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Guayaquil doctor muestra su polla los paciente dontologo pajero loco
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Mindy's Thirst Grows Having more money than she could ever spend and still making a fortune with each new film she sold to her special lists of clients really had benefits. Mindy was afforded the luxury of her own pleasure yacht and a private marina slip on mainland Naples. Of course at home on the island she had her own private dock, and with her place being completely secluded she was able to bring guests to her estate without any prying eyes.

For the past several years Mindy had been content with procuring a victim(s) about once and month and after a couple days of torture she would rid herself of them.

Now Mindy had a thirst for even more sadistic sophisticated and enduring torture. Having her 28th birthday coming up, Mindy decided to go to Naples and select a very special birthday gift for her. Haley and Brent were locals and had been born and raised in Naples.

Their parents had moved to Italy almost 30 years ago and never left. Haley was the younger of the two and was 22 years of age and her brother Brent was 28. Haley was a petite woman with long flowing dark brown hair and firm 34B breasts. Her skin was perfectly tanned and Mindy visualized a neatly trimmed pubic hair area. Haley had full lush lips and the lavender lipstick was a perfect match to highlight her silvery blue eyes.

Brent was a good six foot tall and Mindy guessed about one seventy five. Like his sister, he had a nicely tanned body and a mouth full of very white teeth.

His hair was short and also dark brown and he had the bluest eyes Mindy had ever seen. Their parents had died in a private plane crash over two years prior and Haley and Brent was living off of the insurance money.

They were going to move to the United States the following weekend and were having one last fling with their friends. Mindy nonchalantly moved through the group and since it was in a local pub it wasn't an exclusive party. Mindy eventually worked her way into a conversation with Haley and upon finding they were moving to the states in a few days, Mindy told Haley she too was moving within the next few days.

Not wanting to draw attention to her, Mindy excused herself and suggested to Haley that after the party she and her brother Brent join her for a final drink and maybe they could end up flying back to the states together. Since secrecy was paramount Mindy gave them her marina slip number and told them they could just come to her Yacht and they could take a late night excursion while enjoying each other's company.

Haley and Brent arrived at Mindy's boat around one thirty in the morning and when they came aboard, Mindy noticed one stranger just up the dock from her slip. The couple told Mindy they got lost and he directed them to her boat. Mindy told the couple to go below and fix themselves a drink and she'd be right back. She said she needed to let the harbor master know she would be taking the yacht out as was required by the management of the marina.

Once Haley and Brent were below, Mindy rushed up the ramp and intercepted the gentleman who led the couple to her. After thanking the man for his generosity and trying to give him a tip which he refused, Mindy said good night and readied her.

As soon as the man turned his back to her and began to walk up the dock, Mindy shoved an eight inch blade into his back and began to twist it. His screams were muffled by her free hand as the blade cut and destroyed his liver and kidneys.

Mindy was an expert at a clean kill and keeping the knife deeply embedded inside the man, there was minimal blood escaping. With feet firmly planted and keeping her body a good foot from the man's, Mindy was able to keep any blood from getting on her own clothes, she would rinse her hands in the harbor and Haley and Brent would be none the wiser. Mindy orgasm as the man's struggling weakened and his body became limper as the life was draining.

Kissing him tenderly on the cheek, Mindy thanked him for meddling with her friends and giving her this opportunity to thank him in her special way. Dropping him to the dock then rolling his body into the harbor, Mindy whistled with glee as she went back to her new friends. Mindy was confident this man was the only one who could have placed the couple with her yacht should any investigation be launched. First two days were spent just to get to know the likes and dislikes of the couple and even though Brent and Haley were expecting to depart for the states within a week, Mindy had convinced to them hold off purchasing their airline tickets for one more week.

Tonight would be the night when Mindy would finally begin her grand scheme of turning the couples trust into a living nightmare and she was giddy with anticipation. With a correct dosage of relaxers in their drinks tonight, Mindy would be able to convince the couple to have a three some with an ending only she would love. Come on Haley, Mindy kept coaxing, it's ok to touch your brother's cock. In her drugged induced state of mind, Haley was moving closer to the actual act and Mindy knew she was in control now.

Mindy slowly pumped Brent's thick hard cock as she licked her lips and watched as Haley's eyes were transfixed on his cock. As Mindy's fingers massaged and squeezed Brent's rock solid hard cock, he moaned uncontrollably.

Methodically Mindy worked him to a lather and with precise stopping and starting she was able to keep control and not let Brent cum. Haley's hand was only inches from her brother's cock when Mindy reached out and took her hand in her own and guided it to Brent's cock.

Slowly Haley masturbated her own brother's cock and a trickle of saliva escaped her mouth as her own body was responding to the highly sexual atmosphere now filling the room.

While Haley and Brent were in their own world of incestuous sex foreplay, Mindy went unnoticed as she began setting out things she would be using in a very short time. Some of the items now organized on the side table were straps, gags, pliers, needles, electro shock toys among others. Brent's moans signaled he was about to cum so Mindy took charge and showed Haley how to cool him down and keep the fun going. Eventually Mindy convinced Haley to lick the head of Brent's cock and taste the precum that now ran freely from the slit of the head.

With Mindy's expert direction Haley was able to keep teasing her brother with her hands and mouth and not let him cum. When Brent started pushing his sister's head down on his cock, Haley tried to withdraw but with Mindy's insistence Brent held her fast.

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Pushing his hips up while shoving his sister's head down, Haley began choking and convulsing as her breathing was being cut off. Mindy began kissing Brent passionately on the lips while at the same time she placed her hands over Brent's to keep pressing Haley's face down on his cock. Brent was oblivious to his sister's inability to breathe but Mindy had a massive orgasm just from the sound of Haley's struggled breathing and seeing her turn almost purple from the lack of oxygen.

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Yes Mindy exhaled excitedly as she felt Brent's body tense and knew he was about to flood his own sister's mouth full of his cum. Mindy playfully chewed on Brent's lower lip to keep him from realizing he was gagging his own sister to death and as his cum shot like a volcano from his cock, she shoved her tongue into his mouth as her own orgasm rocked her body. "Yes, yes, and yes" she moaned heatedly into his mouth as she watched his sister's body convulse as her lungs tried desperately to get air.

Cum filled Haley's throat, restricting any air at all from being absorbed by her lungs and her feeble attempt to pull her head away was almost unnoticed by her sex craved brother.

Mindy kept the steady pressure on the back of her head until Brent's cock finally went limp and slipped from her mouth. Removing his hands from the back of her sister's head, he was shocked when she fell to the floor, unmoving and almost blue. Before he could recover from the shock, Mindy had him cuffed to the metal headboard and was quickly securing his legs also.

"Yes Brent, you practically killed your own sister just so you could cum" Mindy chastised him as she tightened the ankle restraints until they cut into his skin.

"Don't worry though, she'll regain her composure and then I'll show her how to take care of a man who has no qualms with raping his own sister's throat. As Brent tried to protest, Mindy shoved a ball gag into his mouth with such force that she chipped several of his front teeth. Smiling Mindy rubbed her wet crotch over Brent's upper thigh and told him the reason she was so wet was solely due to watching him choke out his sister. Mindy loved watching her victims eyes widen in fear the moment they first realized she was in total control and was an evil bitch.

As Haley sputtered and began to regain consciousness, Mindy grabbed the girl by her hair and pulled her across the room. Turning the still only half conscious woman onto her stomach, Mindy brought Haley's hands back and cuffed them together.

With her hands bound together, Mindy ordered Haley to go to the chair next to the bed where Brent was restrained and sit down. Using duct tape, Mindy secured Haley's lower legs and also her upper torso to the chair.

The tape was ran just below Haley's firm breasts and held her in place. Just looking at Haley's perfectly formed breasts excited Mindy and she couldn't resist sucking on them.

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As her lips closed around one nipple and her mouth sucked like a baby milking its mother, Mindy shoved two fingers into her own hot cunt and began to finger fuck herself.

Even in her fear of what Mindy might have in store for herself and her brother, Mindy's own body tricked her and she began to moan softly as Mindy sucked and nibbled first on one and then on the other nipple. Haley's obvious sexual arousal was music to Mindy's ears and as she continued to suck and nibble Haley's nipples, she fingered fucked herself more vigorously.

The sound of her own juices sloshing around her delving fingers pushed Mindy over the edge and she had a powerful orgasm just as Haley's own body tensed up as she also orgasmed. Pulling her dripping wet fingers from her cunt; Mindy brought them up to Haley's mouth and told the younger woman to suck them clean. Haley was beside herself from the orgasm still racking her body as she hungrily sucked as much of Mindy's fingers into her mouth that she could take.

When she had cleaned all of the juice from Mindy's fingers she surprised herself by begging Mindy to feed her more. Accommodating the younger woman, Mindy tipped the chair onto its back and squatted over Haley's face. Grinding her hips across Haley's face as the younger woman sucked and licked only heightened Mindy's desire to make the horny bitch pay for being such a slut.

Leaning back, Mindy shoved her hand into Haley's shorts and found the woman's hard pulsating clit. Rubbing the clit vigorously as she continued to feed Haley from her dripping cunt, Mindy was amazed just how excited this woman was. Moving her fingers a little lower, Mindy was able to slide two fingers easily into the younger woman's cunt. Fingering the woman faster and harder Mindy arched her own back as another wet orgasm rocked her body and soul.

Haley seemed to not be able to resist sucking Mindy's cunt and her own juices were flowing freely as the older woman fingered her roughly.

As she ground her cunt into the woman's face, Mindy put more and more pressure over Haley's nose until she felt Haley struggling to free her face from her crotch. Pressing down as hard as she could, Mindy felt the cartilage of Haley's nose collapse as she ground her wet cunt harder and faster. As the younger woman tried in vain to get Mindy off her, she screamed a blood curdling scream as Mindy shoved her fist into Haley's cunt.

As the fist slammed into her captive's cunt, Mindy would open her fingers wide and claw the soft sweet inner walls of the woman's womb. Being duct taped to the chair, Haley's efforts to free her was useless but the tensing of her body and twisting of her head told Mindy that the younger woman was in dire pain. Feeling the inner cunt walls of Haley shredded by her fingernails brought an evil smile to Mindy's face.

Looking over at Brent helplessly tied to the bed, Mindy loved his hate filled eyes and his bleeding wrists from trying to break the bindings as he tried valiantly to free himself. The warm blood from her crushed nose ran down Haley's cheeks and she wept uncontrollably as she realized neither her nor her brother would ever leave this place. Rising from Haley's bloodied face, Mindy sat the chair upright again so Brent could see his sister's flawless face covered with blood and see her crushed nose.


As his body convulsed and his eyes shot hatred at Mindy, she grinned and with a swift back handed swipe she drove Haley's lips into her teeth as the chair went flying off its feet. Looking down at Haley, Mindy directed her comments to Brent when she said the pain and disfiguration so far was just an appetizer. Bringing the chair once again to its normal setting position, Mindy sadistically licked the flowing blood from Haley's nose and mouth and chewed roughly on the girl's cut lips.

Each time she got a mouth of blood; Mindy would move over to Brent's face and let it dribble into his mouth around the ball gag. As the veins in his neck thickened and pulsed in his extreme anger, Mindy egged him on more by chewing his sister's battered lips and sucking her blood.

Haley's inner thighs were coated with blood from the mutilation of her inner cunt walls and Mindy smeared this blood over Haley's breasts until they looked like to firm red mounds.

Cutting the duct tape and grabbing Haley by the hair, Mindy was able to have Haley's blood covered breasts slapping her brother in the face. Brent reluctantly licked and sucked on his sister's breasts as Mindy repeatedly ran three inch long needles into Haley's midsection to give him incentive.

Haley's screams of pain from the torture turned into a consistent sobbing which didn't set well with Mindy. She had to have control at all times and make sure the victims didn't get comfortable with their level of pain.

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With Brent licking on Haley's left breast, Mindy took a knife and removed not only the nipple but also the entire areola area of Haley's right breast. As blood poured from the fresh opening and Haley's screams returned, Mindy ordered Brent to suck on the bleeding breast of his sister. As soon as Brent's mouth encircled the deformed right breast, Mindy cut the areola and nipple from his sister's left breast.

Brent tried valiantly to lick and suck the blood from his sister's breasts and try to slow the bleeding but the more he licked and sucked the more she bled. After fifteen minutes of licking and sucking Mindy tired of this scene. Grabbing Haley's long hair, Mindy yanked the battered woman off of her brother and tossed her onto the floor next to the chair.

Ordering the girl to get the fuck up and sit on the chair, Mindy walked across the room and opened a large drawer.

Slowly and methodically, Mindy withdrew a steam iron from the drawer, hoping what was coming next would register in her victim's minds. Brent was the first to really Mindy was going to use the iron to close the openings in his sister's breasts and once again tried in vain to break the bindings holding his wrists. He jerked his right arm so violently that the snap of his wrist was clearly heard.

While he screamed in pain, Mindy removed his ball gag so she could hear the pain in his voice. Mindy loved her secluded retreat on the island and knew her victims could scream all they wanted and no one would ever hear them. Smiling wickedly at Brent as he screamed and also cursed, Mindy nonchalantly stated that the iron will be ready in a few minutes and she wondered if his sister's screams would override his.

Although the thought of Haley's body convulsing and flopping around like a fish out of the water while being tortured with the iron excited Mindy, she wanted to ensure the girl remained on the chair so Brent could see the gruesome sight.

Mindy took a heavy leather strap and ran around the thin waist of Haley and the chair back and buckled it. She then put a wide collar on the girl's neck and using a small chain attached to it, Mindy secured Haley's neck also to the back of the chair. Mindy was happy with her selection of this heavy metal chair with a slatted back. It afforded her the luxury of securing her victims to the point of no matter how big and strong they were, they wouldn't be able to free themselves. With the girl ready for her next introduction to Mindy's evil mind, Mindy picked up the iron and brought it close to Haley's left breast.

Just inches from the breast however, Mindy stopped and turned to face Brent. Telling Brent it would be a shame if the iron wasn't hot enough yet so she should test it first. Bringing her face inches from Brent's and looking directly into his perfect blue eyes, Mindy firmly planted the iron onto his stomach.

The blood curdling scream coming from deep within Brent, along with the smell of burning flesh was like a stimulant to Mindy and she also screamed, but hers was due to a massive orgasm coursing through her body.

When Mindy removed the iron from Brent's stomach, his skin and some meat was still attached to the hot iron. Without an ounce of emotion in her eyes, Mindy scraped his skin from the iron with a large hunting style knife and turned to Haley and announced it was time to stop the bleeding from the girl's mutilated breasts.

Mindy leaned over and began to kiss Haley fully on the lips in a sadistic show of affection as the iron was pressed against the young woman's left breast.

The searing flesh sizzled like bacon and Haley's body did convulse and jerk violently as Mindy held the iron there for what seemed like an eternity. When she finally removed the iron from the breast and released her kiss, she noticed a small trace of blood on the girl's neck from straining against the collar in pain.

Mindy knew this was going to be her masterpiece to date and the money she'd get from this snuff would make all other sales seem miniscule.


Bringing the iron down again, but this time on the right breast, Mindy stared into the almost lifeless eyes of Haley as the girl's body convulsed again with renewed energy. Haley was choking herself involuntarily as she strained from the pain and with Mindy standing slightly to the side Brent was able to see all the pain in his sister's eyes. Wanting to keep this intensity going, Mindy pulled the iron from Haley's breast and with it just inches from the young woman's crotch, Mindy pushed the steam button.

The steam roared from the iron and immediately cooked the tender outer lips of Haley's cunt and inner thighs. The pain was more than Haley could endure and with one last violent effort to free her, Mindy heard the crushing of the girl's larynx and the gasp as the girl desperately tried to breathe. Haley's body convulsed violently for a couple of minutes and then the convulsing lessened as Haley slowly died from the lack of oxygen.

The entire time, Brent was screaming and sobbing at the same time as he watched his little sister's life draining from her young sweet body. In her last act of showing how sadistic and sick she was, Mindy kissed the dead girls lips for a full five minutes as she ground her own crotch into the dead girls lap until she had another orgasm.

Dipping her fingers into her now wet cunt, Mindy placed her cum covered fingers into Haley's mouth. She did this several times, until most of her juices were now coating the lifeless inner mouth of Haley. Turning to face Brent, she asked him if he thought his sister liked the taste of her cum. Leaving Haley's corpse strapped to the chair, Mindy informed Brent she needed to get some rest and would see him in the morning.

Leaving the light on so he would see his sister's corpse only feet from him, Mindy went and showered and then slept peacefully. After being forced to look at his dead sister's corpse all night Brent was very defiant and told Mindy she could do whatever she wanted but he wouldn't give her the satisfaction of hearing him scream or beg for mercy. Mindy assured Brent that she didn't care whether he begged for mercy or not but she would guarantee that he'd beg her to end his life before she was done with him.

To make her point, Mindy took a pair of pruning shears from her back pocket and while looking into Brent's eyes she snipped the tip of his pinkie finger at the first knuckle.

True to his word, Brent didn't make a sound although he was gritting his teeth and a trace of a tear formed at the corner of his eyes. Seeing this, Mindy smiled knowingly as she took another snip from the finger, removing it to its second knuckle.

Unable to restrain himself, Brent screamed louder than he had to this point and the profanities spewed from his mouth non-stop. Undaunted, Mindy removed the stub of his pinkie finger as she smiled with his every scream and every uttered profanity. Although she got her point across and proved to Brent that she could make him scream in pain, Mindy decided to remove another finger just since she could.

As the jaw of the pruner closed onto the next finger, the crunching of the bone was more pronounced since it was much thicker and denser than his pinkie. Mindy eased the pruner through the bone, wanting to make it last as long as possible.

She wanted Brent to feel every nerve ending being severed and hear the bone slowly being cut in to. Brent screamed and his head thrashed from side to side as the pruner jaws got closer to completion as his finger tip was about to fall onto the table top.

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As soon as the tip was removed, Mindy picked it up and shoved it into Brent's mouth. Holding her hand over his mouth to prevent him from spitting it out, Mindy used her free hand to retrieve the ball gag she had removed the evening before. Shoving the ball into Brent's mouth and securing the strap at the back of his head, Brent had no choice but to finally swallow his own fingertip. As his throat swallowed repeatedly to force the finger out of his larynx and into his digestive tract, his eyes blazed a new found hatred towards Mindy.

The IV drip bag was two thirds full of the almost clear liquid as Mindy busied herself setting up the stand and preparing the needle to stick into Brent's vein located in the crook of his inside elbow. Although Brent's wrist was secured and it would be next to impossible for him to break free, Mindy was concerned about his jerking his upper body violently enough to dislodge the needle once it was in place. Connecting a three inch wide heavy duty strap to one side of the bed, Mindy coated the area of the strap that would be running across Brent's chest with thick glue.

Running the strap across his chest, with the glue pressed against his chest, Mindy pulled it tight and secured the other end to the opposite side of the bed. Looking into his eyes, Mindy told him he can squirm and twist all he wants but now with the glued strap running across his chest; it might be a little more painful than before. Even though she instructed Brent to open and close his good fist (the one with all the fingers still intact) several times to make his vein easier to put the needle in, Brent refused.

Mindy attached electrical leads to the lobes of both of his ears and when she turned the switch on, 50,000 volts shot through Brent's body. With sweat pouring from his face and the tip of his tongue severed from when he clenched his jaw so violently as the juice ran through him, Mindy smiled as she noticed his veins enlarged and pulsating in his arms.

"You should have listened and clenched your fist like I asked." Mindy said as she looked into his frightened eyes.

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As she prepared his arm to receive the needle, Mindy assured Brent that the solution, although deadly will take hours to work so he shouldn't think the end is finally here. With the first drip from the IV going into Brent's system, he screamed and his head thrashed from side to side.

Its then Mindy told Brent the solution that is being fed into him vein was Hydrochloric Acid solution and although caustic, it would slowly eat away his veins but during the entire process he would be in excruciating pain.

Mindy had the IV drip set to inject a drop every three minutes to start with and knew with the dilution of blood, it would indeed take twelve to eighteen hours of pure torture before Brent would finally die a horrendous death. Being sadistic but also turned on constantly whenever she was torturing her victims, Mindy wanted to have sex with Brent during the ordeal.

She had found some heavy duty metal tubes from a sex website designed to be inserted into a man's penis through the slit and running it down the length of his shaft.

Coating the tube from the base to the tip, Mindy slowly and expertly worked it down the full length of Brent's eight inch long cock. Mindy knew each time the IV drip gave Brent another drop from his intense screams and each time he screamed, Mindy's cunt would get wetter and quiver.

Removing her clothing, her gorgeous tight body fully exposed, Mindy got onto the table and hovered over Brent's artificially erect cock.

Taking his thick cock in one hand, Mindy told Brent she was going to ride him until she couldn't take anymore. Her dripping cunt easily engulfed Brent's rigid and thick cock and Mindy ground her sweet cunt against the base of it while twisting and pulling on her nipples as her passion grew.

Just as the first wave of orgasm tore through her body, Brent's body jerked and actually shoved his cock deeper as another drip of acid entered his body. Mindy loved how Brent fucked her deep involuntarily and chided him as her juices ran over his crotch non-stop. Even in the excruciating pain he was in, the constant movement of Mindy's tight cunt on his cock eventually made him naturally hard and he even shot a couple loads of thick cum inside the woman's body.

Mindy rode Brent without a break for over two hours and when she finally slipped off the table in total exhaustion she could see the acid was diluting Brent's blood faster than she anticipated and he was already going into unconsciousness.

Of course with all the heart pounding sex they just had, it made sense that his body dispersed the acid more rapidly than if he just lay there inert. Leaning over, Mindy removed the ball gag and kissed Brent on the lips in a long and ran her tongue in his mouth.

As she prepared to leave the room Mindy thanked him for giving her such pleasure over the past few days and told him soon he would join his sister. As she turned off the light and closed the door, she knew by the time she woke the next morning, Brent would be dead. She whistled happily as she stepped into the shower and began to cleanse herself.