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Sexy deutsche Tante Yolanda
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Chapter 1. "Now what do you want?" My lips where glossing from the lights in the dressing room, every girl getting ready for tonight. "Stop the attitude missy, now come on, you have a client." Lea snapped at me, fixing her fishnets up to her thighs. "No, I am tired, please!" I turned to her, hoping she would let me go this once, but her response was always the same.

Two years I was in this business, since I had been kidnapped and forced into the job. Now, it is worthless for me to try to escape. I prayed every night for my escape but it is always neglected, stuck in this fucking hellhole.

As girls like me where called "Slaves" we had to please the many clients who came. A guy named Alexander ran the place, oh what a cruel man he was.

He would kidnap girls, and sell their bodies to guys, and I was one of them. Alexander ran Slave on Bars, the name of the bar I was in. His father had died recent days, so he was now in charge, but as the manager, he was pretty young and tough, and yet he was at times good hearted. No one ever told me his real age, but he seemed 18, maybe 19 by his young features. I was 16 currently, and my honey eyes, swelling with tears.

Lea had been the assistant of Alexander and she was older than him, 25 to be exact. She would hit any girl who would leave a customer unsatisfied, and were suffered by humiliation I haven't experienced.

All the girls in this room, except for Lea, had the same situation as mine. They had been all kidnapped, and forced to work here, and their ages similar as mine, from 12 to 19. But when you turn twenty, or you are misbehaving, or leaving too many customers unsatisfied, you are forced to leave life forever. They way the would terminate you was atrocious and heartless. They would take all your bones apart, rip 'em and give them to the dogs as treats, and for the flesh you had once lived upon, were dumped in the streams, the meal for the fishes.

A door opened suddenly as my thoughts rumbled, and Alexander stepped in, and watched the girls all lined up immediately. It was a drill, every time he stepped into these doors, we were instructed to line up in front of him, side by side, for unknown reasons. He snickered silently, proud to have abducted our souls, in exchange for his own uses. He touched a couple of girls down their skirts, and both of them decided to do nothing but shut their eyes tightly and moan silently.

But no one ever experienced my encounters with him. He would not sleep with any of the girls in this institution, but me, because as the manger, he was not to do that, but only the professionals. (The professionals who were the real time prostitutes coming from other countries for him.) For it was our little secret that no one could know, and if there were to find out, I would be a nice treat to the dogs.

He was too, the guy I lost my virginity with, and the guy I couldn't help but order his commands. He licked his fingers after he was done, teasing the other girls, and signaling them to depart. Everyone left to start their horrifying night with aged human beings, not having any mercy on us. After everyone was released, even Lea, he orders me to stay tonight, for reasons to be predicted.

His blonde highlighted bangs shined too in the intense beam. His navy blue eyes pierced onto mine. He petted my coal medium curls, my golden skin shivering by his touch. I knew that tonight's client was to be him. "Don't worry, you'll have your client tonight, but," He said, pulling my cherry miniskirt up. "I should have a little fun too." "Please don't!" I screamed on top of my lungs repeating my sentence, his finger making their way down.

I shed tears, (every client that I ever had, waterworks would start pouring, for I was not meant to be use the way I was.) Alexander had had it with me a bunch of times; he had an obsession with my body as he said every time he would splash my face with his cum. "Hey, I am paying her to be with me, not you." A voice came up, and Alexander stopped his way in, a guy with short bangs and spiky black hair. Hs green eyes shined too, he had the perfect features of an attractive male.

Alexander grinned, but smiled afterwards.

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He took his hands down, but put his hands on my rear end. "Out of all the girls here, why you picked her brother?" My mouth turned dry, and my skin pale as the lights above me.

"I just do." He smiled. Brothers? I thought. I never knew Alexander had brothers, or ever expected. A deep silence covered the room, our breathing and pulse was the only sound accompanying the hush. "Well, pick someone else, this one if thirsty for me." He licked my cheek, slowly and intensely my eyes shutting from the locomotion.

I turned away in discuss, trying to push away from him, but he would do nothing but pull me closer. His brother stepped forward and grabbed my arm trying to break me free, but Alexander was just too muscular, and each of them had one of my arms.

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"I could share her tonight if you want to join?" Alexander's evil smirk appeared once again. "No, I want her alone." "You better be paying her good, Garret, cause it is your first and last time with her." Alexander let me go, Garret a hold of me now.

'Who says I'm not coming back for more?" Garret made the same facial expression as Alexander's and from that, I could tell they were related. Alexander pissed of, whispered into my ear. "After your done with this bastard, you come to my office, okay?" His voice penetrated into my brain leaving a scar there to remained the full hours of darkness. "Now let's see what you are made of." Garret mumbled, and we exit the changing room.

We stood on the hall, rooms containing the walls of it.We sauntered slowly, searching for an available room. I could hear the complaining and the satisfaction of men and girls in the rooms.

Thumping was usual, and crying was expected, s how I began. I was terrified, even if I had this situation for two years already, but it felt as if it was my first time. "That's turning me on." He smacked his lips, and continued. I was behind him, his hand grasped into mine.

For his features, he appeared a little bit older than me, but not older than Alexander. Seventeen was my presumption. He finally found a space for us, and unfastens the door, not too much in case someone was occupying the room. It was empty, so we stepped in, and he flung me violently into the rosy bed, my dark thoughts tormenting me. He stood in front of me, slowly unbuttoning his shirt off, as I sat on the middle of the bed, frightened and alarmed.

He observed me as he gradually took his top off revealing his abs and all the wonders of a man, and soon his hand unzipping his jeans, leaving his boxers on, and crawling into my side.

He slowly began taking my strapless tank top out of my body, my tears starting to come back as he examine my breast, a strapless bra covering my nipples. He smiled at them as if they were his two precious babies. He began slobbering my neck with his lips, which my body resisted by shaking.

"Are you nervous?" He chuckled at my uncontrollable shaking. "I don't want…" I stopped, for it was a million times I had stated this, and a million times I had been rejected. I wiped the water from my bloody red eyes away, and was prepared to sacrifice my body once again.

I expected for him to laugh even harder at my half stated sentence, but instead, he had stopped. I stare at him, questioning why he wasn't undressing me, or speaking his polluted intellect into my used ears.

He sat down in front of me, both of us half undressed, as more moans surrounded us. "How long have you been working with my brother?" Garret suddenly asked me a question that I never expected a client to ask. "Two years." My lips barely letting the words go still shocked by his remark. "Who did you loose it with, my brother?" I nodded, not exactly knowing why he asked me such questions. He gawked at me for a while, and I could see thru his boxers that he was ready to pierce that thing inside me.

But he restrained himself; to ask me these questions I still could fully explain. His thumb came across my lashes, wiping the little tears left in me.

"What's your name?" He asked. But it was a rule here to not revel your identity, one of the few rules here. The other rule that also was important was to not 'kiss' the client on the lips, which was rare since you are having sexual contact. So, therefore, I had never had my first kiss, yet I wasn't a virgin. "I can't say. It's a rule here, and you should know since you are Alexander's brother." I pulled a sheet form the bed to cover my breast, preventing him to be even more tempted.

"Don't be fussy, or else you ain't getting out of here." "What do you mean?" "I mean I could maybe get you the hell out of here." My eyes widened as he spoke those words I thought in my entire life I wasn't to hear. My mouth turned to a desert, gulping every, tiny saliva I had in me. Water began tumbling down my cheeks, but for the wrong reasons. No longer these tears were from harsh treatment, but for happiness, a feeling I had left behind when I was taken.

My ears didn't expect this, and my brain repeating the words he spoke a minute ago to me, making sure this was no dream. "You seem sad about what I have told you, since you are crying." He smiled; a beautiful grin without any sin within them, pure and truthful containing every inch. "No, I am shocked, I…I didn't except this to ever…" My words could arrange themselves for I was to energize, but soon consoling down, for he might as well just be messing with my intellect.

"Don't worry, I get you." He stood up, putting his jeans up again. "You aren't kidding? But why?" I asked sitting there as if I were a motionless statue.

"I think you have suffered enough here, unlike other girls, they in time start liking their new job. The other girls just give in for me, but you…" He paused, giving it a thought, and continued. "You are different." I blushed for no reason, and he could tell right away, even if I contained a golden skin.

I quickly snatched my tank top, but he stopped me. He handed me his button up indigo shirt. "We don't want you to look like one of the girls here." Not only was he kind and good looking, but also he was smart.But his brother was too, but his kindness only showed when I was alone with him. I put it on, his cologne being so graceful and attractive. I shook my head from the spell of the smell, and waited for his next command. He told me to go under the sheets, and pretend to be asleep.

I do as I am told, but leaving one eye a bit opened to see what he was to do next. He opened the door slowly, but it suddenly busted opened, Garret pushed out of the way. I saw standing in the other side of the room, Alexander, his eyes full of rage. "Are you done?" Alexander peeked over his shoulders, and saw me laying down, not showing I had his shirt on.

"No, I wanted some water, but we are still going." He said confidently. "I didn't hear any screams from Liz, and she is a screamer." I felt ashamed when Alexander said that, my temperature rising furiously. "Well you didn't come soon enough to hear it." "Finish her fast." Alexander shut the door in front of him, leaving a silence behind.

He turned to me immediately. "I didn't know you were a screamer." He chortled. I sat down, my eyes enraged at his comment. His fingers indicated me to come forward, next to where he stood. He opened the door once again, and locked the doorknob. He looked both ways before he grabbed my hand tightly. Then he shoots out, me behind him, as a cannon ball, closing the door softly but running fast in the empty hall.

We ran straight across, and we saw an opening, the end of the hall, which I interoperated as the exit. A guard sat there wondering his on business when he spotted us.

Garret made a sudden stop, and pulled a gun from his back pocket. I gave a small gasp, and at the time being, he had shot the guard, now lying dead.


It was a historic moment for me, the first time in two years since I been out in the open air. Thus the air wasn't pleasant since the club was located were the trash were dumped so Alexander wouldn't get caught.

But I had no time to admire the day I got liberated, not yet. We got on a crimson red sports car, which shone under the moonlight. He started the sucker up, and with a quick stomp, the car travel immense speeds. That was until we reached society, and he went at regular speeds as how the rest of the machines operated. We were at a highway, bright red, and white lights shone in every corner. Not including the lights besides us, from all the stores and buildings, it was a remarkable experience.

He turned the volume up till my ears where throbbing from the pain with the bass.

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He sang some of the Rock 'n Roll songs played by the radio, thunderous and plain for the world to hear. My foot tapped with the rhythm, and I soon began too took pleasure in the ride this stranger gave me.


"So what's your name?" His sang tuning with the song that was playing, his eyes on the road, but his soul facing me. "Liz." I yelled from the noise of the radio. "What!" He yelled back, and turned the radio down for a descent conversation to take in. "Liz." I repeated, and complemented my name.

I thought my name was so simple and not that attractive, I wished at times I had the name Jasmine, or Susanne, Dianne, names that sounded more provocative than Liz. After our name dispute, our voices rested down, and listened to the outside world. I just breathed in the fresh air I had now the pleasure to take, and the freedom I felt. "So do you have a place to stay?" Garret parked the car, in front of us, the view of useless, lifeless, apartments.

Now that I thought of it, no, I didn't. I wanted to find my mom and my dad, the only ones I desire to see. "My parents house." I said cheerfully, never thinking I was to speak those words. "Okay, good luck." He said leaving the car, and going upstairs, where the repulsive apartments where. I quickly got out of the car, and climbed up, meeting him in front of one of the apartments.

"Are you just going to leave me?" "Umm, yeah I have a life you know." He barked at me, unlocking the door. "But I don't know the way." "So." He discontinued leaving the door ajar. "I was hoping…" I paused; embarrassed I had to ask if I could stay. "You can stay here." He smiled opening the door all the way.

I stepped in, expecting an unorganized and filthy place, but as he turned the light on, the place was very neat. "Welcome…to my…or my girlfriends, apartment!" He said, as I stand unmoved. He had a girlfriend, and he slept with other girls? What a player! "Can I use your phone?" I felt like an intruder with all the favors he did, and I was asking more.

"Sure." He handed me his Blackberry. "Hey Jessica, I'm home babe." Before I could dial my parent's number, which thankfully I haven't forgotten, I looked ahead to find myself with a good-looking female.

Her eyes like no other, so crystal, sapphire eyes that illuminated the room. Her perfectly highlighted hair, made her golden locks become brighten. Her body contained the perfect curved, and her breast much larger than mine. Her smoky make up made her face look natural full of attractiveness.

Her eyes met my dull eyes and quickly turned to Garret, who was heading where she was. "Who is she?" Her eyes turned back to me. "Aren't you going to greet me?" He was now all over her, touching her, and seducing her. She was stiff as a statue, not any of his gentle touch made her tick.

He sights and gets a soda out of the kitchen. "She is just my friends girlfriend. She has no home, and he dumped her." "Do you expect me to believe that?" She sassed him, but he just sat on the couch.

Oh, don't mind me, I'm just standing here at the entrance like a total fool! "Yeah, Cause it's the truth. She is staying for a while okay." He said, turning back at her. "Well, she has to have her parents, what is she 14?" "15, and yeah she is going to call them." "Okay then, she can leave tomorrow." She said, glancing at me.

Garret stands up, and tells me to go outside and call them. I obeyed, and shut the door behind me, leaving me unaccompanied in the sinister. But I had a force that attracted me to the door, and couldn't help but to listen to their conversation.

"She is staying." Garret said in a harsh voice. "No, if you want me, you have to take her to her parents." "Why?" "Because she is a girl!" "Calm down, I just need to stick my dick up your pussy, and you'll change your mind." "Shut up! No, Garret get rid of her!" "Why are you jealous?" "No, she can't compare to me!" "You are right." A silence grew, and I quickly step out of the door.

I shook my head, forgetting that they had chat about, and dialed my mom's phone number. It began to ring. "Mom?" "Excuse me, who is this?" It was she, the same voice, how little did her change! I was so shocked; it took a while before I responded. "Its Liz." I shouted in happiness. "Liz, oh…I thought you where dead." How cold my heart greeted me after her words flowed to my ear. "No, I was kidnapped and…" "This is costing me, just do a favor and just hang up." Nothing could compare the frosty vocabulary.

My blood froze by her terms; the heart beat barely making a sound. She hanged up, to her own daughter that hasn't seen her in two years.

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"Something wrong?" A voice came up out of the blue. "I am leaving." Tears again flowed, I almost felt like kneeling down and cry till my heart came out. "Where, I'll take you." Garret closed the door behind him. "No, I am leaving by myself." "Where is it?" "I'm not going to my parents." "Why?" "They don't want me." He didn't ask any questions, I was better of to the place I was stuck in, believing my parents seek for me.

He glanced at the moon, and turned his head forward to me. "Well, you are staying then." "Your girl friend doesn't want me here. I herd you guys." "Oh, so you herd our conversation?" "That's what I said." "And about the part about sticking…" "Yeah that too." "Oh, so you did hear everything you little booger!" I just gazed down. Not wanting to speak to anyone. "Well I don't care about what she says, I am the boss." He chuckled, and grabbed my wrist and pulled me inside.

Jessica just looked away as I entered. "Plus between you and me, she ain't that great in bed." "You told her she was I could compare to her." I stated. "No, that is what she said, I just agreed. She can't compare to you.

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She is a total slut." A smile popped up my face, and I was trying for it to leave, but it stayed there for a while, "You'll sleep in the sofa tonight." He offered a pillow and a blanket, which I had to receive. Without any good nights or any interrogations, he turned the lights off, leaving to his dormitory with Jessica. I had in mind all the things that had happened today. I was mostly concerned about my parents.

My mom. She spoke so cruelly to me. Was she honestly meaning all those words? Had she really forgotten me, and believed I was dead? I gave a small weep, my face buried on the pillows so they would not hear my howl. But as the night grew old, and my eyes, could do nothing but shed tears, I heard noises from the other room. I stayed in my place, not bothering what was happening, but my curiosity was tormenting me.I inaudibly stood up, and tip toes my way to their room. The door half closed, I manage to peek there undiscovered.

Garret was fucking Jessica! I required leaving, but I couldn't resist staying and watched. She was on top of him moaning in pleasure. She rode him as he was a horse, and she went on hard.

He in the other hand just lay there, while she was engorging the satisfaction. He didn't moan, his hands placed on her hips, and nothing more.

I had sat down for half and hour, and I decide to leave, but as I took my last peek, I noticed Garrets eyes. Damn it, he saw me! The obvious was to run away, but he just smiled as she humped him faster.

I turned away, and quickly rested on the couch were I was supposed to be in the first place. The noise continued bothering me for a while and it suddenly stopped and I blubber was herd. I loud weep! Was she hurt? Had he fucked her so hard that it made her cry? No, I doubted it. But all the questions had to wait and whatever it was I wasn't going to find out till tomorrow, since at that very moment, I had plunged to sleep regarding the situation in the next room.