Big booty chick banged hard

Big booty chick banged hard
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This is a story of my sexual experiences growing up. Everything that follows is a true account of what happened although I have changed the names of those involved.

It was 1983 and I was 4 years old. My mothers sister had just got married for the second time and was on honeymoon. While she was away the youngest two of her five children stayed with us.

James who was 8 and Natasha who was 11. My name is Gary and I shared a room with my younger brother Peter who was only 1.My older brother Malc had his own room next to ours, he was 7. It was the first night and my younger brother was already asleep in my parents room. I was asleep in his bed in our room while my Malc and James shared my bed as it was bigger than Peters.

Natasha was in Malcs room on her own. I was woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of Malc and James whispering to each other. 'I don't want to play this game, I don't like it' I heard Malc say. 'Oh go on' James said. 'Its fun, I play it with Richard all the time,' (Richard was James older brother and he was 14.) I sat up in bed to see the 2 older boys naked and stood in the middle of the bedroom floor. James had his back to me and I could see his perfect smooth little ass.

I had never seen anyone else naked apart from my brothers and I got exited by this but I didn't know why at the time. Malc was stood directly in front of him and I could see that t James 'body was pressed against Malcs.

'What are you doing ' I asked quite loudly. James spun round. 'Quiet' he said. 'it's a secret game'. 'Yeah and I'm not playing anymore' Malc said getting into bed. 'Ok' James walked towards me. I could see his dick now but it looked strange to me. it was bigger than mine and my brothers and instead of hanging down it was pointing straight out towards me and it looked a lot thicker too. it was of course hairless as you would expect of an 8 year old and I guess it was about 3 inches long.

'Do you want to play it. its called dick to dick' He said. 'Sure why not' I replied innocently. 'Ok, Take of your pants and stand next to me' he said' I was only in wearing my pants because it was a hot summer night.

I got up and my pants were off in seconds. 'Now what' I asked 'Here's how you play. I say 1 of the following words DICK,BUM or MOUTH and then you say 1 of them.

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It can be the same or a different 1. Understand?' he asked. ' I guess so' I replied not knowing what was going to happen next.

'Then what do we do?' I asked. If I say dick and you say dick we have to press our dicks together. If I say bum and you say dick you have to put your dick up my bum, and if I say mouth and you say dick you have to put your dick in my mouth.

Understand?' 'Sounds easy' I replied. 'Ok lets play'. I had never touched another naked boy before not even my brothers and I was really exited about this new game but I still didn't know why.

'Right 'lets go' James looked me straight in the eye 'Mouth' he said without pausing to think. 'Um.Dick' I replied. 'Good' he grinned back at me, then quickly dropped to his knees and took my tiny little boy dick in his mouth and started to suck it.

At first it made me jump and I went to stop him but he grabbed my hands and carried on sucking and I started to enjoy it. I don't remember how long it lasted but after a while he stopped and removed his mouth from my dick.

I looked down and saw my dick was different to how I had ever seen it before. Although it was still small it was hard and pointed out like James'. He stood up and put his hands on my shoulders forcing me to sit down on the edge of the bed. he stood in front of me and pushed his dick in my face it was even bigger now and pointing straight up rather than outwards.

It was then I noticed something even stranger to me. His foreskin was pulled back. Not all the way but half way. 'suck it' he demanded. 'No it looks funny. There's something wrong with the end of it' I said.

Having never seen a foreskin pulled back it really did look strange to me. 'Its ok all dicks do that' He said pulling his skin all the way back now to expose his head fully. 'mine doesn't' I said. 'oh yeah ' he said grabbing my dick and pulling my skin back a little bit. It was really tight and it hurt when he did it.

'Ow stop your pulling the end off' I complained.

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He laughed'Ok ok just suck me then' he said letting go of my now sore dick and pressing his hard dick against my lips. It smelled funny a bit like piss but something else too that smelled nice. And with the skin pulled all the way back it didn't look as strange. So I took him in my mouth and started to suck him. It felt and tasted amazing and I knew right there and then at the very young age of 4 that I wanted to do this a lot more.

After a couple of minutes I thought I was hurting him because he started to moan so I went to stop. He put his hands of the back of my head and started to face fuck me. 'Keep going don't stop' he said All of a sudden his whole body started to tremble then he thrust his dick as far into my mouth as he could, so much so that I nearly choked.

then his body stiffend and he let out a loud moan.

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'mmmmmmm that feels good' He had obviously had an dry orgasm as nothing had come out of his dick into my mouth. Just then Malc woke up and looked over at us. 'Are you still playing? ' he asked 'Not any more' James said 'Gary's just ended the game' then he bent down and kissed me full on the lips. 'Night Gary.

We can play again some time' and with that he got back into bed with Malc and turned the light off. I just layed there in the dark confused and exited about what had just happened and wondered what the next day would bring. As it turned out nothing.

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Neither James or Malc mentioned it. James did smile at me at breakfast but that was it.

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After that whenever I saw him I begged him to play the game again but he just said he couldn't. but I changed that 5 years later. But before we would play again I had 5 years playing the same game and a few different ones with other girls and boys. TO BE CONTINUED