Fat Hottie With Huge Knowckers Fucking

Fat Hottie With Huge Knowckers Fucking
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The story begins a few years ago while I was backpacking in Australia, I was doing casual work on a scuba dive boat taking tourists out on the Great Barrier Reef which enabled me to meet a lot of single young beautiful ladies who were out to party and have a good time.

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On the boat it was my job to keep everyone entertained while they were topside and to sell the alcoholic beverages to keep the party atmosphere going. One day, which was much like any other, the sun was shining down and the heat was scorching and being the diligent worker that I am I made my rounds offering sunscreen to the guests on the boat.

This is when I met her for the first time, she was stunning and I couldn't take my eyes off of her.

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She had these amazing long legs that never seemed to end, a gorgeous body and a great smile that had me wrapped around her finger instantly.

Her name I found out later that day was Louisa and I made every excuse under the sun to spend as much time talking to her as possible. It turns out that she had only just arrived in town and she was by herself and was asking me a lot of questions about the best places in town to visit and the best things to see and do.

It was funny because every time she would laugh she would toss her long dark hair back and in the very skimpy bikini she was wearing I would get this awesome view of her very shapely firm and very perky breasts. It was driving me insane and it was becoming increasing difficult to hide my appreciation of her as my cock had sprung to life in my swim shorts and even shifting my seating position a couple of times could not conceal the bulge.

As we were talking I caught her sneaking glimpses at my crotch area and smiling to herself, she even wet her lips at one stage. Eventually she made a comment about it saying it was very flattering that I had such a reaction just talking to her and not to be embarrassed about it. I smiled as she said it but tried to play it cool as we were on a boat with 20 other guests and it was also not permitted for me to play around with the guests while working.

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We chatted some more and I explained to Louisa that I obviously found her very attractive and would like to get to know her more after I finished work, to which she agreed eagerly and we arranged to go out on the town that night. The evening went really well and it was like we had known each other for years, we went to dinner then a bar and eventually a nightclub in the center of town.

We drank, laughed and danced all through the night until it got to around 3am so we decided to leave and I walked her back to the hotel she was staying at. As we walked we stopped to kiss from time to time and each time we did it got a little more intense and I could feel my cock springing to life again which she could obviously feel as she pressed up even tighter against me. We quickly got back to her hotel room where there was a bottle of wine waiting and the sheets of the bed were already pulled back waiting to be messed up in the throes of passion.

As we walked in the room she closed the door behind me and then walked up behind me wrapping her arms around & held me tightly kissing the back of my neck.

Each kiss felt like a mini electric shock pulsating down my spine with excitement. She slowly moved me towards the bed and sat me down on the edge of it while she opened the bottle of wine and poured two glasses; she looked over at me with a mischievous smile and said she had been waiting for this all day from when we first started talking. I could not deny that the sexual tension between us was immense. She handed me my glass and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips, her lips were soft and full and felt so good against mine.

She glanced down and could see my trousers straining to contain my cock again which made her smile even more. She stood back from the bed and slowly undid the straps to her summer dress and let it fall to floor at her feet, to my pleasant surprise she was completely naked under the dress and was stood before me in all her glory.

My jaw dropped, she looked good in the bikini earlier in the day but now seeing her naked I could see that her body was perfect in every way possible. She asked me to stand up, which I did with no hesitation my cock throbbing against the material of my trousers.

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She stepped forward without saying a word and started to unbutton my shirt which she pulled from my shoulders. I opened my mouth to say something and she pressed her finger to my lips and said "don't speak baby, our bodies will do all the talking we need". She kissed me deeply again and I could feel her tongue exploring my mouth, it felt so good and as she kissed me I could feel her hands explore my chest and stomach.

I raised my right hand and ran my fingers through her silky hair as we kissed and my left reached around and caressed her smooth back. I could feel her hands getting lower and lower until they reached my belt buckle and started to undo it, I let out a little moan of pleasure as she did this and she let out a little sigh also.

We were completely caught up in the moment, it was like nothing else existed at that time and we were stood alone in nothingness just completely submitted to the experience.

She pulled her head slightly back from mine and said "I couldn't take my eyes off of your bulge today, I want your cock so bad baby", with that said my belt was undone and she unzipped my fly and undid the button on the waist. My trousers dropped to the floor around my feet and I too was not wearing any underwear, she looked down and I felt her hand grip my cock firmly and her other hand started stroking my balls.

She was driving me insane with the tension and I started to caress her breasts and gently play with her nipples, which as I found out were very sensitive and made her moan loudly. She pushed me back onto the bed where I laid on my back and she started kissing and biting my nipples trailing kisses down my stomach to my belly button where she found my very hard cock throbbing with anticipation.

I was in heaven and could not believe my luck as she kissed around it being very careful not to touch it, teasing me making me wait for her highly anticipated touch. Then she went lower and kissed the inside of my thighs working her way up to my shaved balls and without any warning she sucked the left one into her warm, wet mouth teasing it with her tongue.


The sensations felt so good and made my balls tingle and ache for her all at the same time, my cock was so hard that it wasn't even lying against my stomach anymore but actually hovering above it. She did the same thing to my right one and I could feel her fingers start to rub my asshole which at the time was a first experience for me and surprised me as to how good it felt.

She then ran the tip of her tongue down to my ass and started licking it while her hand squeezed and played with my balls, it felt amazing.

She slowly kissed her way back up to my balls and playfully teased them again with her tongue before running the tip of her tongue very lightly up the shaft of my penis until she reached the very swollen purple head.

She looked up at me and said, "I've wanted to do this all night". I felt her soft, warm lips press against my head as she sucked it into her mouth and could feel her saliva dribble down my shaft, holding my cock upright at the base she moved her head up and down taking me deeper & deeper into her mouth. I thought I was going to explode right there and then but she was very skilled and applied just the right pressure, again I could feel a finger caress my ass as she got quicker and quicker.


I felt that finger all of a sudden push into my ass and rub against my prostate, I couldn't hold back any more a shot a huge load of cum deep into her throat which she swallowed most of and some ran down her chin.

She looked up at me and smiled moving up the bed to kiss me deeply, she still had some of my seamen in her mouth and it tasted sweet but salty at the same time and turned me on even more. I told her it was her turn to lie on the bed and be pampered, I was so turned on by everything about her and wanted to completely cover her in kisses from head to foot. I started at the feet sucking on each toe individually and then over the top of her feet, her skin was so soft even there then I worked my way under to her arches.

Every time I kissed her arches she would let out a moan and when I looked up I could see that she was already rubbing her clit with her fingers so I worked my way up to her ankles which she seemed to enjoy even more.

I trailed kisses up her legs and around the back of the knee much to sounds of pleasure coming from her, kissing my way up her inner thighs teasing them with my tongue until I reached her now soaking wet pussy. I wanted to play with it with my tongue so bad and so did she but I resisted the urge for now and kissed my way up her muscular abs to those amazing breasts, they had to be at least a C-Cup and were nice and firm and her nipples were erect and were stuck out begging to be sucked on.


I kissed my way around each breast and then in turn sucked each nipple into my mouth, teasing them with my tongue and lightly nibbling them with my teeth. We were both so turned on at this stage I knew I just had to taste her and show off some pretty decent oral skills of my own.

I worked my way back down and her scent was intoxicating, I teased her outer lips and then slide my tongue deep into her as deep as I could get and started working my tongue in circles, her moans were getting louder and louder so I knew it was time to tease the most beautiful clit I had ever seen. Her taste was sweet like honey and her juices were all over my face and in my mouth, my tongue found her clit and again I circled it. Slow at first taking my cue from the moans she was making and building speed as she got louder and louder.

Without notice she came hard and filled my mouth with her cum, her thighs were trembling around my ears and her hands gripped the back of my head holding my there as wave after wave of pleasure hit her. Then she went limp on the bed surrendering to the pleasure her body was giving her, she was very sensitive down there right after she came but I stayed there for a moment slowly and lightly still teasing her. This had made me very hard again so I kissed my back up to her mouth and kissed her so she could taste her own juices as she had done to me and this drove her wild.

Passionately grabbing my head and kissing me deeper, she could feel my hardness against her body and she wanted it inside her. So she rolled me onto my back and climbing on top of me, again holding my cock tightly at the base in an upright position she straddled me and teased her pussy with the head of my cock letting her juices run down it. She lowered herself onto it slowly inch by inch until I was all the way inside her and could feel her perfect ass against my balls.

The warmth of her pussy made my cock pulse with excitement as she started to ride it up and down, every thrust felt like a bolt of electricity running up through my body.

Her breasts bounced in front of my face and I took turns to suck on each nipple, her fingernails sunk deep into my chest as she got quicker and quicker. She said that she wanted to feel me in her ass and climbed off of me and got on her hands and knees inviting me to get behind her. As I got back there I licked her ass just as she had mine earlier in the night getting it nice and wet, then eased my cock into it back and forth until I was all the way in.

As soon as I was in she came hard for a second time and told me to fuck her hard, which I did with much pleasure.

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I shouted out that I was going to cum again so she pulled off of me, turned around and jerked me hard over her tits. A thick white stream of cum hit her breasts hard and covered them, "what a good boy", she said, "Now you have to lick them clean and feed it to me with your tongue".

As I licked them clean she came again and I could see her juices running down her thighs, it was one of the best sights I've ever had. Once her breasts were clean of my cum I kissed her and fed it to her, she licked her lips and thanked me for the night.

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Exhausted we finished our wine, cuddled up on the bed and went to sleep even though it was around 10am by now. We saw each other a lot for the next three weeks she was in town and nearly every night ended up being as intense as this one.

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I felt sad when she had to leave but the memories of our short time together have and will stay with me forever.