Mulatas de short jeans rebolando lap dance

Mulatas de short jeans rebolando lap dance
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**********As always, leave a comment below and let me know what you think********** 'Eddy, Annabelle will be here soon you should start thinking about what the pair of you will be doing tonight.' My mother told me. I looked at her with a bored expression on my face, 'And what time are you and Aunt Caz jumping on your brooms and flying off--' Before I could finish that sentence she clipped me around the ear.

And when she turned back to what she was doing, I continued, 'I was going to say flying off in search of fresh meat.' I saw her shoulders drop, I knew it had been a while since she had gotten some ''fresh meat'', and although she dedicated herself to being one of those Mom's that worked 9am-4pm and then came home to work 5pm-9am. 'Ed you know as well as I do I haven't got time to meet a guy, romance a guy, seduce a guy, fuck a guy, and then keep a guy.' she said as I nodded along to the same speech I'd heard a dozen times before.

'Well maybe instead of all that you could just drug a guy and fuck a guy. I mean it works for Aunt Caz.' I replied. My Mom spat a mouthful of coffee across the table and went to clip my ear again, but I managed to avoid it and get in close, squeezing the life out of her with a hug. 'Love you Mommy.' I whined. She returned the hug and ran her fingers through my hair, 'Aunt Caz hasn't done that for a very long time, and anyway, at least I got you.' she said.

I nodded my head in agreement, 'Yeah, you know if I don't find anybody by the time I'm forty, we'll move to Alabama and get married.' She laughed a little, 'Kid, when you hit forty, I'll be collecting my pension.' She replied, I nuzzled into her neck and gave her a quick kiss, her perfume had been the same since I was about five, and after Dad left, we grew close.

Some may say closer than a lot of Mom's and Sons, but it was what it was, a loving relationship that was going to be hard for me to duplicate with anyone else. Her and Aunt Caz had been best friends since before I was born, she wasn't even my Auntie, I was just raised to always treat her with that level of love and respect. But Caz's daughter, my supposed cousin, was someone I hadn't really spent that much time with, and never really cared to.

I knew though that before she was born, my Mom and Caz conspired for it to be a girl so's I would one day marry her, and when it was actually born as a girl, they thought they'd hit the jack pot. 'So what's my payment for giving me a days notice to cancel my plans tonight?

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And let me remind you that Babysitter is not what I want as my first Job Title. 'Ed, when was the last time you saw Annabelle?' Mom asked. I shrugged, 'Not sure really, why?' I asked. Mom put her cup down in the sink and picked up her phone, she scrolled through some pictures and then showed me one of Annabelle.

'When did she get boobs?' I asked, 'Well she's definitely Caz's daughter.' Mom replied, I looked down at Mom's chest, 'You know Mom, if I were a girl with your genetics, I'd have a wonderful rack.' I told her, her eyes flicked up to mine and she smiled, 'Yes, but at least you got your Fathers cock.' she told me. I grinned like a madman, 'And how would you know?' I asked. She countered my grin with a cheeky smile, 'I know my own son. And besides, you wear loose fitted pants around the house with no undies.' she told me, I quickly started to blush and realised that in a battle of trying to embarrass the other person, nobody beats your Mom.

It was a game we played all time, I would say something to her about her, and she would make a comeback. I never beat her, but it's a fun game to play. 'I may have the penis, but I'd rather have your boobs.' I replied, I thought for a second that I had her, but she just flicked back her light brown hair and looked at me with those hazel eyes, 'You can have my boobs, as long as they're wrapped around that shaft of yours, junior.' It was the most inappropriate thing she had ever said to me, and perhaps the greatest.

I could have conceded, I should have conceded, but instead I took a step closer to her and dropped my pants. She looked down at me, and then looked me in the eyes, before biting her lip and looking out of the kitchen window. 'Bastard.' she said. My smile was from ear to ear as I reached down and pulled my trousers back up. Finally, I thought to myself, I had finally defeated her.


The doorbell buzzed and as I turned to the hallway the front door opened and in walked Aunt Caz, carrying a ruck sack and followed by Annabelle. 'Hello handsome,' Caz said, 'Hello yourself.' I replied. Annabelle gave me a slight nod before turning and walking into the lounge area. Caz came up and gave me a hug before crossing the kitchen and flashing my Mom a smile and giving her a hug too.

I walked out and into the lounge, Annabelle was dressed in a pair of black yoga pants and a heavy looking hooded sweater. 'Sup Annabelle, how are you?' I asked making an effort. She looked up at me with bored eyes, 'I'm fine, in fact, I'm perfectly fine and in no need of a babysitter who is like, a year older than me.' she said. 'Well don't take it out on me, it's not like this was my brain child.' I told her as I turned and left the room, I wasn't about to put up with her attitude all night, I figured she could stay in the lounge and I'll keep myself upstairs.

As I reached the bottom of the stairs I heard Mom telling Caz in a hushed voice about my victory over her, I then heard Aunt Caz replying. 'If he pulls that again you should just walk towards him slowly, getting closer and closer and then make out that you're going to go through it with. He'll yell ''Mom!'' and you'll teach him that even if he tries taking it up a notch, you'll go one further.' I smiled to myself as I continued up the stairs, good luck with that one, she'll retreat before I do.

I had the mentality of a champion now, and nothing was going to defeat me again. It was a little before nine when Aunt Caz and Mom came banging on my bedroom door, a moment later the door swung open and in they walked. 'Right, Eddy, honest opinion, how do we look?' Aunt Caz asked. I looked them both up and down, they were wearing similar dresses, dresses that made it hard to look them in the eye. Both of their chests looked incredible, and while Caz went for the bare leg look, my Mom had pulled on some stockings that went up to her thighs, to a casual on-looker she would appear to be wearing tights.

They had both curled their hair and to be honest, looked a lot alike. 'Even scientists will think you're sisters.' I told them. 'Two bombshell sisters.' Caz corrected me, 'No,' I said taking a step forward, 'I see four bombshells.' I said pointing at their chests. Caz reached over to my Mom's and gave one of her breasts a squeeze. My Mom returned the favour by giving one of Caz's a rub.

'Oh baby, we'll pick this up later.' My Mom told her giggling, 'Come on Kirst, whip one out for me.' she told her. My Mom glanced at me for a moment before laughing and walking out of the room, I raised an eyebrow and looked at Aunt Caz. 'I guess she's on a shy streak today.' I told her.

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She then looked at me and smiled, 'Don't worry, it won't last, I'll make sure of that. And by the way, I had a word with Annabelle, told her that this was me and your Mom's idea and she would benefit from getting to know the guy she was going to marry!' she told me, my face must've dropped because she started laughing, 'Don't panic, I didn't say that, but you know.' 'Caz, taxi's outside!' came my mothers yell.

Caz turned to leave and then looked back at me, 'Oh and by the way, don't think that dropping your pants is enough to get a win over my sis!' she said, and with all the confidence I had built up from earlier, right on cue, I dropped them again and revealed to my Aunt Caz the penis that had defeated my Mother earlier.

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Her eyes fell right on it and her mouth dropped open a little, it was true that I had apparently inherited my Fathers penis, I was told that his was a decent size. And as Aunt Caz was staring down at my seven inches of marvel, I began getting aroused. 'Caz!' I heard my Mom's call, she was walking up the stairs now, I looked at Aunt Caz as I pulled up my shorts. 'I guess it's beaten you both now.' I told her. She looked back up at me and then walked away as Mom reached the landing, 'Come on,' I heard her say.

Time was moving slowly forward, I had already shown Annabelle to her room and that's where she was remaining for the duration. I sopped by a couple of times and reminded her that she should help herself to anything she wanted, but it seemed as though she had a bag full of her own goodies and was quite happy sitting on her laptop through out the evening with her headphones on.

It was just after twelve that I got a text message from Mom, she asked if everything was fine with Annabelle and I told her the truth, I told her that she had locked her moody-self away and didn't seem to want to socialise. Moments later Mom text back saying that I should try what I had done to her and Caz earlier, and it made me smile.

I replied saying that it was only for her, but couldn't resist showing Aunt Caz what she had raised. A simple ''LOL ;)'' was all I had in return and I assumed that they continued with their night. By two a.m I was halfway through the first season of Game of Thrones, I was late to the party I know, but much like I did with Dexter I let the hype go down a little before I started it.

There was plenty of boobs and blood to keep me entertained and just as one particular scene was taking place, I heard the front door open and they came in. Aunt Caz was the first to stumble into the lounge, as she collapsed on the couch Mom followed her in and dropped down next to me.

'How was your night?' I asked. Caz kicked off her heels and smiled, 'Awesome, I forget sometimes how much of a trouble maker your mother is.' she said.

My Mom rested her head on my shoulder, 'I don't know what you're talking about, it's not like I offered to blow the cab guy for a reduced rate.' she said. Aunt Caz started laughing, as she did she brought her knees up and I caught sight of the underwear she was wearing underneath. It appeared to be a black thong, Mom started laughing too. 'Well to be fair he was having us on.' Caz replied. 'But he was a fat Asian man who looked heart broken when you told him, ''Actually I think I'll pay the fare'''.

Mom started giggling again and so did Aunt Caz, 'Well he wasn't going to have anything nearly as impressive as your boy.' Caz said. Mom then placed her hand in my crotch and winked, 'Better believe it, sister.' It took almost a minute for her to realise that I was erect, and there was Mom defeated for a second time. Or so I thought. Without saying anything, she pulled on the waistband of my shorts and out it popped, Aunt Caz was now aware of it too, and I slowly began to feel my face redden.

'Fucking hell Kirsty, what have you got there?' Caz asked, My Mom studied it for a moment before taking it in her hand. Half of it was in her grip and the other half stood out and proud. Aunt Caz wriggled to the edge of the couch she was sitting on and got herself a better look, my Mom looked at me for a moment before asking me 'So who's defeated now?' I half smiled, and needed something to hit back with, 'Aunt Caz, come here a second.' I said.

Without needing to be asked again she was on her feet and next to me in an instant. I reached to her and ran my hand through her hair, then taking a hold of her head and bringing her towards me. I kissed her lightly on the lips, and then before taking a pause to think, I pushed her head down towards my crotch and she took me in her mouth.

I looked at Mom who was sitting in shock, 'I'm not defeated, how about you?' I asked. I felt Aunt Caz's tongue move around my helmet and then shaft, she had taken me in her hand now and was beginning to work out a rhythm. 'Oh my god, Kirst, it's so good.' she mumbled to my Mother. But my Mother wasn't going to be out done, she pulled herself up and was sitting on the arm of the couch, her legs spread wide open and her fingers began moving over the silky material that separated her clitoris from my eye-line.

Aunt Caz was now kneeling on the floor in front of me, her tongue was gliding all over my cock as her hand slowly jerked me. I leant on my side a little as I edged closer towards Mom, she used her middle finger to push the material aside and then the finger disappeared inside of her. It quickly re-appeared, glistening from her inner juices, I quickly snatched at her hand and brought her fingers to my lips.

She had the chance to pull away, but all she did was watch my tongue slide over her fingers. She puffed a sigh as her eyes rolled a little, Aunt Caz was trying to take my entire cock, she often bragged about not having a gag reflex, so I offered a little help by pushing down on her head and having a firm grip on her hair.

My Mom pulled the straps down on her dress as she moved closer, she was now knelt on the cushion next to me. I pulled Aunt Caz off of me and reached towards Mom, I pulled her leg across me and took a grip of her ass. She began shaking her head, 'No, baby, we can't.' she whispered. I ignored her and pulled her thong to the side, Aunt Caz had gotten to her feet and pulled what was left of Mom's dress down to her waist, exposing me to Mom's 32EE breasts.

Mom put her hand on my shoulder as Caz kissed her on the side of her neck, I took one of her breasts and licked on her nipple. 'Baby, please, you win.' Mom gasped, I was almost inside of her and wasn't about to stop myself, 'No, we both win.' I told her as I brought her hips down on me, she moaned out loud as her wet pussy swallowed my cock whole. Aunt Caz turned my Mom's head towards her and they both kissed one another hard on the mouth as I gripped my Mothers ass cheeks and slowly began thrusting up and down.

My Mother slowly pulled away from Caz's mouth and met mine with a series of light kisses before we both let our tongues wrestle. She continued to moan as I continued to thrust, I was feeling a heat that I hadn't felt before and so was she. Aunt Caz sat herself on the arm of the couch and began playing with herself, her black thong was now on the floor and I noticed her clitoris was pierced.

She grasped hold of one of her breasts while bringing herself off looking down at me, Mom's elbows were in my chest and her hands behind my head, we butted heads for a moment when she began bringing herself up and down on me. 'Baby I'm going to, I'm going to-' she stopped moving for a moment, and that's when I began thrusting as hard and as fast as I could.

She didn't moan, she yelled. And she climaxed right there. Goosebumps ran over her body as she struggled for breath, her nipples were like ball bearings and I couldn't resist flicking one of them with my tongue. She slid off of me and onto the couch, Aunt Caz looked about ready to jump on me when I quickly got to my feet and pushed her onto the couch.

She was led on her back with her legs in the air, I stood in between them and held an ankle in each hand.

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She looked up at me and then pulled her dress up over her head, revealing her breasts. I had known her cup size for quite a while, I had a quick peek at her bra when she left it on the bathroom floor after taking a shower.

I remember jumping online and researching other women with the same size. I kissed her foot and she brought her toes down towards my lips, I took a couple in my mouth and lightly bit down as she guided my cock inside of her. I thrust into her again and again, I guessed you could say that my Mother and I had made love, whereas I was just going to straight forward fuck Aunt Caz.


With every thrust her breasts bounced, she knew how to support them so's that they would go flat when she was led down. She held them in just the right place so's that I could watch them bounce.

She was gasping hard, and I could hear her juices impacting with my cock, 'Fuck me Eddy, fuck me harder.' she moaned. I picked up the pace as my Mom began moving again, she grabbed one of Caz's breast's and took the nipple in her mouth, she bit down and pulled it a little before her hand reached down and began rubbing Aunt Caz's clitoris.

'Oh fuck yes, right fucking there.' Caz said, I continued fucking her while my Mother's hand rubbed her. Mom's hand was moving in circles as Caz's legs went tense, a restrained moan from her turned into a quick scream as liquid flushed all over my cock, it dripped down my legs as Caz's legs dropped to the floor. I was completely out of breath and stood over them both, I had felt my balls tighten just before Aunt Caz screamed, I began jerking myself off and a moment later I shot a straight bolt of semen right across Aunt Caz, I aimed the second shot at Mom, who raised her head and opened her mouth trying to catch it, but it hit her in the cheek and across her left ear.

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Whatever was left shot out of me, I wasn't sure where it hit, I was looking deep into my Mothers' eyes. I dropped to my knees and then laid myself down on the floor. Aunt Caz's legs were twitching, and Mom's were too, though not as much.

She joined me down on the floor and looked into my eyes. 'Baby, what have we done?' she asked me. I looked up at Caz, who couldn't seem to move, and then looked back at Mom, 'We're going to need a new game.' I replied.

'I can't move,' Aunt Caz said. I looked at her smiling, 'Don't look at me like that, I haven't done that for a while.


Not like that anyway.' she said. 'I know what you mean,' Mom replied. They both were sitting on the couch now and I was still led on the floor. 'You wanna sleep on the couch?' I asked, 'No,' she said, 'I'll get up in a minute, when I can feel my legs.' I reached over and ran my hand up and down her calf, 'No not again,' she said, 'I don't think I can again.' 'We both need a shower,' Mom said, 'I think we all need a shower.' I replied. Caz shook her head slightly, 'No, I'll sleep with cum all over me tonight and shower in the morning.' my Mom smiled and began pushing herself up, 'Come on, let's go to bed.' I got to my feet and helped Mom pulled Aunt Caz to hers, Mom picked up their dresses and underwear as Caz steadied herself.

There was a moment when all three of us was standing and allowing what had happened to sink in. We were all naked and with slightly dopey smiles on our faces, Aunt Caz was the first to move towards the lounge door, 'Don't get too big headed,' she said to me, 'Once I'm warmed up it'll be you who can't move afterwards.' Mom and I both watched her head towards the stairs, I reached over and put a hand on my Mom's backside, she looked at me with those eyes and then looked away, I wasn't going to be playing the shame game any more and took her in my arms.

We embraced for a moment before I kissed her on the shoulder, my hands slid back down to her ass as she brought her head up and met my lips. We spent a few moments kissing before I started kissing her neck, I was starting to get aroused again and I think she could feel it, because she broke away from our embrace and slowly shook her. 'No more, not tonight.' she said before turning away and heading out of the lunge and to the stairs.

A half smile appeared on my face and I then walked out of the room, but going into the kitchen to get a drink.

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I flicked the light on and almost died of a heart attack when I saw Annabelle stood at the sink, wearing a pair of hot pants and a bra. 'You're disgusting.' she told me, she walked passed me and towards the stairs, I looked back at her and caught sight of her ass, it looked almost as good as the cleavage she was carrying in that tight blue bra. She stopped at the bottom of the stairs and looked back at me, 'You fucked your own mother?' she whispered.

'Step-mother,' I corrected her. 'That makes no difference,' she shot back at me, 'She's your mother!', I had no other reply than to shrug my shoulders, and then I caught her glancing down at my half-hard penis. 'Don't worry,' I told her, 'You'll be thanking me tomorrow, your Mom is going to be in a really good mood.' Annabelle had a look of disgust on her face as she turned and went upstairs, and as I opened the refrigerator to get a drink I wondered how long she had been there watching.

And if she was that disgusted, why hadn't she interjected?