Derrick fucks Avi to fulfill his dark fantasy

Derrick fucks Avi to fulfill his dark fantasy
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People Pets My wife has had some incredible fantasy's and this is one she had as a very young girl This one is about pets. Its setting is in a gated community, the men who live there are well to do, you know the Mercedes B M W type. This community is like any other, except that they are all bachelors and instead of having regular pets, all of there pets are attractive young women, and like all pets are allowed to run free in there fenced back yards.

Occasionally these pets would climb the fence or wiggle through it, getting loose and creating some sort of mischief that would cause there masters trouble. They would then be brought home to their masters and be punished. This punishment could be any number of things, (let your imagination run wild here). The suitable attire for these pets would only be a collar or harness that could of course be attached to a leash, the only other thing they were allowed to wear was a pair of high heels, they after all are pets.

They, like all pets would have to be walked through the neighbor hood each evening so as to get the proper attention and exercise. They, being cooped up in there back yard or left in the house all day would then be ready to play or go for a walk, being quite excited and waiting, just to please there masters. These men would then take there pets for a walk, wanting to show them off as to what great pets they have, and how well trained they are.

Having them heel, kneel or bend over on command. As they would walk there pets around the neighborhood they sometimes would trade them with one another, so that there neighbors could enjoy having a different pet to play with, this was a common practice to do in this community.

"Angel" had been patiently waiting for her new master to pick her up at the pet shelter.


As a young pet she had been worried that no one would choose her. She was displayed like all the other pets, and when the different masters would come to look them over, and pick the one they really liked, she was always so excited. She would of course try to look her best. He knew, when he first saw her that she would be the one, she had seen, that he was so handsome, and that he had the look of a concerned, and caring master, and that he would treat her very well.

Not like some of the other masters who had come there for only one thing, to get a pet they could abuse. She could tell, that they would be mean and beat her, and that she would not be treated well. She had been washed, groomed her blond hair was set and her blond muff had been trimmed quite short, she was ready and was wearing her new red high heels, she had been anxiously waiting for this day to come, and now it was here.

As he made his way down the corridor, she could see him holding a beautiful red leather collar that had her new name "Angel" embossed on it, as the door was opened he quickly placed it around her neck and snapped a leash on to it. She was then lead out and down the corridor by all the other pets, they with sad faces and the longing to be chosen, and her now so proud and standing tall with giddy wetness and anticipation as to what was awaiting, at her new home.

That want to be Pets part 2 Part 1 of people pets was the first fantasy that my girl could ever remember having, and she had these thoughts as a young preteen long before she new exactly what sex was all about, and it has been written to reflect a more current time.

One of the incredible young women on another site, read this fantasy and was so taken by it that she asked me to write a sequel, for and about her as a pet, and suggested some of what you are about to read!. She has gigantic breasts and a very strong interest in kinky sex, plus she is Bisexual, how can you not love a girl like this!.

The following is an addition to this interesting and most erotic story about what a young girls fantasy can be!. This story originally took place in a gated community and is a place where single up and coming men live. They are the Mercedes, and BMW kind of guys, they have pets but here is where the fantasy begins. The pets are essentially young women that are treated like animals and for the most part are totally nude with only leashes, heels and pet collars they of course do what pets do!!!.with some exceptions?.

You might want to read the first story about people pets so that your prospective of part 2 will be more enjoyable. Angel was the main character in the first story and the only thing that these pets can't do is talk, so you get only what they are thinking about!.

People Pets Part 2 The Home Coming Angel's master had thought for some time that she needed a playmate, and around the local neighborhood had tried to seek out another pet that perhaps might be compatible with him, and of course Angel, however none seemed to to be available or exactly what he was looking for at the time.

He had been very happy with Angel so he thought another trip to the pet shelter would be in order, and that he might find another pet that was every bit as interesting and attractive as Angel. She of course was now very well trained and had spent numerous times with other masters as well as with their pets in this community, she had wanted a playmate also and when she had been with other masters that had more than one pet had really enjoyed playing with them as well as being played with herself!.

Which left her wondering just what kind of playmate he would bring home. She had really wanted to go with her master when he picked out another pet, so that she could approve and at least make her feelings known. But it was not to be, he looked into her loving eyes and said, sorry my pet this is just something I have to do by myself. He was not sure exactly what he was looking for, but knew when he saw the one he would know.

At the shelter he was taking his time and looking really close at each pet, some really perked up as he went from one cubical area to the next. Many tried to show their best and most appealing assets, their boobs bottoms and how shapely and well trained they were, some would roll over and spread their legs or stick their bottoms up and wiggle it quite provocatively, others just laid there not getting to excited or wanting to be disappointed if they were not chosen.

He had looked at most of them and still nothing caught his eye, when finally he saw her, she was very intriguing in that she had the "Biggest Breasts" of any pet he had ever seen, she had been trying to give off the look of aloof unconcern, her name was Jo.

She tried to show little emotion and had almost given up hope that a new master might choose her.

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She had been returned after less than six months of being with her first master. It was not always like this?. As a youngster and being so naive she never really knew what life as a pet was all about, her parents had never told her, and even her siblings never said much when she was a young pet. Her nick name was Jo, Jo. She had brown curly hair that her mother would fix and beautiful green sparkling eyes, a good upbringing, and at times as a very young pet and during her training could be quite stubborn this had resulted in some extra discipline and training that required more than just some mild bottom paddling!.

This paddling had given her a very unusual feeling in her genitals. She never really thought the day would come when she would have to leave and go to the pet shelter to be chosen.

She knew at an early age that she was being groomed to be a pet and had always accepted that fact. She was, and had grown to be quite a full sized pet!, but never really thought she was any different from the others.

Her first realization that this was not the case happened at an early age, she along with her siblings, had on a number of occasions been cared for, and looked after by a young male who was somewhat older than she, normally they would have been looked after by an older and more responsible care taker. He was not yet old enough to be a master. Her parents had hired him because he was available and would do it for almost nothing, once she had heard him say, to her parents, that he would watch "her", Jo,Jo for nothing, her parents were quite thankful that he wanted to do this, as they were not well off, so took him up on his offer frequently.

Jo had caught him, looking at her from time to time and in a way that left her with a very puzzled and unusual feeling mostly in her loins. It was a good feeling.

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the fact that even at her young age her breasts were quite large, and this alone had really perked his interest. When they were alone he would always roll her over on her back and play with her, he really liked to rub her nipples and stroke her bare little hairless pussy, she really liked this to!, and this was so much better than just the look he gave her.

She knew almost instinctively not to say anything about this to anyone, especially her parents as she knew what he did was wrong, but boy did it feel "good". He loved the way she reacted her breathing would become faster and she would start to pant he would always stop as she became more and more excited he wasn't sure just how far he should go?

But she always wanted him to do it more!!. One time when they had been left alone for the entire day, he did something they had never done before. Instead of rolling her over he made her get down on her knees, and while setting in front of him, he took one of her hands and placed it on his maleness.

It was very hard and it really frightened her, to the point she wanted to pull away, she knew this too was wrong. He sensed her uneasiness and patted her on the head so lovingly, this was followed by him placing her hands behind her back and as he did so, told her to just keep them there, he then unbuttoned his pants and this very hard male organ sprang out, she "jumped" back at first and was quite alarmed!.

for the moment. She had never seen one this large, and so hard on such a young male. All the ones she had seen before were much smaller. It scared her but was again giving her loins this wonderful feeling. He slowly guided her head over to where her nose was almost touching it, he playfully started touching her face with it, first one side and then the other, he then told her that they were going to play a new game.

She was always up for a game especially a new one. As long as she didn't have to touch it with her hands this was okay with her. He then said this is what I want you to do! I am going to try to keep it away from you and you are going to try to get your lips and mouth around it, and as far down on it as you can, if i win you get spanked and if you win I will have to rub on your nipples and puffy little pussy just the way you like it!.

Deal, she nodded her head yes. He then looked into her green eyes and said, GO!.she at first studied it, and had missed it after several attempts, but after that she could get it every time, it kind of tasted salty, and it had some clear moist liquid that seemed to seep from the tip! She kind of liked this game and was enjoying the fact that she was quite good at it, when he grabbed her brown curls and held her head down onto his hard male organ almost choking her, this was followed by it erupting with such force, that the very warm gooey white liquid and an enormous amount of it first went down her throat she swallowed as much of it as she could and the rest squirted out of her nose and around her lips this was followed by several more squirts that were of lesser force.

She sat there for a moment as he held her head very tightly down on it. He was moaning, and at first thought somehow she had hurt him, but he was making a pleasurable noise much the same way that she did when he played with her,and was saying suck it harder! and was thinking to herself she was pretty good at this game!. This became a regular game that both looked forward to playing!. When Jo had been picked the first time, she was much like Angel giddy and wet, the fact that her breasts, now had grown to 49 1/2", was what really attracted him to her along with the obvious, she was so young and naive and exactly what he was looking for.

The master that had picked her was also hansom, but he had a dark side and a look in his eyes that left her with some foreboding as to just what, he was going to do with her?.She tried to put this out of her mind thinking that her feelings were mistaken, and even when she was washed, and was ready to be picked up quickly realized that this was not going to be the master of her dreams!.

He never asked them to put on her high heels or to primp her as this was usually the case when pets were chosen, and had brought only a plain ugly brown rough looking collar that had the word "Bitch"burned on to it, Gawd !, It looked awful and and smelled worse, when her door was opened he buckled it on, and it immediately started to make her soft bare neck sore.

He had left her, purple collar on the floor along with what few belongings she owned. This collar was the only thing she had been given as a young pet, and was one of her very favorite possessions! She hesitated, and just could not believe he would leave these things behind a tear ran down her face as she was lead out, down the aisle, and into the parking lot.

She was even more worried and had an ever sickening feeling in her stomach when their was no new Mercedes or B M W in the parking lot. She hesitated again as he started pulling her around to the side of the building and when he thought none of the care takers could see them, he pulled her up close, and at the same time tightened the rough leather collar to where she could hardly breath, and said to her in a low almost menacing voice, look "Bitch" You are mine now and I can do what ever I want with you!!!.

he kind of laughed as he pulled her harder and said under his breath, me, and my workers are going to have a great time with you! especially with those big breasts of yours!, she could see a dirty old Dodge 4 x 4 pick up, it had very rusty fenders, and oil leaking from it. Omg! this was awful!!!.

He had to almost drag her around to the back of the truck, in the bed she saw a metal cage that was only big enough to hold a pet on all fours, she was not even going to get to ride up front! And certainly would not be able to put her bare round bottom on the soft leather seats of a BMW, something she had dreamed about so often.

She tried to pull away and make some sort of commotion in hope that one of the caretakers would see the awful predicament she was in, but no one came. She was pulling even harder on the leash and was trying to push away from him, which only seemed to upset him more, and resulted in him first tying her hands behind her back and then stuffing a damp rag in her mouth that had been laying in the bed of the truck, along with lots of trash and empty beer bottles.

This was followed by him grabbing a red rubber ball that had also been laying in the bed, like the one she had played with as a youngster. Only this one had a short leather belt attached to it, she wondered ?,how could one play ball with this belt attached. It also looked, as though it had "numerous teeth marks" in the ball as if other pets had really bitten down on it, and realized omg, this is what they would have done when they were being abused! Her wonder quickly changed when he stuffed it in her mouth and tightly buckled it behind her neck, with the rag and now the ball, she could no longer make a sound!

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He then bent her over the tail gate and took his belt off, and started beating her soft bound bottom a dozen or so times, several of the brutal whacks were quite excruciating and had landed on her virgin brown haired little pussy!!!. He then easily lifted her up and pushed her into the cage, with her hands behind her back her breasts scuffed across an old army blanket that was folded up on the floor, the smell was sickening as he tied her collar up very tight to the lower part of the cage so that just her head was sticking through a small hole in the front.

This left the nipples on her big breasts just barely touching the coarse fabric of the army blanket, the feeling from this surprised her?.

She was so naive and innocent and never thought anything like this would ever happen to her. She heard the door of the cage close behind her, that was followed by a dirty green canvas tarp thrown over the cage and tied in a few places, after which the door on the truck first opened and then slammed shut.

The truck started with a bang, was quite loud and would hardly run, he kept gunning the motor until it ran a little smoother. The truck then noisily lurched off down the road, as Jo was banged against the side of the cage, and wondered just what was in store for her?. She then realized what he had said!, "his workers" omg that meant she was going to be used and abused by more that one male and that none would be loving or caring masters!!!.

Tears welled up in her eyes at this realization, and she started to cry. It seemed that the truck had driven for some time when she heard the sound of a siren the truck slowed pulled over and stopped.

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Some of the canvas had come loose and had expose her cage but not enough so that anyone could easily see her. She heard a voice, it was a police officer, omg she was saved, he would not let this awful thing happen to her, after all he was a public servant!. The officer said to her new master, you were speeding, your truck needs a new muffler, and your stop lights aren't working!. I would like to see your license and registration, after several minutes he said well it appears that everything is in order.

I am only going to give you a warning this time, but if I see this truck on the road again, and without these things fixed you will be spending some time in jail, and slow down!. Oh, by the way whats under the tarp, Jo wanted to scream out but with the rag and ball in her mouth could make little noise. Her new master said he ran a farm over in the next county and that the thing under the tarp was used to take care of his workers!

The officer then said do you mind if I take a look, her master said in a low hesitant and unsure voice, go ahead?.


Jo with her heart pounding thought for sure she was saved, only to hear the officer say well if you had something under there to hide, you wouldn't want me to look, and you would have been running by now, so I wont even bother, just slow it down. Jo's heart sank as she heard the motorcycle start and the officer ride off, out of the corner of her eye she saw her new masters face as he lifted a corner of the tarp and with a big grin said this is just not your lucky day!!!.Bitch, as he tied the tarp down a little better.


She had heard while at the shelter, that quite a number of masters had been cruel to their pets, and that some had really been abusedneglected and treated quite badly. She had also heard that there was some sort of law against this. As the truck drove off she was not very comforted by this knowledge, the welts on her bottom from her earlier beating had subsided and had given her a warm almost pleasant feeling that puzzled her?

This was bad enough, but what really made her think about this was that several of the painful lashes she received on her virgin pussy, now were feeling quite wonderful as this sensation along with how wet she had become, was slowly seeping down the inside of her upper thighs.

She first thought it was the excitement of almost being rescued, but after that did not happen, she wondered how could she, still!, be having this pleasurable feeling along with being even wetter yet?

She had heard from some of the others at the shelter that some pets actually enjoyed being abused and treated badly, and wondered if she might be one that enjoyed this sort of thing!, The thought at first scared her!!!.and then became more interesting as she tried to think about what awful things could indeed happen to her! They had driven some distance again when she discovered that this wonderful feeling had now turned into a painful and more excruciating one, in the excitement of being chosen she had not remembered to go pee, and now needed to do so badly.

She was at first thankful when the truck slowed and turned off on a bumpy road, but the bumps made it even worse. The truck finally made a sharp turn and skidded to a stop.

Maybe now he would let her out so that she could take care of this painful and very personal business, she heard voices. First her master and then others, he hollered out, hey amigo's your new pet and plaything is here!!.Come take a look! More voices but she had never heard this language before,and didn't understand what was being said, the tarp was pulled off, the tail gate lowered and her cage was pulled back so that it rested on the very edge of the gate.

She was now in so much pain and wanted to pee so!. bad, but could not make this awful predicament she was in, known!. Oh how it hurt, now she was just trying to hold it, but as her cage was opened with all of these strange males looking at her bare bottom, and it was sticking up so inviting, her master gave it a hard whack with his hand, and this was all it took, the pee at first squirted straight out with such force that hit him right in the face.

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He cussed at her and was calling her a bitch and a whore, but the relief was wonderful, she almost as quickly realized that she had never done this in front of anyone, as it had always been an intimate thing she had done alone. These strange males were now laughing and talking but again she did not understand what they were saying, she was so embarrassed and had now turned crimson, she had never felt so exposed, and in front of strangers was one thing, but relieving herself in front of them was quite another.

Her new master was still bitching and cussing as he wiped the warm yellow piss from his face, Jo was quite comfortable now, when she realized that she had not only pee'd on him, but all over herself, now she knew what this awful smell was, it was a combination of pee, cum and stale beer, the thought almost sickened her.

She also realized that she was not the first pet to be in this cage. Her master had turned the cage around on the tailgate so that her head was facing to one side of the truck and her bottom the other. This was followed by him removing the red rubber ball gag and then the rag, he then stuck gag in his back pocket.

The taste of the damp rag was also familiar, it was cum!

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sour cum. Yuk! She kept trying to spit the taste out. He had unzipped his pants and a hard and very grotesque looking cock flopped out, it was an ugly blue purplish color and the big head curved slightly to one sidebut if this was not bad enough, it looked as if someone had taken a large bite!

out of one side of the head! And also seemed to have a number of bite marks along with a dozen or so large warts. The tailgate of the truck was a little higher, but with her head sticking out of the small hole in the cage and the old leather collar holding it down so low, he was able to first stick it in her face, this was followed by him trying to force it into her mouth. She was easily able to keep her lips away from him, and in his frustration he slapped her face really hard, the shock stunned her for a moment and allowed him to get the big head in her mouth and down into her throat a ways.

It was not just his size that gagged her it was the smell of him, apparently he was not big on personal cleanliness, their had not been a pet to do this too for a while, so after only a few thrusts and a minute or so he quickly came. It was forceful and quite violent, it squirted out of her mouth and ran down her chin, he pulled his cock out and let the rest squirt her in the face, it was a sickening sweet taste that made her want to throw up.

Oh!, he said you love that don't you bitch, and stuck it up against her lips, suck it some more and every drop. I want to show all my workers what a slutty whore you are! Suck on it good, you little bitch!!!.

Omg this was so awful, he then said to no one in particular, as he stuffed his now softening cum dripping cock back into his pants and zipped it up I will bring the bitch down right after supper tomorrow night. Several of the workers had been pinching and playing with her bottom and one was pulling and twisting her brown pussy hair that was right around her slit, this felt good compared to the grotesque cock and the sickening cum, she was again trying to spit the remnants of his cum out, and get rid of the awful taste but with her head tied tight and her hands behind her back, had only left it to run down and slowly drip off her face.

This experience was so bad compared to the young male that cared for her when she was a youngster.

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His organ was quite beautiful and tasted really good, she loved playing the game he had taught her, and sucking on him, his cum was so warm and sweet even when he held her head, she enjoyed it, he had taught her to keep her hands behind her back when she did it and not to touch him!. Apparently this farm required at least a dozen or so migrant workers, in order to take care of the produce and equipment, and many of them were from across the border. This had been the first time he had gone to the shelter for a pet normally he had acquired them on the black market so that if they were hurt or sadistically abused he could get rid of them by dumping them in the back alleys of the big city, he had paid several questionable acquaintance's to get rid of previous well used and abused pets.

Normally he had more than one, but the law had caught up to his black market suppliers, and had temporarily shut them down. So Jo was not only the first from the shelter, but apparently was in for some double duty, as his workers had not been able to enjoy a pet for several weeks. Her new master would get these pets, to keep his workers happy and for them this was an added bonus.

He would bring the pets down to a pole building that housed the produce prior to it being shipped to market. This area of the labor camp also doubled as a place where the workers could get together every Friday and Saturday night for some drinking, fun, and. wild sex!.The pets he would acquire were for his and their enjoyment. He thought when he had chosen Jo that those's that worked at the shelter might become suspicious if he tried to acquire more than one pet at a time after never being there before.

The shelter had a reputation for supplying only quality and well cared for pets. Jo was still trying to get the awful taste out of her mouth as her new master shooed the workers away and slammed the cage door, saying that they could have all they wanted of her Friday, the next day.

He pushed the cage into the bed of the truck, got in started it up and drove up to the barn. Again when he abruptly stopped it banged her against the cage. She heard his door open, he came around to the back of the truck and with the tail gate still down had pulled the cage back some and opened door.

He then unfastened her dirty leather collar, from the cage it was such a relief on one hand, but she was still quite worried as to what he was going to do, next?. He went to the back of the cage, and was behind her, she felt him sadistically stick his big coarse thumb as deep as he could into her still, very wet pussy and used his fingers to grab her mound along with some of the brown hair on her tender little pussy, he then pulled her out of the cage by only this painful grip.

Her hands were still behind her back and were not able to help at all. Her big beautiful breasts were the only thing between her.and her face from being dragged across the coarse stinking army blanket. Oh !this was awful, she was so glad that no one was around to see how abusive and humiliating it was!!. To be continued in part 3