Sounds of passion ft Trigga Dickie

Sounds of passion ft Trigga Dickie
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THE THREE OF US Part 1 I would have to say that Norman is probably my very best friend. We started grade school together, then, graduated from high school together. We attended the same University and both graduated with honors.

Neither of us had any brothers or sisters, so one might say that we were as close as brothers. We did everything together, hunting, fishing, partying, and yes, dating. Norm and I are a lot alike in many ways. I'm 6'1" tall, weigh 200 pounds with light brown hair and blue eyes. Norm is 6' tall, weighs 205 pounds and has blonde hair and blue eyes. A lot of people around here think we look enough alike to be brothers, Through the years, we almost always double dated and many times, we dated the same girls.

That inevitable night came that Norm and I both lost our virginity…&hellip. to the same girl. We had known Jan forever, as we were growing up. Neither of us had ever dated her. She was a tom boy, our pal, a good friend, a buddy&hellip.whatever you would like to call it. When none of us was doing anything else, we would hang out together, cruising, drinking and just having fun. Jan wasn't the most beautiful girl in the world back then, but she was very attractive. Her body was fantastic.

She had long, dark brown hair, was 5' 10 inches tall and weighed about 120 pounds. She had a great figure, 34C breasts, long legs and a great ass. We had all grown up on working cattle ranches and one thing that we all liked was rodeo. Norm and I competed through high school then later went on to compete at the collegiate level at Texas A&M. Jan was a barrel racer and was always there cheering us on the same way we cheered for her.

We were our own best fans. It was the summer after our Senior year. Jan, Norm and I had competed in a rodeo in Roaring Springs, Texas. I had taken second in the bull riding, Norm had taken first, then, Norm and I had won the team roping event and Jan had won the Barrel Race.

It was a good night for all of us and we were on top of the world. After the rodeo, an outdoor dance was held on the town's tennis courts. It was always hot, the beer was cold and the dancing was endless. We could always find someone to dance with.

There were a lot of singles there and rarely did any of us ever just stand and watch, unless it was beer break time. All of us danced our wheels off that night and when the dance ended at 1:00 am, we loaded up the horses, jumped in my truck and headed home. I was driving, Norm was shotgun and Jan was between us. We were all still on top of the world. Jan was feeling the effects of the alcohol she had consumed.

She locked arms with Norm and I and began to giggle. I asked her what her problem was. She said, "Guys, I only have one problem and I hope you guys can help me with it, since we're all the best of friends. Norm and I looked across the truck at each other with puzzled looks on our faces. "Just what kind of problem do you have?" Norm asked her.

"Well guys, it's like this. We are all 19 years old, we have known each other all our lives and we're all virgins. Tomorrow morning, I don't want any of us to be virgins any more. I'll help you guys, you guys help me……what do you say?" Then she gave us the biggest smile she had. Norm and I exchanged surprised looks, grinned, shrugged our shoulders, then, nodded yes at each other. Jan had been watching us and yelled out, "That's fuckin' great guys, I knew you wouldn't turn me down." The mood had definitely just gotten better.

All of our parents were gone to an Angus Association meeting in Dallas and wouldn't be home till Tuesday. The timing was perfect. Everything was set. It would take us a little over an hour to drive home, so Jan decided we needed to get warmed up. She and Norm began making out and I watched with great interest as their hands roamed all over each other.

About twenty minutes later she pulled away from Norm and said, "Ok, Norm, it's time for you to drive while I get Rob warmed up." I quickly pulled over and traded seats with Norm. Jan sat astraddle me with her arms wrapped around my neck.

She looked at me and asked, "Well, Rob, are you ready for this?" Then she pressed her lips to mine and pushed her tongue into my mouth. Till right then, I had never thought of Jan in any other way except as a buddy.

Our parent's ranches were all adjacent. During the summers, we all would ride together, skinny dip in the creek and just be kids. While swimming, we had all seen each other naked many times and never really thought much about it.

Right now, though, my cock was about to break through the zipper in my jeans. I had just realized that Jan was a beautiful GIRL and, unknown to us right now, we were about to step into a whole new relationship.

When we arrived at my house, Norm stopped my truck and trailer close to the corrals. We unloaded the horses, fed them then went into the house. We were all a little nervous, we were about to take a giant step in our lives and we were all eagerly anticipating what was about to happen. We were all a little sweaty and smelled like a horse. Our first order of business was to shower and get cleaned up. It was approaching 3:30 am and at this time, none of us was a bit tired.

We showered together in my Mom and Dad's bathroom. Their shower was huge. Dad always said he could have a dance in there.

Jan's naked body was beautiful. Her breasts were absolutely breathtaking and her nipples were as hard as pencil erasers. Her pussy was as bald as the day she was born.

Norm and I had both soaped her body up and were washing her all over with our hands while she stroked our dicks with hers. We were kissing her all over and things were quickly beginning to happen.

We dried each other off and went into my bedroom and pulled back the covers on my bed. We all three got on the bed and began to kiss and fondle each other. After some time, Norm got on his knees between her legs and asked her, "Jan, is it all right to do it?" She smiled at us both and said, "It's time guys, just don't cum inside me, I don't want to get pregnant.

So, before you cum, pull out and cum on my stomach." Norm slowly dragged his cock head up and down her sopping wet pussy before he started to push in. At that point, his seven inch cock slipped in easily and he began to fuck her, very slowly. I watched intently and squeezed her tits as his cock went in and out of her wet pussy. Within a few minutes, he pulled out of her and sprayed cum all over her stomach, tits and my hand. It was a huge load, bigger than any of us was expecting.

I went to get a towel to clean her up while Norm regained his composure. (I know what you're thinking, she was a virgin… and his cock went inside her that easily? Well, let me tell you a little about ranch life before I go any further. When girls grow up riding horses and working on a ranch, their hymen usually gets broken at an early age.

They are extremely tight, but usually do not go through the pain that other girls go through when they lose their virginity. Jan was this way, plus she has told me that she pleasured herself a lot before that night.) When I returned with a wash cloth and towel, Norm was sitting on the edge of the bed and Jan was still lying on her back, spread eagle, in the middle of the bed.

I handed the wash cloth to her and she began to wipe Norm's cum off of her body. You couldn't have wiped the smile off of Norm's face. I asked, "Well, how was it?" He just smiled and said, "Wonnerfulllllll, absolutely wonnerfullllllll." Jan looked at me and made a bored face.

"He didn't last long enough for me to get it. I've cum harder riding my horse." After the long day and his huge orgasm, Norm sat in a nearby chair and dozed off to sleep. I just laughed, and asked her, "Well, is it ok if I try?" I saw a look in her eyes I had never seen before.

As she sat there in the middle of the bed, naked, she held her arms out to me and said, "I want you inside me Rob, now." I moved between her spread legs and lay down on top of her, supporting myself on my elbows. My manhood was poised at the entrance to her warmth. I could feel the heat radiating from her body as I slowly pushed inside her. I felt myself going deeper and deeper inside her till my seven inches of throbbing meat was entirely buried inside her.

I didn't move at all, I just lay there, enjoying the wonderful feeling of her vagina wrapped around me. Jan still had that look in her eyes as she pulled me down to her lips and kissed me.

Her tongue danced with mine as she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me close. I began to fuck her, very slowly and very deliberately. The feeling was like nothing I had ever felt before. It wasn't just the exquisite feeling of her body surrounding my dick, it was a feeling that I was feeling deep inside myself when I looked into her eyes as we moved together.

Jan closed her eyes and clenched her teeth. I felt her body stiffen from head to toe and I heard her quietly say, "Oh God, Rob, I'm cummming&hellip.Oh, oh, oh…it feels sooooooo good&'re making me cum, Rob." I was feeling the rush of the moment and continued to push in and out of her, not wanting to finish before she was completely done.

After several more pleasurable strokes in and out of her tight pussy, I saw her eyes open and a huge smile on her face. "You made me feel like a woman, Rob, a whole woman." I felt a twinge in my balls that was unmistakable&hellip.I was going to cum and I had to get my dick out of her, quick. Urgently I pulled back from her and pulled my cock from her hot pussy.

It was just in the nick of time…I exploded onto her stomach, putting a large puddle of hot semen into her belly button. She had grasped my cock and was stroking it, trying to get every drop of cum out of me&hellip.smiling continuously as she pleasured me further.

I collapsed on top of her and she wrapped her arms around me and held me tightly. She whispered in my ear as we lay together, "Rob, you were great. Thank you for waiting for me, I've always known you were the considerate one." She kissed me again before I rose up off of her. My cum was all over both of us so we decided to go to the shower and clean up. Norm was passed out in the chair so we just threw a blanket over him and didn't disturb him.

We showered quietly, washing each other's bodies gently. When we finished, we went to my bed and pulled the covers up over us. I kissed her gently as she cuddled up next to me. I could see the faint hint of sunrise coming through my window as we drifted off to sleep. Part 2 I woke up at 7:45 am with Jan still curled up against me. Norm was gone. I knew he had chores to take care of this morning as did I. I quietly eased out of bed and got dressed.

As I went about my morning duties, my mind kept going back to last night and the sensational feeling of my first piece of ass. I thought to myself, "Rob, if that is what sex is like, life is going to be a wonderful trip." Little did I know what the future would hold. I finished my Sunday morning chores and went back inside.

I could smell bacon frying and boy was I hungry. I walked into the kitchen and there was Jan preparing breakfast wearing nothing but one of my t-shirts and a pair of my workout shorts. Everything was a little big for her, but it looked great. "I thought I'd fix breakfast for you, since you were out working this morning while I slept in," she said. "It smells great and I'm starved." We sat and ate breakfast together and talked about the rodeo.

After a while, it was time to talk about the elephant in the room. I looked at her and said, "Jan, last night was fantastic. Thank you&hellip.I'll never forget it." She smiled and replied, "Well, my friend, it was great and you were really, really good to me and I thank you for that. For our first time, I'm damn happy. Now, with Norm, I can't say that it was anything special.

I was just starting to feel good when he yanked his dick out of me and began to try to drown me." I started laughing and almost choked on a piece of bread. Jan was laughing too. It was good that Norm wasn't there while we made fun of him. He later told us that he was so pumped up and so anxious, he just couldn't hold it.

He said that her pussy was so warm and tight that it was just more than I could handle. He apologized to Jan many times for it and she forgave him. We still tease him about it to this day. The summer passed and we all went off to college.

We all attended Texas A & M at College Station, Texas. Norm and I studied Ag-Business and Jan studied to become a Veterinarian. We were all in the Rodeo Club and competed in all the NIRA rodeos throughout Texas and Louisiana.

The three of us were still inseparable as buddies. We all dated other people during our years at A & M, but nothing serious. I was the NIRA Bull Riding Champion three of the four years there. Norm and I finished second in Team Roping once and won the event two years. Jan had two first place Championships in the Barrel Racing event. We all did well through those years. During our Senior year, the three of us had been out partying after the finals.

We were all feeling no pain and decided we should go get a motel room and fuck again, for old time sake. We found a nice room with two king size beds. Just like the last time, we all went to the shower together and got ourselves worked up.

Jan stood looking at our cocks as she stroked them. I can't believe that you guys have the same size cocks. I mean, look, those things are identical. In all my time at A&M, I have never had a guy with a cock this size. I think I'm going to have a lot of fun with you two tonight. With that statement, we dried off and went to bed. We had all become a lot more experienced than we were that first time.

Norm and I both kissed and fondled Jan for over half an hour before she took Norm's cock in her mouth and began to suck him. He was lying on his back, leaning against the headboard and Jan was on her hands and knees between his legs. I moved up behind her and began to eat her bare, naked pussy. I could hear her moan as she sucked Norm. I continued to lick her from her clit to her ass, feeling her cum twice as I ate her. Then, I pushed my cock deep inside her and began to fuck her.

Jan moved back against me. This definitely was not like the first time, it was much better. I said to her as I continued to plunge into her wetness, "I'll pull out and cum on your back, so don't worry." She stopped sucking Norm's cock and looked back at me. "Rob, don't worry about it, I'm on the pill and its ok if you cum inside me. It'll be a lot better for us both," she said smiling, "maybe Norm won't try to drown me this time." We all three had a good laugh as she went back to taking Norm down her throat.

In a short while I heard Norm groan and grab her by the head. Jan took all of his cock down her throat as Norm shot his load of cum into her waiting mouth. Jan swallowed most of it, letting just a little escape and trickle down her chin. I was starting to feel really good. I felt Jan cumming again and began to squeeze her breasts as I pushed deep inside her. She had reached back between her legs and was rubbing her clit franticly when I began to fill her with my hot seed.

I knew that the mixture of cum inside her was running out around my cock and down the insides of her legs. I was having one of the longest and most fantastic orgasms I ever remember having. My balls just wouldn't stop delivering my seed into her. After that, we all just lay back on the bed and rested. We all must have slept for a short while. When I woke up, Norm was on top of Jan. Her arms and legs were wrapped around him and they were fucking like there was no tomorrow. Jan was screaming at him to fuck her harder and harder and he was slamming his meat into her as hard as he could.

I laid there and watched, listening to their skin slap together each stroke. Jan's body was heaving up to meet his thrusts and they were sweating profusely, their bodies glimmering in the dim light. Then I saw Jan take a deep breath as her body tensed. She shoved her pussy upwards violently, almost unloading Norm like a PBR bull. Norm slammed his cock into her hard, saying, "I'm cumming Jan, I'm filling your cunt full of my sperm." I watched Norm's balls, pulsing, shooting his load deep inside Jan.

I was so turned on watching my two friends fuck. My cock was so hard I thought it would split in two. I began to jack off, trying to relieve the pain I was feeling. Jan had come down from her orgasm and saw what I was going through. "Bring that dick to me Rob… I want it in my mouth!" I moved to her head and she took me down her throat and began to squeeze my balls as I mouth fucked her.

The next thing I felt was her finger going up my ass. I lost it and let go. I heard slurping noises coming from Jan's mouth as I filled her oral cavity with my cream. Her finger was inside my ass, further stimulating me. I continued to cum, watching as she swallowed my juices and tongued the bottom of my hard cock. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and went down and kissed her. I could taste cum on her tongue. I said to her, "Where the fuck did you ever learn to do that…that was&hellip.that was fucking great!" She smiled at me, "I remember when you took care of me, I just wanted to return the favor." The three of us fucked all night.

Jan had learned some things that really felt good. Norm and I double penetrated her several times before morning. She was the meat in our sandwich and she loved being there, feeling both of us inside her at the same time. When morning came, the bed we were in was a mess. All of us had dried cum all over our bodies and when Jan stood, a torrent of mixed fluids ran out of her holes and down her legs.

This night had been much, much more satisfying to us than that first time, four years ago. We were all starved, so, we cleaned up and went to breakfast.

Graduation day came and all of our families got together and went out to dinner that night. It was a really joyous occasion for everyone. Norm and I were moving back home and becoming partners in our respective family's ranches. Jan was also coming home and had a job working for the local Vet and would be helping her Dad on their ranch also. It seemed that things had worked out for all of us. Norm and I still got together a lot after we got home.

We both worked a lot, but we did get the chance to go out together once in a while and go drinking and chasing pussy. Some of the women around town were thinking we were probably two of the most eligible bachelors around and they didn't mind letting us get in their jeans.

They all knew that we both would one day own the family ranches and would be a prime catch. But, all Norm and I wanted was to have fun and believe me, we had a lot of fun. We shared a lot of women around the area. I would see Jan quite a lot. Because she worked for the Vet that we used she came out to the ranch periodically. One day Jan was sent out to our ranch on a call. I had a cow that was really sick and Dad and I couldn't figure out what the problem was.

When Jan arrived and examined the cow, she told us she suspected it to be Bovine Tuberculosis. We knew that this could potentially be a very devastating disease. She took blood samples from the cow and recommended that we destroy the animal and bury it. Not wanting to take any chances, we had one of the hired men take the backhoe out on the back side of the ranch and dig a deep hole.

We put the cow in a trailer and took her out to the site and euthanized her, pushed her into the hole, covered her in lime and covered her up. The cow had not been with other cows and we were reasonably sure that the infection had not spread. We informed all the men on the ranch what to look for and started inspecting the cattle daily.

When we got back to the barn, Jan and I sat and talked for quite some time. As I looked at her, I again saw a beautiful woman, and not just my buddy.

I asked her if she would like to go out to dinner and maybe catch a movie tonight. She smiled that big smile of hers and said she would love to. I told her I would pick her up at 7. She was living at her Dad's ranch. When I arrived at their place, her Dad was just arriving home. "What are you doing over here, Rob?" he asked me as he grinned at me.

"Like I have to ask, huh? Come on in and I'll see if Jan is ready." We talked while I waited for Jan. He told me she had told him about the cow we had to put down and said that we had done the wise thing. He said that they would also be keeping an eye on their cattle for a while, just in case one of their cows picked it up. "We all have to work together to make sure something like this doesn't get out of control," he said and I agreed wholly.

Jan came into the room and I know my mouth fell wide open. I don't recall ever seeing Jan like this in all the years I have known her. She was wearing a black skirt that came down mid thigh with knee high boots. She had on a white, low cut blouse that fit her like a glove and showed some bare breast. She had her hair put up above her ears and her makeup was perfect, but not too much. I know her Dad was as surprised as I was. He stood there with his mouth open too.

I took her hand and kissed her lightly on the cheek. As I looked at her I said, "You clean up pretty good for a country girl." She grinned and her Dad cracked up.

I could tell that this was going to be a great evening. We left her house and went to a very nice restaurant just outside of town. When she walked in, all of the men's eyes in the restaurant followed her as she walked by, while their wives and girlfriends kicked them under the table. Needless to say, I was very proud to be the guy with her. We had a great time at dinner, talking about the "old days" when we were growing up and all the fun we had had.

The dinner crowd had drifted out and a few people had drifted into the bar. It had a piano and the music was soft and sounded really nice. We decided to skip the movie and just stay there and talk. As the hours passed, I was totally taken in by Jan. I listened as she talked, and realized that she was a very intelligent woman and could talk about almost anything.

But most of all, I couldn't get past her beauty. So much of her look was natural and I found I couldn't take my eyes off of her while she spoke.

We laughed a lot and really had a great evening. The bar called last call and I knew the evening was over and I had to take her home. We walked out to my truck and I opened the passenger door for her and helped her inside. I went around and got in and we headed to her house. As we drove along, she found some soft music on SIRIUS and began to hum along with it.

I looked over at her and realized what a fool I had been all of these years, having never realized who she really was. I pulled into her yard and parked. She reached out and took my hand after I switched off the engine. As I looked at her, I saw that look in her eyes I had only seen twice in my life. It was something that was deep and erotic. It was like she was looking deep into my soul. She pulled me closer to her and lightly brushed my lips with hers, all the while looking deep into my eyes.

She closed her eyes and pulled my lips tight to hers and held that kiss for a full minute or more before she pulled back slightly. She still had that look as she said, "Rob, we've known each other for our whole lives. We've had a lot of good times and a few bad. We gave each other our virginities.

Rob, you've always been special to me, even when we were kids. I've always pushed other guys away because I always hoped we could be together someday. I love you Rob and I believe I always have. I know you like me ok, but I don't know how you feel about me. So, I thought tonight I would try to find out. We're not getting any younger and I need to know if there's a chance for us.

So I'm asking you straight out, is there a chance you can ever love me or am I wasting my time?" She caught me totally by surprise. A question shot into my mind… had I loved her all these years, is that the feeling I've felt so many times when I look at her, have I failed to admit it to myself?

All of these questions and more flashed through my mind in a matter of seconds as I continued to look into her eyes. The answer came to me in a split second, so clear and undistorted. "Jan, until this very moment, I never realized how much I think of you. Until this very moment, I never considered how much you mean to me. Until this moment, I didn't really know that I was this deep in love with you&hellip.but I am and I have been for a long time." She smiled at me and squeezed my hand before she kissed me again, this time the feeling was deep and sincere.

I was in love with this woman and that wasn't going to change. I could tell that she was beyond happy. Happier than I think I had ever seen her. I looked at her and said, "How soon do you want to get married, I don't want to wait&hellip.we've wasted too much time already." She grabbed me by the back of the head and pulled me into another long, wet kiss then said, "As soon as possible…&hellip.lets go tell Mom and Dad right now, they've been waiting for this for years, not sure it was ever going to happen." We jumped out of my truck and ran up the steps to her parent's house, laughing and saying how much we loved each other.

I guess we made quite a lot of noise coming into the house. Her Mom came into the kitchen pulling her robe on. "What's the matter? Is something the matter?" she asked. "Where's Dad?" Jan asked. "I'm right here," he said as he walked in from the other room, "what's the matter?" "Mom, Dad&hellip.we're getting married&hellip.and soon!" she told them I don't believe I had ever seen two happier people, except for maybe Jan and I.

Dan and Irene were beside themselves. Her Mom gave me a big hug and a long kiss on the lips and her Dad shook my hand and hugged me also. Her Mom said, "I've waited for this day for many years, hoping you two would get together someday. I was about to give up. I'm so happy for both of you." Then she kissed me again……on the lips. This caught me off guard even more so than Jan had. We left there and went to my folk's house and woke them up to give them the news.

Like Dan and Irene, they were overjoyed. They had loved Jan since she was a little girl and now she was to be the Daughter they never had. I took Jan home, then, went home to get some rest. Until this night, I had never realized what all those little things, I had seen through the years, had meant.

I was now complete, why had it taken so long to come to this realization. The next morning I was up early to go check the cattle. My Dad and I owned 2000 head of purebred Angus cows.


With the help of 4 hired hands, we took care of them. It would take the 5 of us about 2 hours to go check them all. Still, we found no signs of any further infection. I was beginning to breathe a sigh of relief. I got back to the house at about 8 and Mom had breakfast ready.

As we ate, Dad asked me if I had any idea where Jan and I would live. I grinned as I told him, "I thought we'd just live here with you guys." "Not on your life, kid," Mom chimed in laughing. "I'm just kidding Dad. This morning I was riding the herd that's down by the creek. You know that place with all the cottonwoods, just south of the creek, near the windmill?

I think I'll build our house there, if Jan likes it. It's close to the road and it's on high ground, so when the creek goes out of its banks, the water won't get that high and flood us out. The view of the Caprock is beautiful from there.

Is that ok with you?" He said to me, "I think that's a wonderful idea Rob." PART 3 I finished up breakfast and decided I needed to go see Norm. I wanted him to be my best man and I wanted him to be one of the first to know.

When I got there, he was working with a green horse in the corrals. I pulled up on the fence and watched as he rode the bronc. I have to say, Norm was good at breaking a horse. I watched as he rode the horse till it stopped bucking.

He had a smile on his face, just like he always had when he finally rode one out. He jumped off and walked across the pen, opened the gate and came outside.

"What the fuck are you doing over here, I didn't know you got up this early." he teased me. As he got to me, we did our regular "bro hug" and slapped each other on the back. "Come on up to the house and have a cup of coffee, Mom will be glad to see you." We walked along talking shit to each other, just like brothers would. When we got to the back porch of the house, his Mom came out the door smiling at me with her arms outstretched.

"Damn it's good to see you Rob, you haven't been over here in over a month, I thought you were mad at us." she teased. "Well, you know how life can get, Mary. Sometimes things get in the way of the things I love the most. We've had some problems with the cattle and we've been keeping a close eye on them." "I know, your Dad was over the other day and told Cal and I about the tuberculosis, you guys did the right thing to keep it from spreading&hellip.thank you." Norm poured us some coffee and sat down at the table.

He looked at me and said, "What you got that shit eatin' grin on your face for boy? Are you keeping a secret from me or something?" "Nope," I said as I sat my cup down, "I just came over here to tell you that Jan and I are getting married and I want you to be my best man, after all, you are my best friend in the world." Norm just sat there for a few seconds, looking shocked.

"When did this all happen, I didn't even know you two were going out?" Mary had came over to where I was sitting and grabbed me, pulled me up out of the chair, then hugged me tight. "I am so happy for you two. I always thought that one of you two boys would marry that girl and I'm so glad it's going to happen.

I presume we're invited to the wedding." "You know you are," I said. Norm was still acting a little weird. He got up and shook my hand and hugged me again. "Congratulations my friend, you know I'll be your best man. Come on, let's go take a little ride, I need to check a couple of bulls that are penned down the road." We crawled into Norm's truck and left the yard.

He still wasn't talking much so I asked him, "What's going on, something the matter?" He looked at me then back at the road. "The fact that you're marrying Jan&hellip.I didn't expect it. Damn it Rob, I had been considering asking her the same thing, after all, she is the first woman I ever had sex with&hellip.that's gotta count for something doesn't it?" "Well maybe in some cases, but this time it didn't.

Jan and I had a long talk and the light came on, I've loved her since we were kids. There's never really been anyone else. That's why I could never stay with one woman very long. Those other women just never measured up to Jan. I'm sorry pal, if you don't want to be a part of it, I understand……just take me back to my truck." I could see his unhappiness and I felt for him if that's truly the way he was feeling. But if he wanted to be a jerk, fuck him. My happiness with Jan was all I was concerned with.

He could either get over it or fuck off. He pulled up next to my truck and I got out without saying anything further. I just got in my truck and left. I pulled onto the highway and punched it. I couldn't believe that Norm had acted that way. I was headed back to the ranch to finish up my morning chores when I heard a horn honking. I looked in my rear view mirror and there was Norm, waving his hand out the window trying to get me to pull over. I said to myself, "What the fuck does he want," as I pulled over onto the shoulder.

Norm got out of his truck and came toward me as I got out. "What do you want man, I have things to do," I said to him. He grabbed me into a hug and held on. "I'm sorry man, I wish you guys only the best. If I couldn't be me, I'm glad it's you.

I don't know what got into me back there. I'm sorry Rob, I want to be your best man, I want to be there when the two people I love the most get married. I couldn't exist without you two& know that don't you?" I put my arms around him and pulled him close, knowing that I felt the same way about him& best friend& brother.

I got into my truck and went on home and took care of my work. I called Jan to see if she wanted to go out tonight and do something. She quickly said yes. I thought we'd just play it by ear and decide what to do when I picked her up. I had never been this happy that I remembered. I picked Jan up at seven and we went into town. We decided that we would go to the movies. We weren't sure what was playing, but we decided we'd go anyway. The movie showing was Fifty Shades Darker.

Jan giggled and said, "Let's go see it, ok? We might learn something." She giggled all the way in. We watched the movie in its entirety and to tell the truth, it even made me blush. When we left, we talked about it at length and all the different things that had been done. Jan reached across the console and took my hand.

I want to make love with you tonight. After that movie, I'm horny as hell and I have to have you. "Where can we go?" I thought to myself. I racked my brain trying to think of some place. The only thing I could think of was to go get a motel room, so, that's what we did. After we got into the room, Jan attacked me, kissing me as we undressed each other.

We fell into the bed, embracing each other, our lips locked together. "I love you so much," she said to me as she grasped my cock and began to lick the head. I pulled her ass around till she was straddling my head. As she swallowed my cock, I feasted on her dripping wet pussy, making her moan and groan when I attacked her engorged clit. My tongue was busy working on her from her ass hole to her clit.

I pulled her lips apart and pushed my tongue into her pussy as deep as I could. She moaned loudly and I felt a gush of her warm cum flood my mouth. She pressed her pussy tight to my mouth as I licked and sucked her most private part.

She began to cum and almost smothered me. I took a deep breath and pulled her ass to my mouth and continued to pleasure her. I really wanted my cock inside her warm vagina. I told her to get on her back and spread her legs, I wanted to fuck her. She rolled over and I was inside her in a matter of seconds, pushing the full length of my cock into her till my balls bounced on her ass. She put her legs around my ass and pulled me closer to her as I continued to stroke in and out of her.

I took one of her tits into my mouth and gently chewed on her erect nipple. That pushed Jan over the edge again and she came violently, almost breaking my cock when she bucked. I continued to fuck her slowly. Soon, as I was filling her belly with cum, I watched her face as she began an orgasm that lasted for minutes. Watching her facial expressions, I was beginning to think that I had hurt her somehow, but I soon learned that she was in ecstasy and her expression wasn't of pain, but of pure pleasure.

I continued to piston my cock into her till I saw all signs of her orgasm ending. I lay on top of her, kissing her and caressing her face, enjoying the feeling of our bodies touching. We spent the night there, making love several times. The sun was beginning to rise when I took her home.

Her Dad was just leaving the house and waved at us as we drove in. Jan looked at me blushing and said, "I guess he probably can guess what we've been doing all night." She had to be to work soon so I kissed her and told her I'd see her later and maybe we could make our plans for the wedding. She told me that she thought that would be a good way to spend the evening and that her Mom would be happy to help. The day was hot and long. There always seems to be something to do on the ranch. It helped make the day pass quickly, so I stayed busy.

At 6 pm I went home and took a shower and cleaned up. Mom had supper ready so Mom, Dad and I sat down to eat. Dad and I talked about the day and things to do with the ranch for some time. Mom interrupted, "Enough of the ranch business, I want to talk about the wedding. When is it going to happen and what can I do to help you guys?" I told Mom that Jan and I would be working on it tonight over at her house and if she wanted to come over and get involved it would be just fine.

She told me that when she got the dishes finished that she and Dad would come over there for a while. I finished dinner and left. When I arrived at Jan's house, Norm's truck was there.

At this point, I really didn't know what to expect from him. After the way he had acted this morning, I decided to just play it by ear and kind of go with the flow till I figured it out. When I went in, he was sitting at the table, having dinner with them. As I approached the table, Jan got up and kissed me, grinning from ear to ear. "Norm stopped by to congratulate me so I asked him to stay for dinner. Have you eaten yet? We've got plenty," she said to me pulling up another chair. "Oh yes, Mom wouldn't dare let anyone miss a meal around our house, God forbid." "That's the way it's supposed to be, all of you guys need your nourishment.

That's the only way you can stay out all night," she said looking at me and winking. I knew that she was referring to last night and I did turn a little red. "MOM," Jan interjected, "be nice." Irene just laughed and went back to dinner.

"Rob, do you want something to drink, maybe a glass of iced tea?" she asked me. "Sure, that would be great," I replied to her. After Irene's comment, Norm just sat there quietly eating his dinner, not looking up at all. I knew that he was still having a problem and wondered if he was over here to cause a problem or what.

I'd just wait and see. After dinner was finished, Irene and Dan went about doing the dishes. I told Irene that Mom and Dad would be over after a bit to help with the plans for the wedding. Jan, Norm and I went out back onto the patio to pass time before Mom and Dad arrived.

Norm sat across from Jan and I. He looked over at me and began, "Rob, I'm really sorry I acted the way I did this morning. I figured that you had talked to Jan today and told her how I acted, so I decided to come over and apologize to her also. I guess you hadn't said anything to her about it so I told her what an ass I made of myself when you told me that you two were getting married. Again, I want to tell you two how really happy I am for you guys and that whatever you need, you can count on me.

Hell, we've been family forever." Jan replied, "Thanks for that Norm. I really appreciate you saying that.

I know that the three of us will always be close. We've shared so much together, through the years, that has made us all a big part of one another. I think that we all know each other better than any other three people on this earth. I just want you to know that this love that Rob and I have, started a long time ago.

My feelings for both of you have always been evident, but my love for Rob began clear back in high school. I knew then, that it was him that I loved and wanted to be with someday. Don't get me wrong, I love you too, like a brother……and I always will.

You will always be part of our lives." In the dim light, I know that I could see Norm's eyes tearing up. The glossy reflections were evident. He quickly got up, kissed Jan, hugged me and said, "I gotta go, I'll see you guys soon." He got in his truck and hurriedly left. I saw Mom and Dad arriving. They came in and the six of us started the planning for the wedding. It was almost midnight when we finished. Jan's boss had given her the next day off, so I told her I'd pick her up at about 9 and show her where I thought we might build our home.

I knew that she was very happy. The next day, my morning tasks took longer than I expected, so I called Jan and told her what was going on and that I'd pick her up around eleven, which was ok with her. She said that she and her mother had some things that they were working on, so the extra time would be fine. When I got to her house, she came out the back door carrying a large basket.

She put it into the back seat of my truck and climbed up in the cab. "Since it was this close to lunch, I made us a picnic. I thought that we can eat over where our new house will be built.' "Sounds good to me," I said as I drove away. We went to the spot I had told her about and got out of the truck.

The large Cottonwood trees shaded a large area above the spring fed creek that ran below us. Off in the distance we could see the blue and purple hues of the Caprock, as the flat shelf of the Panhandle fell off into the Mesquite covered rolling hills below. "It's just beautiful here Rob, I've always loved this place since way back when we all used to skinny dip down there in the creek.

I love it." I kissed her and hugged her as we continued to gaze out over the land. "I've made an appointment at three to meet with Darren Holman to start planning our home. We can give him an idea of what we want and he can make the plans for us." "I can't wait," she said to me, "let's eat." She pulled the basket out of my truck and spread a large blanket out on the grass. She had made fried chicken, potato salad, baked beans and a great looking pecan pie.

One thing was for sure, with Jan, I wouldn't starve to death.

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After lunch, she put all the dishes back into the basket and stretched out on the blanket. I couldn't resist, I laid over her and kissed her lips, while she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me to her. The afternoon was hot, but under the shade of the huge Cottonwoods, the breeze felt really good.

We made out for quite some time. As I looked at this beautiful woman, she began that strange, deep look that she had given me only a few times. Immediately I knew exactly what it meant and what was about to happen. She began to unbutton my shirt and pulled it off my shoulders.

I pulled her up to sitting position and pulled her tank top over her head. I had known that Jan wasn't wearing a bra when I picked her up earlier and as the tank was removed, her breasts jiggled, inviting me closer.

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She lay back down and I took her left nipple into my mouth and began to gently bite it as my tongue teased the end.

Jan let out a quiet moan as she closed her eyes. I continued to caress her breasts and removed her shorts and panties. In the broken sunlight, I could see the moisture glistening between her puffy outer lips. I lightly licked those beautiful lips, slowly parting them with my probing tongue. Jan moaned loudly when my tongue penetrated her vaginal opening and probed deeply inside her.

I began to suck her sweet juices into my mouth as she rotated her ass, pushing her pussy up to my hungry mouth. It didn't take very long at all and I felt Jan begin to cum. I grasped her by her round ass cheeks and pulled her closer to my hungry mouth, sucking in her engorged clit as my tongue continued to assault her dripping orifice.

Jan tasted so good when she released a small stream of her cum into my waiting mouth. I gulped it down like a man dying of thirst. Her orgasm began to subside and I took this opportunity to finish removing my clothes. I knelt on my knees between her long legs and observed her naked body as she lay there waiting for me to come to her. I know that I will never get tired of looking at her naked beauty.

I moved down closer to her till I felt my cock head touch the wetness between her legs. With one hand I dragged it up and down her wet slit, stopping to stroke her hard clit with it before I began to penetrate her body.

The feeling of sliding inside her made my head spin. Her tightness grasped my member as I probed deeper and deeper, finally feeling it contact her cervix.

My balls were lying on her beautiful ass and I could feel her wetness running down over them. As my cock pumped in and out of her warmth, Jan was still giving me that mystical look of hers and saying, "Oh Rob, I love you so much. Fuck me, fuck me slow and easy. Make me cum. I want to feel your cum in me when I cum.

I love making love to you, ever since the first time. You've always been the one I loved. Please fuck me…&hellip.oh pleaseeeeee…&hellip." I could feel her body begin to tense and convulse. Her pussy clamped down on my cock, squeezing it tightly inside her.

I could feel her wetness increase and begin to run off my balls as I continued to slide in and out of her warmth. She moaned loudly in my ear, pulling me close to her. Her hard nipples were pressing into my chest and her legs wrapped around my ass and pulled me further inside her.

I felt warmness in my balls that began the journey down my hard shaft, quickly spewing my hot lava flow inside the love of my life. I injected her with thick stream after thick stream of hot, sperm laden semen. Her vagina filled and began to leak around my pulsing cock. Jan was squeezing me with her arms and legs, screaming, "OH ROB, I'M CUMMMMING, OOOOH GOD, I'M CUMMMING, I'M CUMMING, I'MMMMMM CUMMING." My balls had completely emptied inside Jan and my cock was beginning to soften.

I rolled off of Jan, over onto my side. I lay there for the longest time, watching her breathe, trying to catch my own breath. Sweat was pouring off of both of us. The gentle breeze cooled our bodies, evaporating the sweat and drying us. She opened her eyes and looked deep into mine, still breathing heavily, "Rob, that was fantastic, damn you do good things to me." We just lay there, holding hands, watching the clouds drift by above the trees. I was thinking to myself how much time I had wasted not recognizing that I loved this woman and how good our life together was going to be.

After a while, I said to her, "We need to get dressed and get to town, we have an appointment in 20 minutes." It didn't take us long to dress and be on our way. PART 4 We arrived at Darren's office a little after three. He was waiting for us inside.

When we walked in he kissed Jan on the cheek and shook my hand. "I'm really happy for you two, please accept my congratulations." We walked into his office and sat down. "Ok, what do you guys want, how big, how many bedrooms, what kinds of rooms&hellip.what do you want outdoors&hellip.just give me a rundown of the features you'd like to have and I'll sketch it out for you guys. After that we can start changing the sketches till we get to that final sketch&hellip.then I'll draw it out in detail.

Sound good to you?" Jan and I smiled at each other and began to tell him the features we would like to see and how detailed we wanted the finish work. We were there for over two hours. When we left, Darren told us to drop by in a couple of days and he'd have the first sketch done, then we could go from there. As we left Darren's office a horn honked, it was Norm driving by, waving at us. We waved back then went on our way. The next month passed rather quickly. We had decided to get married on the 20th of July, a mere 32 days away.

Nearly all of the wedding plans were made. There were just a few odds and ends to get finished and we were set. Norm had planned a bachelor party and Jan's maid of honor, Carol, had made the plans for her bachelorette party.

Those would happen in a couple of weeks. I told Norm, in no uncertain terms, that I didn't want strippers or any naked women around.

I still didn't trust Norm fully&hellip.I knew him all too well. If he did have feelings for Jan, he just might try to sabotage the whole thing. I had watched him operate when we grew up. Many times he would set up a guy with a hot girl, then tell the guy's girlfriend about it so he could have her. I'm not saying he'd do that to me, but it did warrant watching. Part 5 The night of the bachelor and bachelorette parties arrived. Jan and I had talked about these specifically. I told her about what I had told Norm and about his past actions.

I asked her if she would keep her phone close by, just in case I bolted from the party. She knew what he had pulled in the past, and not knowing exactly what his intentions were, agreed with me. So, the festivities began. Norm had made arrangements at a local bar to have a closed party. I arrived about a half hour late, on purpose. I wanted to scope it out before I went in.

Everything looked ok so I went on in. All of my friends were there, including my Dad, Jan's Dad and Norm's Dad. From the looks of things, I didn't believe that I would have any problems. But just in case, I took Dad aside and told him what I had been thinking.

He replied to me, "There's no way Norm would try to pull anything like that on you, especially with all of us around here." Meaning all the dads.

The party was going really well, there were some stag films being shown on the big screen and there were several poker games going on, plus, just a lot of BS and booze. At about midnight, I was back in the back of the bar playing shuffleboard with Jan's Dad.

I looked through the crowd toward the door and saw six, bikini clad women, come in. Right away I knew they were strippers and I had warned Norm. I was near an exit so I told Jan's Dad I was leaving and went out the side door. I went to my truck and left. About a block or so down the street I called Jan and told her what had happened and that I had left.

She told me she would sneak out of hers and meet me outside Carol's house. I picked her up and we went to her house. After a while our phones started ringing. We checked the caller ID and laughed and didn't answer them.

We drove on out to Jan's house. We had to turn our phones off, there were so many calls coming in. Jan told me that I should have stayed and enjoyed the show. I told her if I wanted to see a naked woman dance, it would be her and she could entertain me if she wanted. Since all the Moms were at her party and the house was empty, she turned on some music and began to dance for me, slowly removing her clothing, one piece at a time.

The dance lasted over half an hour, then, she kneeled in front of me, pulled my rock hard cock out and gave me the best blow job I had ever gotten. As she swallowed everything I had just given her, she asked me if she was as good as a real stripper, to which I answered, "Better, much better." She giggled and told me that now I had to dance for her as she pulled me to my feet and sat down.

I thought, what the Hell, then began to move slow, stripping myself down to my boxer briefs. Jan was thoroughly enjoying the show, clapping and cat calling while she watched. With my underwear still on, I moved close to her and wiggled my groin in front of her face. She would reach out to touch and I would back away and not let her.

I could tell that she was getting aroused, her nipples were standing straight out and I could see the wetness between her legs. I pulled my boxer briefs down and kicked them aside, letting my hard member stand up straight. Jan whistled and clapped as I danced closer and closer to her. The music played on as I dropped to my knees and buried my face between her legs. She tasted so good. I loved the taste of her and stayed there while she came four times.

As she lay there, exhausted, I mounted her and began to fuck her, slowly at first, speeding up when I felt her building to another orgasm. Jan exploded at the exact same time I did. Our arms were wrapped around each other as our orgasms engulfed us both, leaving us worn out and trying to catch our breath. It felt great.

As we lay there in each other's arms, the lights of a vehicle coming down the lane to the house lit up the living room. We scrambled trying to find all our clothes and get back in them before whoever it was arrived. Its a quarter mile long lane and we had just enough time to be dressed when our parents came in the back door. "So this is where you two disappeared to, everyone wondered where you guys went," Irene jokingly jabbed at us. I looked over at our parents. "I told Norm I didn't want strippers there, so I left and called Jan.

We decided to come out here and enjoy our own company." Dan laughed, "When ol' Norm realized you weren't there, he about went ballistic. He searched the whole bar for you. I didn't tell him I'd seen you scoot out the side door&hellip.I just told Ray. Rob, I'm really proud of you for what you did. The party got out of hand after you left. A couple of guys started screwing one of the dancers, then, Norm joined in.

Cal left, pissed off saying he wasn't about to stand there and watch what was going on. That's when Ray and I decided to leave and go get the girls and come out here.

I was sure relieved that you two were here." I looked over at them and shook my head. "I was afraid things might get out of hand and I didn't want to be there for it. I've got the only girl I want right here." Then I kissed her. We all went to the kitchen and had coffee and some sweet rolls that Irene had made. Mom came up behind me and put her arms around me from the back. She whispered to me, "I'm so proud of you." Then she hugged me tight. The next day, Norm came by the house while I was out feeding the horses in the corral.

He got out and came walking over to me, smiling widely. "How come you bailed last night, hell, you could have got a nice piece of strange before you got hitched if you'd stayed." "That's why I left Norm. I didn't want a piece of strange." "After our Dad's left, all six of those bitches put out. I think everybody there fucked them at least twice, maybe three times before the party broke up.

I wish you had been there, damn." "Norm, I told you very clearly that I didn't want any strippers there and that I would leave if any showed up. Well, you must have not been listening, or something." "What's the 'or something' mean pal.

You think I'd pull any shit on you? Do you really think I'd do something like what you're thinking, damn Rob, don't you know any better than that? I'd never hurt you, in any way&hellip.hell, you're my very best friend, the only person in this world I respect.

Don't think that of me, please." "Well, anyway, I didn't want strippers there and I left&hellip.that's it. Forget about it, it's water under the bridge." Part 6 July 20th arrived and the wedding went off without a hitch.

It was, hands down, the best day of my life. I know that Jan felt the same way and I'd never seen her look happier or more beautiful.

Norm had behaved himself after our talk about the bachelor party. Those events were never mentioned again. However, Cal was still pissed about it and ragged Norm mercilessly. After the ceremony, Norm did kiss the bride. And I must say, what a kiss. I wasn't sure when he would come up for air and Jan told me later, that his tongue was down her throat.

After all that we had done together, I didn't think twice about the kiss. Of course, our Mom's had a lot to say about it, but they didn't know the whole story either and probably it was a good thing none of them did. Jan and I went on our honeymoon to Costa Rica. We had not told anyone where we were going. We just wanted to be together without anyone we knew being around. Through an agent, I had rented a private Villa on a stretch of private beach.

We were alone, except for the cook and maid. They were both really nice Spanish ladies.

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Both were quite overweight and both always wore big smiles and had warm hearts. We hardly ever saw them, except at mealtime or early in the morning. We stayed there for three weeks. We dined out a lot, danced in the clubs a lot and spent a lot of time on our private beach, naked. Our bodies had been joined so many times, we lost count. Jan's tan was beyond compare. The sun had kissed her entire body and it had all turned a beautiful brown.

We really hated to leave, but eventually, the day came and we said goodbye to our tropical paradise, promising ourselves we would return someday. When we arrived back home, we moved into a condo in town till our house was built. We had finally settled on a 4 bedroom 5 bath home consisting of 5800 square feet with a large patio with a hot tub. We planned on hardwood floors everywhere, except the bedrooms. There was a custom designed kitchen for Jan and an office that we would share.

The master bath had a large, doorless shower made with lighted glass block and twelve side water jets and an overhead rain shower head. There was a large Jacuzzi tub for two, dual vessel sinks and the room was tiled to the ceiling. It was our in home spa. The master bedroom was large enough to have a king size bed, two dressers, a couch and a chest of drawers.

The closet was 10 ft x 12 ft. We had a large play room with a wet bar. We planned on a pool table, pin ball machines, a poker table and a full blown entertainment center with a 60 inch big screen. Construction had begun and it was supposed to be completed in six months.

We couldn't wait. On weekends we would drive into Amarillo or Lubbock and shop for furniture.


It was a good time. The months passed and the house was completed. We furnished it and moved in. We worked on the yards together, and did the landscaping ourselves. When it was finished, it was our dream home. The ranch was doing well and cattle prices were high. Jan had quit her job at the Vet's office and set up her own practice. She had three clients that took all her time, our ranch, her mom and dad's place and Norm's ranch. There were well over 6000 head of cattle on the combined ranches so she stayed quite busy.

The years passed by quickly and things in our world continued to change. Jan and I continued to love each other more and more as time passed. We had found that Jan was unable to have kids and had resigned ourselves to the fact that we would have to adopt if we wanted children. Norm's dad, Cal, had passed away and Mary had taken it very hard. She moved into a nursing home, as her health was beginning to fail. Norm tried, but just couldn't take care of her. He had inherited the ranch and was doing a great job with it.

He would come by quite often, mostly about meal time. He hated to cook. Jan was always fixing him something to take with him when he left. My mom and dad retired a couple of years later and built a summer home in Colorado. They retained their home on the ranch and spent the winters here. Jan's mom and dad had done much the same thing moving to Lake Havasu in Arizona. Jan and I bought their ranch and combined it with ours.

The three of us continued to be great friends. I was doing well with our ranch and ended buying another adjoining ranch. It was a giant step for Jan and I as it was double the size of our place.

Jan and I now owned over 12,000 head of cattle and our ranch consisted of a little over 65,000 acres. Norm married a woman from Amarillo that he had met in a bar there. Loretta was a beautiful woman with a figure to match. I thought that maybe Norm had found the woman of his dreams. For the next year he was happier than I had seen him for ages. They did a lot of things together, went a lot of places and spent a lot of money.

Soon, however, it was evident that she drank a whole lot more than she should. Sometimes she would disappear for several days at a time, eventually calling Norm to come get her. Sometimes he would go search for her and find her in the arms of another man in some motel. He never gave up and always took her back. She ended up pregnant and had a little boy. Jan and I were happy for them, hoping that this might bring them closer together.

But, as fate would have it, she and Norm had a big argument one afternoon and Norm left to go take care of some things on the ranch. She got drunk, took the baby and left in her car headed toward Amarillo. When Norm returned to the house, he found them gone and took off to try to find them. About an hour later, he found them, at the scene of a bad car wreck. There were a lot of people there, cops, ambulances, paramedics and lookie loos. The only thing that Norm saw were the bodies of his wife and child, covered in a blanket.

That event broke his sprit. He retreated into his house and didn't come out for anything. It was a good thing that he had a great ranch foreman or the ranch would have gone to hell in a handbag.

His foreman stayed in touch with me and asked my advice on many things. Norm had told him to just talk to me about whatever he needed and to leave him alone. Many times I went over to see him and could hardly get a word out of him.

He would thank me for helping him with the ranch and that was about all he would say. Jan tried to talk to him a couple of times and he would completely ignore her. About a year later, Jan and I were sitting on the patio, one evening, talking about Norm and what we could do to try to get him back to his old self.

We knew that that person was still there, if we could just reach him. Jan looked at me very seriously. "I've got an idea Rob, it might work. But it will only work if you are in one hundred percent too." I looked at her wondering just what was on her mind. "Well, let's hear it, tell me, all I can do is say no." Jan came over to the loveseat and sat next to me.

"Rob, since we've been married, Norm has tried to get me to have sex with him several times. I've always said no. He would bring up the times he had fucked me and ask if that didn't mean anything. Again I said no. I think that if we could get him over here some evening for dinner, you could offer to share your wife with him.


Maybe the opportunity to fuck me would bring him back to his old self. But darling, you have to be all in or it won't work. I sat and stared at Jan, not quite knowing what to think at this point. "And you want to do this? You want to fuck my best friend in front of me, is that what you are saying?" She looked deep into my eyes with that look she has and said, "Rob, I love you with all my heart and soul. You are my husband and you are the man that I want to spend my whole life with.

Next to you, Norm is my best friend, he will always be my best friend and I'll do anything it takes to get our best friend back, including letting him have me and fill me with his seed.

Nothing, and I repeat, nothing will change about the way I feel for you, but, I would never do anything that would jeopardize our marriage, I will not even consider it if you're not one hundred percent in agreement with it. If you have any doubts, I will just forget it. The final decision is yours, Rob. I'll stand by whatever you decide." I sat and stared out across the ranch toward the Caprock.

It is a sight that I had seen a million times and never tired of it. Deep in my mind I went over and over the words that Jan had said to me. I remembered the three of us growing up together and all the things we did together, including losing our virginity together.

We had shared good and bad times and we had laughed and cried together. We are all a part of each other and that's something that will never change, even in death. I looked at my sweet and loving wife and knew that everything she had said was true and heartfelt. If sharing my wife would bring my best friend back to me, I would do it. I looked back at Jan. "My love, let's do this thing. Let's save our friend and make him a part of our lives again. I'm one hundred percent in." Jan hugged me tight with tears running down her cheeks.

"I know this will work, he has always been in love with me and sad that I didn't love him in the same way that I love you. See if you can get him over here and let's get our best friend back." As I went to the office to call Norm, I was thinking about what was about to happen.

I wondered if I could truly watch my best friend laying between my wife's long legs, fucking her till he fills her with his cum? It's a hard question to answer. I had watched it happen before, and had been ok with it, but she wasn't my wife then. I wondered if it would make a difference. I called Norm. The phone rang at least twenty times before he picked it up.

"Hi Rob," he said, "whats up?" "Norm," I said to him, "We want you to come over for dinner tomorrow night. Jan and I want you to get out of the house and come see us. I'll do some really good rib-eyes and we'll have some fresh baked potatoes and all the trimmings. We'll slam down some of my fantastic Margaritas and just have a good visit.

We haven't done this in a long time and I think it's high time we do. What do you say, will you come?" He was silent for the longest time, so long in fact, that I finally asked if he was still there.

"Yeah I'm still here Rob.

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Do you guys really want me to come over, I mean I'm not the best of company, are you guys sure?" "Sure, we're sure. We want to see our best friend again, we want to see that third member of the three of us. Will you come?" After another long silence, he said, "Hell yeah, I'll come&hellip.I miss the hell out of you guys. What time?" "Be here at six, I'll have the Margaritas ready.

See you tomorrow evening." I hung up and walked back out to the patio where Jan was waiting for me. "Well……well Rob, what did he say?" "He said he'd be here. I told him 6:00. I told him it was just dinner and drinks. Now we'll see." Part 7 All day I thought about what was going to happen this evening.

I was pretty sure I would be able to handle it, but that lingering doubt was always there, just out of sight. The day passed by too quickly for me.

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Before I knew it, it was 5 and I needed to get home and get ready. When I got to the house, Jan was nervously preparing the trimmings for the meal. I went back and took a shower and put on a polo shirt and some shorts. I went to the kitchen and got the steaks out of the refrigerator and began to season and marinate them. I went to the bar and made a large batch of frozen margaritas and poured a big one for myself.

In about three gulps, it was gone. Jan came in and said, "Can I have one or are you going to slam it all?" I poured us both one. She sat down on a bar stool and asked me, "Are you going to be ok darling? Do you want to call it off, it's not too late if you're having reservations." "No dear, I want this to happen. I think you're right, I believe it will bring him back to us&hellip.We've done this before, I've seen him fuck you and cum all over you, I'll be ok&hellip.just don't forget me, Ok?" "Jan smiled at me and said, "You guys are going to share me, it's not a one on one.

I need to get a shower and change clothes, I'll be back in a little while." I made another blender full of courage and downed another one. I was starting to feel the effects when the doorbell rang. I answered it and found it was Norm. "All I can say my friend, is it's really good to see you, how about a margarita?" He followed me through the house to the bar and pulled up a stool. I poured him a Grande and he settled down to it, drinking it slowly.

"Still like your steak rare?" I asked. "Yeah, just as long as it doesn't moo when I stick the fork in&hellip.and this Margarita is great. I haven't had one of these in a long time. That Mexican bartender down in Juarez damn sure taught you to make a good one." We toasted each other and talked about the good times we had shared throughout the years. We had started another Margarita when Jan came in. I almost dropped my drink when I saw her. She was wearing this thin, white t-shirt that showed about six inches of skin above her tight running shorts.

She was barefoot and just like always, had on just a minimal amount of makeup&hellip.she looked good enough to eat right then and there. I could see her nipples were hard and sticking out prominently.

The t-shirt was just tight enough to faintly see the curves of her breasts and her shorts, damn, I could see a camel toe as plain as day. This should excite Norm, hell it's exciting me. Jan set her empty glass on the bar and asked, "Are you guys going to drink them all, or can I have one?" I poured Jan another Margarita and watched her scoot into a bar stool.

Norm had definitely taken notice of Jan. He hadn't said a word, just kept glancing away from me at her and drinking down his Margarita. It was almost empty, so I refilled it for him. Jan leaned forward to get a handful of peanuts. I could see over half of her tits and I knew that Norm had gotten an eye full too…he couldn't take his eyes off of them. We kept talking about all the fun we used to have and laughing. Norm looked at me when Jan had stood up. I could see that his cock was straining against his shorts.

"I know what you guys are trying to do and I thank you for it. You two are my best friends and you're showing it by trying to make me engage life again and making me part of your lives, but Jan, you don't have to dress like that for me. I know you're in love with Rob, and I realized quite some time ago, that I shouldn't try to come between you two. I love you both too much to do that. I'm going to try to get back into life, but it's hard." Jan looked at me then back at Norm, then back at me.

She kind of moved her head signaling me to tell him what we were really doing. I just shrugged and waved toward her, giving her the floor.

She looked at Norm as she began to speak, "Norman, Rob and I have talked about this, I want you to know that before I start. We have decided that Rob will share me with you. You can fuck me, I'll suck you, or I'll take care of both of you at the same time. In any case, I want to let you use my body for your pleasure. The only requirement I'm going to make is that you can't have sex, of any kind, unless Rob is present.

Don't just drop by when he is out working thinking you will get a piece of ass, it won't happen. He has to be here. OK?" Norm had that "deer in the headlights" look as he looked at me, trying to read the expression on my face. I smiled at Norm and said, "She said it all pal, I'm willing to share Jan with you for as long as you want.

I've watched you fuck her before and this will be no different. You know that she can't have children, so there's no chance of getting her pregnant.

You can empty your balls inside her every time and not worry about it. Norm, I can do this because I know that Jan loves me totally and there's no chance this will harm our marriage&hellip.I believe it will strengthen it, if anything. Plus, it will bring the three of us closer together than anyone could ever imagine.

One other thing I'd like to add&hellip.if any one of us ever decides it needs to stop it, it's over& questions asked and no further discussion. What do you think?" Norm sat back up on the barstool and looked at Jan and I.

He considered the situation fully before he answered. "You two are absolutely the best friends a guy could have. I think about what you two have just told me and offered me and I can't believe it. I will agree to the conditions that both of you have stated and I promise not to abuse the gift you are giving me. I love you both and if I didn't believe you Rob, that you can handle this relationship, I'd drop out right now and never start. I'll never do anything to fuck up your marriage, if I ever see it happening, I'm out immediately.

And yes, Jan, I do want to fuck you, you don't know how much." With all that being said, Jan stood and walked over to Norm. She leaned in close to him and kissed him, a long lingering kiss that made his cock jump to attention.

Jan's hand was down rubbing the bulge in his shorts as she kissed him. I stood behind the bar and watched as she opened his shorts and released his manhood. I could see the wet tip of his cock, shining with pre-cum as she continued to stroke it and kiss him. My dick was as hard as a rock and growing as I watched. Jan broke the kiss and leaned down and touched the head of his engorged rod with the end of her tongue, licking up the pre-cum that was on it.

"Mmmmmmm, that's good," I heard her say as his hard dick disappeared into her hot mouth. Her head was bobbing up and down on him and as I watched, Norm looked at me with a questioning look in his eyes. I nodded at him and smiled. "Enjoy it, my friend, this is just a sample of what's to come." While Jan continued to take Norm down her throat, she worked his shorts to his knees and had grasped his balls.

She would take her tongue and stroke the underside of his phallus all the way to his balls, then pull one into her hot mouth and suck on it, then she would change to the other one and work on it. She would look up at Norm, from time to time, and wink at him, just before she put his cock back into her talented mouth. After several minutes of intense fellatio, I saw Norm's eyes roll back in his head as he grasped Jan's head and tensed up.

I watched as he pushed his cock deeper into Jan's mouth and began to ejaculate. Jan moaned, his teeth were clenched and his balls were pumping large ropes of fertile semen into Jan's hungry mouth. It was more than she could swallow. I could see a small stream of cum running from the corner of her mouth down to her chin and dripping off. She was swallowing all she could as he continued to pump his juice into her. Soon, it was over. Jan licked Norm clean and wiped her chin, smiling the whole time.

She looked at us and said, "I'm going into the kitchen and put dinner in the oven. I really don't think that we will be eating right away, we can have it later. I want you two to go into the guest bedroom and get undressed, I'll be in shortly. When I get there, both of you will get me going. Norm, you will be the first to fuck me. You will fuck me while Rob watches and you will fill my pussy with your hot cum. Now you two go and get ready, I'll be in shortly." Jan had taken charge.

It was almost like it was 15 years ago. Norm and I talked while we took our clothes off. He asked me again if I was ok with this. I told him I was and to just enjoy himself and not worry about it.

He was looking at my fully erect cock as I said to him, "See what it did to me to watch my wife give you a blow job? I don't have any problems with this arrangement, Norm. I just want you to enjoy everything Jan has to offer." Jan came in, her hair was down and she had a very determined look on her face.

She walked up between Norm and I and stood there. I put my hands up under her t-shirt and pulled it over her head, exposing her fabulous tits to Norm. He immediately began to fondle and suck them. His cock had recovered and looked to be harder than I believed I had ever seen it.

I pulled her shorts down and she kicked them to the side. I got down on my knees behind her and spread her cheeks wide, exposing her sopping wet pussy and her little brown hole.

Standing, she spread her legs wide apart, giving me full access to the area between her legs. I put my tongue into her wetness and began to lick her as I pushed a finger into her hot cunt. I could hear Jan quietly moaning as I worked between her legs, enjoying her sweet juices, while Norm was kissing her and squeezing her tits and nipples. With a pussy juice lubed finger, I pressed in into her ass while I fingered her pussy with two fingers, making her moan louder and rotate her ass around and around.

She had grasped Norm's hard cock and was stroking it with long smooth strokes, forcing him to push out a large quantity of pre-cum onto his cock head. Jan told me to sit on the side of the bed and watch. She laid back and spread her legs wide, exposing the folds of skin that surrounded her wet vagina to him. Norm needed no invitation, he put his head between her legs and began to devour her sweet pussy, slurping all her juices into his thirsty mouth.

I watched as Jan begin to cum. She began to squirt her cum into Norm's mouth and onto his face as he continued to pleasure her with his tongue, gulping down all of her sweet nectar he could. Jan screamed, "NORM, I'M CUMMMMMING, PUT YOUR COCK INSIDE ME AND FUCK ME HARD, I NEEEEED YOU NOWWW!" Norm stood up, put her feet on his shoulders and pushed his stiff cock totally into her well lubed cunt. Her orgasm continued as he fucked her with long, fast strokes. Norm was fucking her like he was on a life or death mission.

The sound of their skin slapping together and their moans and screams filled the room. I don't know how long Jan continued to cum, but it seemed like an eternity. My cock was so hard while I watched my wife getting screwed by Norm, that I began stroking it, wanting to achieve my release and relieve the pain my blood engorged member was causing. As I continued jacking off, I walked around to the side of them and watched him spread her legs apart so he could suck her aroused nipples, while he continued to plunge his big cock deep into my beautiful wife's tight vagina.

Jan saw me standing there, stroking my cock as I watched her getting fucked. She motioned for me to bring my cock to her mouth. She took me completely down her throat as her tongue worked the underside of my hard rod. Before I could let my load go, she pulled off my cock and said, "Give it to me Rob, I want to taste you, I want you to fill my stomach with your cum." She took me back down her throat as I began to spew my semen into her mouth and throat.

I could feel her cumming again, while I unloaded my balls into her warm mouth. Norm was watching her face closely when I began to moan. He could see the cum begin to leak out of her mouth.

At this point, he began to fill my wife's belly with his hot seed, saying, "Damn Jan, can you feel that, I'm filling your pussy with my hot cum, Oh God, I'm cumming inside you big time…damn this feels so fucking good!" I removed my softening dick from Jan's mouth and watched as Norm rolled off of my wife onto his back.

I watched his spent cum oozing out of her well fucked pussy, slowly gathering between her engorged labia. Norm just lay there, not making a sound. Jan rose up on her elbows and said, "Ok, Norm& put it in there, now you go clean it out." Norm's eyes opened wide as he looked over at Jan.

"You want me to go lick your pussy? You want me to lick you clean?" "Yes I do Norm, it's a big turn on for me and I know you won't mind it after you've tasted it. You'll see what I mean& go clean my pussy." I was enjoying what she was doing and grinning as Norm buried his face in her cum filled pussy.

Jan was smiling as she looked over at me and said, "Pay close attention my love, you will do the same thing to me in a little while." She then went into another small orgasm as Norm tongued her clean.

When he finished licking his cum out of Jan, I heard Norm quietly say, "That wasn't bad at all. Jan, I have to say that you gave me the best piece of ass I've ever had, you are an excellent lover and I want more of you.

Thank you." Jan and I looked at each other, smiling. We both knew right then that our best friend was back and that with a little more time, we'd have him back altogether. When Jan stood up, I saw large, thick wads of cum run out of her pussy and down her tan legs.

She scooped up a bunch in her hand and licked it up as Norm and I watched. "Looks like you didn't get it all Norm, thanks for saving a little for me.

It's time for dinner, you guys really should eat something before we begin the next round&hellip.oh by the way, if you two think you're going to get any rest tonight, think again.

I'm just getting started." Saying that, she went into the bathroom and cleaned herself up, then went to the kitchen and started the grill&hellip.still naked.

Norm and I cleaned up and followed her. I took the steaks to the grill, started them and went to make another batch of Margaritas. Norm was talking with Jan as I passed through, his hand on her ass and his middle finger stroking her wet slit. It was going to be a great night, I could tell.

Part 8 After dinner, Norm and I shared Jan's charms most of the night. We all gave out around 4:30 am and curled up together in the bed and slept. The next day, Norm left early and Jan and I showered together before we went back to bed and made love together. I knew that this arrangement would never affect the life Jan and I have together.

For the next few months, Norm came by on a regular basis. He and I would fuck Jan a couple of times then he would leave. She had gotten to really love to be double penetrated by us. One of us would fuck her up her ass while the other fucked her pussy. When we all finished cumming, Norm and I would switch holes and fuck her till we filled her again. Most of the time Jan would take two loads from each of us, while she would cum four or five times. After a work out like that, we were all wore out.

It seemed that Jan was insatiable, she was always ready to take care of us, no matter how many times we wanted her. After those first months, the sharing slowed to maybe twice a week, then to once a week, then, to once a month.

But, sometimes we'd get together and fuck non-stop for the whole weekend, while other times, when we would get together we wouldn't have sex at all. We would just enjoy each other's company and reminisce about our lives together. The sex was always great and soon the three of us became one. Our lives became totally intertwined. Sometimes it was hard to tell us apart. Jan and I adopted three children, all the same age. There are two boys and one girl. Who knows how their lives will turn out? They know that all three of us love them dearly and all three of them are the best of friends.

The three of them all have a love for rodeo and have become very proficient with their skills. I can't wait to see what happens in the future. Perhaps history will repeat itself.