Hubby share wife to friend hard forceful pussy suck

Hubby share wife to friend hard forceful pussy suck
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Monday morning found me catching up with the news, having some coffee, and relaxing…then my doorbell rings, I open the door, and there stands Denise, in tight little booty shorts, and a button down shirt tied right below her luscious teen breasts, "Hi Steve, everyone's gone to work, I was wondering if I could…well…maybe hang out with you, and if I can, could I invite my friend Charlie over?" I looked at the sexy little vixen and felt my cock twitch, then the larger head said to me "17 will get you 20" "Charlie huh?.sure invite him over, and come on in" she giggled, and pulled out her cell, I hear her tell her friend "c'mon over he said okay".

I offer her something to drink (non alcoholic, I'm not an idiot am I?) and I head to the pool, she detours to the bathroom to change into her bikini, I'm sitting on one of the chaise lounges when she comes out, it's not the same bikini she had on Saturday…it looks about three sizes too small, the triangles of the top don't even cover her areolas completely, and the bottom is clinging to the narrowest of margins of her pussy lips, I almost moan out loud seeing her as she walks towards me, "so& fucked my Mom, didn't you" she starts off "I could tell it was good too…she had that glassy stare that she's only had a couple of times before…oh and your cum tastes…mmm…mmm.good!" I open my mouth to speak, but nothing comes out…I'm totally dumbfounded at the boldness of this teenage sexpot.

"ummm…what your Mother and I did or did not do is our business, don't you think" I stammered, damn this girl had me babbling!


"well I don't care if you fuck her&hellip.she needs her fun too you know, and she definitely had fun!" she laughs out, I start to say something and we hear the doorbell ring "ahhh…saved by the bell, I'll get it, it's Charlie" she laughs, running off to open the door, my dick hardens a bit more watching all her lady parts jiggle enticingly "get your shit together, she's jailbait, and can't possibly want anything to do with an old man like you anyways!" I thought to myself "besides Charlie is probably her boyfriend or something like that" I continued in my head.

I was pulled from my thoughts by Denise coming back out the door followed by a stunningly beautiful brunette girl that was about 5'5" 118 with most likely 38C's, "Steve, this is Charlene Evans, who everyone calls Charlie, Charlie, this is Steve Edwards, the man of my fantasies" as I blush (what the hell 49 year old men don't blush do they?) Denise says "nice to meet you Steve, you're a lot hotter than Denise said you were" Charlie says in a sultry voice, once again a teenage female has me at a loss for words, and my cheeks burn a deeper shade of red, unfortunately my little head does not suffer from the same affliction, as my cock tries to rise up and introduce itself, luckily it happened to be pointed down the leg of my shorts, unluckily it happened to be about 1 1/2 " longer than the leg of the shorts I had on, both girls have a pretty good view of my cockhead, both of them stare at it and almost as one say "mmm" I stammer out, "anyone like something to drink" as I start heading into the house, the girls call out their orders as they break into a fit of teenage giggles.

I go inside and calm myself "self control…self control…they're teenagers…down boy" grab the drinks and head outside, Charlie's bikini is only ever so slightly larger than Denise's leaving nothing to my imagination, I hand the girls their drinks, and dive into the pool to try and stay calm, I can hear the girls chatting and giggling, but can't hear what they're saying, I lay back and float lazily for a while as my body parts calm down to a more normal size, feeling thirsty I swim to the side, climb up to get a drink, and there&hellip.


are both the girls on the chaise lounges&hellip.naked and looking at me with large grins on their faces. "ladies…umm…is there a specific reason you have no clothing on.?" I feel a familiar shifting of my bloodflow, "well.we figured that the bikinis didn't really cover much anyways" quipped Charlie, "and we don't want any tan lines" added Denise, "and besides& were just going to have to take them off to fuck us" Charlie said, looking me straight in the eye, as she slowly ran a finger along her bare slit "Denise told about that baseball bat you're swinging, and I told her I wanted some too" Charlie almost crooned to me, I could see the lust in her eyes, "and when did you happen to see me Denise?.wait…let me guess…the first day when I went swimming?" I asked, "yep, I saw you, and my pussy has been dripping since then" Denise said, as she rubbed a breast, and slipped a finger inside herself as if to show me how wet she was.

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My cock was almost at full throttle, but the big head (remember…I'm not an idiot right?) said "warning,warning…jailbait,jailbait" I couldn't believe the words that were coming out of my mouth at that moment "ladies…I appreciate the offer.

I really really do…but you're underage, I could get in a lot of trouble, even go to jail if I would do anything with you, and anyone found out, god I can't believe I'm saying this!" to which Charlie replied as she got of the chaise "that excuse may be valid for baby girl over there…but I turned 18 two days I think you are going to be my belated birthday gift." She came up to me, wrapped her arms around my neck, and proceeded to kiss me, her tongue slipping into my mouth to explore.I put my arms around her, feeling her breasts pressed against my chest, as she ground her pussy on my thigh, suddenly I felt my shorts being tugged down, my cock sprang out and slapped Charlie on the inside of her thigh, I broke our kiss to see Denise behind me grinning, "and I'm certainly not going tell anyone that would get you in trouble" she said, as she ran her hands along my ass, what's a guy supposed to do in this situation…well I don't know about you.but my morals went out the window when Denise reached up, and started stroking my cock "my god…this things so huge!.I knew it was big when I saw it, but fuck…it's a monster!" I reached down and took her hand, grabbed Charlie's hand and started leading them into the house.

We got as far as the living room when both girls stopped me, pushed me back onto the couch, then both dropped to their knees between my legs, they both licked along my shaft, meeting at the cockhead for a sensual girl on girl kiss, then Charlie started to slide my cock into her mouth as deep as she could (she got an impressive 5" before choking out) saying "god I can't get my mouth to stretch any wider" as Denise continued to stroke the shaft, Charlie started bobbing on my rod getting about ten good pumps then she grabbed my shaft stroking me while Denise tried to swallow my sword, I said "ladies that's all great, but my mouth is getting lonely up here…I need some pussy to feast on." Charlie giggles, and says "sorry…" and climbs up on the couch, kisses me…then stands in front of my face.

I grab her perfect ass cheeks and pull her to me, I slip my tongue into her tight little hole, work it as deep as I can, then start the pattern…thrust my tongue in and out, then slowly slide up and across her clit, then back down and in, again and again as her hips start to gyrate in time to my tongue and her moaning lets me know I'm getting it right "mmmm…oh god…oh yes…right there…oh fuck yesss…mmmm…" I reach one hand up and caress one breast, rolling the nipple, feeling it harden and running a finger around the areola as it crinkles, then to the other, alternating back and forth (I wouldn't want one jealous now would I?)Denise is working my cock, as I hear her going "guck,guck,guck,guck… pant,pant,pant… guck,guck,guck" suddenly Charlie cries out "oh fuck……oh… oh…oh…fuck&hellip.I'm cumming!.fuuuck" and she presses her pussy onto my face holding onto the back of my head, my tongue lashes against her clit as she screams "ahhhhhhhhh&hellip.ahhhhhhh&hellip.yesssssss" I let her ease down from her orgasm, as her breathing returns to somewhat normal I say "okay girls time to change, Denise you'll be up here, Charlie, you get to ride".

Charlie moves herself so she's straddling my cock, Denise holds the shaft as Charlie works her pussy down over the head "fuck that's big&hellip.owww…oowww. oh fuck I don't think it's gonna fit…oh my god.oh my god." she gets the head into her and slowly starts working it deeper, then sliding back up, then pushing herself onto it "owwww&hellip.oh…owwwww…oh fucking god it feels like you have your leg stuffed in my cunt!!.oh fuck…fuck me" she moans and cries, but she keeps working herself further onto my cock.

Denise then moves up and stands in front of me like Charlie had done, and I start licking her the same way, it doesn't take long before her hips are moving and she has her hands on the back of my head she's moaning "mm…yesss…mmm…oh…so nice…" then I slip two fingers into her pussy, and start fucking them into her as I give her clit a suck "oh god…ohhhh… too much…ahhhhh…ahhhhh…fuuuuuuuuuuuck…cuuuuuuummming" I push a finger into her ass, and the two fingers deep into her cunt, as I keep sucking her clit, she shrieks and then slams her hips onto my mouth, and holds it there tightly as her juices run down my chin and the inside of her thighs.

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"oh god…no more…no more…wait&hellip." She says panting, I just nuzzle her pussy as she comes down, as Denise cums on my face I hear Charlie…"uhhh…uhhh… uhhh&hellip.fuck…uhh…oh god…uhh" as she is sliding up and down the full length of my pole, I feel the head of my cock push into her cervix when she drives herself down onto me "oh…uhh…god…uhh.uhh.I'm.gonna pop.uhh…uhh. fuuuucccckkk… meeeeeee" she wails as her pussy tries to cut my dick off, as it squeezes so tightly around me it hurts, she stays impaled on my cock, but rocks her hips back and forth rapidly, I feel the heat from her pussy increase as her juices are released, then she just falls against my chest panting, her head between Denise's legs "I'm done…I can't take any more…oh my god, I've never felt anything like that…" We all rested together for a bit then Denise announces that she has to "ride the monster" as she put it, "oh, and by the way…we're both on birth control so you can let that thing pump as much cum into us as you want" she laughs, I say "oh really!, well let's get to filling you up!." I set her onto the couch and move between her spread legs, rub the head up and down along her bare slit, paying special attention to her clit, then I push the head into her opening, as she bites her bottom lip, then cries out "oh fuck&hellip.wait…holy shit…" as she pants, I wait, "okay…okay…more…" I push deeper "owwwww.oww.owww.owww…oh god" I stop, as her breathing calms she says "more…I want it all…I can take it…fuck me".

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I push it all the way home, until my balls are resting against her ass, and hold it there as she screams "ohmyfuckinggodit'srippingmeopen&hellip.ahhhhhhhhhh" her nails rake across my back leaving bloody trails, Charlie sitting there watching says "god this is so fucking hot!." and starts sucking on Denise's right nipple, then kissing her while she caresses her breasts, I start to use short slow strokes, feeling her cervix open each time I push into her, she responds by moving her hips to meet my thrusts, I slowly increase the length of my thrusts "ohhhhh&hellip.yessss.

fuck me…ohhhh…" she moans, which is cut off as Charlie straddles her face, I build up speed and hear Denise "mmmm…mmmm.mmm" as she licks Charlie's pussy.


Charlie is moaning, I reach up and pinch a nipple as I start thrusting deep and hard, you hear Denise going "umph.umph.umph.mmmmmph" Charlie is yelling out "oh god that's it…that's it…fuck…right there…cuuummming!" as Charlie pops I feel Denise's pussy constrict, then the wash of hot fluid along my shaft, my balls start their climb, Denise is continuously moaning at a high pitch, like she's screaming into Charlie's cunt "ummmmmmmmm" I feel the surge pushing down my shaft "awww fuck& it comes&hellip.ahhhhh&hellip.ahhhhh" I ram my cock hard into her as the first shot explodes into her womb, I grunt with each thrust, shooting another huge spurt of my juice, until there isn't any room in her pussy and each thrust in, pushes my cum out, leaving a white bubbly, frothy mess between her legs, and running down the crack of her ass, exhausted I slip from her gaping pussy, flop onto my back on the couch, both girls cuddle up on either side and we fall into the sleep of satisfied lovers.

I wake up to the sound of girls giggling, and the feeling of someone stroking my cock, "oh look…there's Mr. sleepyhead…did the two horny teenagers wear the stud out hmmm?" teased Charlie, then she tries to swallow my cock, which is quickly rising to the occasion, Denise kisses me "thank you for that lover…you just set the bar pretty fuckin high for what I want from a lover…" I grin and tell her "well your partner in crime was just teasing me, so while she's busy, go up in my room, in the nightstand drawer there is some lube, be a sweetheart and bring it here" Denise is gone in a flash, I watch her tits bouncing as she runs off, and again as she returns, handing me the lube.

"Okay Charlie on your knees, on the couch baby, Denise, lay on your back in front of her face" the move into the positions I tell them to, Charlie starts licking my cum from Denise's pussy, as I slide my cock into Charlie, once I get moving pretty good, I dribble a good amount of lube onto her ass, and slide two fingers to the second knuckle into her back door, her head pops up from eating Denise as she yells out "oh fuck…oh that feels good…oh…mmmm." I push her head back down, and Denise grabs the back of Charlie's head as her hips rise to meet her tongue I work my fingers in and out, then add a third, squirt some more lube, once I get all four fingers working in and out, I pull my cock from her gapping pussy, put the head against her sphincter&hellip.and push "ahhhhh…fuck……awwww…what are you doing?.awww.owwww…" I shove my cock deeper into her shithole and say "you shouldn't tease an old man, he might just fuck…the…shit&hellip.out of you" emphasizing the words with hard thrusts, my balls swinging and smacking against her clit, I punish her ass, she's babbling and screaming incoherently as I fuck her, suddenly she tightens up all over, I feel her juices gush against my balls, this pushes me over the edge and I blast whatever was left in me into her tight ass, I hold on to her until my cock drops out of her ass with a plop, my cum oozing from her anus, I set her down on her side, she looks at me "that hurt like hell at first, then is just felt so good, congratulations, you just took my cherry asshole", I get up from the couch, reach down and take a hand from each girl and pull them up "shower time ladies" I say, we start walking and hear "fffffttt" and a glob of my cum runs down the inside of Charlie's thigh as she is walking a little funny "it's not funny!" she cries as we laugh "it still feels like I've got that club you call a dick lodged in there" we all bust up laughing on the way to the shower, "well ladies I hope you enjoyed your day here with me" I said, they both asked "so can we come over again" and I reply "there is a distinct possibility that that could be arranged", they look at me quizzically, "that's a yes" I say, they both jump up and down kissing me, ahh yes& is good.

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