Sara Jay after walk enjoys fucking on her favourite black couch

Sara Jay after walk enjoys fucking on her favourite black couch
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This is my first story! Most people dont remember their childhood very well. I remember all of mine. It all started when i was 4 years old. My two half brothers had to start living with me and my sister and brother. I was so happy, i had wanted older brothers and now i finally got them.

I noticed my younger half brother started to take notice of my young body. Whenever i was having my "bath time", he always found a reason to go in and sneak glimpses of me sitting in the bath tub bathing.

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Around my 5th birthday he said he needed to talk to me, so we went into the basement to talk. "I have a special surprise for your birthday, but you have to act like a big-girl to get" He smiled as he said this and looked into my eyes sternly.

"Okay, what is it!!" I begged for him to tell me as he began to tickle me telling me how cute i was. "Follow me and you'll get your big-girl present." He brought me into his room and told me to sit on the bed.


His door locked on the outside so i would be stuck in there until someone finally came down and found us. "Close your eyes and dont peek or ill have to hurt you. Promise me you wont peek" I could feel him getting close to me as he said this.

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"Ugghh fine! I promise." I felt him get off the bed and i heard something unzip. Unsure of what it was i started to get excited and begged him to let me open my eyes. "Okay open them" When i opened my eyes i saw a huge 8 inch cock right in front of me. "Why is your pee pee out?!?" I felt like crying but he said i had to be a big girl so i held my tears in. "Its my cock, and i need to ask you to something but i need to make sure you wont run first." He pulled out some thin rope and began to tie my tiny wrists to the wooden bars on the headboard.

"Dylan, please let me go! I want mommy!" I cried out. He put his dick back into his pants and continued to tie me up."Big girls dont need their mommys vannah." He laughed as i cried out and pulled out some duct tape from the drawer next to him and put it over my mouth. "Everyones going out to get your birthday supplies, they wont be home for hours babygirl" I began to cry and have a tantrum as he began to unbutton my pretty pink party dress.

I watched him unbutton the pearly white buttons leading down the front as i could do nothing but cry. "Mmmmm your so pretty and hot like this, all tied up and crying." He took off my dress, cutting the sleeves so he wouldnt have to untie me. I layed there in my thin white cotton panties and black patent leather party shoes.

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Dylan began to caress my body with his strong hands massaging my little butt while i cried and attempted to scream. "You said youd act like a big girl, but you arent so ill have to punish you" He smacks me across my cheeks admiring the bright pink hand print left on them.

"I though that would shut you up, now your going to let me do whatever i want to you. If your good ill let you have a taste of my cum. If not, ill punish you worse than you could ever imagine. Understand?" I quickly nodded my head up and down and watched him as the bulge in his pants grew even bigger. He continued feeling my body rubbing my little dime sized nipples where my breasts would eventually be.

He kissed my nipples and down my little tummy until he got to the waistline of my cotton panties. He then lightly ran his fingers over the thin elastic band, all the way around and back and then grabbed scissors and cut them right off.

I began to whimper as i let my half brother look and take my body and make it his. He spread my legs wide gazing at my hairless little cunt. "Fuck, vannah youve got the prettiest little pussy ive ever seen." He began to lick my little pink clit making me feel all tingly down there and start to get wet. Then he rubbed his index finger over my pussy watching my reaction as he massaged my clit and went back down to lick my pussy hole.

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I felt his fat wet tongue stab at my little hole going in and out licking my cunt enjoying how i tasted. "You little slut, you got me hard. Now i have to teach you what big girls do when they make men hard like this." He ripped off the duct tape leaving a thick red stripe over my lips and chin and untied my wrists."Undo my shorts cunt." My little hands reached out and unbuttoned his shorts as my arms and body shook in the process. He ordered me to pull out his massive cock he moaned as my hands pulled all of him out.

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I stared at his cock. It was thick and the head was huge and swollen with an ugly shade of purple.


I could see the veins in his gross cock and turned my head away. He rubbed his cock over my face, all around my cheeks and on my lips pushing on them trying to pry them open. "Vannah, open your mouth.

I promise this wont hurt." Reluctantly i opened my mouth and he shoved his cock in my tiny mouth. I gagged and cried as his dick began to touch the back of my throat. Dylan pulled my hair and pushed my head onto his dick even harder making me gag.

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He pinched my nose making me unable to breath. He laughed and took his fingers off my nose letting me breath again. I felt his hard member tense up in my little mouth as he began to moan and thrust harder.


With 3 thrusts he released a big load of hot cum down my throat, in my hair and all over my face. He painted his cum over my lips and on my cheeks.

"Now that thats done, im going to stick my huge cock in you, anywhere i want." To be continued.