Hentai busty seduces boy to have funtime together

Hentai busty seduces boy to have funtime together
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"I am so foolish" she thought to herself as she attempted to navigate the parking lot of the packed gym. She had been taken in by the slick sales pitch and a certain amount of self loathing that made her a prime target for people selling gym memberships.

But she figured that since she had already paid for it she should probably use it. She had considered all of this as she was laying in bed that morning and, as she often did, she made the split decision to go to the class she had seen on the schedule the previous day.

So, here she was, 7 o'clock am on a Saturday morning when she really would have preferred to be just about anywhere else but where she was. She looked down at herself and felt more than her portion of regret about her outfit. As she was. how shall we say. "well endowed" she was not sure that her choice of skimpy blue shorts and a black tank top was the best option for a workout.

She hoped that there was not a great amount of jumping as she was at high risk of knocking someone out with her tits, possibly even herself. She was wearing a black sports bra but it could only do so much when you had tits as big as hers.

She finally found a parking spot and grabbed her towel and her water bottle and headed inside. She was informed, by an annoyingly petite and finely toned receptionist, that the class was located on the enclosed roof of the gym.

She grumbled to herself and opted to take the stairs up the three flights to the roof. Bound and determined to do things right she took a spot at the front of the group.

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Though she was painfully aware of how out of place she was, as most of the other people in the class looked like finely tuned athletes, and even more annoying, seemed to all know each other, as they all made chit chat while they waited for the teacher to appear. She gulped a bit when she saw the teacher, and some of her blood flow was directed to parts of her body a little lower than her brain.

A chiseled and tattooed slab of dark muscle entered the enclosed area and headed to the front of the class, blowing a whistle to call the class to attention. The class was grueling. After a running, jumping (at which point she flashed a good half of the class when one of her breasts decided to escape and make an appearance) and a good amount of pushups the class concluded. She was drenched in sweat and hurt in places she wasn't even sure had muscle before that day.

She gathered up her stuff and was preparing to leave when a voice caught her. "Hey" he said, she turned and realized that she was being addressed by the teacher.

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She was mortified because he was one of the people who had gotten flashed by her run away breast earlier and she was so attracted to him that she didn't want him to see her sweaty and gross. "You are new here." he said, it was a statement not a question. She wasn't quite sure how to respond so she went with the classic. "Yea." she said.

She stunned herself with the brilliance of her reply. She became aware of the fact that he was unabashedly staring at the ample amount of cleavage that showed in her skimpy outfit.

She blushed, first in anger and then in embarrassment. She was used to men staring at her chest, you don't have breasts her size without getting looks, but she wasn't used to anyone being so bold. "Excuse me, my eyes are up here!" she said, allowing the full force of her annoyance to manifest in her voice.

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"But I am not interested in your eyes." he said "I am interested in your breasts" She was dumbfounded, she wasn't sure what she had expected but that wasn't it. She blushed again, but this time in embarrassment with a helping of lust on the side. She had noticed him watching her throughout the class, even before she had flashed him, but she had assumed she was doing something wrong. It had been a long time since the last time she had been fucked, and she could see his cock pressing against the material of his gym shorts, and her pussy ached to be used.

While she was sure that he was not a paragon of wit, the subtle battle of words they had just engaged in proved that amply, he clearly had a big cock and that was really what she was interested in at the moment. "Would you like a better look then?" she said. She tried to throw as much mystique and seduction as she could into her voice but she wasn't really sure how well she did.

Though to be fair few men care what your tone of voice is conveying when you offer to let them see your tits. He raised an eyebrow as though surprised by the sudden change in the direction this conversation was taking, but made no objection when she pulled the top of her outfit down, exposing an ample expanse of pale white flesh to the open air of the gym's roof.

The last members of the class had already filtered out of the space leaving the two of them alone on the relatively secluded roof top. He closed the distance between them in the space of a heart beat, his oversized hands closing on her exposed flesh. She gasped silently at the feel of his rough, calloused hands on her tender flesh, her body thrilling at the strange new touch.

She took one of his hands and guided it between her legs, revealing the fact that there was nothing beneath her skimpy gym shorts.

He growled in desire as his fingers brushed against the lips of her pussy. Eliciting another silent gasp from her as his touch sent electric shivers through her body. She moved to a nearby bench, dropping her shorts on the way and looking over her shoulder at him in an inviting way. He followed her like a dog on a leash, obediently coming in her wake.

She could feel his eyes on her bare ass as she walked and thrilled at the control she appeared to have over him. She reclined on the bench, spreading her legs and he obediently knelt between them. She moaned as his tongue penetrated her, sliding inside her pussy.

She was careful to keep her pussy cleanly shaven with the exception of a small patch of hair directly above, even though she had not had sex in so long. She loved having her pussy eaten, and though they had just finished an intense workout class he devoured her with the gusto one might expect from a condemned prisoner.

She moaned again, this time with more abandon, her cries echoing her passion off the cement walls of the enclosed courtyard. Clearly making up for his lack of wit or charm with pure skill he quickly brought her to a screaming orgasm with nothing but his tongue. He played her pussy like a master musician on his instrument.

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In no time flat she was reduced to a quivering mass of flesh, her control of her body collapsing as he worked on her. She was barely aware of what was happening as he lifted her bodily from the bench, leaning her against the fence that overlooked the parking lot below, and lifted one leg above her head (thank god she had stretched in class.). His cock slammed into her pussy, her body stretched and exposed under his touch.

She bit her lip to quiet herself as a cry nearly escaped her lips, betraying their embrace to the throngs of people below. She felt his balls slap against her cunt as each thrust shook her body, nearly lifting her from the ground. At some point he had shed the clothes that he had been wearing and she felt the thick ridges of his muscle pressing against her back as he pulled her against him.

One of his arms slipped around her neck, pulling her body tighter against his as he thrust inside of her. Her ample breasts shook and swayed from the force of the assault on her pussy and she quickly came again, nearly collapsing to the ground as her legs gave out, but that his embrace kept her upright.

His assault continued unabated, giving her no time to recuperate from her orgasm before the next was nearly upon her. His cock stretched and probed her pussy in a way that she had never experienced before, her last boyfriend had been so woefully unimpressive in the bedroom and never would have fucked her like this, let alone fucked her at all in a public place.

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The thought that she could be caught at any moment, either by one of the people below, or from someone entering from behind them, added an extra layer to her desire.

As his thrusts slowed momentarily she took her chance to rest her legs, which were quite honestly still very sore from the class, and escaped from his clutches. She resumed her position on the bench, again spreading her legs as she had before, this time to invite his cock to return to her hole.

He obliged her and knelt between her legs, taking a moment to line up his cock, which seemed to her to stretch into eternity, before again slamming himself inside of her. She moaned again as he filled her tight, wet hole. She was starting to question how much more of his abuse she could take when he announced that he was going to cum.

At first she was terrified that he was going to cum inside of her, as in their haste they had not used protection and she had long ago neglected her birth control when her drought had started, but he ripped his cock from her tired cunt and sprayed her exposed tits with his cum.

She gasped in surprise and delight as the wave of molten cum exploded onto her breasts. Without saying another word he gathered up his stuff, getting dressed with the same speed and efficiency that he had disrobed with, and left her panting and exhausted on the bench, his cum still staining her tits. She marveled at the complete lack of regard for her, as though she were simply a hole to be used and discarded, but part of her wanted so badly to be used. As she cleaned herself up and got ready to leave she realized that she was already planning to be in class again next week.