Brunette MILF pussy licked by lucky guy in hotel

Brunette MILF pussy licked by lucky guy in hotel
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Family Guy Threesome Quagmire had noticed that Lois and her pregnant friend Bonnie seemed unusually close. Lois was more voluptuous with full C cup breasts that tilted up and firm not yet having succumbed to the forces of gravity and a full round ass that she loved to parade in front of him on her way to the pool.

Bonnie had slightly larger breasts with being pregnant but nipples that always seemed hard in the tight little purple tank tops she liked to wear.

The two of them were very touchy feely with each other and Quagmire often found himself with a hard on after spending any time in their presence. He'd come to stay with his friend Peter and his wife Lois for a bit while his house was being renovated and so far he was enjoying the mini-vacation.

His friend Peter worked long hours and 61 year old Quagmire had been enjoying hanging out with Lois and Bonnie watching movies and lounging by the pool for almost a week now. Right now they were watching a comedy that they'd all seen before and the ladies were getting bored, he could tell.

He was sitting behind them on the sofa in the dim living room and they were both stretched out on their bellies facing away from him and towards the big screen television. Lois had her legs bent at the knees and was absent-mindedly spreading her feet wide apart and then tapping them back together.

Every time she did he got a tiny glance of her tight white short-shorts barely covering the juncture between her legs. Bonnie wore baggy but very short sweat-shorts and her firm little ass cheeks were barely covered.

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Quagmire was enjoying the show paying no attention to the movie when Lois playfully flicked a tiny piece of ice at her friend. More ice flicking and giggling followed and moments later the ladies were actively wrestling trying to drip ice down each other's backs.

Quagmire's cock was instantly at attention as he watched them squealing and wrestling on the floor at his feet. "Oh my god, you whore," Lois squealed to her friend. "Quit it with the ice." "You started it" Bonnie reminded her.

Using her height advantage she had wrestled her friend back onto her stomach and managed to throw her leg over her straddling the small of her back and facing Quagmire and her friends feet.

"You asked for this" Bonnie continued as she slapped her friends ass. "Ow," Lois squealed. "Glenn, help. get her off me." Quagmire just chuckled. "Seems to me you started it, Lois maybe I should help Bonnie teach you a lesson. giggity, giggity, giggity". "Yes" Bonnie squealed while Lois still struggled under her breathlessly giggling, as Bonnie alternated spanking her shorts covered ass and then tickling the exposed skin of her sides where her t-shirt had ridden up over her bum.

"Help me get her shorts down, Glenn" Bonnie laughed. "I think she needs a real spanking." "Alright girls that's probably enough" Quagmire knew he had to go jerk off soon. He couldn't take much more of this and knew he'd better put a stop to it while he still could.


"She likes it anyway" Bonnie continued. "Ask her, she'll admit it or I'll keep tickling her all night." "Stoooop" Lois pleaded but she was still squirming seductively not really trying to buck the other girl off of her.

"Is that true" Quagmire asked her playfully knowing he was on the verge of doing something he'd probably regret. Bonnie picked up the pace of her tickling and Lois squirmed wildly her shirt now up over her white lacey bra her tits squashed into the thick carpeting under the weight of her pregnant friend. "It's true. It's true" Lois squealed. "I like to be spanked sometimes." "Come on Glenn" Bonnie insisted again.

"Just pull her shorts off and I'll prove to you she loves it. You know she deserves it anyway." Hardly believing his luck and that he was actually going through with it Quagmire scooted forward on the sofa and reached down grasping the tight little knit shorts at the waist and pulled them down. As they pulled away from her smooth round ass his cock jerked to attention as he realized she wore no underwear beneath them. As soon as he pulled the shorts from her feet and tossed them on the couch beside him Bonnie began spanking Lois's bare ass alternating hands and rubbing the skin after every few impacts.

In no time Lois had stopped squirming and was only gently humping the carpet her legs spreading slightly to give her better traction.

Once her ass was nice and pink, Quagmire watched as Bonnie's hand disappeared between her legs. Lois immediately spread her legs wide and moaned softly into the carpet. Quagmire watched intently as Bonnie slowly plunged two fingers into her friend's tight little snatch and then groaned aloud as she brought her fingers up and sucked them slowly into her own mouth. "I told you she liked it," Bonnie said with a smile. "Go ahead and touch her and see how wet she is." In a trance Quagmire dropped to his knees between her spread legs and face to face with Bonnie still astride her and was now looking back over her shoulder and watching the scene unfold.

"Go ahead," Bonnie whispered. "She wants you to." Quagmire glanced up at Lois who was smiling and nodding. "Go ahead, Glenn. I've wanted you to touch me like this since you got here." Quagmire couldn't think anymore and finally reached out and touched the smooth skin of her bare pussy. She was softer and wetter than he'd even imagined and he gave into temptation and plunged first two and then three fingers deep into Lois's snatch at the same time that Bonnie leaned in and kissed him deeply her lips and tongue tasting ever so slightly of her best friend's pussy.

"Oh my god" Lois moaned. "That feels so good. Don't stop, Glenn." Quagmire furiously twisted and plunged his fingers in her cunt while Bonnie reached down and freed his rock hard cock from his loose gym shorts.

Bonnie ripped his t-shirt off of him and then her own before using both hands to stroke his rock hard cock. Quagmire's face was on level with Bonnie's now bare breasts and he was amazed at her big firm tits and her huge thick nipples. They were amazing and he couldn't help leaning in and sucking each one deep into his mouth. "Oh God, Bonnie, giggity, giggity, giggity" he muttered as she continued to stroke his hard cock with her soft hands. "I can't take that for long." He was already so close to coming just because of the scene he'd just witnessed.

"That's okay Glenn," Bonnie whispered. Just go ahead and come all over Lois. I want to lick it off her tight little ass." Quagmire threw his head back and bit his lip. He held off for as long as he could but it was only a matter of minutes between Lois's soft pussy at his fingertips and Bonnie's hands stroking his rock hard cock before he came furiously.

Gobs of white cum landed on Bonnie's smooth bare pregnant stomach and dripped down onto Lois's round globes and down the crack of her ass where he continued to rub it into her hot pussy. Once his spasms stopped completely Bonnie bent down and gently sucked the remaining cum from his softening cock and then pushed him back gently. "Take a breather, Glenn." Let Lois and I clean each other up and then we'll figure out which one of us you're gonna fuck first." Quagmire sat back on the deep sofa and watched the woman readjust.

Bonnie laid down and Lois squirmed over her using her tongue to lick the sticky white cum from her friends stomach before moving up to her tits and sucking her thick nipples between plump pink lips.

Bonnie moaned and squirmed uncontrollably holding her friend's head against her breasts and urging her to suck harder. Lois acquiesced and soon was almost biting down on her friend's pencil eraser shaped nipples, pulling them far away from her body before releasing them and then lashing them with her tongue before sucking them into her mouth between her teeth and starting all over again.

Bonnie's hand was busily moving between her own legs and Lois continued to eagerly suck and pinch and play with her friends tits and nipples until she bucked uncontrollably beneath her in a shattering orgasm. As Bonnie finally relaxed Lois lay against her friend and continued to gently suck her nipples for a few moments before glancing up at her friend and winking.

"My turn," she said softly and rose up on her knees. Bonnie wiggled down a bit and Lois adjusted herself over her friends waiting mouth and tongue. Bonnie's face disappeared between Lois's thighs and Quagmire watched her face flush, her own hands moving up to her full breasts to rub and squeeze and pinch her own nipples as her friend sucked and licked at her sweat Juicy pussy.

Quagmire watched and stroked his hardening cock idly. Lois met his gaze and held it and Quagmire found himself more turned on than ever as he watched her face as she came and knowing that she was turned on watching him stroke his thick cock. Lois bucked wildly and finally broke his gaze as she came. Suddenly both woman were kneeling together between his spreaded legs encouraging him to scoot down on the couch so that his ass hung off the edge his cock standing straight up in the air.

Both girls leaned in from either side and swirled their tongues around his aching cock allowing their tongues to meet in deep kisses around him.

They took turns swallowing him one wrapping her lips around him as soon as the other's lips left his smooth engorged head. He wanted to throw his head back and just enjoy the feel but he couldn't take his eyes off the sight of these two gorgeous young woman making love to his hard cock with their mouths.

Somehow in unison the girls shifted positions.


Bonnie on her knees began sucking and licking the head of his cock slowly sucking just the head in and out of her wet mouth while simultaneously Lois moved lower and began licking his hanging balls.

He felt his juices brewing as her mouth first licked and kissed then deeply sucked in his full balls. He thought he couldn't experience anything more decadent until Bonnie began slowly and wetly swallowing not only his cock head but his entire cock in long slow strokes and then Lois giving his balls one last suck and roll in her mouth moved even lower and ran her tongue from the base of his balls slowly all the way back to his puckered asshole. Nobody had ever done this to him before and he was shocked to find himself flushed and almost angrily turned on.

He'd never felt so sexual in his entire life. Lois's little tongue continued to torment the little taint of skin between his balls and ass and then dart wetly around his tight little hole. Soon enough her finger joined her tongue and before he knew it she had her index finger buried deeply in his now sopping wet asshole while her mouth found it's way back to his swollen nut sack and her friend continued to slowly but deeply take his cock deep into her throat.

"God yessssss, giggity, giggity, giggity" Quagmire finally was able to verbalize more than just the guttural moans that had been escaping his throat for the past twenty minutes. "God, girls, I'm gonna cum again!" "Do it," Bonnie hissed her mouth barely coming off his dick before swallowing him whole again. "Come for us Glenn we want to taste you again," Lois demanded fucking his ass with her narrow finger. "Come for us. And he did almost screaming as his body was shattered by this orgasm.

This time Bonnie didn't let his seed splash all over her but continued to gently suck him into her mouth swallowing his seed as he pumped into her willing mouth. Lois came up for air and began licking his shaft where Bonnie's lips met it tasting the dribbles of cum that escaped her friend's attention.

Finally drained Bonnie laid his cock gently on his stomach with one last lick and then turned eagerly to Lois who was waiting for a long cum-tasting kiss from her friend.

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Quagmire must have dozed for a minute and almost worried that he'd only been dreaming when he came to with a start. But there they were curled up on each side of him still naked. They glanced up at him as he lifted his head to look down at them.

"We still have to figure out which of us you're gonna fuck first Quagmire" Lois teased in a singsong voice. Part two Lois rolled up onto her elbows to watch her friend receive the punishment she had experienced a short while ago.

She hoped it wouldn't kill the mood and interfere with their plans. Soon she noticed Bonnie's breaths starting to get more pronounced so she knew things were going to work out. After two more firm smacks Quagmire figured he'd better quit so as not to hurt her too much. It was different from the spanking he had given Lois it was more playful. He could feel his rigid dick pushing into her stomach and when he began to softly rub her ass she responded by pressing her body into his erection.

Quagmire began to wonder just where all of this would lead when Lois got up and came and knelt next to him. Moving his hand off her friends slightly red ass she took up the massage. Ever so softly she kneaded the cheeks and then ran her finger down through the crack stopping to massage the rosebud opening.

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Bonnie immediately responded to the sensations and began to quietly moan. Quagmire sat back with Bonnie still lying across his lap and watched as Lois worked her hands and fingers along her friends backside. His dick hardened even more when he saw her lean in and using her tongue licked a trail from the top of her back down the crack and straight to Bonnie's wet snatch.

Plunging her tongue into her Lois slid one hand up his thigh and started caressing his scrotum. His mind was in overdrive as he tried to comprehend everything that was transpiring.

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How long had these two been lovers? He wondered thinking back to yesterday when it seemed like they hated each other. Bonnie had been truly enjoying the familiar feelings of her friends dainty fingers working over her ass and butt hole. The gentle touch sent minor shocks of pleasure through her.

However when she felt Lois's warm moist oral instrument work its way down her butt and enter her wet cunt she lost all control. She needed to move this whole thing to a new level and knew just how to accomplish it. Picking herself up off Quagmire's lap she turned to her friend and planted a long wet sensuous kiss on her lips. Sitting in the chair Quagmire watched as Bonnie stood up smiling as his rock hard prick sprung into view.

The first thing that he saw was Lois's bald pussy. It was a stark contrast from the unruly mass of dark pubic hair that framed her friend Bonnie's cunt. What the fuck have these two been up to today?

And what other surprises do they have in store for me! He again thought to himself. Bonnie whispered in Lois's ear and then knelt down on the floor between his legs. Lois quickly followed her lead and from what Quagmire could see she was flat on her back with her face buried in Bonnie's pussy.

From the sounds of slurping and by the way Bonnie was reacting he knew just what was taking place at the end of the chair. Bonnie immediately started moaning when she felt Lois's tongue lapping at her leaking pussy.

Leaning up she took a hold of Quagmire's rigid prick and began to lick the underside and swirl the head in her tiny mouth.

She teased him for the longest time playing her tongue along the head and over the piss hole. Finally she opened her mouth and sucked as much of it into her mouth as she could fit.

Quagmire relished at the feel of her warm wet lips as they traveled up and down the long hard shaft. Holding her head in his hands he tried to force his prick deeper into her throat but her gag reflex took over before she could get it all in.

Settling for about half the length she was soon sucking him like she'd done it her entire life. Lois meanwhile continued to eat her friends pussy and as she sensed Bonnie's orgasm buried two fingers into the gapping hole and sucked the extended clit into her mouth.

Just as Bonnie was about to go over the edge she removed her fingers from the leaking cunt and jammed her middle finger deep into her playmate's tight little asshole.

"Yes Lois! Oh God! I'm cuuuummmmmmmming! Yes! I'm cuuummmiiinnnggg sooooooo hard!" Bonnie screamed as Glenn's still rigid dick fell from her lips and the orgasm took over. It took a long time for Bonnie to calm down as she rested her head on Quagmire's naked thigh.

Lois had continued to suck all the juice from the quivering cunt and stopped only when she was sure she had gotten it all. Pulling herself up off the floor she turned her friend around and opened her mouth to share the fluid with her.

Both woman kissed for what seemed an eternity before they broke off and Lois said. "My turn now you two and I want you to do me good!" Then she reached out and pulled Quagmire to the floor and onto his back.

Immediately she straddled his head and lowered her cunt to his waiting mouth. Running his tongue along her bald cunt and across the lips of her labia he teased her with gentle taps and laps. Flattening his tongue he started at the top of her mound licked down her bald pussy and up her ass paying extra attention to her crinkled anal opening. While he worked on her lower regions Lois drew a nipple into her mouth and sucked like a hungry baby.

Soon she was completely lost to the dual attention paid to her body her pussy secreting fluid and the growing rush of an oncoming orgasm.

Just as he was about to plunge a couple of fingers into her deepest recess she stood up moved down over his rock hard cock and lowered herself onto him in one easy move.

She tensed as his prick sank deep into her velvet soft pussy and soon they were both pressing to meet each other's thrusts. Bonnie never lost contact with her friends nipple and using her hand to squeeze the other one worked feverishly to help Lois get off. After only a few minutes of riding the solid rod she tensed and let out a blood-curdling scream. "Ohhhh gawwwd yesssss, fuuuuuck meeeee Glenn! Fuckkkk mmeeeee Harrderr!!! Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee, I'm cummmmin! I'm cummmmmmmmin!

Ooooooooooohhhhhhhmmmmmygod" Quagmire laid there feeling Lois's cum wash over his totally excited prick.

His dick felt like it was immersed in a tub of warm water. Reaching out he replaced Bonnie's hand and mouth with his own hands and began kneading the soft firm tits. With her back resting against his chest and his cock still planted firmly inside her cunt Lois began to shake as new waves of excitement coursed through her.

Suddenly Quagmire felt Bonnie's tongue slither across his scrotum and up to the base of his cock. Her flat tongue was now licking both his dick and her friends wet sticky pussy and as soon as she pulled the exposed clit into her mouth Lois experienced another shattering orgasm.

Lois felt totally exhausted from the multiple orgasms she had just experienced. She quickly rose up off Quagmire with weakened legs and ran upstairs. "I wonder what's the matter with her?" Bonnie asked as she moved up and planted herself on Quagmire's hard cock. Sliding all the way down his rigid member she bent forward and dropped an aching nipple into his mouth. Riding his cock while he eagerly sucked the puffy nipple she started to feel her own orgasm coming on.

Suddenly she stopped and let out a sharp squeal. Releasing the succulent nipple from his lips Glenn picked his head up to see what startled her. What he saw both shocked and excited him more than anything had in the past twenty-five years. Walking across the room was Lois with a 10" flesh-colored rubber dick strapped around her waist and a bottle of lubricant in her hand flashing the most sinfully sexual smile he'd had ever seen.

If it wasn't for the black harness she wore he could have believed the dick was real. As she walked the fake cock bounced obscenely up and down in front of her in almost perfect unison with her breasts. Grabbing the phallus with her free hand and pointing at them Lois announced. "Do I have a treat for you two. I am going to fuck both of you before this night is over." Bonnie giggled with glee as her friends words began to register.

Deciding she wanted to be the first to get fucked by this new participant she rose off the fleshy rod currently buried in her hot little snatch and knelt next to Quagmire on all fours. She watched as Lois applied the oil to the rubber prick and waited in anticipation as she felt the tip rubbing against the opening of her wet cunt. With one quick thrust the new toy was fully buried inside her.

Bonnie knew she wouldn't last long as her lover starting pumping the instrument in and out of her tight wet cunt. Lois was so engrossed in fucking her pregnant friend she thought nothing of the fact that Quagmire had got up off the floor and disappeared from her sight.

As she knelt behind Bonnie pummeling her with the dildo she jumped when she felt a warm tongue slide across her own partially exposed open cunt lips. Although the harness made access to her clit nearly impossible the magic tongue was pushing itself into her pussy.

As quickly as the tongue appeared it disappeared only to start licking her ass. Her virgin asshole was now the center of attention as Glenn seemed to be trying to push his entire tongue into her rosebud butt. The sensation was incredible although she was fairly inexperienced when it came to anal games she knew that sooner or later she wanted to feel something larger pushed into that opening.

Bonnie basked in the glow caused by the fucking she was receiving. This was much better than those times she had used her own dildo to fuck herself with and almost as good as first time she experienced a real cock.

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She was aware that Lois's rhythm had changed and wondered what was going on behind her. Straining to turn her head she managed to see Quagmire on his knees behind her friend and he appeared to be eating her out. Turning back around she concentrated on the feeling of her first woman provided fuck. The dildo was larger than her husbands cock and filled her young wet pussy completely it was good but not as good as the real thing she decided.

As Quagmire worked over Lois's anal opening with his tongue he reached up and buried two fingers deep into her quivering pussy. The amount of fluid leaking from her surprised him figuring that having just cum she might be dry. Obliviously she was extremely aroused from the friction of the dildo base rubbing against her clit as she sawed the device in and out of Bonnie's wet cunt. Figuring his fingers were sufficiently lubed up he withdrew them from her cunt and moving his tongue slowly pushed his middle finger deep into her tender asshole.

He could sense her rhythm starting to increase and quickly added a second digit into her extremely tight butt hole. He was now fucking her ass in perfect harmony with her own motions and soon both woman were moaning and gyrating around on the floor. Bonnie was the first to go over the edge. "Lois" she moaned "Omigod! Lois! That feels soooo Gawddamn gooooooood! I'm gonna cum! God-damn Lois!!!

You're makin' me cum so fuckinggggg haaaaaard!!! Unnngh!

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Ah! Ahhh! Ahhhhhhh!" she wailed with eyes closed, "Aiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee!" Then she collapsed onto the floor. Lois meanwhile was grinding her ass against Glenn's probing fingers. Desperately she tried to stroke her own clit only to find it still covered by the harness she wore.

Reaching around she quickly unfastened the toy and dropped it to the floor next to her. Feverishly she grasped the extended clit and started pulling it increasing the growing stimulation welling up from within her.

Just as she expected to feel a massive orgasm roll over her the fingers pounding her tender butt disappeared. Disappointed she turned around to see what Quagmire was up to. What she saw sent a bolt of excitement straight through her body. Deciding that Lois was both comfortable and aroused by having his fingers invade her delicious little asshole he figured it was time to let her experience the real thing.

Reaching down he picked up the discarded bottle of lubricant and applied a generous amount to his rock hard cock. Dribbling more down her ass he quickly worked the lotion into her crinkled rosebud and replaced his fingers into her.


After a few moments he removed his fingers and brought the head of his dick in contact with the slick portal. Lois immediately clinched her cheeks together tightly as if she were trying to prevent the very act she so much desired. "Relax sweetheart" He whispered into her ear.

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"I promise I'll go very slow and make sure you are ready! giggity, giggity, giggity" As her cheeks relaxed Glenn place his rigid cock head at the entrance of her anus and pushed very slowly so the tight asshole could adjust.

Once it relaxed he continued to insert his well-oiled cock feeling the extreme tension as it slid passed the tight sphincter muscle. He was now up to his balls in Lois's tight virgin ass. "Hold it there for a minute Glenn" she whimpered amazed that she had the entire length of his cock inside her.

"It feels so big stuck up my ass. I think I need a few moments before you can start fucking me!" She slowly adjusted to the massive intrusion and began squeezing and relaxing her fine ass. The feeling of her ass clamping and releasing his swollen prick was intense. Slowly he began to fuck that sweet little ass. Soon Lois really started getting into the new game and moved to meet his thrusts "Please Glenn" she begged in a sex-hazed voice "fuck my ass fuck it real good!!!" With his hands firmly planted on her waist he sped up the pace and began fucking her in earnest.

Within minutes his own excitement started to climb and he was sure that the incredibly tight hot hole would be his undoing.

Squeezing the half globes of the perfect ass cheeks he heard Bonnie moan. She had moved closer and was watching as his cock slowly went in and out of her friends tiny ass. Bonnie slid closer and started stroking Lois's hard little clit. "Ooooooooooo," Lois moaned loudly. Bonnie's fingers increased the intensity of the rubbing causing the frequency of Lois's moans to also pick up. Quagmire could see Bonnie liked controlling her friend. "Pound her ass, Glenn" Bonnie hotly stated "We'll make her cum with your big cock up her ass." Quagmire started pumping faster.

His hips were bouncing off the perfect cheeks in his hands squeezing even harder into the soft flesh. His balls were continuously slapping at her wet cunt as the thrusts got deeper and faster. "Oh god, Bonnie!" Lois groaned loudly "Fuck me harder, Glenn!" She declared hotly, "You two are going to make me cum so fucking hardddddd!" Her ass clamped down on Quagmire's cock.

They both stepped up the duel loving attack on her. "Oooooooooomiiiiiiigoooooooood!" Lois wailed, "I'm gonnnnnnnnna cum! I'm gonna cum right fucking nowwwwwww!!!!" "Fuck!" Glenn screamed as his cock tingled with the feel of rushing sperm.

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His rod twitched and he drove the pistoning cock deep into her as the first wave of hot cum arrived. It wasn't a large blast of sperm more like a gently shot squirting to the recesses of Lois's ass. "Oh God! Oh good God!" Lois shrieked as her body was captured by a forceful climax, "Ohmigoooooooooood!" Lois simply let her legs buckle underneath her as she plopped on the floor.

Having just experienced an intense orgasm she wondered how much more she would be able to take. She was the first to speak. "You guys that was the sexiest thing I've ever done! Bonnie wait until you find out how that feels, I promise you'll go absolutely insane with pleasure!!!" "Well I'd better find out before peter and Joe get back!" Bonnie stated harshly. "Look Bonnie we still have 2 hours so don't get too worked up. giggity, giggity, giggity" Glenn replied, trying to assure her that the fun and games could continue.