Hot girlie Erica Fontes gets fully pleased

Hot girlie Erica Fontes gets fully pleased
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This relates to an experience my girlfriend Christine and I had a few years ago. On route from one city to another and seeing nightfall approaching, we decided the best would be to stay over at a Hotel and freshen up for the balance of our journey the next day. Quite rightly so we stopped over, booked in and retired to our room. After an hour or so Christine left the room to explore the reception area and said 'I'll be right back".

When an hour later she did not return, I went downstairs myself to look for her, but could not spot her. I walked around a bit and finally went around to the pool area to have a rest.

Not amazed, on the opposite side of the pool, I noticed Christine indulging in oral sex with an unknown person.


I say not amazed, because I know that's her habit and being a lover of "tasting" semen, she probably felt like having a drink.Christine was blowing the mind of this guy and just as I peeped a little more, he shot a load, that was too much for her to swallow, and subsequently her face was all sprayed with sperm. I just laughed as she was now desperately trying to wipe it off with her hand as she had no wipes with her.

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Without further ado the guy then proceeded to strip her naked, and within a few minutes his cock had risen again. He laid down Christine flat on the grass and mounted her from the top. Pumping vigorously he literally made her scream in agony as he was huge. Christine doesn't mind being fucked, but this guy really had a cock.

As he has just previously had an intense cum, he could not shoot a load quickly, but the intense pumping of his cock into her cunt melted her into having orgasm after orgasm. She begged him to stop, but he would not, but on condition if she offered him an ass fuck. This made her smile as she is a specialist in accommodating cocks in ass. Turning around and on all fours, she offered her crack, which was now protruding in the air.


He entered her from the top and was amazed that she didn't utter a word. She knows the art of relaxation and no size of cock threatened her asshole. The guy pumped her and she enjoyed every bit of it.

Finally he screamed out loud that he is about to shoot and she responded by say "Shoot in my ass".

Because of her huge assholeshe could accommodate a load and pushing in as deep as he could he released a huge wad of cream. So much of it that it seem to spray right out again and dripping down onto her cunt. Christine had to vigorously rub off the excess onto her cunt before she just started licking the rest like a finger dip.

Not noticing me, she then pulled up her panties and proceeded to go back to the room. All the time some cream rolling down her inner thigh. As I returned to the room, she told me about this wonderful episode and hardcore fuck she had. I was just listening, not telling her that I had actually witnessed it.

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She then proceeded to shower and when she returned all fresh and clean, she once again wanted to leave the room. I obliged and followed her and exactly at the same spot, another guy was waiting his turn. The usual, A blow job, a cunt fuck and an ass fuck with semen swallow. This time however, I realized, that Christine was actually prostituting as she accepted a huge sum of money.

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Back in the room and after a while, she took my cock, swelled it up with her mouth and gave me the most beautiful blowjob ever. I shot so much semen that I was thoroughly drained and just fell off to sleep. Late at night I was awakened by sounds and once again she was fucking with another guy right next to bedside I was sleeping in.

I just smiled. The very next morning word got around that some woman was offering services and she was pretty good at it. It made me feel proud as in as much we are both so very sexually active be it together or with others, it exposed the openness we had within our relationship.


To celebrate the occasion I grabbed her tits, fondled them vigorously, and in no time I was penetrating her ass. She loved this and within a few minutes, my cock swelled, I retracted and guided it into her mouth. The cum just was something she savoured and sticking her tongue out licked and swivelled my cock head around and sucked my cock dry. A knock on the door quickly made us appear as if nothing had happened, but there standing in front of us was this guy, who having heard about Christines episode's made himself available.

He instantly dropped his pants and protruding between his legs was no less than 11" of meat. I felt scared, but to my amazement Christine obligingly exposed her ass and gestured to him to pump. He pushed her down on all fours and with one stroke of a rod, pushed all 11'' into her exposed hole. Oh!


She screamed.MORE! and soon this guy was riding a horse. After a few drills he turned her around and rammed his rod into her moist pussy. Fucking her like a machine he then retracted and did the next obvious thing.

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Pushed his cock into her mouth and down her throat. The first time ever I saw her gag, but controlling the cocks manoeuvre, it wasn't for long. She made him shoot his load, and sucked it up quickly thus making him flaccid. She wouldn't let go and finally he dropped off and exited the room. I had my cocked sucked again just for watching.