Frau massiert frau

Frau massiert frau
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It was the first week of summer vacation, I was soon to be a freshman at my local high school in two months but what was to happen in these two month were to completely change my life. It was mid morning on a hot June day in Bergen county New Jersey when I got a text from a girl that I have been crushing on for the past year. I felt like I was going to die every time she talk to me she has to be one the pretties girls that I have ever met.

She was about 5' 1" slim pale with curves to die for and natural blonde hairperfect small perky breast and breath taking green mysterious eyes. I reply to the text I said "hey what's up Sammy" unsure why was texting as she rarely did.

She replied quickly "hey can you come to the mall Kelly an Ashley are getting on my nerves -__-" "Yah of course I was just about go my iPod is acting retarded -__-"I said not trying to sound nerdy. "Yay!! Call me when you get here" Samantha said. I could already feel my cock turning and twitching in my boxers I hurried in the bathroom so my older sister and her best friends wouldn't see my emerging boner pointing far outward from my body.

I undress quickly to get rid of my throbbing erection that felt like it was going to explode from the blood pressure. I turned the water on and began to jack off intensely after about 5 or so minutes I had came hard with my orgasm ripping threw my body.

I clean up and wash my hair and body and I was out of the bath room I could not wait to see Samantha I got dress in my usual skater cloth I grab my skateboard backpack and anything else I need said bye to my sis and her friends and jetted out the door. I rode my skateboard doing some tricks here and their 20 minutes later I was there on the steps of the mall; I took out my phone to call Sam.

"Hey where are you" I said "I'm in Abercrombie where you are??" Sam said in here delightful ditzy voice "Well I'm walking towards Abercrombie" "Go to the Apple store so you can get your iPod fix’s we'll meet you their" She said demanding.

"Ok seen you their" I said in joyous voice. My heart began to pound I was so happy to see her even though it's only been three days since I seen her. I walk to the Apple store skateboard in hand and a smile from ear to ear. When I enter the store the three girls were on a Mac Book taking endless amounts of Facebook pictures, I surprised them and ruing their picture but it came out none the less funny gave then all hugs and an especially tight long hug for Samantha.

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I could feel here mouthing something to Kelly and Ashley and them trying not to laugh. I released my grip with my face blushed and red. "Why are you so red Aaron" Ashley said already knowing the answer. "It's… umm… Hot and stuff" I said stumbling over my word becoming more embarrassed "Well you should get your iPod fixed and we will be right here" Kelly said in her playful voice. "Yah I'll be back in a few minutes" I said and stared to walk away to toward floor worker and Samantha came with me and grab my arm.

I looked down and grab her hand in mine. "What wrong with your iPod" she said in her ditzy voice. "It keeps freezing" I said putting my dick in my waist band. I walk to a floor worker explaining what happened and he said to come back in an hour or so and to sign some paper. We left the store with Sam still holding my hands. The girls talked and talked and we went into store after store after I put my skateboard on the harness of my backpack to help girls carry their bags of cloths. I walk with them everywhere buying a new pair Vans we went down stairs where she headed into Victoria Secret Where I stopped and told them to text me when their done.


"Grow up" Ashley chanted "Were just going to buy some stuff for when we go camping" Sam said reassuring me. "Ok Ok" I said not wanting to argue with them and my dick getting harder and starting to hurt.

We stared to walk and I noticing that Kelly had weird face on. I walk toward her but before I had a chance to ask her what wrong Samantha gave me a kiss on the check and stops me in my tracks. I look at her with a weird but happy face. "What was that for?" I said while my voice cracked and the girls laughed "For coming in with us you really didn't have to if it made you feel uncomfortable" She said in reasserting voice.

"I didn't want to argue so I surrendered" "Well thank after this we are going to the movies to watch Toy Story 3" "Okay" I said disappointed. The girl went through Victoria Secret to buy pajama's, underwear and bikini's while I look down only looking up for when they ask for my opinion which I really didn't have one. I left them and told them that I was going to buy the ticket's I walk slowly knowing that they would be a while with the line in there.

I walk into malls disserted theater since it was only 2 pm on a Monday. I got four tickets and spent 50 bucks thank gosh I had a job at my uncles pizzeria or I would be screwed I walk outside and unhooked my skateboard and drop my bag and the girls bags and did some trick till the girl came looking for me.

As we head towards the theater, the movie was just about to start and we sat a in the last row of the theater. I sat next to Samantha and Kelly and Ashley sat together.

The movie was about ten minutes in when Sam lifted the armrest and placed her head on my shoulder and I rapped my arms around her thinking she was cold. She watched the movie and I watch her when she look up and kiss me full on the lips. We were kissing for a few minutes when she said that we should go to another theater room. We both left and Went into theater 4 which was emptied since it was an old movie playing we resumed kissing not saying a word. I broke our kiss "That was vary sudden" "I thought you wanted too the way you were looking at me all day" she said with a sad voice looking down.

"I did want to kiss you but it just came out of the blue." I kiss her this time and we were in a heavy duty make out session with her hand starting to rub my cock determined. By this time my right hand was making an attempt to get under her bra to get a feel of her perky breast when she jumped on top of me and began grinding her pelvis on my hard cock as she took off her shirt exposing B cup bra and then her perky breast with pale pink nipple.

As she continued to grind her pussy my cock I stop her from going any further.

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"Are you sure about this Samantha" "Yah but it's not like was going to fuck you in a movie theater" she said kind of pissed "Why we don't finish this later or tomorrow" "How about now let's go to your house" "What about Kelly and Ashley" "They can join too if they want" Samantha said but I didn't reply I grab her bra and shirt helping her put them on and told her that I'm going to the bathroom when she grab my hand."Nope you are not going anywhere especially to go jack off in the bathroom "she sat me down and began kissing me and unzipping my pants.

She looks down as my cock sprigged out like an x-rated jack-in-a box. "It's so big" even though it was only 8 inches long kind of normal for a 15 year old I think. She got on her knees and put as much as my dick into her mouth she was hitting all the right spot swirling her tongue around the head of my cock she was going real slow and then very fast. She was going deep when I stop her and pulled her up to straddle my lap and began to dry hump her as we kiss.

"I told you we are not having sex in a movie theater" "I know but the feeling of your lips on my put's me almost over the edge." I kissed her and I stared to unzip her jeans "Trusted me I'm going to take care of you" She nodded not caring at this point I took off her pants and I started to rub her clit with my thumb with two finger in her pussy.

She moaned into my mouth, I stared to kiss her down her body.

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When I got to her pussy I replace my thumb with my tongue I traced her and my name with my tongue about 3 time when she came hard wheezing like she was having an asthma.

I took my fingers out of her pussy and went on top of her trying hard for my dick not to touch her pussy even though I wanted to fuck her brains out but I just held her in my arms. When she recovered from her ear shattering orgasm she smiled at me and kissed. "Thank you for the best orgasm I have ever had and not taking advantaged of me but now it's your turn." she try to push me but with me weighing a good 110 pounds or more then her I got her up and she push me down on my and grab my cock in her mouth and gave me the 5 start treatment well almost more like 4 an half just cause I didn't get to fuck her.

Her head was bobbing fast and then vary slowly for a good five minutes when I couldn't take it anymore.

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"I'm about cum" saying it loud enough for her only to here it even though we were the only ones in there. Samantha starting going real slow almost like she didn't want me to cum but after a few more seconds I came harder then I think I ever had before with a body ripping orgasm with spasms and everything. I tried so hard not to moan but a few loud grunts escaped my lips as Sam drank ever last drop of my cum.

I pulled my pants up kiss her. I help her get dress but she sat me down and gave me a reverse strip tease but none the less still sexy. I got up and we headed back to the movie theater Kelly and Ashley were in and sat down like nothing happen we watch the rest of the movie cuddle ling and laughing.

After the movie was over I wait till Mr. St.


Cloud came to pick the girls up, and I tried to make an attempted to kiss Samantha good bye but I read her facial expression that gave a good warning sigh or hell to come. I said good bye to them and Mr. St. Could. I walk home tried but happier than a fat king after dinner I texted Sam on the walk home.

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She said that she took my shoes so she had an excuse to see me later but I told her to come by tomorrow around lunch time so we could be alone.