Horny babe rylee renee getting wet and wild for hard meat

Horny babe rylee renee getting wet and wild for hard meat
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For privacy reasons I will be changing the names in the story. My girlfriends name will be Kiran and the Bull's name will be Jerome. Quick run down on the both of us. We are both 19 years old, East Indian, born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. We have been dating for 3 years but got married extremely early because we got caught dating by our parents who wanted us married asap and this happened during our 1 year anniversary.

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Kiran is around 5'7 108 pounds, slim, petite body with an ass to die for, 42 C cup breasts. She works out 5 times a day and squats have paid off if you know what I mean. Light brown skin, with small cock sucking lips. It was the weekend of our anniversary and we were both thankful it was Friday.

We both had a long week and were looking forward to having the house to ourselves as my parents were leaving to India for a wedding. We usually couldn't have sex unless they weren't home or else we would have to be extremely quiet, which sucked.

It was around 5pm when we had finished showering and just ate dinner. The wine from dinner had started hitting the both of us and I asked her if she was happy with her sex life. "Yes baby", she responded as she kissed me and grabbed my cock on the outside of my PJ's. "Why do you ask?", she questioned. "Because you've only been with me in bed, and I want to know if you've ever wondered how it would be like to have someone else fuck you" I responded.

I was only about 4.5-5 inches and although I was her only, it seemed like sometimes I wasn't enough for her. She gave it some thought and responded "no baby I love your cock and only yours". It got me thinking why she paused before she answered, "why did you think before you responded?" I asked. "Look down" she answered. I couldn't believe it, the thought of her with someone else had given me a hard on.

"Did it just turn you on when you asked if I would ever wonder how it would feel to have another guy fuck me?" She asked. I was so confused, I've always wanted her to be with another girl but it did turn me on when I really thought about her being with another guy while I watched. But I didn't want to feel incompetent so I responded with "no I just want to make sure your happy with our sex life and if you weren't I would want you to tell me".

She just smiled and kissed me and started stroking me. As we went back to drinking wine she asked if we could open up to watching porn together. I had no problem with it so I opened up our laptop that was hooked up to the TV in our bedroom and went to xtube.com.

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On the home page was a video of a BBC bull pounding a brunette. She told me to click that video. Once the video started, it was a homemade video with a camcorder on the desk in a bedroom and there was this bull in just boxers and the brunette was already completely naked.

They started making out while they felt each other up. In the mean time I had my fingers on her clit and pussy lips. As the girl started getting felt up around her pussy and ass, I started rubbing Kiran's pussy. She started moaning but wouldn't take her eyes off the tv. As the video goes on the bull lays down on his back and brings the brunette down on his face and starts to eat out her pussy.

In the video you can see his bulge grow in his boxers. I could tell she was anxious to see how big he was so in the mean time I grabbed her hand and put it on my cock. She immediately grabbed it and started stroking it. As the bull finished eating out the brunette, he flips her and end up in the 69 position.

The brunette starts to make her way inside his boxers with her hand. Kiran stopped stroking my cock as she awaited the cock to spring out of his boxers. As the cock gets pulled out, Kiran could not believe how big it is. She looked at me in shock. She then looks down at mine and starts to look back and forth between the screen which has a black cock that has to be at least 9 inches long and then mine which was probably 4.5 at the time and hard.

She then watches the brunette struggle with the top half of the cock in her mouth. Kiran then grabs my cock and starts sucking on it almost deep throating it all. As she sucked on my cock, she watched how the girl in the video was stroking it and sucking on the cock at the same time and started doing the same thing.

Within a minute I felt that I was going to cum, so I stopped her. Which confused her, I told her that I was about to cum so I had to stop her. I could tell she was disappointed but she continued watching the video. She fast forwarded it to the scene where the bull had been fucking the girl for a good 10 minutes. She asked, "what's all that white stuff on his cock". She hadn't ever creamed on my cock so I explained it to her.


Which sparked her curiosity. She immediately jumped on top of my cock and started riding me. She started rubbing her pussy as she was riding me. We never fuck without a condom and it felt amazing but I was ready to cum so I had to get her off and stroke till I came. I knew she felt unsatisfied. So I offered to eat her out but she declined.

She grabbed her wine glass and went onto the Bulls xtube page and watched more videos. As she watched them she kept biting her lip as she watched his videos.

She noticed he was from Calgary as well, and he had an email address to contact him. "Remember that question you asked earlier", she asked. I knew what she was referring to. She was about to ask if she contact him. "Yeah." I answered. "It would be a one time thing, I don't know if it's the wine talking, but it's the perfect opportunity, nobodies home". I couldn't believe it, I was harder then ever, I was jealous but seeing the size of the cock on the screen and the look on her face, I agreed we'd email him and see what his situation is.

We emailed him, with her measurements, pictures with her face blurred. The thought of him replying had us both horny then ever. She grabbed my hand and forced it to her pussy, "eat me out, and don't you dare put your cock in me, I want to be as tight as I can be for his cock" she said as she forced my head down to her pussy.

She sat on my face and rubbed her pussy against my tongue furiously, she dug her pussy down onto my tongue and thrusted until she came right into my mouth with her pussy juices filling my mouth. She fell back and collapsed. We laid there in pure ecstasy. She rolled over and went back to check her email and saw he had replied almost instantly.

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He lived 20 minutes away and was interested in meeting with us. I didn't feel comfortable doing it at home since he would know where we lived but she insisted. We emailed him back and asked him a couple more questions on if he was comfortable with me watching and if he would be willing to wear a condom because she wasn't on the pill and was ovulating.

He emailed us more pictures of his cock and explained he was bi and would not mind even if I joined. I brought up the idea of DP but she did not want to do Anal. After exchanging emails we decided he would come over the next day around 6pm.

Fast forward the next day. I got up around 11am and realized Kiran wasn't home. Looked at my phone and she had texted me she was getting a full body wax done. I knew that this was my chance. To set something up. I emailed the bull and got his contact info. I texted him asking if I could record the incident, but secretly as she wouldn't ever allow it. He didn't mind as long as he got a copy. He reassured me he would not upload it without permission.

I stepped out and got cameras and set them up in the room in areas that would catch the best angles. The thought of what was going to happen turned me on so I started to jerk it.

As I was jerking it, she walked in and laughed. She came over and told me to hurry up an finish up as it was getting time for her to get herself ready.

I couldn't believe this was going to happen. I started to regret it. What if he fucks her and she doesn't enjoy sex with me after? His cock was much bigger then mine. As I laid there and thought about it, she started stripping down for a shower and I saw her freshly waxed body.

Oh my god I couldn't believe how sexy she looked. There was no stoping her now. I laid there just thinking about it while she showered and got ready.

After an hour she came out in her robe. Asked her what she was wearing under neath. "It's a surprise" she replied.

She came and sat with me and leaned against me. I went for a kiss but she moved back. "I just dolled myself up babe, it's for him, you'll get it after I promise you". I agreed. She realized he would be arriving soon so she told me she would be in the room and would wait for him to come and wanted me to come get her if he was who he said he was.

As I waited I went on the laptop and was about to clear the history when i realized she had been watching creampie clean up videos.

I realized what she meant by "you'll get it after". She was gonna make me clean her up. But she was ovulating, so what would I clean? As I sat there confused, 20 minutes passed and I heard the door bell ring. My heart raced, I got up and opened the door.

There stood a 6'3 mid twenties black male. In just shorts and a beater. He introduced himself and I let him in. Walked into the living room and sat him down. We chatted a bit and explained to him it was a one time thing and how she hadn't been without anyone else. He chuckled. "What's so funny?" "One time thing? I'll be straight with you, you live relatively close to me, she'll want it more then just once". Just as he finished informing me that she would most likely be hooked I heard Kiran call my name, he smirked.

I got up and went to the room, as I walked down the hall I saw him get up and started to remove his beater. As I got to the room I saw Kiran sit there on the bed. "So is he really the guy from the video online?" She asked. "Yes, but bab--" Before I could explain this could be addicting she jumped up and started pushing me outta the room. "ok go go I'm gonna finish my wine glass and I'll be out" she explained as she forced me out of the room and shut the door.

When I came back to the living room, I saw the bull sitting there in just his boxers. He was even more ripped then in his videos. "What's the hold up?" I felt regret and was about to make up a story on how she didn't want to do it anymore when all of a sudden I saw his eyes open wide. "Whoaaaa she looks even better in person" he said. I turned around and there she was.

My 19 year old wife. Petite body in black and pink lingerie. I had never seen her wear it. As she walked by me she whispered, I forgot to mention, I dropped by to grab my outfit today babe, she winked at me and went and sat on his lap. As they started to feel each other up I started to see his bulge grow, as was mine but a lot smaller.

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She ran her hand across his chizzled chest and pecks. He ran his hands against her light brown skinned legs and up her smooth stomach up to her tits. As he kissed her I could see her whole body get struck with goosebumps.

I could see her lingerie had 2 buttons right at the opening of her pussy for easy access. As she made her way down to his cock with her hand.

He slapped it away. "Not yet" he stated. She looked at him in confusion. "First you have to lock up your man" he said as he handed her a chasity cage. "Oh I saw this in one of your videos" she explained.

Without asking she came over towards me and stood me up. Dropped my shorts and boxers and grabbed my semi hard cock. I was so ashamed of what was happening I was soft. She put the cage on like a pro. Grabbed the key and put it between her bra and breast. Came close to my ear and whispered, "don't you dare cum without my permission". The bull got up and said it was time. She grabbed his hand and walked him towards the bedroom.

I looked down at my cock in a cage and couldn't believe what just happened. When we got to the room she dropped straight to her knees. She had placed a pillow there like she had planned it out. She started to feel his abs, and made her way towards his boxers/briefs. The shape of his cock was just ready to explode out of his briefs.

As she started rubbing his cock from the outside. She started kissing his briefs were the cock was visible. As she kissed his cock, she left behind her lipstick on his white briefs. The size of her small head compared to the cock was terrifying. I remembered how he throat fucked the girls in his videos.

Her mouth was small, the head of his cock was probably enough to make her gag. After getting her lipstick all over his briefs, she made her way towards in inside of his briefs. As she started pulling out his cock, she looked back at me in shock.

With my cock it's springs out within a second. But with his cock it was so long she had to yank it out. As it all came out, she stared at it. "Omg it's bigger then my forearm" she said as she was in shock. "Baby you sure you want--" she didn't let me finish as she grabbed it and put the dark pink cock head in her mouth. The bull let out a moan, "her tongue. her tongue" he quietly said as she swirled her tongue on his cock head.

He grabbed her head and tried pulling it closer, but his cock was too big. She tried but started gagging. "It's too big, I can't go any deeper" she said as she coughed. He grabbed her with ease and pulled her up and bit her lips. "We'll just have to try your other set of lips then" She immediately started making out with him as he reached down and cuffed her ass cheeks.

He slapped her cheeks and she let out a scream. "If you think that hurts, you haven't felt anything yet" he said as he tossed her on the bed. He crawled up to her, started kissing up her leggings and up past her pussy and came between her legs. He rock hard cock rubbed against her pussy and she let out a moan. He kissed up her stomach and moved her bra to the side and started to suck on her tits.

She started moaning and grabbed his cock, I could see where she had sucked on it. It was wet just to the tip of the cock's head. She started rubbing her pussy with his cock's head.

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As I looked at the size of his cock and the opening of her tiny pussy, I knew this was gonna stretch her wide open. As she continued to rub her pussy with his cock, she positioned it to the opening of her tight pussy.

She started to stroke it towards the opening of her pussy but he just wouldn't thrust towards her pussy. She tried grabbing his left ass cheeks to push in but he pulled away and sat on his knees. "Not yet, first let me taste that virgin like pussy" he said as he laid on his back and instructed her to sit on his face.

She got up and wrapped her toned legs around his head and sat her face down on his mouth with his eager tongue sticking out. As she sat down on his mouth, you could see his long tongue get swallowed up by her brown and pink pussy lips. She grabbed the head board of the bed and let out a moan. Even his tongue was bigger then mine. He grabbed her ass cheeks and squeezed them as she thrusted alongside his mouth.

As she was riding his tongue, he did something that I didn't think she would allow. He made his way over towards her asshole and inserted his thick black middle finger. He had only inserted half of it in but it was enough for her to jump. The bull wasn't phased by it.

He grabbed her hip with his other hand and pulled her down back onto his tongue. She let out a loud scream, it hurt but I could tell she liked it as well. While this was all going on, I looked over at his cock, it was soft. But it was still at least 6 inches and thick. As he ate her pussy out, he started to bang her asshole faster, now with his whole middle finger penetrating her ass. As he banged her asshole and licked her pussy, you could see her ass cheeks shake, she was building up an orgasm, she started moaning louder and louder.

As I came closer I could see the Bulls neck covered in her pussy juices. She was covering his mouth and face in her pussy juices and I couldn't help but look down at my cock, bulging out of the cage. Started hurting as the cage was tight. I went over and stood ontop of the bed above her. I went to go tell her to keep it down as she was getting a bit loud.

As I leaned in she grabbed my cock in its cage and put it in her mouth. All I felt was the part of my cock that was bulging outside the cage get inside her mouth.

She started swirling her moist tongue around my cock. I couldn't help it. I was going to cum, the moans she was letting out while my cock was inside her mouth felt amazing. As I let out the first spurt of Cum, she pushed me away, resulting in my cum shooting onto her cheek and the rest on our bed. "I told you not to cum until after!" She yelled. I couldn't believe it, my innocent wife was a complete different person. There I was with my cock caged up, dripping cum, while she was sitting on a bulls tongue.

"Good job babe, I was so close to cumming too" she said as she hoped off his tongue. "It's okay, I think your wet enough now" the bull said as he laid there. "Yeah but your not hard anymore" she said as she grabbed his cock. She looked at me and ordered me to sit down on the chair next to the bed. She sat in the 69 position and shoved her ass back into his face and grabbed his cock and started licking up along side the shaft like a pro.

I sat there as my cock started getting hard again, and she noticed. "This makes you hard, now does it baby?" She asked. I nodded my head. "Then come over here" she said. I got up and came to the edge of the bed. "Here, stroke it while I suck on his cock" she ordered. I had never touched another cock, but in the spurt of the moment I grabbed it and guided it to the opening of Kirans tiny mouth.

She opened her mouth just enough to have her lips wrap around his cock and stretch it open as she went down on the head. As I held my hand there, she guided her hand along my hand and started stroking my hand up and down on the cock. His cock was starting to get hard, I could feel the blood rush to his cock as it grew.

Veins started popping out. She was starting to struggle with the head as I started stroking it she grabbed my other hand and placed it around his cock. There I was, stroking a big black cock right into Kirans mouth. A few minutes passed and she removed my hands from his cock and told me to move back.

As I sat back down she started spitting on his cock, and stroking it to get it all lubed up with his spit. She started deep throating it while stroking it furiously. I got up and moved to see what he was doing that was driving her up the wall.

As I got behind her ass, I saw he was fingering her asshole and pussy. And she was LOVING IT! Not only was she moaning loud once again, she was starting to push back, which prompted him to bang her faster and harder. I looked at his fingers completely disappear into her ass and pussy. His fingers were longer then my cock! She was creaming white pussy juices all over his fingers. Without warning he pulled out and removed her off his face and cock.

I knew it was about to happen. She laid on her back and spread her legs. I went over to the dresser to go get condoms. As I grabbed them and passed them to him, she looked at me and said "really? You think your regular condoms are going to fit his monster cock baby?" "Should I go get bigger ones?" I asked. "Not sure if I can promise you that she wouldn't of had 2-3 orgasms on my cock by then" he interrupted. "Then what do you want to do baby?" I asked.

"I've watched his videos, he can hold it in" she said. "But your ovulating baby, it's not safe" I said as I couldn't believe she was willing to get fucked bare back. "It's a one time thing, he won't cum inside me" she said as she started to rub her pussy. I could tell she wanted it badly. I shrugged my shoulders and sat next to her head. She grabbed my head and brought me closer to her mouth.

I could smell the black cock juice off her mouth. She leaned me in and kissed me. I felt her tongue enter my mouth. Full of black cock juices. I wasn't sure if it wasn't pre cum but it didn't stop me.

We made out like mad. After 10 seconds she pushed me off and told the bull to go slowly. There was no turning back, Kiran my 19 year old wife was about to take a cock bigger then her forearm. With one hand the bull spread her beautiful wet pink and brown pussy lips. He guided his cock to the opening of her virgin like pussy. I looked at her, she was in pure ecstasy. As he thrusted forward, not even half the cock was at the opening of her pussy and she let out a loud moan.

Arched her back and grabbed onto the bed sheets. "Damn this is gonna take a while" the bull said as he grabbed the middle of his long cock.

He thrusted a little more and she let out a scream. "You okay" I asked. No response. "Kiran?" I asked again. With her eyes shut she nodded. The bull continued to push a little more in. As he got about 4 inches in, she put her hand against his lower abs. Stopping him from going any deeper. "Wait, it hurts." She said in pain.

"Do you have lube? It'll help" he said. We had never used lube so we didn't have any. "No, but should I eat her out? It'll make her more wet" I asked. "I got a better idea baby" she said as there was a black Cock deeper in her pussy then my cock had ever gone. She instructed me to come and put my head on her pelvic area.

As I did that I looked up and saw the bull nodding to Kiran. He slowly removed his cock from her pussy and put it within an inch from my mouth. Right on top of her clit. "So you wana lube it up?" He asked as he looked down at me. As I was about to get up, I felt Kirans hand hold my head down. "You really want me to be in pain baby?" I just lay there in shock. "Now be a good husband and open wide" she said. Without hesitation, I opened up and saw his cock with her pussy juices on its head come inside my mouth.

Tasted like her pussy but a little saltier. As he pushed back, he pushed to the back of my mouth/into my throat. "Hey look he can take it deeper then you Kiran" he chuckled. Never in a million years did I think this was possible. Kiran was getting her pussy banged by a black guy, while I had a black cock in my mouth. All being recorded.

I swirled my tongue around the cocks head and felt it get harder with each thrust. The bull started to moan along with Kiran. "Don't finish him off now baby, I want me a piece of that cum filled cock" she said. She grabbed my head, as I removed the cock from my mouth I saw all the saliva on his black cock which must of been 10+ inches now.

She grabbed me and pulled me in and said "let me taste that black Cock in your mouth while he fucks me". Right before I leaned in for a kiss she grabbed my hand and guided it to his cock. She wanted me to guide his cock back to the opening of her pussy. Like it was my way of giving him permission to fuck her brains out.

I grabbed the rock hard black cock and brought it to the opening of her brown pussy lips that were drenched. As the tip of his cock thrusted into her pussy, she grabbed me and kissed me. With my hand still guiding his cock inside her pussy, I felt the cock keep thrusting deeper and deeper inside her pussy. She opened her mouth open wide. It was in all the way, it had to be, she arched her back and let out a moan. "OMG ITS SO FUCKI---" she said as I forcefully put my lips against her gapping mouth and swirled my tongue against hers.

I felt the Bulls cock remove his cock and thrust back in, I stopped kissing her to look at his cock and couldn't believe it. Not only was his cock covered with white cream from her pussy.

I saw the pussy juice had only gone to a little over half of his cock. "Did you not go in all the way?!" I asked. "No way, I hit the back of her pussy with just 7 inches" he said as he thrusted inside her tight wet Indian pussy. I could hear the friction of her pussy clinging onto his cock as it ripped apart her pussy as it went deeper with every thrust. As he slowly picked up the pace, she started to moan louder and louder. Grabbing onto the bed sheets, screaming "fuck me, fuck my tight indian pussy with your big black cock".

"Oooo baby I feel your cock hit the back of my pussy". "It feels so good, don't stop baby, I want your cock deep inside my pussy". Then she said something that shocked me. As he started to kiss her up her neck and thrust deeper she screamed, "show my husband how to fuck my brown pussy" It set off emotions inside me. But Not only did it turn me off even more, it made me cum! I wasn't even touching my cock and I started spurting cum, loads of cum. I didn't want either of them to see so I got up and was about to walk away when she grabbed my hand.

"Go squeeze his balls from behind". She ordered. "Feel his balls full of cum waiting to shoot deep inside my pussy" she said as I couldn't believe what she had just said.

I had to remind myself that she was just in the zone so I did as she said. I went behind the bull and grabbed his big black balls. Must of been double the size of mine. As he thrusted inside her I looked down and saw her pussy was covered in white cream, and every stroke brought out more cream onto his cock.

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It worried me so I asked, "you didn't cum did you?" "No, now let me do my thing" he said. I let go of his balls and he started to give her slow strokes as he played with her pussy and tits. The bed sheets were drenched in their juices.

I went over and sat down. For a good 20 minutes he ripped apart her pussy but couldn't get past 7 inches. After missionary for 7 minutes he took his cock out and stood at the end of the bed. Cock covered in pussy cream. As he stood up, I saw Kirans pussy, wide open.

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You could see inside her pussy that's how open her pussy was. He instructed me to get up and lay on my back with my head hanging off the bed. After doing so, she got up and go in the 69 position on top of me. I was underneath her with his cock inches away from my mouth. "Let's get my cock cleaned up a bit" he said as he grabbed his cock and inserted it in my mouth. The taste put me over the top, and I couldn't help it.

I heard Kiran, "omg he's cumming and I didn't even touch his dick". I was tasting her pussy cream off his cock while she played with my cock outside its cage. "Ok that's enough for now" the bull said as he removed his cock out of my mouth.

He guided it to the opening of her stretched pussy and slowly starts inserting it. I was watching her pussy take in a black cock from just inches away. I could almost see/imagine where the cock was along her pelvic area. As he started to thrust faster, she started moaning louder, screaming in pleasure and pain. "Fuck me Jerome, fuck me with your black cock. Make me your slut" she screamed.

I was afraid the neighbours would hear so I grabbed my cock and forced her head towards it. She got the clue and put my caged cock into her mouth. As she moaned it vibrated my cock, putting my cock close to cumming. As I was about to cum, I removed her mouth and I came all over her neck area.

She didn't even notice. I snuck out from under her to see what made her not notice I just cummed again but this time on her face. As I stood behind her and looked at her ass, I saw the bull was fucking her with almost his whole cock, with a few inches still not going in and he had 2 fingers in her ass.

As he fucked her, she was trying to pull away, but he kept grabbing her hips and pulling her in closer. The bull started to pick up the pace and removed his hand from her hips because she stopped pulling away and had started bouncing back onto his cock.

The bull then moved his hand and placed it on her clit. The bull was fucking her like a porn star! He had his cock ripping her pussy apart and had 2 fingers thrusting inside her asshole and his other hand rubbing her pussy and it was building up something big. As he picked up the pace, she started screaming, "DONT STOP, OH MY GOD IM GOING TO CUM" and all of a sudden she started to squirt all over his cock and the bed.

It was like a sprinkler went off. She tried pulling away but the bull pulled her in with his hand that was under neath her rubbing her pussy. Resulting in her cummimg even harder, drenching the bed and carpet. As she was finishing squirting she pulled away from his cock, releasing his cock from her sore pussy. And she collapsed onto her stomach on the bed. As I looked at the bull he shook his head, couldn't believe how powerful that orgasm was, as could I.

There my wife Kiran laid, on her stomach, with her pussy that was once a virgin like pussy, covered now in pussy juices, cream and gaping open. I looked down on my cock and realized I was dripping cum. I realized then that if I put my cock inside her pussy at that moment, she wouldn't even be able to feel I was inside her. The bull got back on the bed and layed on his back next to her. With his cock still rock hard covered in white cream from Kirans pussy. "How was that?" He asked Kiran.

"Mmmmm" she moaned. "So when do I get to finish?" He asked. "Baby, go clean my juices off him" she said as she was breathing heavily. I crawled onto the bed and started licking the juices off his cock.

The taste of her juices had me hard as a rock. I felt Kiran move around but wasn't sure what she was doing. As I sucked his cock I was in the zone, not ever doing it before Today I wasn't even realizing what Kiran was doing.

After I Slurped up the last bit of cream off his cock, I felt my cock spring out. I looked down and Kiran had opened the cage. "It's your turn now baby" she said. Thinking it was my turn to fuck her, I started crawling towards her, she pushed me back. "No, not my pussy. You'll see" As she get up and sat down on Jerome cowgirl position. "Now guide his big black cock back into my pussy" she said as she went down and started French kissing Jerome.

I grabbed his cock which was still hard and positioned it to her pussy which was still gaping open. And without any hesitation she sat down on it. Letting in half of it without stopping. She let out a loud moan. "Ahhh baby, lick his cock right up to my asshole" I had never licked her asshole but it was covered in her pussy juices so I started licking his cock up to her asshole and ended up started running her.

After a few moments she told me to go into a bag she brought home today. As I reached inside it, I found lube. "What's this for?" "Anal" I couldn't believe it. She wasn't going to have anal sex with me but she would let him?! I opened the package and started to run it in and around her asshole while he slowly thrusted inside her. As I was done I asked "Jermone, time for me to lube your cock" They both laughed. "You think his cock is going in my ass?!" Confused I just sat there, then it hit me.

I looked down at my throbbing cock. "Your cock is a perfect size for my tight asshole" Kiran said as he started to pick up the pace. I quickly opened the lube and stroked my cock with lube- almost cumming at the thought of what was about to happen. I pushed Kirans back, leaning Kiran towards Jerome's face. As I positioned my cock to the opening of her asshole. I heard Kiran and him start making out. I looked down and saw he had stopped fucking her but had his cock in her to about 8 inches.

Which gave me an idea. I grabbed my cock and inserted the head of my cock and another inch to the opening of her asshole. As I slowly started to push in, she started to scream, "omg I can feel your cock enter my ass" As my cock was almost in the the whole way, I pushed her ass down, resulting in forcefully pushed his entire cock inside her pussy and having my full length in her ass.

"AHHHHH HES HITTING THE BACK OF MY PUSSY" We just stayed there, in that position as Kiran had a 10+ inch Python cock in her pussy's deepest depths while my cock was fully erect inside her asshole. After what seemed like minutes. Jerome instructed me to slowly pull out and push back in without having my cock pull out completely. As I did that I could feel the wall that deprecated her pussy and asshole.

I could feel every inch of his cock inside on the other side. As I thrusted in and out she started to scream in pain.


"I'm pulling out" I said. As I was about to, she screamed "don't you dare" "But baby---" I couldn't finish my sentence before she cut me off and started riding my cock and his. It was the best feeling I've ever had. I just stood there on my knees. Looking down watching Kiran slowly ride my cock into her asshole and his cock into her pussy. It wasn't long before I started grunting. "Omg he's going to cum" she said I'm anger. She got off his cock a little more and started to push back onto mine furiously.

"Fucking cum inside my ass" I couldn't believe it, I went from having a wife I had only fucked who told me she would never do anal with me to telling me to cumming in her ass while having a black cock inside her like it was nothing. As I watched her ass bounce on my brown cock she said something that set me off. "Cum inside me baby, Jerome your next" I wanted to pull out so badly, knowing if I came then Jerome was going to cum inside her ovulating indian pussy.

But it felt way to good to pull out. The site of her brown ass covered in pussy juices bouncing on my cock was too much. As she backed up onto my cock I thrusted back into her ass and grunted loudly as my cock went rock hard and shot loads of cum inside her asshole.

She started to moan loud, as she started orgasming. "Ooohhh baby I feel your cock shooting cum inside my ass, ohh baby keep going". But I couldn't. I was completely done. I slowly removed my cock from her asshole which closed immediately. My cock was still dripping cum as I backed off the bed. Cum started to leak from her pussy as she slowly started to sit down on his cock. It was like the deeper his cock went in her pussy, the more cum that was dripping out of her pussy.

I wasn't sure what was going to happen. Kiran wasn't on the pill and was ovulating. She wouldn't even have sex with me when she ovulates even with a condom and here she was with a block cock inside her pussy.

I was just about to tell her it had gone too far when she turned back and looked at me and instructed me to do something that changed my mind of not wanting him to come inside her pussy. "Baby, while I bounce on the top half of his cock, I want you to stroke the rest of his cock, and don't stop until you stroke every last bit of cum from his big black cock, into my ovulating womb" I immediately jumped on the bed and grabbed the base of his cock with one hand and grabbed his slippery hard cock and started stroking from the base to where Kirans pussy sat on his cock.

It was amazing. With every stroke his cock grew harder and longer. Her moans got louder, his veins got bigger. And within minutes she screamed "TELL HIM TO SHOOT HIS BLACK COCK CUM INSIDE MY OVULATING PUSSY" Without thinking about the consequences I shouted "CUM INSIDE HER" and furiously stroked his cock to his full length that wasn't inside her pussy.

Within seconds I felt my hand stroke up the shaft and felt a thick stream of cum shooting up the shaft, as I stroked down I felt it along side the cock shaft and Kiran screamed as did the Bull loudly. Orgasming at the same time. Feeling the Bulls cock get harder then I've ever felt, with a stream of thick cum as I stroked it made me cum without touching my cock. He cummed what felt like for a minute. With his final couple stroked he pushed my hand away, grabbed her ass cheeks and said "I'm planting my seed deep" he thrusted his whole cock inside her pussy and slammed her ass so far down his balls slapped we dripping wet asshole.

He just left it there while she opened her mouth open wide and let out a final scream. I sat there, with my cock dripping Cum, and had just possibly watched my wife Kiran get impregnated by a black cock. After a few minutes he slowly withdrew his cock from her pussy. Right before he took it out completely, she told to lay down on my back next to them. After doing so, she put her hand against her pussy, removed his cock from her pussy and quickly got up and squatted down on my mouth. I felt her pressure down all of her weight onto my mouth and felt a heavy stream of thick cum drip right into my mouth.

Mixed with her pussy juices. She furiously rod my mouth while moaning. After riding my mouth she got off and laid back down on the bed. The bull had started to get dressed. "Man you Indians are crazy" I got up and chatted for a bit. He told me her pussy was tighter then any other pussy he had fucked.

While we talked, Kiran laid there. As we were talking she said, "that's not fair" as she got up. She kneeled down next to Jerome and pulled me down, grabbed his cock which was still semi hard, and said "look, it's dripping cum, finish him off" and pushed my head to his cock.

His cock went straight to the back of my throat. I felt a bit of cum trickle down my throat as Kiran stroked his cock. Kiran got removed it from my mouth and started sucking it as I got up. He looked down at her and then at me and said "told you she'd get addicted" She stood up smiled and kissed him and went back to bed. I walked Jerome out and told him I would be in contact with him for the video. When I went back to the bedroom I saw Kiran laying on her stomach with her stretched pussy and asshole.

I slowly climbed back into bed.

She tried turning over but I didn't let her, I positioned my cock at the Entrance of her swollen pussy, and shoved it straight inside her cum filled pussy. Her pussy felt so warm, I could feel how stretched she was.

She just quietly moaned as I furiously fucked her for a minute till I dropped another load inside her pussy. I collapsed next to her.

With just enough Energy left in her, she got up and sat back on my mouth. But this time she grabbed her pussy lips with 2 fingers with each hand and opened her pussy wide and pushed the mix of cum from Jerome and my cock into my mouth. I had a mouthful of cum when she got off my mouth and laid next to me, as I was about to spit it out she told me to kneel next to her and let her have the load in her mouth! True porno style. I kneeled next to her and swapped my full mouthful of mixed cum inside her mouth.

As I looked down at her she told me to go fetch more, I went straight down between her legs and fingered more cum out and started sucking cum out of her. Came back and dropped it in her mouth. She looked up at me with. Mouthful of Jerome and my cum and swallowed it. And that's when I knew my precious Kiran had turned into a Black Cock Slut.