Big booty ebony babe gets a facial

Big booty ebony babe gets a facial
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It's only Tuesday after my date with Robin and my wake up sex with Dia. I keep telling myself shit will be fine but women are possessive and it took Robin and I a while to even get to this point. Now however it's fucked, add to that I'm did to Richard what Richard did to me last year.

How do I explain this to him? More so how do I explain it to Robin and try to survive as a couple? This is all I've been thinking about for the past couple days and when I do get back to my dorm room I'm arriving just in time to see Richard leaving for his class and Dia is in his doorway fully dressed thank the gods.

I close the outer door behind me and begin to head to my room. "I miss you Stuart," Dia says with a smile on her voice. "I don't know what you think happened but I'm not into screwing my friend's girlfriend," I state getting my door open. "It's so cute how you are noble yet you fucked me so good I require a repeat performance," she says moving towards me and my room. "No, I didn't know it was you the first time and it's not happening again," I tell Dia as I begin to close the door.

She puts her hand in the way and I'm not about to break her fingers in the door so I turn away from it and put my bag on my bed and get out my work. As I attempt to work on my final studies Dia is watching me intently as I sit at my computer when I finally turn to her. "What is it? What is your fucking obsession with screwing me while you're with Richard," I ask and she smiles.

"My sex with you has nothing to do with Richard. We have fun and then have sex, you and I have sex. Both things are separate so it's not complicated," Dia explains her messed up logic. "Except Richard is in love with you and he's my friend," I counter with real logic.

"I know he loves me, he says so often but you are different," she says sitting on my bed next to my bag. "I'm not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing, regardless there is no we. You snuck in and did something you didn't have permission for," I tell Dia who laughs a little. "And you normally have women who sneak into your room for sex," she asks and I am a little stopped with that," I thought not, Stuart you being different is good.

Mother would love for me to marry more money. That is what Richard is but he is also a decent person, he is however not commitment material. You are." "I'll be sure to tell Robin that, I hope she'll agree," I reply and Dia grimaces at me. "You tell her what you like but the situation always ends the same. I want something and eventually I'll get it," Dia informs me before smiling," So please Stuart make love to me, it'll be hours before I have to go out with Richard." Okay aside from me not wanting to jump into it and knowingly screw over Richard I have half an erection in my pants and Dia is sexy.

I am about to say something smart in reply when there is a pounding on my door, thank the gods. I hop up and answer it and realize the gods have an interesting sense of humor as two police officers are at my door. "Stuart Wolfric," one asks and I nod," You need to come with us for questioning." "Excuse me what is this about," I counter taking a step back. "Mr. Wolfric come with us," the first officer orders, not asks, and I begin to worry.

"No, I don't know what this is for and you can speak with me right here and now because I'm not going anywhere I don't have to," yes I'm testy but never go with people of authority for no reason, Guy taught me that.

Sadly thirty minutes later I'm sitting in an interrogation room with handcuffs on and it looks like I'm waiting for a detective or two to come in and ask me questions. I don't know how long I'm in here since the clock on the wall is broken but sure enough two men, one black middle age and bald and the other white and younger with a crew cut enter the room.

The younger white one is in a suit while the older black one is decked out in jeans and a leather jacket, in early summer of California a leather freaking jacket. I almost want to laugh but I keep it to myself for now and remember things Guy and Katy taught me about dealing with authority.

"Mr. Wolfric my I am Detective Adams, this is Detective Clark," The older black one introduces themselves and I remain silent," We needed you brought in to ask a few questions." I rattle the handcuffs on the table and wait as they both look at me and the older one begins with his questions.

"Do you know a Chester Morley? Have you had any recent contact with Chester Morley," Adams asks and I don't say a word but he keeps going," Where were you this past Saturday?" I say nothing, I sit and stare at him as he talks and I wait.

I have no clue what I'm waiting for but I've got nothing including who the fuck Chester Morley is. "Listen kid, you might want to start answering the questions my partner has for you," Detective Clark informs me as I look at him. New game, whoever speaks I look at them but I don't respond. They both look at each other and Detective Adams begins again only this time he has pictures. "This is Chester Morley," he says holding up a picture.

I keep my face neutral but I recognize Chester Morley aka Chez the douche bag with brass knuckles. I don't know what he did but if they're coming for me as an accomplice they are way off base on our relationship. "Stuart talk to me, we know that you and Chester had a fight several months ago that you were put in the hospital over. There was no in depth investigation by the detectives at the time and there were several witnesses that state he had nothing to do with it despite all the signs he was involved.

Then it came to our attention that there was a second altercation between the two of you where he was sent to the hospital but this time all his friends who swore he never touched you wouldn't say who beat him up," Detective Adams states and I remember what they're talking about, I'm just not talking.

"Listen kid, you can cooperate and get this over with quickly or you can sit her silent and make things worse on yourself," Detective Clark adds as I see his partner visibly sigh.

I look between them and then at the picture, my eyes widen and I open my mouth. Both detectives are waiting for me to say something. When my expression changes from my shocked emotional fake to my standard deadpan I can see the frustration in the detective's faces and quietly wait. I'm removed from the room and placed in a holding cell where my handcuffs are removed. I look around and realize TV has it pretty much right only smaller for a cell in a station, just a cot and a toilet with no seat.

Hours I'm waiting and I know it's getting into the late afternoon when the detective comes back, Detective Clark that is, and he's holding a tray. "Listen Stuart we can hold you for up to twenty four hours without charging you.

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Just answer our questions and we'll let you go," he says and I see food on the tray. I stand up and look at the tray, just a sandwich and a bottle of water with an apple but its food and I haven't had any in a short while. I look at Detective Clark and realize he's trying to coerce me into talking. Turning away from him I get into a light workout starting with pushups. I can hear him leave and find he didn't leave me any food, figures but I'm just holding my tongue till I get to the end of my twenty four hour limit.

My overnight at the jail has me hungry the next morning and cramped from the shitty bed and I have to stretch to work out the kinks in my shoulders. I wait, realistically it's all I can do so when after what seems like hours an officer comes into view and I'm instructed to put my hands through the slot and after being cuffed I'm taken back to the interrogation room.

I am sat down in my same seat and made to wait again with my hands cuffed to a ring in the table this time. I haven't said or done anything yet here they are making sure I'm as uncomfortable and hungry as possible.

I must have been handcuffed for an hour and thankful that I used the toilet in the cell when Detectives Adams and Clark enter again the older black Adams with his file and coffee while the younger white Clark has a plate of donuts and coffee of his own, there may be laughter when my stomach audibly groans at the lack of food I've had.

"Sounds like someone's hungry," Clark says with a smirk as he sets the plate down just out of finger range. "We'll get to that in a moment, first I need to ask you again Stuart," Adams says cutting his partner off," Do you know Chester Morley?" My stomach actually answers for me in a long rumble that I keep myself, barely, from laughing.

The two detectives look at each other for a moment like my stomach actually interrupted their train of thought; okay we can work with this. "Look at the picture again," Adams says pulling out Chez's picture," do you know this person?" I shift my gut a little bit and sure enough I get an odd little rumble which has both of the detectives at odds with how to react.

Clark however decides to try another tactic and pushes the plate with donuts right next to my hand. "Go ahead Stuart, you should get something to eat," he says attempting a sincere smile. I look at him good and hard for a moment and extend my hand toward the plate. Slowly I use the tips of my fingers and push the plate away and finally smile my first reaction. Both men are confused and honestly at odds with how to proceed.

I don't want their food, I don't want to answer their questions and I don't care to help when I was dragged in here. I watch them both stand up and step out of the room but leave the donuts and now I'm in an interesting quandary, I can eat said donuts while they are out of the room but should I?

I debate it for about thirty seconds and realize that is them winning, I want to win and I've come this far so fuck them and fuck their cop donut stereotype. I put my hands back to a resting position and wait. Soon enough both detectives return and note the donuts are still there and uneaten. "So you're tough but we are just trying to gain the facts of the situation," Clark states as I stare at him," Chester Morley was murdered early last week and you and him are reputed to have a history together that involves violence.

Either you can start talking to us and explain the situation or we can treat you like a murder suspect and charge you with what is obviously a case of murder in the first degree." Chez is dead, someone killed Chez and they think it was me? Yeah and if I'm the best they have to go on they are really desperate.

I settled up with that shit head months ago and now I'm back in shit because of him.


I must remain calm, getting mad now is not going to help my situation and I analyze my facts. If they don't charge me I leave in a few hours, if they do I get legal counsel and a phone call. Phone call needs to be to Jun and just tell him where I am and let him do the rest.

He'll get Guy and everything they have to back me up and get me out. Yeah I've got a plan and I'm ready when another cop in a suit, an older than both detectives white man opens the door and says something I wasn't quite expecting. "Detectives his lawyer is here," the older man states and I think all of us are wondering when we see her. 5'10" inches and dangerous curves on a lean bodied woman, her deep tan and darker brown hair are styled for attraction in both men and women; I know this because I'm actually getting an erection right now.

She's wearing a white pant suit with black pin stripes and carrying a briefcase. She sees me and immediately turns to the oldest cop that let her in. "Get your men out of this room or I will, and I quote, make sure that the three of you are paying into your pension funds from the traffic division," the lady lawyer informs them with a cold tone.

The older cop removes the two detectives who are in a mild protest before she looks at them and nods to the handcuffs. I watch the oldest again follow her bidding and undo my restraints before quickly leaving and closing the door behind him. I watch as she pulls the only other chair around to my side of the table and takes her seat.

I must be strong and I must not give anything away. "You are cute, he said you would be," the lawyer says with a smile," Oh and Guy says next time go quietly and request your phone call before answering any questions.

My additional advice is that when you make that call you don't answer anything till you see an attorney." "Guy sent you," I ask getting a light nod as an answer," How the hell did he know I was here?" "All I know is Guy contacted me directly, our firm is about an hour away on the freeway and I drove myself here because that man pays his dues and takes care of people.

Now in a courtroom his skills are useless, mine are not. I'm the tool for the courtroom but you can call me Kelsey," she says smiling and opening her briefcase. "Okay well Guy will explain later, you two have history Ms.," I ask trying to glean a little about my bosses past.

"It's Mrs. Kelsey Ortega of Delauter, Hortega and Hortega of Los Angeles. We're the fourth branch of the firm. Now what do they want other than to annoy us both by playing hardball," Kelsey asks setting down a pad of paper and a tablet. I explain what they know and what they asked, she is taking everything down quickly and asking very few questions but she doesn't ask the big one.

She never asks if I killed Chez. The whole time she typing on the tablet but not touching the pad and I look again at the donuts.

Mrs. Hortega, h is silent, sees the plate and pushes it away from us to the edge of the table. Okay I like her, been here maybe twenty minutes and she's on my side in more ways than one. We finalize the details and she hands me a pen and has me write out, word for word, a statement to the police. It says enough but doesn't tell them everything. It keeps me from reprisal as well and once it's done I sign it and she notarizes it with her signature before standing up and knocking on the door.

Detective Clark and Detective Adams enter the room ready to ask questions when she hands them the paper. "This is my clients formal statement, read it at your leisure but as of this moment either you are charging my client or we are leaving now," Mrs. Hortega informs the detectives who take objection.

"He is connected to a murder victim, one he is witnessed to have violent altercations with twice in the past," Clark begins but Mrs. Hortega cuts him off. "Captain tell your people what they can and cannot do because I'm about to show your office what I will do," she states as I stand up from my chair and exit the room following my lawyer. I get past the two detectives only to stop at Clark who is fuming mad. He gives me a look of anger and confusion when I lean forward and smell him.

Granted I'm not trying to smell him it's just for effect as I lean back and smile. He gives me a confused look and backs up a step which leads me to laugh a little before following Kelsey and her amazing ass out of the station.

I'm sitting in a silver BMW riding back towards UCLA when she pulls up to a fast food drive through and orders two bags worth of meals.

I'm handed a soda and the bags are placed down at my feet but I'm starving. "I know you're hungry but no eating in my car, enjoy the soda though," Mrs.

Hortega informs me as we continue back home. I am back in and as soon as we get into my room I devour four burgers and a small mountain of French fries in a matter of fifteen minutes.

Kelsey for her part eats nothing, she paid for it all but she didn't need anything. I wait for her to address me when Richard and Dia enter the dorm. "Stuart you're back," Richard states the obvious before turning his attention," Who is she?" "I am Mr. Wolfric's legal counsel. Next time something like this happens please contact this number," Kelsey informs Richard handing him a card. I'm still wary of Dia and she is giving me a confusing look, it's like a combination of she wants to fuck me but she wants to make sure I'm alright with a small amount of how did I get a lawyer.

I look at her for a moment before speaking. "Dia you did tell people that I was taken in by the police," I ask and she nods. "Man that's why I started to freak out," Richard adds showing concern," I couldn't figure out what to do so I called Robin and Caitlin and finally we got your computer on and Robin asked someone for help. They said they'd handle it and apparently they did, I was gonna call my dad and ask him for help or money or something to get you out of there." "Thanks man, I need to see Robin.

Let her know I'm alright," I tell them standing up. I don't go right away; I walk Mrs. Hortega to her car and get the door for her. She smiles at me and says something I don't know how to take. "He's right, you are a good one," her last words to me before closing the door. I watch her drive off and take my time walking over to Robin's dorm room. I have to get the real problems out and in the open, my night with Dia.

I wait a little bit before knocking on the door to her dorm and when she answers I'm smothered in a hug and questions. "Oh my god what happened? When did you get out? Did you do anything? Are you alright," Robin hits me with her biggest ones in rapid succession as I carry her back into her dorm living room. "I'm okay, was hungry but I don't know if I'll be alright in a little while," I tell Robin who becomes concerned.

"Baby what is going on then, talk to me about why you were in jail," she asks as we sit on the couch and I shake my head. "It's not about that; I have a really good attorney actually thanks to my boss. I have to apologize," I start in but Robin is cutting me off. "Baby going to jail is a problem I don't care how good your lawyer is," I stop her but she's concerned, I hope that lasts.

"Robin I had sex with Dia," I state and she is shook out of her jail talk. "Wait you did what to who? Dia? Richard's girlfriend Dia," she asks and I nod solemnly," Oh god what happened?

Did Richard know about it and is he okay?" "Robin I had sex with her," I state again and she's not catching my point. "Baby Richard is in love, hard in love with her. If he found out you went after Dia he's going to be pissed," my girlfriend counters.

"Robin I didn't go after Dia, she went after me," I get the words out and the questions stop," It was after our date last Friday. I was asleep and thought I was dreaming. Turned out to be a nightmare and when I told her about us and not doing it again she said I had to stop having sex with you and keep it a secret or Richard would hate me and you'd leave me.

I've been away since our date, aside for jail, trying to find a way to tell you?" "You… How dare you… I thought you knew me better.

Get up," Robin orders me now angry as we were sitting on her couch to talk. I stand as order and start to leave when she grabs my arm and drags me to her room. Granted I can stop myself from following her but it's safer just to follow and take my verbal and probably physical abuse now.

She has me stand in front of her bed and begins to strip, I'm not sure if this is break up sex or something but I want to ask a few discerning questions.

Robin sees my expression and snaps at me. "Start stripping Stuart… NOW," Robin demands and I actually fall back onto her bed from shock," Fine I'll help you big baby." I'm now learning what it means to be stripped, not like someone undressing you I mean Robin is actually yanking my clothes off till I'm naked and sitting on the edge of her bed with my feet on the floor.

I watch as my possibly soon to be ex pulls my knees apart and kneels between my legs taking me in her mouth and working on about half of me. It feels good but this is not what I was expecting, a fight, her to kick my ass but nothing like being stripped down and made to sit while she takes her time.

I lean my head back and let the sensation take over as I begin to feel everything, Robin's tongue gripping my shaft as she pulls back, her mouth suck in when she pushes herself forward and one of her hands gently caressing my boys gently. It doesn't take Robin long to get me hard, she usually doesn't need to give me any oral, just pull her pants down slowly and shake her ass is really enough.

I feel her stop and stroke me with her free hand a bit before stopping altogether and standing up. I am unsure of what to do in this instance as Robin pulls her panties down and off. I'm pushed back a little but still I reach for Robin who lets me touch her but instead of taking a submissive role she's keeping control and with me leaning back I watch as she straddles my waist and guides me inside her.

It takes a few strokes like always to get me all the way inside but once we do Robin wraps her arms around my neck and rests on my lap for a second. "You Stuart are acting like a moron and you're not listening," Robin begins and I try to speak but she cuts me off," Shut up and listen to me. I am your girlfriend; Caitlin is my friend and also your girlfriend. There is some female called Candice that I've never met and spoken with four times and she, according to Caitlin, is also your girlfriend.

You honey, are a relationship moron so from here on out you leave the relationship stuff to us, your girlfriends, and we'll make sure you are happy and satisfied." "But Robin you don't understand," I start to say and get slapped. "I understand, you are not understanding.

Does it look like we have a problem in OUR relationship because Dia fucked you," Robin asks as she grinds her hips against me. "No," I grunt in response. "Good, now I'm not saying you aren't in charge and don't have a say but&hellip.

dammit&hellip. I'm not so insecure about&hellip. fuck&hellip.," Robin is trying to tell me something about her feeling secure, maybe even better about us. "So it's alright that it happened," I ask gripping her hips in my hands. "Yes for fuck's sake it's fine no stop worrying and fucking enjoy the girlfriend in your fucking lap," Robin growls at me speeding up her grinding. Robin isn't wasting time and I've missed her enough this week that I'm pulling her against me hard with my hands while she does her best at riding me from a sitting position.

I let her take it from grinding to bouncing on me as I move my hands up her back move her breasts closer to my face and then licking her nipples which has Robin speed up a little faster and keep me closer to her. I'm feeling hot and not the temperature kind as Robin decides that she's done with casual sex and decides to test her bed out and fill the room with a light slamming noise as she rides me harder than any woman ever has.

I keep her from flying up to the ceiling or falling to the floor but other than that everything is pretty much in her hands and she's groaning at me long and loud when I feel my boys she played with earlier give me the warning. "Robin," I start in and she yanks my head back. Her tongue invades my mouth and I feel her scream a little as she clamps down on me and shakes as her orgasm takes over.

Everything goes a little fuzzy for a few minutes as my own orgasm takes over and I sit with Robin on my lap holding her close. When she begins to move I let her go only because she feels the need to have a little separation. Well not so much separation as grabbing a towel and cleaning us both up a little before dragging me till I'm lying down on her bed and cuddled up around her. "You need to talk with Richard and the two of you need to settle up with Dia but I'm gonna let you know something," Robin suggests before turning her head towards me," I've hung out with her once and she is a bit of a bitch.

When Caitlin shows up she'll confirm it but she's not in this relationship." And the gauntlet has been thrown down by my little Asian girlfriend; patch it up with Richard but never Dia. I figure we'll fight; I did it with him when I was bitter at the beginning of the year. This time I'll let him take it out of me, least I can do if it happens is not beat him into the hospital.

Gabriel: same time different location "Layin' in the water, layin' in the water children, layin' in the water, layin' till ya breathe anew soul," I sing as I watch the show in front of me. Best thing about the world is people fear everything, they fear what they see and what they hear. They fear what is and isn't said, hell, they even fear what they can't see.

Right now what they can't see is me since I'm sitting in a park watching children play on the play toys as their parents sit around and look at everything but the little balls of life running around in front of them.

I know they don't 'see' me even though a few people have taken the time to look and even extend courtesy of a greeting or two. I dress like my momma's daddy when I need to blend in among the sheep and even then I'm a shepard. Momma's daddy was an evangelist and the white suit with a white shirt and no tie has people thinking all the nice things that people think when a man smiles at the world.

Someone should have warned them that monsters smile too. I watch as a ball all bright and red bounces towards me and with a grin I stand up and slowly pick up the toy and wait for the child it belongs to. It takes the little black girl a moment to approach me, fear of the strange man, I'm still smiling as I hold the ball out to the little girl. She walks up and takes it with both her little hands and I smile at her which she smiles back before looking at something.

"Mister you have a spider on your arm," she says and I look, there is one. "Why yes I do little one," I reply addressing both spider and child.

I casually pick up the spider by letting it crawl on my hand, a little harmless thing but still full of danger to the wrong creature. Squatting down I show the little girl who backs away a little.

"She's a little spider, never wanted to harm nobody," I tell the girl and the spider. "But spiders bite you," the girl says with childlike certainty. "She hasn't bit me. Besides we're all creatures on the earth," I tell her and she smiles. "Like the bible, we're all God's creatures," the girl states and now I my smile is bigger. "That's right little one, we're all his creatures," I agree with the girl as the spider crawls onto my palm before singing a little," He's got the whole world in his hands." "I know that song, we sing it in Sunday school," the girl says excitedly as her father approaches.

"You might want to run along now little one, looks like your Daddy's coming," I tell the girl as she turns to see her papa. "Daddy the man got my ball and he knows church songs," the little girl says to her daddy. "That's nice Vera, now come back over here where it's safe," the man says giving me the eye. "He's right Vera, stay with your parents where it's safe," I tell them both as I turn and walk away. I'm out of the park and into a van driven by Thomas who is shaking his head again; I take his head in my hands once I'm in the passenger seat.

Thomas drives us away and once we're home with the family I get the good word on my next opportunity to show my new boy into the flock. Time to send out another call to bring the boy home. Stuart: Later that evening I've been with Robin for the afternoon and evening talking and coming to the understanding that we are alright.

We being Robin and I. She's been going over some of her studying and I've been helping which is a nice familiar feeling, also we've been in our underwear the whole time which I'm going to say is a very good thing.

I try to get my phone to order some food for us but Robin takes it and puts it away in my jeans before getting back to her book. "Baby I am going to say we need a food break," I tell her and she shrugs.

"I already took care of it now help me with this cause I'm the Asian girl who can't seem to do math," Robin replies getting back into her book. Okay well now I'm in a mystery but figure Robin isn't going to screw around with me too much after our makeup sex earlier. We get back into her finals study when her phone goes off and she begins to put clothing on before bounding out of her room to answer it. I wait and a few seconds later Robin returns with Caitlin in tow carrying a couple plastic containers.

"Dinner break," Caitlin announces setting down the food. Caitlin brought us salads and I pull on shorts as we sit and eat. Small talk is good and Caitlin wants to borrow me for help with her final studies which Robin says they should just do it all in one place so we can all get our work done together.

It's a good idea and all three of us are happy till Robin informs Caitlin about my late night visit from Dia. I think Caitlin is about to blow a gasket or something female when I'm shoved on my back from a sitting position on the floor.

Immediately Caitlin is all over me with lips on mine and hands pulling off her own clothes, I am attempting to say something or even talk to her about what she's doing but 'The Hammer' is having his own ideas about what is going on. I let her stay on my hips just long enough for her to get comfortable and out of her long shorts before rolling us over and pinning her down to the floor with my body and a kiss.

Caitlin's hands grabbing my ass and trying to get my shorts off when we both hear a giggle and stop to look. Robin is sitting on her bed now naked and laughing at us. "You two do realize there is a perfectly good bed right here," Robin says as we both laugh with her then give each other a grin.

"Get her," I tell Caitlin before rolling off. Caitlin is fast and somewhat tackles Robin to the bed and finishes getting stripped out of her panties and bra. Robin is confused until Caitlin spreads her legs, then she suddenly has issues.

"Wait a minute, Stuart was in me earlier and I barely cleaned," Robin protests but Caitlin has probably the best counter I've ever heard. "Has to taste better than a salad," my Native girlfriend says before diving in face first. I almost want to laugh about how close Caitlin is to 'tossing salad' on Robin but become distracted as I watch a tongue meet a clit and Robin begins to protest except Caitlin isn't listening as she works her tongue around Robin's clit.

I stand there more than erect as Robin is moaning and gripping her pillows while Caitlin continues her tonguing of Robin. Amidst all of this I see it, Caitlin naked with her ass in her air.

I don't know if she planned it but I get behind her on the bed and line my head up with her slit before pushing the length of me inside. We both grunt and I am a little stunned she's as wet as she is. I work my cock in and out of her slowly not wanting to disturb too much of what she's doing to Robin as I go back and forth and enjoying the feeling of Caitlin wrapped around 'The Hammer'.

I keep it slow as I watch Robin's face go from pleasure to panic and back again as Caitlin is either keeping her hanging on orgasm or just having fun. It takes a minute or two more but Robin moans and grips Cait's head as her orgasm takes over and she clenches up before relaxing moments later. I slow down even further before Caitlin turns to face me pulling her face out of Robin's sweet hole. "Can we please get to you fucking me now, slow is good for the second or third time but not right now," Cait jokes pushing back into me.

I've learned much in nearly a year and one thing that I've learned is that when your woman or any woman throws down the sex gauntlet you pick that shit up and go for it. I slide my hands up under Caitlin's body and cup her breasts squeezing them as they hang and I begin to pound her. I feel amazing and she is keeping pace moving back into me. I use my grip on Cait to keep her in place as I fuck her, not soft anymore but hard and fast taking deep hard thrusts into my other girlfriend.

Can I keep up with three girlfriends? Hell Guy can keep up with five wives I think I, his protégé, could keep up with three girlfriends. I move one hand around to the back or Caitlin's head and pull her hair back keeping the other on her chest and pull her into me hard and fast. "Oh my god fuck me you fucking fuck! Nail this bitch with that fucking hammer," Caitlin groans as I arch her back.

I can feel my orgasm working its way up through my body and when she starts grabbing for my hands I push her face first to the bed and pound her even harder letting my own orgasm take over.

I cum buckets into her but I don't stop pounding till I nearly blackout from orgasm and blood rush. I pull out and collapse onto the side of the bed and realize that there wasn't much to Robin's bed to begin with and that I'm now on the floor. I hear a holy shit from Robin but give her an 'OK' signal with my hand.

I'm breathing heavy and coming down but Caitlin is moaning from where I left her. Robin does a little bit of cleaning and pulls me up off the floor where the three of us settle down to relax or in the case of me, sleep. Waking up in your girlfriend's bed with your other girlfriend cuddling you is a new and not unpleasant experience.

I untangle myself and find a basic note on my pants from Robin saying she had a test early but to catch up with her later.

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I wake Caitlin and we dress before locking up Robin's room and after a goodbye kiss head to our own rooms. I don't have to deal with Dia when I get back to my room but I begin to plan what I need to do with Richard and after a call to Jamal for backup he sets up a venue for us to talk.

I'm on my computer just after noon when Richard returns from class and I exit my room after shutting my electronics down. "Hey man we gotta go," I tell Richard who looks at me confused. "Plans I didn't know about," my roommate asks. "Yeah, very important. Jamal needs us over at his new place to move some of his stuff in," I reply giving half the story.


We take my Lexus and head over to Jamal's new apartment. My new coworker/underling has a small U-haul trailer but no extra hands to get everything moved.

He's happy to see us arrive and I figure this will be good to get everything out of the way physically. Helping a friend move makes you a better person, more so when they now live in a third floor apartment with an interior stairwell and you opt to move the couch first.

Ninety minutes later we have everything inside and Jamal has ordered pizza and broken out wine for us. We three are sitting on his new furniture when I figure I need to start with Jamal on the couch at one end and me at the other while Richard gets a chair next to Jamal.

"Thanks a lot for helping, I have plenty of dance partners but actual men who can help out are in short supply," Jamal jokes and we all laugh a little.

"Well I had an ulterior reason for coming by, I need to talk with Richard about something and hope we're still good afterwards," I state not letting the mood get too happy. "Man you forgave me for everything, how could we not be good," Richard says with a chuckle.

"Because I need you to forgive me," I tell him setting down my wine glass. "For what it's not like you slept with Dia," my roommate says still laughing but I'm not sadly.

"Actually that's what happened," I get the words out and Richard has officially stopped laughing. "You did what," he asks confused and beginning to get upset. "It was Friday night before I got taken in by the police. I'd just got in from my date with Robin and was in bed when you two got home," I start and Richard cuts me off.

"I remember Dia and I went out drinking and we had taken a cab back to the room. She had sex with me that night," Richard says filling in a bit of his side.

Horny Lad And His Long Dick

"Well you weren't the only one man," I say and realize the coldness of my words," Richard I had no clue, one minute I'm dreaming of having great sex and then I'm looking at Dia in my bed." "So my girlfriend just happens to end up in your room after all the shit I did to you last year and you're telling me that Dia was the one who initiated it," Richard starts in but Jamal is quick to join the conversation.

"Woah let's everyone pull back a second and think about what happened here," Jamal starts but Richard is still on me. "No I want to know did you go after Dia or not," Richard asks me standing up and I stand to ready myself for a fight.

"Yes, after everything last year I'd never hurt you like that. I've been there and we're past that," I tell Richard who softens. "Good enough for me," Richard replies sitting back down and refilling his glass.

"Wait you're okay with what happened," I ask slowly sitting down as well. "Not really but it's not you, it's Dia. You trust me because we're friends and she's been talking about you a lot," Richard informs me and now I'm curious," She doesn't think Robin is good enough for you.

Keeps saying things about you finding someone like her for you, just weird shit." "That's crazy bitch talk man," Jamal states and I nod a little. And the men get to drinking a little wine and discussing crazy girlfriends. I talk about Robin, Caitlin and Candice and with that how interesting it is to have three women who share me and participate.

Richard after thinking about it comes to his own conclusion. "I think that's exactly what she wants," Richard says and both of us pause staring at him. "You think she wants what, two boyfriends," Jamal asks and Richard nods," Fuck that I say give her what she wants if that's the case. Either she's so greedy she wants two men hanging off her tits or she's trying to get you both to fight for her." "Give her what she wants," Richard says thinking about something," Stuart I have an idea but it's got to be both of us to confront her.

Think you can considering the girls?" "Maybe, depends on what we're doing," I ask and Richard nods slowly. That is where the plan comes out of Richard and while there is no way I would have come up with this myself I'm pretty sure we could pull it off.

Jamal isn't needed but adds his two cents on it. Our later afternoon and early evening are kept together with light drinking and conversation before Richard and I head back to the dorm. We both call our girlfriends once we're in and while my conversation is more happy and everything alright Richard's is tense as he is holding back.

I'm not sure I can help him with what he has planned but will I help him? Hell yes. Kit: a few days later Making the run from Washington to Texas is easy for me and a couple of the boys bringing down a shipment for the Union. It's a good deal they brokered now almost a decade back and transport is in Devil's hands, currently my hands. I got two outriders watching the back of the van while I'm in front leading the pack.

I'm on my Black Beauty, a custom Night Rod Harley that I've had since I was patched in after a knife fight when I was twenty two. Sid was there and I stabbed one of his little devil's for slapping around another bar girl and he pulled the cut off the guy and gave it to me. Most thought he was joking but Sid doesn't fuck around like that with anyone. Now I'm almost a road captain and maybe I'll get northern Cali as a region since we don't have a lot of presence here. It's a nice long stretch of open road and even the law we pass ain't biting in the late afternoon.

"Hey Kit, we got riders," I hear over the roar of my engine from the boys behind me. I check my rearview and see two of them but I can't make out colors from here. I back up to my driver, a kid going by David. "You keep on the fucking road and you do not stop till the others tell you," I yell at him and get a nod that he hears me. I hang back and let my out runners take up flanking our van as I drop back a little to see who is riding up on us. I slow down and the two following us slow down to match me, I slow down a bit more and they copy me again.

I'm almost too slow to be on the freeway when both bikes behind me speed up and overtake me when I see one has a length of chain and I have to duck as it whips me in the back. My back is on fire but I put the throttle down and turn hard right getting into an exit lane and breaking away. I'm off the freeway but not stopping at the intersection as I see a few more bikes and a van on my right, I hard bank Beauty left and gun it.

I'm not in a good section of town as I don't see many people around as I'm racing down the streets looking for an on ramp. I don't know where I am as I stop my bike and check myself. Not bleeding but my back hurts like hell. I look around and see a couple homeless and a few norms walking around and not generally paying attention when I hear engines in the distance behind me. I continue my search for an on ramp keeping distance between me and the sound when I spot a biker in Faces of Fear colors sitting on the side of the road next to a van.

The truce is still valid which makes us friends or something as I pull up to the man in the vest. He's shaking lightly as I quiet my engine. "Hey, Fear monger," I say attempting to get his attention," Where is the on ramp for the interstate?" "Back the way you came," he says looking up and me and I recognize him. "Chucklez, I'm being chased by a group. I didn't see their colors but they could be invading your territory," I tell Gabriel's sick as fuck lieutenant.

"Nobody invading, fires keep glowing and the fear keeps growing," he says standing up and stepping to his van's driver side door. "Well someone was chasing me," I get the words out and realize what is going on," Don't do it Chucklez." "Man's gotta do man's work, but you ain't a man are ya," he says coming back around to the front empty handed," Where is the gun?" I pull my piece from its spot inside my jacket and before I can level it on him Chucklez grabs my arm and moves behind me holding my wrist.

One hand on the back of my neck and I'm thrown off my bike and land on the sidewalk. Chucklez is a big man and I know my gun got knocked away when I landed so I go for my back up in my boot. I let him get close and bring the blade of my knife up quick, just not quick enough as he backs up from the swing and lunges under my arm grabbing my wrist on my left hand and with his other hand palms my face.

I hit a wall behind me with a slam and I hear him laughing. I punch, claw and kick Chucklez who takes it before releasing my face and slamming his head into my nose. I'm blinded a little and dizzy when the punch lands on my cheek and I hit the sidewalk. I am trying to stand when another punch to the back of my head leaves me breathing but fucked up.

I can hear Chucklez talking. I hear more engines and I'm flying after someone covers my mouth with a rag. Fucking Christ I hurt, I am blinded with a cloth sack over my head but I can hear someone walking around the room. Wood floors by the sound and rotted meat by the smell, I recall what happened last and clench my teeth. I wiggle my toes in my boots and move my fingers, still in one piece. "I know you're awake Kristina," I hear his voice and it all comes together, Gabriel has me in the slaughterhouse.

I don't know if it's a real slaughterhouse or not but nobody has been able to find it and people who leave here never leave whole. I can hear him moving towards me and finally the bag comes off and I can look around. Wood floors all around and concrete walls that are almost fit to be condemned and covered in dried blood, I'm in a corner bound with my hands and feet behind my back as Gabriel is standing in the center of the room.

We're all alone except for the rats I hear in the distance as the madman leader of the Faces of Fear watches me with a sick smile. "You are so fucked right now," I tell Gabriel who smiles at me. "Why is that Kristina," he asks moving closer and squatting his overweight ass down. "Because when Sid and the rest of the Devil's find out about this they are going to wipe your ass of the planet and everyone wearing your colors is going with you," I threaten Gabriel who keeps smiling.

"You think he doesn't know," the sick bastard says with a chuckle," you call yourselves devils but you're not. I've seen the devil; he is not like you or even your illustrious leader." "You're full of shit," I state thinking, Sid wouldn't know he has me. "See I told Sid I wanted you, I needed you and to keep the peace guess what he did? He gave me you, so now what is this about the devil's coming for you," Gabriel asks playing with his long beard.

"Sid wouldn't sell a Devil out for peace," I tell Gabriel and he laughs. "It's not peace he sold you to me for, it's my silence," Gabriel says with a light laugh standing up and exiting the room. I can hear something in the other room, like someone rummaging through bins when I hear Gabriel coming back with something in his hands.

He drops them in front of me and I back away from it. "You sick fuck," I scream and he laughs picking one up. "This was one of yours who was going to speak with law enforcement. Didn't like getting passed over," Gabriel says dropping it closer to me and picking up another one," this was a nineteen year old boy that knew one of your 'devil's' had a taste for other young boys." Sick motherfucker is holding people's faces; he fucking has people's faces.

I begin to heave as he pulls his pile of faces back so I can vomit all over the floor. I must have lost part of my liver in the process but Gabriel steps forward again and gripping my face with his hands forces me to look at him. "You aren't going in my collection.

You are a message, an invitation," Gabriel says smiling and insane," that boy Stuart, your people are going to deliver him to me for you. Then when he's here you are going to watch as I curb his tendencies one by one. You will witness his rebirth and then he's going to take a piece of you." I am let go and slump to the floor sick and weak, what the fuck does this sick fucker want with Stuart?

Worse what is going to happen to me if he doesn't get Stuart? I shake on the floor as Gabriel leaves the room singing some choir song. Hawk: A couple days after Kit's abduction Sid told me everything was fine and now here we fucking are again waiting for him to give us the full story.

Shipment arrived in Arizona but Kit was missing in northern Cali according to the probie that was driving the van. The only information I've been able to get from anyone other than Sid before he said he'd talk to me when he knows something was that they were being tailed by a couple unknown bikers when Kit tried to figure out who they were and they lost track of her protecting the shipment.

I'm tapping my fingers hard on the bar countertop when I hear the bikes pull up and wait for Sid. No formal greetings this time as Sid enters with two guy's watching his back, he's older and his hair is graying but he's still a lean and dangerous man without his helpers. "Not coming out to welcome the president," Sid says trying to lighten my mood. "What's going on Sid," I ask and he takes a seat at one of the tables. "Kit was asked for, it's a small price to pay for the club but it needed to be paid," Sid begins to explain and I'm a little confused and a lot pissed off.

"What do you mean she was asked for, what fucking price and what fucking payment," I am raising my voice as the two bodyguards begin to step forward. "Clear the bar, now," Sid says as his two boys clear out all the other Devils. The bodyguards clear the bar while I note Sid's expression. I've seen that look on people's faces before, I'm about to be sold bullshit. Didn't like it when I was a plain mechanic in training and I got put into working doubles for no pay by the guys with seniority and I know I don't like it now.

Sid motions me to sit down and I do in a seat across from him. "Faces of Fear wanted Kit, something about needing her for recruitment and I wasn't given the option to negotiate. It was Kit or the club," Sid says and I smell the bullshit. "Don't fuck with me like you did before I patched in Sid. We don't sell each other out for nothing and those sick sons of bitches in the Faces of Fear are no exception," I tell him and he shakes his head.

"Well when you are President you'll understand that this ongoing deal with Gabriel and his people is the cost of doing business, has been since before I was president and will be after you are," Sid states and I pause at the words.

"Me as President of the Devil's Best," I ask and he nods," you're not retiring, no chance in hell." "Not yet but when I do you are next in line, the others will support my wishes then you'll understand but this only happens by you following my lead and towing the line with the Faces of Fear," Sid states and now I see the bribe. "I've rode with Kit; we've been in some hard shit together. I can't believe that you'd just let them take one of us for the 'benefit of the club'," I state and he shrugs his shoulders in response," We're not letting this stand." "We are and you will follow my lead on this, you go to them trying to get her back and you're dead with her," Sid says and I realize he has more information.

"You know where they're keeping her," I ask and see that he does in his eyes," What the fuck are we doing here then? Get everyone up on their fucking bikes and we'll go take care of long overdue business." "No you fucking won't Hawk," Sid yells standing up to stare me down," You move on them we're all sitting in jail for the rest of our lives or on death row.

Gabriel like his daddy before him has more than enough to burn us down and take everyone who has ever worn our colors with him. You can't move against him at the slaughterhouse and you won't. I've already put the word out that nobody is to make a move on this." "Where is she, where is Gabriel holding her," I demand standing up to Sid. He gives me the location, southern Oregon, that's banned territory for Gabriel and his band of psychos.

Sid tries to reassure me that things are going to be fine after this but I know better. "Hawk I don't like it either but it's a done deal, nothing we can do anymore," Sid says before attempting to hug me like a brother. "No, we lose Kit and we're not even brothers. I'm going to fix your mess Sid, with or without my brother's up here to help me," I tell my president before stepping away. Hours later I'm sitting on the edge of my bed as Sheena is sleeping of the drinks we've been pounding since I told her.

Too drunk to fuck, don't happen for me often and now I'm so pulled apart I can't even see straight. I stagger over to my jeans and pull them on before stumbling down the hall. We got the house a couple years back but now it has no warmth for me.

I'd partied with Kit here, I brought her into the Devil's back in the day and now I stand with no move. I tried to push other road captains to go with me but everyone is following Sid's word and for the first time I can't follow. I'm holding my cut in my hands when I hear some dogs in the neighborhood barking and step out to look. Looks like a stray is in a neighbor's yard and the two are fighting it out. The stray seems to be winning as I watch the black and white dog clamp its teeth around the reddish brown dog's neck and with a snap break its neck.

Well I think its neck broke as I snap awake and find myself sitting on the couch holding my cut. No dogs barking but I remember my dream and grab the house phone. I have to check the number on my cell but the house phone is safer for what I'm doing.

One call and I'm told to sit by and wait, assurances are made to me by the other at the end of my call. I put the receiver down and know I'll get heat from this, Sid may even ask for my cut but I don't care. Ain't worth wearing the cut if it doesn't mean we don't protect our own. Stuart: Five days after Kit was taken Tests, finals, quizzes and study groups have been occupying me for the past couple days as we get closer to graduation.

I'm pretty much there and Guy has said he'll not be down to watch me walk but has my summer vacation planned a bit as him and his wives want me to bring up Robin and Caitlin so we can all meet Candice and then the girls can see meet my boss and hopefully want to be in the family.

I'm at mine and Richard's dorm room at about seven at night waiting, Richard is out with Dia having dinner or something as I sit waiting on the couch. It's a quiet night but I know for a fact things are going to get interesting when Richard brings Dia home.

They enter the living room laughing at some joke as I sit quietly. Richard and I have been talking about Dia and what he has been thinking but as far as I can tell he hasn't confronted her yet. I watch the two of them disappear into his room and return to my mind numbing show about teen girls and their rights to do what they want in their parent's homes. I wish I could have had the male equivalent of those problems, I don't regret my Uncle taking me in, just wish I had my parents around.

An hour has gone by since the 'happy' couple went into Richard's room and I don't try to listen to moaning but I hear it anyway and then I begin to hear the argument. Well it's more of Richard asking questions or something and Dia sounding frantic as she replies to whatever Richard is going over. The door opens to his room and I can hear it plain as day now. "So you're not some euro slut," Richard asks in a raised voice. "Richard I just said I'm not some Euro trash that you see in those porn videos," Dia replies trying to calm him down.

"Really cause they do a lot of shit in those videos. They don't make you wear a condom in a lot of them, they do anal more than a little," Richard lists pushing her out of his room," Oh and they fuck their boyfriend's roommate." "They what," Dia asks shocked and confused. "Biggest thing about it Dia is I gave up shit to be with you, shit I liked.

I gave and gave and I did every little thing you thought was nice and sweet and then you decide to nail in the coffin everything and fuck my roommate! The one fucking friend I actually have and you sneak in like a slut and fuck him! Congratulations you Greek and Islamic cunt you broke the relationship," Richard yells at Dia before slamming the door. Stunned silence fills the room for a couple seconds before crying comes from Dia. I don't even turn to look; I shut the TV off and go to my room closing the door after me.

I sit down and send a message to Robin and Caitlin letting them know that shit just blew up between Richard and Dia. I decline any offers of company opting to be here for Richard incase he gets stupid and does something drastic like drink himself into a coma. They understand and I am about to turn in when there is a knocking on my door, I figure Richard needs to talk and open it to find a tear stained and disheveled Dia standing in front of me.

"What do you want? Didn't Richard make his opinion on your relationship perfectly clear," I ask Dia who is nervous for the first time I've ever seen her.

"I need help," she says and I shrug. "Not my problem, my problem was some bitch that decided to get in the middle of my relationship with my girlfriends and my friend. Good news is I still have my friend and I still have my girlfriends.

Now as for help I can help you out the door and I can help you out of my life," I tell Dia gently but firmly pushing her back. "Please Stuart. I don't have my purse, money or phone. Richard paid for the cab home and I'm drunk," Dia explains as I pick up my phone. "Want me to call someone who cares," I offer before putting it down. "Can you take me home," she asks and I'm reminded that she is very pretty, just a bit of a bitch. "No, I don't care what happens to you outside of you leaving my and Richard's dorm," I state plain and cold.

That's when it starts, not more pleading or even yelling, just crying. Dia begins to cry hard and breaks down ending up on her knees in front of me. I've never seen a woman become an emotional wreck like this before and it's honestly not something I ever wanted to see. I stand there watching Dia bawl her eyes out for maybe two minutes before standing her up quickly and walking her to the door, Richard's door. I pound on it and seconds later he opens it no shirt and all, and it looks like he's been crying too.

Well maybe just shed a tear or two but still. "Richard either take her in your room and fuck her senseless then in the morning dump her ass like every other female you've shined on," I can't believe the words are coming out of my mouth," Or take her in your room and knock her up then make her breakfast." With that I shove Dia towards him and head back to my room.

I can hear them talking as I close my door but I don't want to be part of their conversation. I message my girlfriends with an update and while Robin says he should ditch her Candice and Caitlin, Candice being brought in late in the conversation, say they should work it out. Once again I'm offered a warm place to sleep for the night by both girls which I turn down as I fire up my computer and get to work, Jun told me a few hours earlier that we had some business options we were looking at in the future and he wanted some additional tech talk to swing Guy around in our favor.

Big money, big business and revenge or as everyone else seems to call it, justice. I love this job. Gabriel: Two days later "He'll be coming home to pray and he'll be coming home to save and he'll be reborn after killing you very soon," I sing to little Kit as she attempts to break her bonds.

The boys moved her to the central room; it's a circle that my family has been reborn in. Chucklez brought a hitchhiker girl her for his rebirth, she didn't know him very well but she felt things for him. Crying Tomas brought his Daddy, the memory makes me smile because of my Daddy. Every one of the boys has brought someone here and everyone has left a new Face. But Stuart, Stuart is special. He's a real monster, just like me. I set out the tools, a hammer, a knife, some rope.

Just the odds and ends for him to decide from when he arrives to send Kit home to her maker and take her fear away. I look at her, she's still fighting, she's still proud but I can taste her fear.

Living in a cage for the past while hasn't dulled her senses, it's good. I'll need her sharp to help Stuart break down. I can hear the engine now, one bike and it's loud, but different. I head to the old loading docks, I'm here alone while the rest of the brothers take care of odd jobs and a few bring Stuart in for the grand rebirth tonight but one is back. There is one bike but not one of ours. White horses on a black bike and the figure on the bike has a hooded leather jacket and jeans.

"You don't belong here," I tell the person letting my eyes adjust to the dim light," You might want to leave before bad things happen." It's a man but he doesn't respond in words. Instead he pulls one leg off his bike and steps around it to the front keeping his hood low covering his face. He's playing fear games, with me. I laugh at him. "You think you're funny don't you, thinking you can come here and try to scare me.

ME!? I am the thing children dread hiding in their closets. I am the one that makes a parent hold their child a little tighter at night," I tell him laughing at his arrogance," Who are you to come here and try to scare me." He is breathing but it's not fast or panicking. It's calm and steady, he isn't afraid. I look at him closely and see a pitch fork patch on one side with a white label patch that has the word 'Pariah' on it. Those sitting on his left are nothing to the one on his right, a scythe in simple black and white.

"You come here to make a threat? You go back and you tell them that I will rend them asunder for the arrogance of sending you here," I yell at him now but he still doesn't panic, so I laugh a little more," You think you can face me, I am FEAR ITSELF! I am the one that nobody can face because I am more that flesh and bone, I am in your head and heart." Nothing from him, not a tremor or a shake.

I laugh and shake my hand to get feeling in my fingers. Looks like I get a show of my own before Stuart joins us today.


Guy: Right here, Right now Talking, Gabriel is talking to me. Fear this, scary man that, blah blah blah. Never met him before but I heard all the rumors, the old name for his group was Buzzards but that was when his father ran it. Now we're face to face for the first and last time and I'm honestly not that impressed. He's shorter than me by two inches; he has a beard that is six to seven inches long that is brown black.

Verheiratet Bären Bareback Pfund tatted Boden

He's not wearing a vest like the others, more of a white sleeveless t shirt and loose khaki pants and snake skin boots. Add to all of it that he's fat, not super obese but he's not in shape by any stretch of the imagination and I'm thinking his tattoo's were done by someone who didn't have a choice as there are cobwebs and snakes and skulls all over his arms along with a bunch of random things, all of which I'm guessing are there to help the image.

I come back to reality to see him shaking his hand, now we're starting the party. "You ready for me man, I'm gonna take you to a new level of fear," Gabriel laughs at me turning his back. I know the tactic and wait, Gabriel is psyching himself up for this before turning around and charging me fast. Much faster than I expected.

I duck the right hand that is swung and the following back hand, he's pretty fast for a 'big guy'.

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Another swing from the left and my duck is followed by a left of my own to the ribs. He doesn't stagger, interesting but not impossible as he tries to hit me with the right again and I land a three punch combination on the right side ribs. He's hurting but laughing about it, crazy but not well trained. An attempt to grapple me is met by my sidestep and spin away from Gabriel as he scramble to keep his footing I keep behind him but I'm not looking for an opening.

He turns to face me and I still have my hood up, he's laughing but he knows I'm faster than he is, time to change tactics.

I see Gabriel begin to set up for another charge and rush in, hard right to the abdomen to buckle him. As he bends down from the impact I use my left to take his head and pull it down while driving my knee up into his forehead, the impact alone floors him and I step back to let him figure out where he is.

"Ha ha ha ha, you aren't ready for me man," Gabriel laughs after a minute and staggers to his feet," You can't win this, you will break before me like all the others." Again with the blah blah blah, I let him get to his feet and watch him rush me again this time trying to swing both arms at me like a pincer.

I block both hard letting him recoil backwards before stepping in again, left to the ribs, right to the jaw, raised left elbow coming up hard and fast and I feel teeth crack. His right hand lunges forward only to be taken by me and twisted with me ducking under it, now a little behind him and holding the arm at the wrist in my left I fire five hard shots to his kidney with my right. I feel him try to turn to face me and decide to finish this up, holding the arm still I slam my right fist into his armpit and hear it pop, now he screams.

I step back and survey the damage, blood coming from the mouth, possible kidney damage, at least two fractured ribs and dislocated right arm.

One problem, he's not staying down. "You think you can hurt me," Gabriel asks pushing himself to his feet," I'm just getting started." Yep, he's crazy and I watch how crazy as he pops his arm back into place with a scream then laughter. He's still shaking his hands like he's brushing off dust or getting blood into them then it hits me, distraction tactic.

I refocus on him and wait for about five seconds as he rushes in and I start off by head butting his fist. It sounds crazy but one of the hardest parts on the human body is the top of your head, as Gabriel brings his fist towards my face I lower my covered head and lunge forward letting it collide with the top of my skull.

There are a few cracks from his hand and it stings my head but the effect has him with two less than pristine limbs. He's holding his hand and smiling, not laughing now. I almost want to smile but he comes at me again like a bull swinging for everything he's worth.

I step into the swing and block with one arm while delivering a palm strike to the Gabriel's face, he's stunned and staggers but I don't let him take more than a step back. Hard hitting rapid fire strikes to the ribs and abdomen twenty four in all as Gabriel finally falls on his back. I can hear him trying to breathe; it's a slow wheezing sound but its music to my ears as I turn away from him and head into the rest of the building.

It takes me a little bit but the sound of struggling and groaning helps lead me to a circular room with a woman bound by her hands to the ceiling, she is pretty and older, I recognize her from the picture I was shown. I see the table with plenty of instruments but the only one I need is a knife.

She sees me pick it up and begins to struggle; I approach her calmly and with some work cut the rope from the ceiling then help cut it away from her wrists. She's tired and hungry but she's also very angry as she pulls my hood back and looks into my eyes. My pretty blue eyes must be cold as I see her calm down and help her walk on her own a little before noting the red metal can in the corner. I do a quick check and confirm its gasoline and decide to bring the can with me as we step away from the round room and slowly head back to my bike.

Gabriel is still on the floor but he's crawling in our direction and it takes my hand on her shoulder to keep Kit from beating on him more. "The girl, ha ha ha, you came here for the girl," Gabriel quietly laughs, he's short of breath from the damage I did to his ribs. I point to my bike for Kit who slowly steps around Gabriel who doesn't even look at her, he's focused on me.

I'm calm as I pull the cap of the gas can and careful as I pour its contents onto Gabriel's prone form. It makes a mess but he's laughing about it, this whole time he's been laughing at the situation and I finally think I figure it out. I finish emptying the can and move over to Pale Horse and open the saddle bag remove a road flare. Gabriel sees it and has himself splayed out on his back like a sacrifice. "Do it man, send me to hell and watch the Devils burn," Gabriel says laughing and sputtering gasoline.

I toss the road flare to Gabriel who is trying to look at me confused as I help Kit onto the back of Pale Horse and start the engine before turning around and driving away. The drive takes me almost three hours and a couple times I thought Kit was going to pass out on me but she doesn't and when we finally pull up to the bar and I help her off my Pale Horse I get nods from all the Devil's Best there as we walk inside.

Not ten steps in Sheena and a couple of girls take Kit out of my arms while Hawk stands there awestruck; he's not like this very often. Biggest point of it all is Sid, sitting in the back with a grim look on his face. I step into a back room and Sid follows me leaving his bodyguards behind, he's paranoid in his now getting old age. "What the hell did you do," Sid demands.

"I did what I was asked. Faces of Fear are broken, Gabriel is broken and whatever they had on you and yours is burned and dead," I state as he stares at me in disbelief.

"No one could pull this off," he says and I don't smile. "No 'one' could pull it off. I'm not one," I point out my scythe patch," You have some fence mending to do Sid. A lot of Devil's are looking at you as the weak link and I know the woman I brought back will have a few choice words to say about why she was there. Better learn to make peace with your own." I leave the room and Sid behind me as I head back out to the bar only to get pulled aside by Sheena as she takes me to see Kit.

The ladies are feeding her light foods and just generally caring for her but when she sees me fire comes back into her eyes, a panicked fire.

"You have to get to California, you have to warn Stuart," She informs me fearfully. "About what," I ask calmly. "Gabriel wanted him, that's why he took me. Stuart was to kill me so that Gabriel could make him into another one of his crazy fuck ups," Kit explains and I smile. "Stuart is fine; he has nothing to worry about. Call him when you're better and you'll know that I'm telling the truth," I tell her in a calm and reassuring tone.

I get a hug from Kit before they take her away and head out of the bar only to find Hawk following me. He shakes his head at me more out of sympathy than any sort of shame.

I shake his hand and make one last call. "It's me, she's returned and she's going to be fine," I tell Smitty over the phone. "Good shit man, we're just cleaning up from the rest. All the 'upper management' has been removed and the 'business' dissolved," Smitty tells me giving me the rundown from his end. "And word on the 'Leader's' condition," I ask curiously.

"He had a barbeque to celebrate the end of an era," Smitty says and I can hear a smile in his voice. "Make sure things are clean and clear on your end, all the big legal's are clear on mine," I tell him before hanging up. I am on Pale Horse and headed back towards home late in the evening, spent the entire day coordinating and executing this operation but it wasn't for me, hell it wasn't even a paying job.

I was just doing the Old Man a favor. He's been good enough to me I figured he'd appreciate me doing one back. I park my bike and quietly get inside my house. The kids are all asleep and my wives are upstairs resting as I clean up in the bathroom before crawling into bed.

I don't know why but every time I crawl into bed one wife at least grabs me like a pillow and clings on to have me lay with her, this time it's Rachael. I smile a little and relax, all in a day's work. Next morning it's back to business as usual or as I like to call it, parenting in teams. I'm working with the Connor, Murphy and Christy down stairs before breakfast.

Later we're out at the park getting the kids some fresh air and back to the house in the early afternoon so that dinner can get started while Daddy takes a break and holds his baby boy, Neal the second.

I'm generally channel surfing when I note the news in northern California, bodies found of a notorious biker gang in what appears to be a gangland style massacre, no names are given at this time but the 'authorities' are looking into it. I chuckle a little and shut the TV off. Authorities means nobody wants to touch it because it's a problem solved.

??????? : Forty eight hours after the gangland massacre of a biker gang in Northern California "So anyone hear from the Sacramento branch about the whole biker killings," a female agent asks her colleagues.

"Not really a lot there, not much evidence and what they have is pretty much a death sentence to anyone in that little leather club," a bulky male agent says in response. I've been an agent for almost five years now but now I've got enough evidence, mostly circumstantial, but enough that Section Chief Watkins should listen to me.

I check my watch and see I have fifteen minutes till the meeting and grabbing my hard copy and thumb drive head to the fourth floor conference room. New York is a hell of a place to be stationed and if I want to remain here I need to cut the cord with my past and do some real good in the world.

I arrive at the conference room and find more than just Chief Watkins as there are five people, two with visitors badges, who are sitting and have been waiting for me. "Agent Bradley you requested this meeting because you have some evidence of, and I'm using your words on this, a vigilante for hire organization with underworld affiliations," Chief Watkins says and I am quick to present.

"Yes sir, over the past few years I've started compiling evidence that this nameless group has taken part in narcotics trafficking, illegal arms sales, prostitution, and even murder for hire," I explain handing different hard copies to the people at the table. "And this group is connected to all these things yet I've never seen anything on it in my offices," a possibly Arab woman with a visitor's badge asks. "That would be because they're very good at covering their tracks, what we're looking at are the pieces to a puzzle that when you put them together show one group, one hand really moving behind the scenes to carry out a private and corrupt agenda," I explain showing the slides of evidence from my thumb drive.

"It says here that this organization has killed a United States Senator," a different section chief asks. "Yes sir," I reply quickly. "Well they why is it I saw the reports that the man died of a medication mishap that led to heart failure," the other section chief counters and I pull up a few slides.

"I have evidence of their agents working in all the areas listed during the same time that the events transpired," I explain but now Chief Watkins is stopping me. "With everything I'm reading here you've got no names, only a bunch of theories about cases that look to be nothing more that random events that happened. I don't see any concrete evidence that this vigilante group exists," he says and I am ready. "Sir that is why I'm here today, I need a team to help me with surveillance and monitoring.

It'll be three months but I promise you I will have names and hard evidence," I state and now I'm getting a look that I don't like. "So what you're proposing is spending tax dollars to find a vigilante organization that exists yet you have no names or faces, find them as they operate in this country then what? We simply put them out of business," the male visiting agent asks. "Yes sir, with proper surveillance," I try to start but get cut off by the male visiting agent.

"Survey what? The entire United States," he asks rhetorically before turning to Watkins," thanks for calling me up here to listen to an agent grasp at straws Section Chief, I'll be leaving." He leaves and so do the other FBI agents leaving only myself, Section Chief Watkins and the visiting female agent. Watkins doesn't look happy by the early departure of the others. "Agent Bradley I said I'd listen but you didn't bring anything.

Yes you have events days and time but you have nothing to connect them. Unfortunately Agent Naser is here for more than just your briefing," Section Chief Watkins informs me turning his attention to the now named agent. "It comes to our attention that while working on another case, the Diego cartel case specifically, you utilized interdepartmental access to put evidence together for this presentation," I want to speak but she stands to cut me off," A presentation of closed and unrelated events that showed a young agent that needs more time before being allowed into the field again if he's going to flaunt his access to matters that aren't in his jurisdiction." "Special Agent Naser please," Chief Watkins asks but she cuts him off.

"All the materials you've gathered will be leaving with me today," She states and now I have to argue. "Not everything here was gathered by NSA, some of this information comes from personal time spent investigating," I tell her but she is fast. "So you're saying that you spent personal time breaking the rules of two agencies to hunt down a mythical vigilante organization," She asks but I can tell it's rhetorical," Chief Watkins I'm here as a courtesy but if I have to I will take measures to ensure that your agents will not abuse their privileges again." "There won't be a problem Special Agent Naser, Agent Bradley will be handing over all pertinent documents before you leave today," Chief Watkins says but I hear the order in it.

"I'm leaving in thirty minutes," she says before stepping past me and exiting the room. "Dylan you screwed this one up big time, you said you had a case," Chief Watkins states and I try to counter. "Sir this group is out there, I know it I just need a surveillance team and I'll have you all the hard evidence you need," I explain but he holds his hands up to stop me.

"There won't be an investigation, this is the end of it and from now on you will put every idea of this vigilante group out of your head and focus on direct and immediate tasks that have been placed in front of you. Agent Naser was clear that your cooperation would result in no disciplinary action but if you cross me on this I will come down on you hard Dylan. Do you understand," Chief Watkins dictates and I nod quietly.

I return to my desk and retrieve the few side pieces of information that I need before finding Agent Naser in the break area having a cup of tea. "Every file and document Agent Naser," I state in a short hot tone. "Special," she replies quietly.

"Excuse me," I ask confused. "There is a Special in front of the Agent, Special Agent Naser. I earned my title as a Special Agent because I am smart enough to keep from screwing around with people who are supposed to be my allies," She states standing up and taking all the data gathered," You seem like a smart Agent, take some free advice?" "Yes, sure, what is it," I ask and she smiles before leaning forward to speak closely.

"Don't bite the hand that feeds you," she says before stepping around me and exiting the break room. The rest of my day I spend at my desk filing bullshit reports for other agents and reviewing cases that are small when I know that out there is the case that would break everything I have pale in comparison.

I end out my work day and pass on spending any real time with my fellow agents as word of my presentation has circulated through the office. I don't feel like being a laughing stock today. I arrive at my apartment and discover that Jennifer has finally removed the last of her things thus ending our relationship. I told her the job came first but she didn't seem to understand, doesn't really matter anyway I'm still in love and if I could just put my past in the dirt I would have the perfect chance with her.

My one true love. Special Agent Naser: The same afternoon All this paperwork and time spent now burning in a dumpster along with the thumb drive that Agent Dylan Bradley handed over. It's a good thing though; if he went after Guy then he'd lose or at best end up in jail.

I return to my rental and call up my contact. "Special Agent Lana Naser," Jun's voice greets me over the Bluetooth in the car," How goes your little project." "He's angry and had his knuckles rapped with the stick.

If he's smart he won't try looking into the business again," I inform Jun who is probably tracking my location. "Well he burned the bridge, Guy doesn't want anyone involved with him but with what you found about Dylan peeking into your business," Jun explains as I head towards the airport.

"I know he's one name that is on a no contact list for Guy but what is the deal with this Agent," I ask curious. "Remember when Guy was looking at people running different branches of the business," Jun asks plainly. "Yes, Guy even approached me at one point but I am doing my own career and help him when I'm needed," I tell Jun who knows just how much I use my doctorates in behavioral and criminal psychology. "Well Dylan was in the program," Jun informs me and now I'm curious.

"He's one of the cast offs," I ask intrigued. "No, he turned on Guy, called him a criminal and cut ties. Problem was he tried to cut ties while he was dating my sister. When he left he expected her to come with him, she didn't out of loyalty and some feelings for Guy.

Let's just say Dylan Bradley took it very poorly," Jun explains and I'm curious more so now. "Well how did he get in the FBI then," I ask knowing at least half the answer.

"I cleared his records when we were bringing him in and Guy told me not to burn him down. He's different like that," Jun says and I smile, I like his difference. "Well you tell Mr.

Donnelly that I expect to see him for three whole days in October, I'd prefer the second week so that I can take some time to be appreciated again," I tell Jun who laughs before ending the call.