Slave Huntress II Busty Teen Girl Sold In Slavery

Slave Huntress II  Busty Teen Girl Sold In Slavery
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Hi I am Robin. Im regular reader of sex stories.

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I like to share my experience. This is also my true story. Let we can go to the story. I married my lover and we run our life with josh and happiness. My wife name is Steffi kiran.

She is well figured with sexy boobs, round ass, and big thighs. We lead a romantic life with some game in sex. One day we planned to celebrate my wife birthday. So we planned to go Goa. There we had planned to celebrate her birthday. We reached our guest house in seashore.

The next day is her birthday. So we went to shopping. Then we returned to our house. I asked her "what special for this birthday". my wife said "you are only my special." i asked her"what shall i do for u my dear honey?" she replied "you must obey and do my sex orders without any question." i agreed for that game.

Next day i wished my birthday baby. She wore a night dress. The boobs exposed in transparant dress.

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She wore a black bra which showed deep cleavage in transparant night dress. I got aroused on seeing that. I went near to her to give kiss. But she stopped and remembered about yesterdays agreement. Then i asked like a slave "what shall i do now for you?" she replied "remove my dresses and without touching my skin. If you touch my skin you should remove your dress one by one.

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Are you ready?" I was shocked but i have to obey the order. That is the birthday gift for her. I went near to her. My wife has round big boobs. Nipples are puffy and baby pink in colour.

She wore black bra and black underwear which is nicely visible through white transparant night dress. The night dress is tight T-shirt and loose petticoat. I touched her t-shirt without touching her skin. I dragged up her t-shirt by seeing her curve hip. Her abdomen is flat and smooth. I dragged up her t-shirt very carefully. But one of my finger unknowingly touched her boobs near nipple. Already her puffy nipples are in erect.

I excused for touching her boobs. But she asked me to remove my shirt. In order to obey the order i removed my shirt. Then i completely removed her t-shirt.

The round boobs are partially exposed in bra.

My 7 inch dick starts to rise. I went to squeeze her boobs but i remembered the agreement. Then she asked me to remove her petticoat without touching her skin. Inorder to obey the order i untied laces of petticoat.

I dragged slowly down the petticoat. Her panty was already wet. I noticed that and smiled at her. I dragged slowly down. The fleshy thighs were very hot and sexy. On seeing that i lost my concentration and my palm touched her inner thigh. She immediately ordered to remove my trouser.

I removed my trouser. My hard and hot dick stretch outside my underwear. She smiled like teasing at me on seeing that. Then she asked to remove her bra with my tooth without touching my lips. Then i started to remove with my tooth. I bite the bra strip near shoulder.

She moaned "Woooaaahhh". I slowly started to remove bra without touching my lips. When i reached near her nipple. She moaned and shouted "sssss wuuaahhh" My lip struck the puffy nipple on hearing the moaning sound. She asked to remove my underwear. I hesitately removed with blush. She touched my hard dick. And i removed her bra. Two monstrous white boobs with rose coloured puffy stiff nipples were hung without any dress. It moved left and right when my wife move his hand and head.

The boobs were very soft and smooth. Two hand is not enough to handle the boobs. Now she asked me remove her wet panty with my lips without touching the tooth.

I took panty with my lips above the pussy. I slide down the panty. The pubic hairs are lightly grown around the clit. I removed completely without touching my tooth. The pussy lips were very fleshy and neat. We both stood in nude. Both of us are hot but we didnt expressed it. She asked me to bath her.

So we entered into bathroom. I watched her bulge and sound ass moved left and right when she walked. Her asshole was tight in nature. She gave two soap in my two hands.

She asked me to put soap without touching my hand. I started to put soap her fleshy boobs, erect nipples, flat belly, bulge ass, and wet pussy. She moaned like anything. Then we finished our bathing. My palm touched her two times. She counted it. She lie down on bed without drying. Then she asked me to dry her wit my tongue. I dried her big boobs, stiff nipples, wet pussy and sexy inner thighs. She moaned and shouted aloud. I dried her ass by licking the asshole. Then she tied my hand and widely spread legs in bed.

I was not yet dried. She immediately bite my dick wit her teeth. I shouted to leave her. I was helpless. My hands and legs were tied tightly. She licked like ice cream. I started to pre-cum. She tasted it and ate completely. She licked my chest and nipples. I was completely aroused. I started to moan "aaahhhh lick it fast aaaahhhh". she bite my nipples.

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I cant explain the situation in words. She inserted her tongue into my asshole and started to flickering. I cant control myself. She flicked very fast. Then she untied my hand and legs. I waiting for this situation. I holded her hand in my hand and kissed her lips. I inserted tongue into her each corner of her mouth.

Then i licked her neck and went down to her large boobs. I squeezed the boobs and pinched her stiff nipples. She moaned in pleasant pain. Then i bite the nipples and tasted it.

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Her moaning sound began to rise. I pulled strongly the nipples with my lips. Then i went down and touched the pubic hairs. The pussy opens and closes like anything in mood. I touched the pussy lips with one finger. The pussy was already wet and i touched the pussy juice. Then i licked outer layer of pussy lips. She moaned like anything. Then i inserted my tongue into the pussy. Then i started to flicker fast. She reached the orgasm. I tasted all juices in pussy.

Then i inserted my dick into the pussy. My hot dick slide into tight pussy. She shouted in little pain.

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Then i started to fuck her hard. She started to shout in little pain and vast pleasure. Then i loaded the cum into the pussy.

Then i started to lick the ass. I gave deep tongue into her asshole and started to fuck with my tongue. Then i started to insert my dick into very tight asshole. She shouted in pain. But i didnt bother about that. I fucked very hard into her tight asshole. Then i loaded my cum into her mouth. She ate all my cum. I finally wished many more happy returns of the day.