Brothers swap sisters in swingers fuck

Brothers swap sisters in swingers fuck
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Natalie's world had again been plunged into darkness and the next thing she knew was a feeling of horrible emptiness which compelled her to return to consciousness. When she did Natalie realize the dildo was no longer inside her aching cunt, and in that moment that followed she would have done anything to get it back inside her.

Natalie would later realize she should be careful what she wished for. In fact Natalie found herself questioning whether she could even stand another second of that cock inside her once she felt Mila spread her ass cheeks and glued her mouth to her sore pussy., Mila's mouth felt just as amazing as before but the aching from her well fucked hole was kind of a put off.

Then again after Mila was done swallowing all of the cum she could suck out of Natalie's cunt she pushed her tongue deep inside it, seemingly in search of more cum, and even though there was only a little left that didn't stop Mila checking every little part of Natalie's pussy she could reach.

This gentle tongue fucking had Natalie moaning like crazy in no time, her soreness forgotten as she again wished for that cock back inside her.

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Just then Mila pulled back slightly and said, "Mmmmmm, that's one yummy pussy… with a yummy looking ass hole above it." Mila then proceeded to spread Natalie's ass cheeks wide again before she dived down between them and slid her tongue over Natalie's butt hole. Natalie gasped at the foreign sensation of being licked back there. It wasn't necessarily an unpleasant sensation to begin with, and as Mila shamelessly licked her ass hole, her tongue circling it, sliding over it and even pressing against it, Natalie actually found herself enjoying getting her butt hole licked.

It was perhaps the most perverted act she had submitted to so far and Natalie knew she should be feeling embarrassed by the fact that she was on all fours getting a rim job from another girl, but it felt good and her throat was so sore for all the screaming it seemed silly to try and complain about something that felt good.

After all, it wasn't her tongue greedily swirling all over another girl's shit hole, so what was the harm? Moments later Natalie got her answer, this proving to be a gateway act when Mila pulled back again, this time spitting on Natalie's ass hole before pushing that spit inside that virgin back door with a finger.

"Damn… and I thought your pussy was tight." Mila said almost casually as she finished pushing her finger into the knuckle up Natalie's previously never entered rear, "No way you've ever had a cock in here. It's far too tight." Mila gently slid her finger around inside Natalie's ass, she let out a half cry, half moan which was a mixture of pain and pleasure.

The pain was expected, but both girls were surprised at the unmistakable tone of pleasure, especially Natalie.

But while Natalie was horrified with herself Mila was delighted. "Wow, you really like this, don't you?" Mila stated, proving her point by turning her finger around the other way and then thrusting it in and out of Natalie's tight ass which succeeded in getting the same reaction from her co-star as before, "I bet the guys you've been with never even bothered asking to fuck your ass did they?

Probably figured you were too much of a prude to even consider a little anal. Can't say I blame them, but luckily I'm here now to help you let go of your inhibitions. To loosen up. And sure, we were concentrating on lesbian fun, but that doesn't mean we can't take a detour up hot little ballerina ass.

Besides, I always wanted to fuck a star like you in the ass." The whole time she was talking Mila had been gently butt fucking Natalie with her finger. When she stopped talking Mila pulled her finger out of Natalie's ass and replaced it with her tongue, Mila again acting fast enough to get a little bit of her tongue deep into Natalie's butt hole for a few moments.

Seeming determined to get her tongue as deep into her fellow actress's ass as possible Mila repeated her previous actions over and over, fingering Natalie's butt with longer and increasingly forceful strokes, stretching out her rectum until a second finger could be added, Mila making sure to regularly spit on to Natalie's puckered ass hole and her fingers to keep them nice and wet during this crucial stretching out phase.

The regular attempts to tongue fuck Natalie's ass also more than helped, Mila constantly switching between fingering and rimming her friend's butt, her actions left Natalie panting and moaning with pleasure.

Actually enjoying this was bad enough, but what really terrified Natalie was while she would never have even considered taking it up the butt before Mila's skilled touch was actually making her consider it.

Worse, her current position left her ass vulnerable to Mila's intentions, and still she remained where she was without complaint. If she didn't do something soon that huge strap on which had barely fit inside her cunt was going to be tearing its way through her virgin ass… and yet she couldn't seem to make herself tell Mila to stop. Even when Mila repositioned herself so she was pressing the head of her strap on cock against her forbidden hole Natalie couldn't seem to say anything, again leaving words to Mila, "Rub your clit you hot fucking slut.

It'll help you relax." With little hesitation Natalie did as she was told, realizing this was a sign that would submit her tight ass to a fierce fucking by Mila. Natalie felt her virgin ass hole starting to open as a result of a sudden pressure from something much bigger than a finger or a tongue. Seconds later Natalie cried out in pain as she was robbed of her butt cherry, her only comfort being that Mila waited a few moments after taking her anal virginity to push deeper into her never before violated ass hole.

The pain was intense, Natalie feeling like her rectum walls were about to be torn apart at any moment, but just as intense was the feeling of perverted pleasure as sensitive parts of her anatomy were stimulated like never before, Mila's slow pace and Natalie's often frantic rubbing of her own throbbing clit helped her take the edge of the pain with every inch of cock that pressed into her perfect starlet ass.

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Again Natalie was moaning and screaming into her cum soaked pillow. By the time Natalie felt Mila's firm thighs against her ass cheeks the she was feeling faint-- unsure if it was from the painful stretching and fullness in the enormous cock in her ass or the shameful fact that not only was there a dick up her ass but it was strapped around the waist of her sexy co-star.


"That's it, rub and pull on that hot little clit. Make sure you stuff a couple of fingers inside your cunt too. Trust me, there's nothing like getting fucked in both holes." Mila said before gently pulling back and then pushing forwards at the same pace, repeating the process and thus beginning to butt fuck Natalie. A part of Natalie was horrified and ashamed of herself for not only doing as Mila suggested and thrusting two fingers inside her dripping cunt and finger-fucking herself while furiously stroking her clit with her thumb while groaning and moaning like a whore she realized she was.

Just like the previous pussy fucking, the pain in her ass seemed to fade ridiculously quickly only to be replaced by an incredible feeling of pleasure that had her moaning even louder. Despite herself Natalie loved the double penetration, now three fingers pumping in and out of her horny cunt at an ever-increasing pace as she lifted her ass up and back to meet the thrust of Mila's huge dildo.

As she did this Natalie pressed her face into the pillows, an act which was not difficult to do considering she had been face down and ass up for some time.

The only thing that changed was that she would turn her head so she could breathe more easily, her cries made sense for her to try and muffle them. "That's it Natalie, moan for me. Moan for me while I'm fucking you in your tight little virgin ass." Mila said, again Natalie sensing a smirk without looking at the other actress, "Don't worry about moaning into those pillows.

I don't think they muffled you enough before, and they're certainly not going to get the job done when I'm pound fucking your sweet little ass." Natalie whimpered into the pillows, part of her desperately wanting to keep her face in there, but in what seemed to be the theme of the night Natalie couldn't help but lift up her head so that Mila could better hear her moan. "Good girl, moan for me just like that. Moan nice and loud.

Let me know how much you love taking my nice big cock in your tight little cherry shit hole." Mila said encouragingly. Again Natalie felt embarrassed but did as she was told, the actress feeling like she was no longer control of her own body, that somehow Mila had taken control of her completely. This was another thought which was more of a turn on than it should have been, Natalie reliving everything that happened tonight in her head, how Mila had made such a confident seductress that left Natalie feeling like she just couldn't resist her.

And then there was the fact that Mila seemed to want Natalie to be her bitch, her lesbo bitch, and there was part of Natalie which wanted it to be more than just words. The idea of being Mila's bitch sent Natalie's ravaged body into overdrive, the star of Black Swan was losing herself to her desire as she frantically fucked herself to near climax only for it to be denied by her co-star.

"STOP!" Mila yelled, slapping her friend firmly on her dildo filled butt, causing Natalie to do what the Mila told her to do, "I want you to cum from getting fucked in the ass by me, not from fingering yourself." "But… but I need to cum. Please Mila, I need to cum sooooo fucking bad. Please make me cum. I'll do anything." Natalie couldn't stop herself from begging.

"Really…" Mila said, sounding intrigued, "So… let's say I make you cum, and then tomorrow I feel like fucking you again. Are you going to let me?


Are you going to spread those pretty legs of yours so I can get another taste of that sweet pussy?" "Yes. You can fuck me tomorrow. You can fuck me whenever you want." Natalie whimpered. "Huh… so, anytime I want you I can have you? Even after the movie wraps?" Mila asked. "Yes, I'll spread my legs for you whenever you want from now on." Natalie promised, "I'll lick your pussy too.

And let you fuck me with your strap on. I'll be your bitch and do whatever you want, whenever you want." "Really?

Mmmmmm, I like the sound of that." Mila beamed, "But does that include your beautiful butt? Are you going to bend over for me whenever I want, give this tight little ass to me so I can fuck it?" "Yes, yes you can fuck all my holes whenever you want." Natalie confirmed, "I'll do whatever you want, be your lesbian slut, your lesbo bitch, just please, please make me cum with your big fucking cock!" Natalie then cried out with pure joy as Mila suddenly gave a fast thrust into her ass, a slight whimper escaping her lips as Mila returned to the same slow pooper pumping she had been giving her since the ass fucking had begun only for her co-star to repeat the process over and over, thrusting into Natalie's tight butt roughly at random intervals while maintaining the usual pace in between.

"More. Ooooohhhhh fuck me harder, fuck my ass harder. You know what I need fuck me you fucking bitch make me cum!" Natalie groaned. "You like that huh?

You like getting fucked nice and hard in the ass? Your virgin ass? Cause you've never taken anything up your ass before, have you Natalie?" Mila taunted. Natalie blushed a little but after a pause answered with a soft, "No." "Well you're going too.

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From now on you're going to be taking it up the ass a lot." Mila promised, "Mmmmmm, you're going to be bending over for me all the time. Going to stretch your ass out, you pretty little slut." Natalie quivered, partly at the idea Mila was planting in her head but mostly because of the ever-increasing pleasure that was originating in her ass and spreading throughout her body as Mila finally got down to some serious butt fucking, slowly abandoning the gentle ass stretching and random hard thrusts in favor of constant firm hard thrusts, Mila moving so fast that the sound of her thighs smacking off Natalie's firm ass was audible.

Natalie was sure the butt pounding was harder than any guy had fucked her cunt before, which was impressive given Mila's petite frame, made all the smaller by diet and exercise preparing her for her ballerina role, although it probably added additional strength which was probably a contributing factor to it Natalie felt like she was seeing stars.

"You're going to love getting fucked in every hole Natalie. I'm going to fuck like the slut you are…you giving me your cunt, your ass, your hot amazing body!." At this point Natalie was thrusting herself backwards against Mila like a bitch in heat, desperately trying to make that dildo ram as deep and as hard into her bowels as possible as she felt herself rapidly approaching what promised to be a monster climax.

The whole time Natalie was moaning, and groaning, and whimpering, the sounds of flesh smacking on flesh all seeming increasingly deafening as the savage but fucking continued and yet Natalie could still hear Mila as clear as day, as if lost in a world of her own.

" Say it you fucking bitch you're all mine!" murmured Mila. "All yours!" Natalie whimpered softly before she let out a frantic scream as she came.cum flooding once more from her untouched cunt flowing down her trembling legs.

It seemed Mila was not finishe, her fingernails digging into Natalie's hips as she drilled her dildo through Natalie's rectum, somehow pounding her ass even harder than before. Not only did this make Natalie cum again but it seemed to turn her body into an squirting machine, spray after spay shot from her cunt with the speed and ferociousness of Mila's bowel wrecking thrusts. They were easily just as powerful as the climaxes Natalie had felt before, maybe even more so, her entire body like it was melting away into a the large puddle of her own cumon the bed, and yet the actress was too overwhelmed with ecstasy to care.

It didn't take long for her mind to lose all concept of reality. The last thing that went through her head which like before led to a particularly strong sensation of pleasure running through her, this time in particular leading her to a orgasm which briefly knocked her unconscious.

Natalie found herself again drifting off into unconsciousness, or again something close to it as she was woken up by the feeling of that big dildo quickly exiting her ass hole.

She also became aware Mila's hands were spreading her ass cheeks wide open, had been since Mila had started pulling her strap on out and remained exhausted slumped where they were for several moments. Turning her head Natalie felt embarrassment filling her again as she saw Mila staring intensely at her butt hole which had been so battered by huge cock that Natalie could feel it remaining open, the inner depths of her bowels being exposed to Mila who seeming to get a perverted kick out of it.

"You know, I've seen wider gapes, but this is the first time an ass hole has been gaping for me… and I love it because I know your ass is going to be sore for hours, maybe even days, and every time you sit down or try and take a shit you'll be thinking about me and how I fucked your ass hard and made you my little bitch.

That makes me feel so dominant.

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But I've also loved being on the other end, feeling submissive because I got my ass owned. Hell, until my ass properly heals I feel like I'm still the bitch of the girl who just fucked my ass. Is that how you feel Natalie? Do you still feel like you're my bitch?" "Yes." Natalie answered softly after only a brief pause.

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"Well, then as my bitch, I have one last job for you." Mila said, crawling onto the bed and laying flat on her back next to Natalie before grabbing her strap on and pointing it at her, "I, want you to suck my cock.

Take it into your mouth and clean it of all your nasty ass juices." Natalie couldn't remember ever feeling such a combination of total disgust and incredible arousal in her life, the older actress momentarily debating what to do before concluding she had just let another girl fuck her up the ass so what was one more debasement? Mila's grin could have lit up a room it was so wide, Natalie trying her best to ignore it as she slowly lowered herself down, closed her eyes and took the head of the dildo that had only just been in her ass into her mouth.

She grimaced immediately, although that was more because she was expecting a much more horrid flavour.


The actual taste was something of a relief, and even though it pained her to admit it Natalie actually found herself enjoying it as she took more and more of the dildo into her mouth, sucking on the toy cock with increasing confidence as she got used to the taste of her own ass. "That's it slut, taste your ass on my cock. Show me what a good little movie whore you can be." Mila encouraged gleefully as she stroked Natalie's hair, "Get that ass flavored cock as deep into your mouth as you can go.

That's it, deeper. Really swallow that fucking cock. Just a little deeper. Mmmmmmm, good girl. I think that's more than last time. You're definitely getting the hang of this. Stick with me and you'll be a deep throating cock whore, just like me. You'll love ass to mouth, anal, and pussy eating too. Just do what I say Natalie and you'll be a total slut in no time." It was hard for Natalie to imagine not becoming a slut under Mila's tutelage, but did she really want that?

A few hours ago, no, but now Natalie was bobbing her head up and down on a dildo which had been up her butt, sucking on it greedily like it was the yummiest of treats. Natalie even took it out of her mouth so she could slide her tongue up and down the shaft, licking the base extra hard so she could get all of her own anal juices. Mila didn't even tell her to do it, although she did show her appreciation… "Good girl, get every drop of your ass juice.

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Every fucking drop." Mila growled, pausing to let Natalie do just that before yanking on her hair, "Come up here. Let me kiss you." Without hesitation Natalie moved upwards and kissed her Black Swan co-star, the two girls opening their mouths so their tongues could caress each other and they could swap spit, both brunettes doing exactly that for several minutes before pulling away breathless.

"So… do you think you will have any problems with the scene tomorrow?" Mila asked with a mischievous smile on her face. Natalie blushed and shook her head. "What was that?" Mila pushed. "I'll, I'll be ok…" Natalie said. "That didn't sound very convincing." Mila frowned, "I guess I'm going to just have to try harder to loosen you up, lose your inhibitions and get you in touch with your inner Black Swan.

And if that means fucking you all night long, then so be it." A grin slowly crossed Mila's face, "And I should probably keep fucking you throughout the movie, just to help with your performance of course." "I thought I already agreed to be your bitch?" Natalie questioned with a blush. "Yeah, but you said that during sex. I could probably get anyone to agree to just about anything during sex." Mila said.

"So you really want me to be your bitch?" Natalie again asked with a blush. "Pretty much, but I promise you'll enjoy it. And if things get too much just tell me and I'll stop, ok?" Mila swore. "Where was this offer earlier?" Natalie inquired.

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"I don't remember you complaining." Mila grinned, "Now, about that whole fucking you all night long thing…" **** They hadn't quite made it all night long but it had certainly been many, many highly enjoyable hours before they eventually fell asleep in each other's arms. The next day they had performed the lesbian sex scene of Black Swan with ease, the rest of the movie being a blur as Mila slowly turned Natalie into the perfect submissive bitch.

That was what Natalie now considered herself more than anything else. Except at this moment when she had lost track of the announcement of the Oscar nominations, as she had had the first six inches of the statuette buried in her sopping cunt!