Orgys Family With Over night Game Playing game with her

Orgys Family With Over night Game Playing game with her
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"Teachers Code Red" __I'm Miss Nancy Clark, ( I'll call me). I'm a high school teacher. I like my job…but&hellip. for reasons I'd better explain. I had sexual desires for another teacher at that school. A man I'll called Terry, who I had hot desires for secretly and my job put me close to him.

In teachers school they taught us women about a 'Code Red', when a male student made a sexual move on us. What to do and what will happen…but conduct between female to male teachers were never discussed much. They just expected us to know not to fraternize with each other. This was all to my advantage&hellip. This 'other' male teacher never suspected I had this big secret desire for him.

I enjoyed my desire and carefully planned to someday get him into bed with me. I was a late bloomer but now had full tits and a pretty sexy shape. He was 5 years older and was the sexist man I'd ever been around.

He was starting to pay attention to me and I could have an orgasm just thinking about him. No other man could do that to me. ---- OK,&hellip. I had not planned to tell this part of the story…but…since no one knows me, I've realized the freedom I have to tell it&hellip.

The man I'm …(really 'obsessed' with), is my older brother, Terry, a teacher like me at the same school.

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The people at school don't know this except admin. I use another last name with their approval.

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At home all this got started when I was a young teen. Our family was taught to keep our emotions to our self&hellip.but&hellip.when I got in my room and closed and locked the door, I was free to be myself. Off came my clothes and I danced around my room naked. I love to look at myself in the long mirror and feel my body.

I squeezed my small tits and nipples, felt my legs and rubbed my pussy. It made me feel good to do this and made me very horny.

If no one was home, I would go in Terry's room and get in his drawers. I would feel his folded shirts and rub them on my body. I would then go to his clothes hamper and put his shirts up to my face and smell his aftershave and rub the shirt on my pussy…and then&hellip. all changed. In the wee hours of the night I had to go pee. I quietly opened my bedroom door and just as I did, I saw mom and my brother come out of the bathroom. I quick closed my door except for just a crack to peek out of.

I got a shock. They hadn't turned the light out yet. Terry was naked with a big hardon, mom was naked and she reached over and held his hardon. The faced each other as she slowly jacked Terry's stiff cock. They kissed and Terry started feeling mom's tits. My legs started shaking as I gasp for breath.

This was the very last thing I ever expected to see. Mom and Terry were having a sexual affair. Dad was gone that weekend and were taking advantage of the time, figuring I was asleep at that time of night.

I watched mom get on her knees and I could hardly watch. Was she…omg…she was. She started sucking on Terry's big cock.

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He stopped her, turned out the bathroom light, and took her in his bedroom and closed the door. They never saw my bedroom door and the crack it was open. I closed it ever so quietly and tried to calm myself. My bedroom was at the end of the hall and next to Terry's bedroom.

My heart was pounding with tension. I had to do it. I had to go listen at the wall. I still had to pee but now my pussy was full of tingles with an overpowering urge to rub it. I very quietly put my ear to the wall to listen. My hand went right to my pussy unconsciously. I slow rubbed my clit as I heard mom moaning. I was so tense my finger trembling was rubbing my clit for me.

My mind was going crazy picturing what Terry must be doing with mom. My young pussy was about to have my first orgasm and there was no stopping it.


I clamped my lips shut as I wanted to moan out for some reason. I heard mom start a panting steady moan…oh.oh.oh she was moaning this over and over. My clit felt so hot and something in my pussy started pulsing and my legs stiffened up as my first orgasm ran through my body&hellip. I had to lean on the wall so I wouldn't fall down. I heard mom give out with sharp moan and then sigh real big. My pussy spasmed when I heard that&hellip.I just knew Terry had made her cum.

I could hardly get back to sleep as mom's sound kept replaying in my head. I had to go pee, so I got up quietly and snuck in the bathroom. As I tiptoed back …omg…they were at it again. The movement of the bed and her quiet moans were to much and I got back in my bed and fingered my pussy again&hellip. That night changed everything.

I had dreams of Terry being on top of me and I was the one moaning as we had hot sex. I still have those dreams. I slowly became quietly obsessed with my brother Terry. Terry has never paid the slightest bit of attention to me&hellip.but now& my body had blossomed he has began to notice me, at home and at school…or am I just imagining he is.

He put his around me yesterday at home and said: "How's it going sis."&hellip.omg…he's never done that before. Chills ran through my body as I squeaked out a "Fine Terry…a…what's mom got for dinner tonight?" What a dumb thing to say but I was nervous. He took a good look at me and said: "You know…you've really filled out, Nan." and rubbed my back as I almost peed my panties.

His new attention to me didn't stop there. At school he started looking and smiling at me. In the teachers lounge when it was empty…omg…he ran his hand over my ass real quick and chuckled. Out of my mouth came my whisper: ("& that for home Terry.")…I could believe I said that. Well…he saved it for home ok, he trapped me in the hallway. I grinned and backed up in my robe. He backed me up against the wall and whispered: ("…how many male students have made a move on you Nan?") I said: ("…none have so far have crossed the line, but one male teacher felt my ass today.") Now we were face to face, inches apart.

I was melting he was so damn sexy. As my pussy twitched inside he said: ("…teacher to teacher, that's no big deal.") I closed my eyes and put my hands on his hips. (mom and dad were downstairs). My whole body tingled as I ask myself what are you doing? He put his cheek to mind and whispered: ("…may I have this dance?") I nodded my head as our bodies meshed tightly together. I now felt his big bulge between my weak legs. He held me up tight as his warm cheek pressed against mine.

His bulge and my pussy fit perfect together&hellip. Could he tell I just had an orgasm?…I wondered. We danced in place quietly…he whispered: ("…Nan, your looking just like mom when she was in her twenty's, I've seen the pictures.").

I now had his full &hellip.attention and I knew why. I was having the most wonderful day of my life…so far… Sorry mom, but your going to have to share Terry with me. At our teaching jobs it was to risky to pay a lot of attention to each other&hellip.just some quick feels when it was clear&hellip.but at home we planned when we knew mom would be gone.

Each evening more quick feels and a quick close dancing with grinding pussy rubs against his hardon. It was getting closer and closer to getting what I had wanted for so long. Now he was longing to be with me and he started feeling my tits and ass in the hallway.

I could make him get a hardon real quick just by feeling his cock. He would not kiss me with passion and it built up day by day…but when would get that golden chance to have the sex we both wanted. It was Terry that came up with the solution. My heart and his raced thinking about it. The school. On Sundays, it was bare, no clean up, no activities of any kind and we both had keys to it all.

Terry left first that morning. I waited about 30 minutes and I left. We park away from each other a half a block away. I entered by the back door and Terry was waiting for me. He took me to the principal's office and shut and locked the door.

We both grinned and our rendezvous began.

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I wore a full skirt with no panties and a sweat shirt with no bra. He had on a jogging suit. We locked together standing and rubbed our bodies together. I kissed the man I had always want and he kissed all over my face. He then pick me up and placed me right on top of the principals desk. He started kissing up my legs farther and farther up. I was in anticipation heaven. He said he had dreamed about this moment for a long time.

I could only nod my head and catch my breath. I was so tense as he started licking my pussy.

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My body squirmed as I felt his tongue go up and down my wet slit. He knew just how to draw my clit in his lips and drive me wild. This was the greatest arousement of my life.

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He then came around the desk and took off his jogging jacket. He pulled me so my head was off the desk and placed his wadded up jacket under my neck. I was numb with excitement. I was now looking at his bulging hardon upside down.

He dropped is jogging pants. I reached out and now felt the cock mom held that night. Now it was all mine. I kissed and licked it getting it all wet as he stepped forward and slipped it in my waiting mouth. It was big but just right to slip all the way down my throat. I held his balls as he began to fuck my mouth.

He leaned over and held my ass. His tongue went up and down my pussy. He pumped a little faster as he took my tingling clit between his lips. I had to moan with his hot cock sliding in my wet mouth. He even began to moan as I felt his balls tighten up.

He knew, and I knew he was going to cum. He sucked my clit and his tongue went crazy in my clit&hellip.just as I felt hot cum explode in my throat. My pussy raised up to as I had the climax of all climaxes. My pussys squirmed out of control as his tongue was almost to tense on my tingling clit.

Cum filled my mouth and out the sides. I didn't know a man could cum that much as he kept pumping my mouth. My body was quivering all over as the climax lasted and lasted. I knew we made a lot of noise but we couldn't stop it. Moaning, squirming, shaking and cuming all at once. I had to swallow what I could so more could cum could come in&hellip. we were in our own heaven and didn't want to leave&hellip. We tried to gather our minds as he came back around the desk and got on top of me.

I love the feel of his warm body on me. I now felt his big cock in my pussy. We savored the feeling slowly and let it build up again in us as he began to fuck me deep and glorious.

I raised my knees and wrapped my legs around him tight. We two, now became one, as our bodies meshed together. I heard beautiful music… and saw beautiful lights&hellip. dancing in my head. My body shook with the anticipation of what was about to happen. I had never seen Terry this excited. He was kissing me furiously as he pumped me fast and hard… I held on tight and let the feeling flow through my body&hellip.omg…I was peaking and he was about to cum… We clamped together as big shots of hot cum filled my pussy to over flowing.

My pussy climaxed and pulsated squeezing his big cock…my world was spinning with euphoria… I knew he felt like he was fucking a young mom and I didn't care…I had him now. Soon the room got all quiet as we both drifted into a beautiful slumber&hellip. Every thing was going as smooth as glass. We just had a glorious first sex and now at home we snuck looks, feel as a great build up waiting for our next chance to do it again. I didn't care if Terry was sneaking sex with mom, I was getting what I had always wanted.

At school I had the warm feeling all the time knowing that soon we would be together. I was having lunch when Mel, the school Janitor came and sat by me.

He was a young handsome guy who had always been very friendly to me. He leaned over smiled and said: "We have to talk privately." Well&hellip. he was showing some real interest in me?…I finished and we over to the teachers lounge part. It was empty. He scooted close to me and said: "You and I must keep this top secret. Last summer the school secretly installed surveillance equipment in the school. I check the videos and reset them.

I get a red light if someone is in a room. Monday I saw the red lights and played the tape. I then erased and reset it. It no longer exists. I felt the cold trickle of sweat down my spine.


He looked around and suggested we might go someplace to talk that evening. We met at a far away diner and talked. He said that was the most beautiful tape he'd ever seen. It's gone forever now but only in his memory. I was so relieved I kissed him. It was a magical kiss and we headed to his van. We wasted no time as we began kissing and headed for the back of his van. I had never had an affair before and this was so quick and exciting.

To have a handsome guy get this excited over me from just his memory of that video was making me sexually horny all over. His warm hand went up my skirt and inside my panties fast. My mind was spinning as I heard his belt buckle and zipper. His hands then went under my blouse and bra.

The rush to have sex was making my pussy twitch as my legs opened wide. I felt his nice warm cock slide in my now slick pussy. We began our frenzy of fucking as we were headed got sex heaven. This was all new to me and my body took over fucking him deep in me. I couldn't control my moans and held him tight and tongue kissed him as we headed for a peak of sudden lust that we wanted. I couldn't help but yell out as I peaked and I felt his warm cum shoot in me. I felt like an our of control animal and I kept fucking him deep in my pussy&hellip.we fucked until we couldn't fuck any more&hellip.

He lifted my weak body into the front seat and drove me to my car&hellip. ----- It's now weeks later&hellip.Mel, my brother Terry and I lay naked in his bed. Mel turned on our favorite video to watch. He had confessed that he had made a copy of my brother and I fucking on the principal's desk.

There is was…the hidden camera over head showing us having our first time to have sex. I turned the sound up to hear us moaning and cuming. Mel and Terry's warm hands started to feel my naked body all over. I felt their nice warm cocks. I clicked off the light and video. They told me they had a surprise for me. They put me on top of Terry facing him. Terry slipped his warm cock in my pussy. Mel got on my back and slipped his cock in my pussy.

Two cocks in me? I was trembling and it was tight, but soon they both fit. We all started in fucking. This was all new to me and the feeling was beyond awesome. I was holding on to Terry as Mel was feeling my tits.

I felt licks and kisses all over my hot face and neck. I grabbed the bed sheets so I could fuck harder. The feeling of the two cocks in me was so good, I thought I might loose my mine. I managed to moaned to Mel…"Do you…omg& you have the camera running?"…He tried to answer 'yes' but he started straining and cumming. I felt Mel's cum shooting in me as Terry grabbed my ass and thrust hard. It was the greatest feeling as my pussy squeezed down on their cock and I only remember climaxing so hard it took my breath away.

I started to black out but my pussy kept fucking the two cocks and I couldn't stop. The next thing I remember I was slowly coming to with a warm cock in my mouth lying in the bathtub with nice cool water. I felt a warm cock in my pussy. It was like a never ending wonderful dream as my pussy was all slick and felt so good&hellip. Soon I felt warm cum shooting in my mouth and then shooting in my pussy&hellip. I remember smiling so contently and telling Terry and Mel: "Code Red' you two…which means I'll have to keep you both in my 'personal' detention after school each day." All I heard was them chuckling and saying: "Yes Teacher."