Redhead and Blonde Fucked By Black Men Interracial

Redhead and Blonde Fucked By Black Men Interracial
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The waitress smiles as she brings the dessert menu over to our table in the corner. My companion, more than twenty years my senior, doesn't appear to notice as she takes the printed page from her outstretched hand. "I'll have the pavlova please" my mother says, adding "with cream" in the same breath. "What are you having?" she asks me as she hands over the sheet.

A quick glance at the sweets on offer confirms that I have had sufficient; that is unless my mother wants coffee later. "I'm OK thanks" I reply and hand the menu back to the waitress. My fingers accidently brush the back of her hand as she reaches out to retrieve it from me and I am startled by my reaction.

I glance at her and see something in her gaze that confuses me. "Would you like coffee?" she asks politely. Her eyes fix on me . briefly holding me in her gaze. "Yes please" I reply quietly. "But could you bring them to us after my mother has finished her dessert?" "Of course" she replies, displaying a quick flash of white between her ruby lips.

'Why do you make me feel like this?' "How would you like it?" The words float at me through my confusion. "Do you do a cafetiere?" I eventually manage to ask. "Yes, of course. Large or medium?" "Medium please" I say as my mind stumbles to grasp what is happening.

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She smiles back at me as if to acknowledge my confusion. 'I have to move, I need some air' "Could you tell me where the ladies is please?" I ask, before she leaves to get my mothers dessert. "Just take the stairs by the kitchen. Second door on the left when you reach the bottom. You'll see the sign on the door". Again that smile. I reach for my purse and quickly head in that direction. Finding the required door, I push it open and place my hands on either side of the sink.

I look straight ahead and the mirror reflects my state of mind. My green eyes look back at me in deep confusion as I retrieve two stray wisps of blonde hair.


'What's going on?' The mirror holds no answers, but the cool water feels good on my hands. Even better on my face. The sound of running water draws my attention. My eyes close as the water soothes my flushed skin. Droplets form and pool together on my cheek and begin to run down my neck.

"Here, let me dry that for you" I hear a voice say from within the room. My eyes spring open.

The mirror reveals I am no longer alone. "It's OK.I've got it" I stammer back.

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But the space between us has shrunk. She is close to me, right behind me. I watch mesmerised as she lifts the towel from the rail. 'My God.what is she doing?' My hands are trembling again. I need to say something. She steps closer.


My mouth is dry. I drop my gaze as I feel the warm fabric on the side of my cheek. So gentle. I feel my head lean in towards her hand and return my eyes to the mirror. 'Why can't I say something?' I look at her again. Her simple white blouse and black skirt so typical of her profession.

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Her youth unfairly holding her high and tight. The skin on her face, flawless like silk.

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I am drawn to the pale flesh that is revealed between her buttons by the rise and fall of her chest. I glimpse lace and my pulse quickens. 'How old can she be?' I watch as she places the towel on the side and then steps forward to remove the final space between us. We are practically the same height.

Her cheek touches mine as she leans in towards me and circles her head ever so slightly, causing our faces to move together. Her touch sends shivers through my body.

"Watch me in the mirror" she mummers. Her finger tips trace down the side of my face. Softly stroking. My mind is in freefall. The confusion displayed in my eyes. She notices, and as she pulls my lips to hers, gently whispers reassurances. Her mouth touches mine. Briefly. Tantalising me before the tip of her tongue darts between my lips. My eyes close as I accept her probing.

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Her warm tongue fighting with mine, saliva pooling in my mouth. 'Do I swallow or pass it into hers?' Our lips rolling together, pushing harder. Her fingers in my hair. Our breathing elevates as our bodies react. "Open your eyes" she urges. "Look into the mirror". I comply and watch as her hand drops to my breast.

'God I want your touch' "Please" I whisper.

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Her fingers deftly open my blouse, my breasts clothed in black cotton are revealed to her gaze. I look at my reflection and realise I long to be released; to be naked, open and vunerable. And then I am. My nipple teased and provoked until hard.


The mirror capturing her mouth as it takes me inside. I gasp for breath. I hear a moan, and realise it's mine. I blush and start to pull back from her hungry mouth. Away from this assault on my body. My body. One that was exclusively my husbands until now. Yet, I want to know more. I want to feel what it is like. How it will be to be taken by this stranger, this girl who has awakened such desire within me. "Please" I say again. Unable to say more. Unable to express all that I dare to dream.

And then she is kneeling. Her hands on my thighs. Looking up at me, imploring me. Urgency in her eyes. I nod my acquiescense and hold my breath. 'I want to feel your mouth on me' I step out of my shoes and watch as the mirror reveals her fingers sliding under my skirt and removing my panties.

I see my legs part just enough to allow her access. Enough to let her fingers explore. 'Jesus, that feels good!' "Mmmmm" I moan as her thumb caresses my clit, firmly circling my hardening nub. I push against her invading fingers wanting her to slip invade my intimate space. My hips picking up her rythym. Harder and faster until she finally enters me, fingers curling up inside me as my juices began to flow.

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'Taste me' She withdraws her fingers from under my skirt and lifts them to her mouth. The mouth I want on my sex. The lips I want caressing my swollen pussy. My pussy that needs her touch. That yearns to explode as her tongue pushes into me. That twitches as I feel her sucking me into her mouth.

Teeth nibbling gently as she draws me deeper. Hips pushing against her face. My fingers in her hair.pulling, twisting as I grind against her probing tongue.

My body shaking as I climax. Sweet, hot juices filling her mouth. 'Mmmmmmm that's so good' She pulls away and slowly stands up. Pushing her hair behind her ears, she briefly flashes me her smile. Her tongue licks her pretty lips, cleaning me from her. She leans forwards and pecks me on the cheek and then turns away and she is gone.

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And me? I return to my mother and to our coffee and wonder at what I have just witnessed in the mirror.