Hot nude hairy men mob gay videos They kiss sensuously and pleasure

Hot nude hairy men mob gay videos They kiss sensuously and pleasure
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The school bell rang and everyone ran out through the school gates.


It had been a rough day. You'd had your exam results through, and even though youd passed every exam you were shaky at the knees and nervous. You had top marks in your class, and everyone was so happy for you, and as a graduation celebration, Marik had invited you round his house to party!

You looked around for him and saw him sitting on his motorbike beside the pavement across the road. "Heya Jenny!

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Congrats!" He smiled "Hi Marik! I heared you did pretty well too!" You smiled back, and gave him a friendly hug. You two had been friends ever since play school, and you knew how much he loved hugs.

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You looked at him and smiled again. Something about his eyes today, you couldn't stop looking at them. You could feel a warm energy inside you, throbbing inside your chest.

It was like fire on your heart, burning against inside you.

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He laughed "Hey it's kinda weird, the way you're looking into my eyes like that, it's almost like you love me." he smirked, tilting his head slightly and moving his lips closer to yours suggestively. You couldn't tell if he wanted to kiss you or wanted to see your reaction. You were trying so hard to resist him that it hurt. "Marik, look at the time! We need to get back to your place!" You blushed, trying to save yourself from public embarrassment. "Oh you're right!" Marik smirked, and patted the seat of the motor bike, passing you a helmet.

You put it on and climbed onto the bike, then wrapped your arms around Marik's waist. You'd ridden with him like this before, but something was different this time.

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"Marik." you said quietly "I." you stopped. What were you about to say? That you loved him? You bit your bottom lip to stop yourself.

"What?" Marik frowned "Never mind" you shook your head and gripped onto him tighter. He shrugged and turned on the engine, then set off to his house. You were about half way there and Marik had srarted acting differently.

"Jenny, move your hands down my waist" he smirked back at you "Like this?" You said, and moved your hands onto his hips. He twitched a bit "Lower" he answered, and you moved your hands onto his flies. You couldn't resist your urges. You unfastened the button and brought the zip down, then reached into his boxers, gripping his manhood in both hands. He jerked a bit and you realized what you'd just done. "Uh." you blushed and went to take your hands back "No keep them there!

Now.rub." he smirked again, and you shuddered, but this is what you'd wanted to do deep down. you wanted to be so much more than friends. You started to rub the tip of his manhood gently.

It started to get hard and errect, Marik moaning softly through closed lips. You rubbed it harder and he cummed onto your hands "Marik.?" you said, weirded out by his new behavior.

"Heh.just wanted to know how far you'd go with me babe" he whispered, "but then I realized it's what I've wanted from you for so long." he finnished. You were shocked; you were so lucky to have the hottest guy in the word wanting you "I'd go all the way and further with you" you said, and dug your nails into his manhood.

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He moaned and bucked his hips back against you. You started rubbing against him and rubbing his manhood at the same time, as he relaxed and enjoyed everything you were doing to him. He turned down a silent road and slowed down a bit. "We're here" he said, pulling up at a small house next to the quiet road.


"Now you can show me what all the way and further is" he smirked. You smiled willingly. You were going to let everything out on him, and nothing could stop you now. You jumped off the bikae and he chased you through the door, into his room and pushed you down onto the bed.


He pushed him lips against yours violently, pressing his toungue into your mouth and sliding his hands up and down your sides vigorously. You flung your arms around his neck and toungued him back with all the passion you could muster. He tore your school shirt off and unclipped your bra, throwing both off onto the floor and resting one hand on each, he tightened his grip and massaged them roughly.

You threw off his pants and boxers, revealing his giant, rock hard, scorching, pulsating manhood, leaking cum all over you and the bed.

You grabbed it and squeezed as hard as you possibly could, making his moan loudly and spirt cum into your hands. He was the horniest guy you'd ever seen, and even though you were a total virgin, every second felt right. He sat up from you a minuite and thew his shirt off.

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You stared in awe at his perfectly toned chest. He looked down at you and eyed you up and down. "Marik you are the sexiest thing in the're.perfect!" You panted, your legs slaying wide open. "I could say more than that for you Jenny, I've loved you all my life, and baby I've been wanting sex with you for YEARS!

You sexy, perfect treasure!" He smirked, and threw your skirt and panties off. He gazed at your womanhood, drooling hungrily.

He leaped down onto your chest, licking and biting your left breast while fondeling the other with one hand, grabbing you around the back with the other.

He left a trail of licks and kisses down your body to your warmth.

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He pressed his toungue against your clit, then flicked it quickly into your entrance. You moaned loudly and jerked your hips. He bit down on your clit and you sighed loudly, then screamed his name "MARIK! Oh my God!" you yelled, his teasing giving you an orgasm "Your turn" Marik smirked. You pushed him down onto the bed and worked your way down his chest, licking and kissing it lovingly. You got down to his manhood and bit the tip so hard that he burst cum straight into your mouth "Jenny! You're SO GOOD!" he shouted, and you put his whole length into your mouth.

He moaned and pulled away from you, then threw you down onto the bed "M-marik!" you moaned "I wanna hump you proper now Jenny, please, give me everything you want from me and I'll do the same with you" He panted desperately, positioning himself over your opening, shaking and dripping with sweat and cum. "Marik, I don't care if I die tonight just as long as you go more hardcore with me than you ever have before and ever will with anyone else" You pleaded, and Marik nodded "Jenny, I'm a virgin, I've never done this before either, but I'll make tonight something to remember for both of us" he said, and thrust his whole manhood into you faster than you thought was possible "MARIK!

MARIK IT HURTS SO MUCH!" You screamed at the top of your voice, wincing in unbearable pain "Just relax and let me do this, it'll hurt, but you'll love it" he smiled, and started to work his manhood in and out of you. You closed your eyes and lay immobile, tears rolling down your cheeks. " feel SO GOOD!

GO HARDER! FASTER!" you squealed, as the pain faded into total pleasure "MARIIIIIIIIIIIK!" he pumped in and out of you faster and faster, thrusting with everything he had.

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You bucked your hips into his, then rolled him over so that you were on top. You raised and lowered yourself onto his manhood and he moaned in total indulgence "JENNY I DON'T BELEIVE HOW GOOD YOU ARE!" he screamed, and you both climaxed, throwing your heads back and screaming. You fell down onto his chest, gasping for air. "M.m-marik I.I love you more than words can say" you sighed lovingly, holding him tightly "One kiss would say more than a million words ever could" he smiled, and you kissed him tenderly.

"Marik.thank you." you whispered, and he held you tighter "I don't believe how much I love you Jenny" he smiled, and kissed you gently on the lips.

He closed his eyes and you lay listening to his heartbeat. you had no more to say, you didn't have the energy. You both drifted into a silent sleep, him still inside you, you still in his loving embrace. "I don't believe how much I love you Jenny" he smiled, and kissed you gently on the lips.

He closed his eyes and you lay listening to his heartbeat. you had no more to say, you didn't have the energy. You both drifted into a silent sleep, him still inside you, you still in his loving embrace.