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Hot Latina screaming as pounded on casting
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When Brian finally got home that evening, Lilly met him at the front door and ushered him into the living room, sitting him down in his recliner and taking off his shoes. She began massaging his feet, with a decidedly uneasy expression on her face.


"What's wrong, honey?" he asked. "I want to put the Collar back on," she told him. "Command me to tell you about my day, because somehow, I'm really nervous about just saying anything. Please? It will be easier." "Not just yet," he said. "There's something I want to try, first. I want to see if my come is still an attractive flavor to you. Suck me off and swallow my come, Lilly. Let's see if you enjoy it as much today as you did last night." "Yes, sir," she said, then opened his pants and took him into her mouth, sucking on him the way she knew he enjoyed the most, deep and slow.

She didn't much care for deep throat when she did this, preferring to just work on the head and glans with her tongue, but today, she went down on it as far as she could, feeling it tickle her gag reflex, because she knew it would get him off faster.

She wanted to see about the flavor herself. She hoped it really did taste as good as last night, because the thought of the way it really tasted to her was enough to make her puke, usually. When she heard him grunt, the low guttural tones that signaled his impending orgasm, she moved her head back up and just held the head in her mouth as it began spasming.

Her mouth flooded with his hot, sticky come, and indeed, it really did taste good, just the way it had last night, while she was wearing the Collar. He could see her obvious delight as she swallowed down his seed without the look of disgust she usually got when he came in her mouth, and knew that the Collar had made permanent changes to her.

He was a little dismayed that his wife was no longer the original person he had married anymore, and resolved to not put the Collar back on her, no matter how much she begged for it. On the other hand, Pete would be getting the rewards from these changes for the rest of his life, Brian hoped. The guilt he felt about creating this device was assuaged somewhat.

"It worked!" Lilly crowed, pushing the drips off her chin into her mouth and relishing the taste. "Brian, it tasted as good as last night!" "Tell me about your day, Lilly." he said. "I'm not putting the Collar on you again, but I'm commanding you to tell me about your day anyway. You will tell me everything, beginning with the part that made you so nervous." "Yes, sir," she said, a faraway look in her eyes. "There were two college interns at work, and I told them about the Collar at lunch today.

They were supposed to be the human subjects for the trials, should it have gotten that far, but today, the project was shelved, and they were let go.

I brought them home with me, and put the Collar on each of them, at it's highest setting, and commanded them to be your sexual slaves. They are both waiting for us upstairs in the bedroom." "You did WHAT?" he thundered.

"Lilly, how could you? I never. Lilly, we don't know if commands can be undone! What makes you think I even want another woman besides you? I love you!" "When we were in college, I was not your only slave. I was your favorite, for sure, but I saw how much you enjoyed my Delta Pi sisters obeying your commands, You used them for sex more than you used me.

I remember everything. I remember how you commanded them to do things to each other, perverted things, things that you knew I would not enjoy doing, but you wanted some slaves to entertain you in that fashion, so I have created some for you. Last night, you commanded me to give you pleasure, so this is what I have done.


I know that it was not what you intended with that command, but you also commanded me to take pleasure in obeying that command, and doing this has given me pleasure, as well." "It gives you pleasure to know that I have other slaves?" Brian asked. "Did it give your other Delta Pi sisters pleasure to obey me? Do you even know?" "All of the Delta Pi sisters knew that they would have to serve the Alpha Eta brothers." Lilly told him.

"Every single one of them was a willing slave," she said. "Another thing about the two interns upstairs? They are both Delta Pi's. It was one of the requirements for them to come work for Maycorps, as "research assistants." They knew full well what kind of device would be tested on them. Too bad the project got canceled; too bad for Maycorps, that is, but they both jumped at the chance to have it tested here today." "Well, it's true that I did enjoy having multiple slaves during my days as Alpha Eta, but I never commanded you to get me more of them.

If I had wanted more slaves after I married you, I wouldn't have married you, but instead, kept you as my first slave and added to my harem. Lilly, you're all I've ever needed, since those days were done. You're woman enough for me.


I hope you know that." He looked at her, sternly, but it hurt him to be mad at his lovely wife, and grinned after a short moment. "Let's go see what you brought home for me, shall we?" "So you're not. You're not angry at me?" she whispered, daring to hope. "You're my wife, Lilly. I can't stay angry at you for very long.

You already knew that, didn't you? That's why you knew that making me some slaves wouldn't be the end of either our relationship or the end of our marriage. You remembered how much pleasure I got from having other slaves and wanted me to have that pleasure again. How could I stay mad at my beautiful wife for wanting me to be happy?" He stood up and fixed his pants, putting his cock away for the trip up the stairs to their bedroom.

Inside, he saw two young women, one red haired and the other brunette. Lilly was a blonde, making the same trio that he had most enjoyed during his days as Alpha Eta. "Hello, ladies. Please tell me your names." Brian said kindly.

The brunette spoke up for both of them. "Hello, Master, I'm Cindy, and this is my friend Amber," she said. "We're here to serve you sexually, as per your wife's instructions." "How strong is this compulsion to serve me?" he asked. "If I commanded you to have sex with another man, would you do it?" "We would have to obey your command, Master," Amber said. "Please don't order us to do that, though. It's bad enough that I have to serve you.

I'm a lesbian, you see, and the idea of doing anything with a man scares me. The idea of doing something with a man who isn't my master terrifies me even more!" She gave a little wince of pain when she spoke, and quickly amended her statement. "We will obey any command you give us, sir." Brian turned and looked at Lilly.

"I thought you said she was a Delta Pi, and a willing subject?" "She volunteered to come here and wear the Collar," Lilly said, a puzzled look on her face.

"Amber, I didn't know you're a lesbian. Why didn't you say something?" "I didn't know I was volunteering for sexual servitude before I came here." Amber replied. "There was nothing about that in the forms I filled out for Maycorps, either. I didn't know you were going to make me into your husband's sexual servant." "Amber, I told the both of you about the Collar before I brought you home!" Lilly said.

"I made sure you understood that the commands you would be given were going to be of sexual nature and that they would test the limits of what was 'acceptable' in polite society! You came here and put the Collar on yourself!" "Cindy, were you aware of any of these misunderstandings?" Lilly asked the other girl.

The brunette shook her head. "No, ma'am." Cindy said. "You never came right out and said that we were going to fuck and suck anyone, but I knew that's what you meant. I'm not a virgin, but I don't want to be single anymore, so I agreed." "Amber, you don't have to be my sexual servant, if you don't want to be.

I won't order you to have sex with me or any other men, if that's what you want. You are free to leave whenever you want. Right now, if you wish," Brian told her. "Lilly, tell her she's free to go." "Amber, you may leave, if that's what you want." Lilly told the girl, but the redhead shook her head. "Am I allowed to stay?" she asked, tears beginning to form at the corners of her eyes.

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"I volunteered to wear the Collar and become a slave, and if I go, the good feelings I get from obeying will end. I want those good feelings, because I'm pretty sure that if I go, I'll never feel anything this good again. The worse the thing is that you tell me to do, the better it feels to obey.

When you told me that I was to suck your husband's cock, it hurt so bad to think about disobeying, but when I thought about doing it, the good feelings were better than anything I've ever felt! I can't imagine never feeling like that again, so I'll stay and do every filthy thing you ask of me.

Please let me stay? I want the good feelings to continue. Please?" "Amber, stand up." Brian said. "Take off your clothes, slow and sexy, like a stripper.

Tease me with your body, then come over here and kneel before me." "Yes sir, thank you!" Amber said, beginning her little show. She revealed her small 'b' cup breasts by pulling off her T-shirt, then turned and pushed her skirt down as she switched her ass back and forth.

She made it look sexy and teased him unmercifully by hiding her breasts with her hands until the last minute, but eventually she was kneeling naked before him with an immense smile on her face. "This is the most wrong thing I've ever done, and I've never felt so good about it!" she said. "Thank you for making me into a slave; I had no idea I could feel this way!" "Cindy, are you a lesbian, too?" Brian asked, and the diminutive brunette shook her head.

"No sir, I'm attracted to men," she told him. "I don't have any lesbian tendencies at all." "Well, then, this command should activate some of the same things Amber felt when I ordered her to strip for me.

I want you to do the same strip show that Amber did for me, but I want you to do it in front of Lilly. When you're done, you'll be kneeling naked in front of a woman, not a man. You'll be giving her pleasure with your mouth, too, licking her pussy and tasting her feminine juices.

That's an order." "Oh, no." Cindy breathed, with the same flash of pain in her eyes, but then, as she got started, a big smile spread because she was obeying. "Oh, it feels good to obey!

I can feel myself changing inside; it feels good when the mental barriers are broken like this!" "Lilly, do you still feel the pleasure of obeying, even though you haven't worn the Collar since last night?" Brian asked his wife.

"Master, I have to tell you something." Lilly said, looking away. "I wore the Collar this afternoon, on it's highest setting. I put it on before the girls did, and made them tell me that I was to be your sexual slave, just to show them that it was harmless. I should have told you this before, and I'm sorry I didn't." Lilly admitted. "But to answer your question, yes, I still feel the pleasure of obeying, and the pain of not doing it fast enough. I'm being conditioned to obey before you finish speaking." Brian was distressed to hear that his wife had worn the Collar again, without his presence, and even more dismayed to hear that she had been ordered to be his slave.

He wanted his wife back, not a slave, but he suspected it was too late for that. In a moment of weakness, he decided to take advantage of that fact and exercise his power over the three of them, just like he had done in college.

He would start with the redhead. "Amber, open my pants and suck my cock. Is your hymen intact?" "No sir," she said.

"It got torn when I was eleven, in a bicycling accident, and I've had dildos inserted many times. I'm only a virgin as far as real penises go." He could see the initial flash of pain on her face, the moment before she reached her hands up to his waist, but then, as she obeyed, the dreamy look returned as she began unbuckling his belt.

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Brian was glad to see her smiling with pleasure as she exposed him. She took him into her mouth and sucked on the head of his cock. Her right hand gripped him softly at the base of the shaft. He was in no hurry to come again, because Lilly had just gotten him off downstairs, so he was willing to let the girl take as many breaks as she needed and be comfortable. "You're going to enjoy this, Amber, I want you enjoy the feel of me in your mouth. You're going to have fun sucking me off, and when I come, you're going to swallow all my sperm because it tastes so good.

You can stop to talk and breathe. I want you to be comfortable." "Thank you, sir, it really is fun to do this, especially since the Collar is reinforcing the good feelings.

My fear is making it so much better than it would have been, otherwise. I didn't know that I could feel this good before." She took the head of his cock in her mouth again, slowly bobbing her head up and down, but not really going any deeper than the halfway mark. "I want you to tell me what you're thinking, every time a thought occurs to you, Amber.

My wife turned you into my slave, and this is my command. Tell me what you're thinking." "Yes, sir," she replied, a thoughtful expression on her face. "Right now, I'm a little scared. I've let my girlfriends use dildos on me before, so my hymen is gone, but I've never even seen a boy with his pants off. I've seen them in pornos, blowjobs and the like, but the idea of doing it myself scares me, because of what happened when I was at my Senior Prom.

Joey Braxton was my date, and he was a perfect gentleman all night, right up until the car ride home. He drove to the overlook, above the lake, where all the kids in town go to make out and stuff. It was my first time there, and when he started kissing me, I guess I freaked out a little.

He tried to put his hands on my breasts, but I wouldn't let him. He tried to make me touch him down there, and I wouldn't do that, either. I made him take me home, and I wouldn't even give him a goodnight kiss before I got out of the car and ran inside. I've been afraid of boys ever since." She looked up at him, a serious expression in her eyes. "I've been afraid of the feelings I get inside me when I let boys do those things to me." "Is he the only boy you ever kissed?" Brian asked.

Amber shook her head again. "No, once, in my sophomore year, I let Andy Summers kiss me during one of the slow dances. It felt really nice, but Mrs. Anderson caught us and wouldn't let us dance together anymore. Later, she took me aside and called me a slut and a hussy, and if I let any more boys kiss me, she was going to tell my parents. I never did anything else with any boy again until Prom night. Now, I guess I have to go all the way with you, if you tell me to, because my head hurts worse than anything I ever imagined to even think about not following orders.

Plus, it feels really good to obey, and not just in my head, either. I get warm feelings everywhere when I do what you say. It makes it a lot easier to obey, and that's why I danced for you so sexy when I stripped off.

It felt so good, especially since I knew it was so bad. That's what made it better. The worse the things you tell me to do, the better it feels." "Amber, stop sucking my cock." Brian told her. "You'll get to swallow my come next time, but right now, I want to take your virginity.

Go get on the couch, laying down on your back, with one foot on the floor, and the other leg draped up over the back." "Yes sir." Amber said, moving over to the couch and getting into position. Brian could see the look of trepidation in her eyes as she stared at his cock as he came over to her, kneeling on the couch between her legs. "Are you going to make me pregnant, sir?

I'm not on the pill or anything, and you're not wearing a condom." "I didn't think about that." Brian said, hesitating in front of her. "Lilly never got pregnant because she's unable to have children. Are you fertile?" "Yes sir, and I just had my period about two weeks ago. I could easily get pregnant," she told him, not trying to close her legs and smiling up at him. She looked back at his cock, fully erect and oozing a little pre-come out of the tip.

"Do you want to just suck it instead?" he asked her, not coming any closer to her. He was just about one foot away, stroking himself with one fist.

"I'll let you suck it, if that's what you prefer." "Sir, I'm your sex slave," she said. "You can do whatever you want." "What do YOU want, Amber?" he asked. "I want you to tell me. Will it feel good to know that I could fuck a baby into you, or will it feel better to obey my order to swallow my delicious come?" "I'm your sex slave, sir," she said.

"You can fuck a baby into me if it's your desire. I'm sure that I'll be swallowing your delicious come plenty of times in the future." "How long do you plan on being my sex slave?" he asked. "Babies are a lifetime commitment." "Sir, I'm your sex slave forever, now. I can tell that this feeling will never go away, now that I've felt it. I sure hope it doesn't, anyway. I'm not sure I could ever go back to what I was, before. I don't even want to." "You want to be my sex slave forever?

You are aware that I'm married, yes?" Brian asked. "Doesn't my marriage mean anything to you?" "Sir, it was your wife that did this to me. She's the one who told me to be your sex slave, and she didn't put any time limit on it. The marriage vows mean more to her than they do to me, and it didn't stop her from doing this. I figure she's okay with it, and so am I. Fuck a baby into me, sir, I want it!" "Lilly, you're my wife.

Is this what you want?" Brian asked, obviously distraught by this whole turn of events. His wife was his slave now, in fact and truth, but he wouldn't do anything that hurt her feelings. He still loved her with his whole heart.

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"Do it, Brian, give her the child I could never give you." Lilly said, shedding a silent tear. "Fuck a baby into Cindy, too. That's why I did this, so that we could finally have children in the house. Even if they're not mine, they will be yours, and that's enough. It's enough for me to know that you're happy." Brian's heart broke at her words, because he'd never understood until now how much Lilly felt about her barrenness.

She wanted kids around? He analyzed his feelings about it, and realized that he wanted kids, too. "Okay, Amber, I'll fuck a baby into you.

Just know that you won't be tasting my come until we know that you're carrying." "Yes sir, do it! Fuck me, put your big cock inside me and come!

I want to be pregnant, sir. That's what sex slaves are for!" He rubbed the tip of his cock up and down through the redhead's thick bush of hair, using both hands to spread her labia open, then realized that she wasn't wet enough to allow ease of entry and moved away a little.

"Cindy, come here and use your mouth to get Amber ready for my cock. She's not wet enough yet, so I want you to lick her pussy until she comes." "Ohh, no." Cindy whispered, her heart filling with fear. She'd never done that before, because she believed it to be wrong, but then the Collar's conditioning took over, and she felt the headache building as she resisted the command.

When she moved away from Lilly, the pain lessened, and as she got in front of Amber's crotch, the good feelings suffused her. They got stronger as her face neared Amber's bush, stronger still as she reached up and smoothed the hair away, but when she hesitated to use her mouth and actually do it, the pain returned. She licked her tongue up the pink flesh, and the taste of another woman brought all the warmth back and diffused the pain instantly.

She kept her mouth going to make the good feelings continue, and soon she was doing it willingly, the wrongness of the situation completely forgotten.

"Ohh, yes, Cindy, lick me, do it, use your fingers inside me too, I've always liked being fingered!" Amber said. ""Use your fingers, please, I like it when you do that." "But, I've never done this before." Cindy said. She'd played with herself enough times to know what Amber wanted, though, and she instinctively knew to put to fingers inside the girl and how to move them in order to bring pleasure.

"Ohh, yes, Cindy, just like that! Yeah. Just right, keep doing it like that. I'm going to come pretty soon, don't stop, no, what are you doing, don't stop!" Amber opened her eyes to see why Cindy had stopped licking and fingering her, and saw Brian taking the girl's place. The next thing she felt was Brian's cock rubbing up and down over the outside of her pussy, mashing into her clit several times, which felt really good, for her and Brian both.

"Tell me what you're thinking right now, Amber," Brian said, continuing to rub his cockhead over the outside of her pussy, but not putting it in. "I'm scared," she whispered. "It feels a lot bigger than the dildos my girlfriends have used on me, and I know that none of them could spurt off inside me, making me pregnant.

I'm scared because I know what this one is going to do to me.

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I'm scared because I know I'm going to like it. I'm scared because of the slut feelings it inspires. Mrs.

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Anderson was right when she called me a hussy." "You can just suck it if that's what you want, Amber," he said again, laying it on her belly. He marked the spot with one hand, almost halfway to her tits. "It's going to be inside you this far when I come. It's going to be inside you this far when I spurt, and I hope it makes a baby inside you.

You can suck it instead, if that's what you want. You don't have to be pregnant if that's not what you want." "But it IS what I want, sir," she said. "Put it inside me! I want to feel it spurt that deep in my belly; I want to have your babies, sir! I'm your sex slave, and that's why your wife made me into this.

I want to carry the babies she can't give you. Put it inside me, put it inside and fuck a baby into me! It's why I'm here." "Oh, Amber, my sex slave, my lover, I love you!" he said, pushing his cock inside her. She was so wet that he easily slid in halfway as she arched her back under him, smiling up into his eyes as he filled her pussy with his cock. "I love you, Amber, I love you." Lilly came over, looking closely as her husband of nine years fucked this other woman, the woman she had brought home for him.

There was no jealousy in her heart; she felt more complete right now than she had since she said "I do" and Brian became exclusive to her. He felt the tightness and warmth of the young girls pussy gripping his cock in a way that Lilly's never had, and the new sensations were as exciting as he remembered from his college days.

He could feel how different her body was under him, noting the differences in the sounds she made as his big cock pumped in and out of her. Lilly bent down and kissed him on the mouth, smiling into his eyes after their faces parted. "Make a baby in her, Brian. Make a baby in your slave, and let her make up for the children I could never give you. Love her, Brian, love her like you love me, love her like you've loved me all these years and give her the baby that I could never give you." Brian was glad of his wife's blowjob downstairs less than an hour ago now, as it helped him maintain control of his own orgasm as he fucked the nubile young beauty underneath him.

He brought her to two orgasms as she lay on her back, then pulled out and rolled her over and fucked her to two more doggy style before allowing himself to relax and really enjoy the feelings inspired by sliding his cock in and out of the little redhead. Amber did Kegel exercises, and she did them now, knowing that her Master was inside her, and he hoped he could feel the muscles working on his cock inside her.

He really could feel it, and it something that Lilly had never done. It felt like she was milking the come out of him as he buried himself full length inside her, and spurted off while balls deep in the college sophomore.

He rested on top of her for a long moment, and when he finally pulled out, Lilly was right there with her mouth, licking and sucking Amber's pussy to get the dribbles of semen that came out with her husband's cock. It tasted different than it did straight from the source, mixed with Amber's fluids too, but she could still taste how wonderful it was. She could feel the Collar working in her mind, changing her perceptions of his come to the taste she enjoyed so much.

Amber stroked her hair as Brian rolled off her, liking the familiar feel of a woman's hair and tongue between her legs as she came down from the orgasms she'd had while Brian was fucking her. She felt complete, knowing that her purpose in life was being fulfilled. Brian went over to Cindy, putting his arms around her and leading her over to his recliner. She sat down with him, snuggling into his embrace as they shared the chair and watched Lilly and Amber bonding on the couch.

"How do you feel about what just happened, Cindy?" Brian asked. "Are you scared, too?" "No sir, I wanted it to be me," she told him. "I was only in college to find a husband; I had no intention of graduating. I haven't even declared a major yet." "You won't be getting married, now," he said.

"You'll never walk down the isle, you'll never say any vows, and you'll never have your wedding night," he said, looking into her eyes.

"Lilly is my wife, and nothing will ever change the love I feel for her, not even two nubile little sex slaves." Cindy got down off the chair and knelt at Brian's feet, looking up at him. "I pledge myself to you, sir, I freely give you my body and my soul, for this night, and all the night's to come.

I will bear your children and help you and Lilly love and raise them as your own. I am your willing sex slave, sir, use me as you see fit. I promise to never come between you and your wife. Her place is above mine, now and forever." "You're not giving yourself freely, Cindy," he told her. "I built a mind control Collar, and my wife put it on you this afternoon, then commanded you to be my sex slave.

I'm afraid she destroyed your free will with that act, so nothing you do will ever be your own choice again. I'm sorry this happened to you, and if I could change it, I would, but it seems we're both stuck with the consequences." "Sir, I worked at Maycorps for two years before I came here today.

I knew full well what they were working on, and I knew what was going to happen to me. I'm glad the Collar worked as well as it did.

I'm especially glad I'm not Maycorps' slave. I quit my job today, as did Amber, before we came here. Lilly told us everything at lunchtime, so we both had several hours to think about this choice, not that we needed it. Both of us are more than ready to be sex slaves; we have been since we started at Maycorps and found out what might be in our future." Cindy got up and sat beside him again, snuggling into his strong arms as they went about her.

"I'm glad that you're my Master, and not that creepy old Mr. Wendall, Lilly's boss and the project lead. He wouldn't have hesitated to make the two of us into prostitutes. You're so much kinder than he is; I can see it in your eyes." "I commanded you to strip for my wife, and made you pleasure her with your mouth, something I could see you resisting until the Collar took over and forced your compliance.

In what universe was that an act of kindness?" Brian said, shaking his head. "I'm not kind, except maybe a kind of monster." "No sir, that's not true at all!" Cindy exclaimed. "I've been with four different men since college, all the way, and not one of them made me come the way you did for Amber.

Not even close!" "How many men have you slept with?" Brian asked quietly. "Have you ever been in love before?" "I'm in love right now, sir," she whispered. "Am I allowed to be in love with you?

You're the kindest and most handsome man I've ever met, and being naked with you like this is a fulfillment of one of my most secret fantasies. Ever other guy I've been naked with has just used me for sex and left." "What do you mean, this is a fulfillment of one of your fantasies?" Brain asked, puzzled.

"Has sex never been good for you?" "Not sex with someone else," she said flatly. "I've dreamed since I was little of being so comfortable with someone that I could be naked with them, just like this, and not feel pressured to pleasure him. Every other guy I've been with never made me come even once, let alone doing it like you did with Amber just now.

She screamed louder during sex than she will in nine months when she gives birth! I want that for myself, and I want you to do it with me. I'm glad this happened, and if you don't want to call it free will, so be it. I'd gladly serve you even without the Collar, after what I've seen this afternoon. I know Lilly is your wife; I don't want to intrude on that, but she's the one who created this opening between you two, and I'm glad to be included. Truly I am; I'm happy right now.

Happier than I ever though possible! I feel safe and wanted, and that's what I was looking for in a possible marriage. This is better than a marriage, because when I obey you, the Collar gives me the warmest, most indescribably good feelings in the world! I would never trade places with anyone, except maybe Amber, because look how happy she is right now! I want that same freshly fucked look in my eyes, as soon as you can give it to me.

I want you to fuck a baby into me, too, so that I can stay here forever." "Cindy, you can stay here forever, or as long as you wish or as long as the Collar has control of you." Brian told her, kissing the side of her face.

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"Sir, the Collar doesn't have control of me; you do," she said. "I'm glad it's you.

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I'm glad this happened. I'm glad that I can stay here, and anything you want of me, I will happily give you. This is the best thing that ever happened to me, honest." "Cindy, I don't think much of your previous life, if this is better than anything that ever came before.

I especially don't think much of your other partners for not giving you pleasure before they took their own." He looked at her, square in the eye, and kissed her on the mouth, delicately tasting her lips with his tongue for a long moment until she opened up and allowed him to dance his tongue against hers. "I'm gong to give you pleasure right now, Cindy, this is all for you. I want my slave to know what it's like to have a Master who cares about her." Cindy began to cry, tears of happiness as he got up and pulled her to the edge of the chair, then knelt between her open knees and licked her clitsoftly at first, then harder and faster as his fingers dipped inside.

His thumb found her asshole and gently put a little pressure on it, as she moaned and thrust her hips into his mouth. She put her hand down and gently moved his thumb off her asshole.

"I'm sorry, Master, I'm really sensitive there. I don't let any boys touch me there; it's dirty." "I'm your master, Cindy, and not only do I want to touch you there, I want to use my mouth on your asshole, and fuck it with my big cock.

Are you going to tell me no?" Cindy's face winced with a bolt of pain, then cleared up as Brian put his thumb back on it and began pushing lightly. "Ohh, Master, yes, use your slave's asshole for your pleasure.

I'm sorry; I'll never tell you no again, I promise!" Brian pushed her legs up, making her upper thighs rest on her chest, then he dipped his head lower and began tonguing her little brown pucker.

She began gasping and tried to close her legs, but he used both hands on her knees to hold them open. He did give her a break, however, and moved his mouth back to her pussy. He was sucking on her clit, with two fingers in her cunt and his thumb on her ass when she came, thrusting her hips up and down as her whole body shuddered. "Guess what, Cindy?" he asked, moving up to look her straight in the eyes once more. He let their lips touch gently, and then he was kissing her again. "I don't know, Master, what is it?" Cindy asked breathlessly.

"Eating you put has gotten me hard again," he smiled at her. "Do you want to come inside you, or do you want to drink my sperm?" "Let me taste it, Master! I only ever had one taste of it before, and that was lacked off my hand when Pete wasn't looking. I want to see if yours tastes as gross as his did. I sure hope not!" Brian grinned at her, hearing this. "I'm ordering you to enjoy the taste of my come, and you will swallow it all when ever I want to come in your mouth. You're my sex slave, after all, but I want you like the things we do together, Cindy.

After Amber gives birth, it will be your turn to get pregnant. Does that sound okay with you?" "Can I be pregnant at the same time as Amber? I think it would be cool to have both kids in the same grade," she said, smiling. "I'll wait to see what it tastes like, with the Collar telling me to enjoy it. Do it inside me; fuck a baby into me, because I want to have your child!"