakes her head. I hold up the transmitter for the egg. She does not know that all the eggs now come with lithium batteries. They are ready to use, right out of the box. "You were caught on our video, shoplifting.


The police will be notified. Your life will never be the same." "I didn't do anything wrong," she barks out. I show her the transmitter as I turn it on and set it at the number 3 setting. Cathy jumps and moans.

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"Anything wrong?" I ask. We both can see a flush spreading over her face and neck as I twist the dial to 5. She is pulling at the hand cuff and trying to squeeze her legs together. Her nipples are hard and poking through her thin top. "I need to get some information before the cops arrive and take you away." I reach for the pen as you reach for the transmitter.

You hold the transmitter in front of Cathy's eyes. Your finger is hovering over the red button. Cathy pleads with her eyes. You press the red button. Suddenly Cathy freezes as though she is a deer in the headlights. The veins in her neck look like like water hoses.

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Her mouth is open and there is no sound. We both know what is happening. Her egg has expanded in her cunt.

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It now has grown to fill her pussy and is pushing upward against her G spot. Her pussy is one quivering mass of flesh with a vibrator. Once the red button is pressed, the egg continues to vibrate until the battery is drained.

Off course the woman is also drained. But she is drained long before the battery is finished. I''ll do anything you want, just don't give me to the cops," she pleads. We look at each other and smile.