Amazing sex stories free huge cock

Amazing sex stories free huge cock
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I'm a young ts girl. I am 5 foot 7 with a veracious curvy figure. You would love my long curly shiny brunette hair and beautiful dark brown eyes and full soft lips. I have a lovely pair of firm round titties with juicy sensitive nipples that are always erect. My shapely figures looks great in a tight fitting short black dress that i wear very high to expose my luscious long smooth legs right down to my gold killer heels.

I was feeling very sexy this night as I was on a train going to Leeds. It was only me and a little old lady in one of those really old wooden carriages. It was getting dark and I was feeling horny. The ticket collector came in and asked for tickets. I looked up at him and I was taken aback by this handsome guy hand out waiting for my ticket. I wanted to put something in his hand but it wasn't my ticket.

I love seducing men whenever I am in a naughty place or situation. Especially as they don't know about my own little secret. Well its not so little actually. "Oh dear", i said in mock panic, I seem to have lost my purse.

My ticket isn't here' He rolled his eyes and said I need to buy one. I fluttered my lashes at this strapping 6 foot 1 guy and moved forward on my seat to give him a better view of my tingling chest.

This man was making me feel excited and on fire. I wanted him and I was going to have him! He was looking at my tits and his eyes widened. I uncrossed my long legs and crossed them again on the opposite side like Sharon stone.

Then pulled one leg up ever so slowly so my heels traced the outline of my silky smooth shin. I put my hand between my legs and said ,'I'm sure we can work something out' He looked flustered at my naughty words and then went red in the face.

He composed himself then and said 'No, sorry miss but if you don't have a ticket you will have to get off next station.' He then turned round and I said to him 'I always stay the full journey when I ride honey. Don't be long.' Then I actually got a little nervous as he walked off. Maybe he was going to alert the train station to arrest me for not having a ticket. I sat with butterflies for about 10 minutes as we whizzed past the countryside. I was still so horny though imagining having the hot inspector next to me now.

Pleasuring me with his lips all over my body ,and strong hands sliding over my skin. I closed my eyes and let my fantasy play in my mind. I was so carried away that I didn't even notice the inspector come back in and stand in front of me.

He coughed and I jumped with shock. Then I smiled as I noticed he had a massive raging rock hard cock sticking out of his uniform trousers. He was shaking.

I looked behind me at the old lady at the back of the carriage, she was sleeping.

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I smiled to myself feeling very naughty. I pulled the inspector to me and open my mouth enough to take in the massive head on this throbbing hot cock. It tasted delicious. MMMMMMMM. My tongue flicked over his head and he moaned with delight as i took him slowly into my mouth.

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I had the whole head inside and felt so soft but throbbed hard. I put my hand round the shaft and wanked his skin while i continued to take more of him inside me. I looked up into his eyes as i sucked on his monster cock. I was enjoying this feeling of pleasing hm and sucking on a great cock.

I was stirring between my legs. He was watching me with a look of ecstasy on his face. He began to thrust his cock in a rhythm. More of his thick veiny meat intruded into my mouth. It was more than I could take but he pushed more and more, fucking my face. He built up speed and his pace was unrelentless as he forced me to deepthroat his oversized cock. I had tears streaming down my face and he grabbed my head and had me locked in a position where he could abuse my throat as he pleased.

This wasn't the seduction I had planned. I didn't want to been getting my mouth raped by some guy I didn't know. I was worried the old lady would hear the noise and wake up so I had to take action. I kicked the inspector in the shin and he winced from the pain and released my head and withdrew his battering ram cock. A trail of saliva hung from my lips to his engorged cock. I said 'Not like that!' He said oh well get off at next stop and i'll have the police waiting for you.

I said' Oh really.


I squeezed some precum off his bellend and smeared it onto my bra. 'I wonder what the police will say when I ask them to send my cum soaked bra to forensics.


'You wouldn't! ' he shrieked then put a hand to his mouth as he realised he was making a lot of noise. 'Yes i would and I will. Unless you do what I say. I can shout rape at any moment and I'll have a witness.' He was gobsmacked. I don't think He'd met too many dominant women before.

He liked to get his own way with club sized cock. But he'd met his match now. I was calling the shots. I pulled his pants half way down and pushed him onto the opposite seat. I sat on his lap and laughed quietly. He was shaking. Probably because of the excitement but also partly because his career was in my hands now. I was sat on his knee facing him with my legs either side oh his.

His penis was still like a marble pillar, upright and hard as anything. I undid his tie and used it to his hands behind his back. He tried to struggle but I shushed him with a finger on his lips and nodded in the old lady's direction. This brute was going to be taught a lesson in how to behave towards a lady. I kissed him for a few minutes. He began to relax as I used my tongue and soft gentle kisses on his lips.

Then I kissed him passionately and wanked his cock slowly. This was turning me on too. I was bursting to remove my panties and feel his cock press against my inner thighs. I love the feel of a strong man in my arms and I love the feel of the power I hold of them. Ready to do what I say to ensure they have a great sexual experience. I had a bra with the fastener at the front and I snapped it open easily.

I caressed a breast and pulled it from out of my low cleavage dress. My nipple was swollen and tender as I knelt up and rubbed it against the inspectors lips. He went to suck on it but i pulled away and the kisses him again. I teased him again with my nipple and he tried harder to suck but I was one step ahead. I got my other my tit out and squeezed them both.

I took his cock between my titties and rubbed them up and down wanking his oozing cock. The precum lubricated my knockers and gave him a smooth ride. He was moaning. And begged me to free his hands so he could touch me. 'Shut your mouth before you wake the old bag' I hissed. I continued wanking him and stared at him with a look of warning not to open his trap. So he just accepted his fate and enjoyed the pearl necklace.

I couldn't believe how exciting and dangerous this was. The things one does when they are horny. It was my turn now to be pleasured I wanted to feel his lips on my private parts. So I whispered i was going to untie him. But once false move and I shout rape and pull the emergency cord. I then untied his hands and put my tits in his mouth. I let him have a few minutes to appreciate my pert supple breasts.

He moaned and placed his hands on my sides and moved them over my back. His touch was electric and sent shivers down my spine. His cock was throbbing and I wanted to feel it inside me. But not just yet. I took the tie and wrapped it round his head over his eyes. He began to question me but I said shut up or I'll scream. I secured the blind fold and then got off his lap and stood up and removed my lace panties.

I then knelt on his lap again and let him suck my tits. Then i lifted my top over his head and guided his tongue down my abdomen slowly. I held his hands behind his back whilst he continued his descent. I stopped him just before he reached my groin and reminded him who was in charge. Then I said open wide and inserted a finger. He sucked on it hungrily to my surprise. I put in 2 fingers and he licked them all over. I then inserted my tasty 7 inch beautifully proportioned girl cock into his mouth.

He sucked it half way and then realised it wasn't my fingers. I grabbed his head and fucked all of my clit into his straight macho face. He wriggle about and tried to move his arm from behind his back. But i had them in place and pushed his body into the back of chair.

My love muscle was rock hard and pulsating inside his warm soft throat. I held him in place and fucked him like a slut this time round. I gave him a sharp slap to his face and hissed 'suck my cock'. I then released his hands but kept my weight from allowing him to move forward.

I wanked his cock and continued to ram his mouth with my girly cock. He started to moan and I couldn't tell if it was from pleasure or disgust. I didn't care. He treated me like a bitch so I was only returning the favour. I pulled out my cock and let him have some air.

Sometimes the best way on seducing a guy who has no idea I have a cock hidden in my panties is to just force in their mouth whilst they are unaware and unprepared.

That way by the time they have got over the shock its already sunk in that they adore tranny cock. As I pulled out he moved his head to carry on sucking ' not realising I was going to withdraw my clit. It was then that I knew he liked my cock. He'd never have guessed I had a thick 7 inch ladycock in my panties and it was thrilling to expose him to a whole new world of sex. I put my cock to his lips again and rubbed it over his mouth. He stuck out his tongue and swirled it all over my thick juicy throbbing boner.

I slowly fed him my cock inch by inch until I had the whole thing stuffed in his mouth. He was moaning very quietly, enjoying this new sensation. I was loving the attention he was paying to my cock. He was a natural. I wish you were here to see his macho mouth work up and down my shaft while i played with my nipples. I was about to shoot my creamy tgirl cream down his throat so I pulled out and then stood up. I pulled me dress off and pulled his trousers and briefs down to his ankles and then went on my knees and sucked on his semi hard cock.

It became rock hard again in my mouth and I sucked him all the way whilst I played with my clit. This time there was no struggling to get him in my mouth. When I play with myself I am able to suck like a nanny goat. I got every inch of his 10 inch python down to the back of my throat.

My lips stretched to accommodate his wide load. I was in heaven as I sucked him all the way and wanked myself silly. I grabbed his hands and put them on the back of my head.

He seemed scared to put them there after the telling off he'd had about raping my mouth earlier. But I forced his hands and he realised that I was ok with it. I let him face fuck me and this time I was happy to be his dirty little slut. He rammed into my face allowing my tongue to lick up and down his shaft as he went in and out of my mouth.

My lipstick was smeared all over cock and it was so sexy. He was enjoying this lots as I could feels his cock throbbing like it was going to explode. I didn't want him to shoot yet. There was lots of other fun to be had.

I stood up and turned him round and made him bend over. He had one knee on the seat opposite. I knelt again behind him and put my fingers over his scrotum and traced the shape ever so gently.

This sent him wild and he shivered and jolted. He whispered that it tickles. I said just relax and I carried on. Soon he got used the sensations and I heard moans of ecstasy as I moved my hands over parts of his body most genetic girls are too scared to go. I then licked his balls and his moaning increased. My tongue went up to his perineum. He was trimmed there, which was great for me to get in every nook and cranny. My cock was throbbing and I could hardly touch it for fear of cumming too soon.

I was giving this guy a treat; being seduced in public on a moving train. Not only with a sexy babe, but also one who had a secret every guy fantasises about. I was showing him sensations he never knew existed with my tongue moving north to his chocolate starfish. I flicked over his hole and he twitched in pure pleasure. My tongue worked over his pucker and down to his balls and back up.

I even managed to lick down his shaft and taste a drop of his sweet precum. I put a hand underneath his tummy and inserted a finger into his mouth. He lubed it up and then I put my finger at his ass entrance and pressed. It puckered open a little and he breathed deep. I spat on his hole and then worked my finger inside.

He moaned and put his other knee on the chair. He was doggy style on the hair with his straight virgin ass in my face moaning like a whore. I played inside his anus pushing in and out until he was able to take me easily. I moved my finger further in and felt for his prostate which I found.

I rubbed it and he moaned loud. Too loud! I didn't want an audience. I slapped his arse and reminded his to be quiet. I got him to suck my other finger and worked it inside him.

He took both fingers well and began to thrust is ass back on them. My cock twitched with excitement of taking this man's virginity. I inserted one more finger and got him really relaxed.

I could pull out three fingers and push them in again with ease. He was ready. I spat on my cock and put the head at the tip of his anus. I moved it round in a circle and he moaned and wiggle back in tendon. I then pushed slightly forward allowing the tip to enter. He loved the feeling as did I.

This ass was so hot; round and peachy and bubbly. I could hardly resist from shoving my entire pole inside and burying it to the hilt. I may be a bossy bitch who always gets her man, but I also know how to get a man to surrender his ass the right way.

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So I worked a little bit more at a time, whilst listening to his moans of approval. He was still quite tight as I became more lodged inside and it felt like anal wall was moulding itself around my clit.

This macho stood was going to get a good hard fucking very soon. If I could just hold off ramming him. Before I knew it he was impaled on me and grinding his ass back. He could work it like a pro. I almost came from his movements. I pulled right out and then spat on my cock to add some more lube and then went inside him fully.

He moaned loudly and I put my hand over his mouth. I caught the dirty bastard wanking himself and i slapped his hand away. He wasn't going to cum without me! I continued to fuck him slow and deep, letting him get used to feeling of being penetrated by a shemale cock. I began to pick up pace, thrusting faster and longer inside him.

He was a good shag, his never before played with anus was responding amazingly to my never ending attack with my clit. He tried to wank himself again and I pushed his had away. Just then I felt the train start to slow and he said 'shit, miss I need to the guard room.' I looked round and the old lady still slept.

I said ok but I'm not leaving your ass. I made him walk bent over with pants round his ankles as i walked behind with my cocked stuff up his ass.

We walked through the next empty carriage and then we entered the guard room.


The train was pulling into a station. I as fucked this dirty dick pig we passed people waiting to board the train. He popped his head out the little window and watch the people board. He tried to push me off in case anyway could see in. I slapped his arse very hard and he stifled a yelp. I gave an almighty thrust up his butthole and held my cock in tight whilst I grabbed his body hard against mine. I could see his eyes roll in ecstasy in his reflection in the waiting room window opposite.

I carried on fucking him still gripped skin tight to him. He was breathing hard and pushing back on me so he could his head inside the train. The passengers were on board now. I let him press a button to alert the driver and the train engine started again taking us to a high speed. I decided it was time for my slave to see his mistress at work. I told him to lie on the floor. I then knelt next to him and grabbed his ankles pulling off his trousers and making them into a pillow for his head.

Then i popped my cock back inside him. I had his feet high in the air and my cock deep inside his belly.

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He looked at me with an expression of pure lust. He was completely overtaken by the orgasmic feeling of my cock fucking his ass and touching his prostate. This is the male G spot where the most amazing and sensual pleasure is created.

My big fat cock head was massaging his G spot with deep thrusts. His head moved forwards to see what I was doing to give him such a high. I wanked his cock whilst I kept up a steady of rhythm of fucking his tight ring. He began leaking loads of precum from the the prostate massage. I leant over and kissed him hard. He begged me to fuck him hard. The I felt he train pick up speed and it seemed like the train could read the inspectors thoughts. I increased my pace- my clit was pulled right out and then rammed back into him full force.

His legs were wrapped round my back as we kissed and fucked like an out of control steam train pistons. I could feel my orgasm approaching and I wanted to explode.

This was the best ass I had ever shagged, and he looked so horny on the floor helpless to escape from my power fucking.

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I told him I was ready and asked him where he wanted my cream. He said he didn't know so I decided for him. From nowhere I summoned the last of my stamina and really went to town fucking his cherry. He took over the wanking and brought himself to a climax. I was right behind him. He still had his work shirt on and he shot a huge thick load of white mess all over it.

Then another, and another thick wad. The shirt was a mess of hot steamy love puss. This sent me over the edge. I pulled out whilst he was still shooting and straddled his chest and shot my sweet creamy cock snot into his open mouth.

I had never shot so much before in my life and i felt his continued volleys of cream shoot all over my back and ass. I was exhausted and sat back. By accident his cock pushed into my hole which I never allow men to enter. I needed to rest though and was unable to stop his huge cock enter me. I had never had a double orgasm before. But this felt amazing and his cock pressed against my prostate creating another orgasm.

My body rocked as at the intensity of the orgasm and I spewed forth lots of mores sticky white fluid which landed in the door handle. I was in pure ecstasy I'd never experienced before. I hadn't had a cock inside me for years and now this mammoth cock most people who run away from was buried deep in my hole. I felt him continue to cum inside me and it was tricking out my hole.

I finally collapsed on top of the gorgeous inspector with his love wand inside me. We kissed for a long time and we both purred like cats. I gradually came to my senses and realised I was on a train and there were people about. I reluctantly got off the inspectors still hard cock and cleaned myself up. I went back into the carriage when i had seduced my sexy inspector and the old lady was awake.

I saw my knickers on the floor where I had left them and picked them up. The lady gave me a dirty look. I sat down with my back to her and smiled to myself. She got up and went into the guars room. The train slowed down then as it pulled into the station.

I followed the woman to see what she was doing. She was speaking to the inspector and pointing towards the carriage she had just left. She mentioned me as the train stopped.

I said 'thanks for the ride gorgeous', and blew him a kiss and handed him my ticket that I had had on me all the time. He went bright red but smiled.

The old lady tutted and went to open the door getting my cum all over hand.