Adolescente ansiosa de verga grande

Adolescente ansiosa de verga grande
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I wake up at 6:00 every morning and take five minutes to wake up. I often sleep in my bra and panties, you'd be surprised how freeing it feels. After I grab my pink gown, I go down stairs for my morning coffee.

I'd never get through the day without it. I heard that Rick finally closed that cheating spouse case. That poor woman must be tearing herself up right now, but Rick has an uncanny ability to make people feel better.

As I sit at the table I think about how things have been. When Rick first started private heroes, business was slow. Nobody really took us seriously. I was beginning to worry that we'd have to close before the end of the first year. But desperation got the best of some people and we finally got clients with low level problems as far as we were concerned.

Nevertheless we took them on as clients and completed the work to the best of our abilities. I remember our first case was body guarding duties for a partying teenager. The daughter of some big shot lawyer who didn't want his daughter hitting the clubs without protection. We did the job and got a handsome paycheck. Apparently Mr big shot lawyer spread the word about our work and we began getting more clients. Things really took off after that and we started needing more people who Rick would recruit and train.

Since I'm on the intelligence end I didn't receive any, but apparently it's brutal. When David told me about it he said he thought he was gonna die.

Apparently you get trained in hand to hand combat, knife and gun control. I guess its handy with Rick being ex CIA. I'm shaken outta my thoughts by the phone ringing. I answer it and instantly get bombarded with "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!" from Rick. "Sorry I didn't catch that?" I say sarcastically getting a laugh from Rick. "Happy birthday Kat (his nickname for me)." I smile and say "Thanks Rick, so im getting a present right?" "Oh yeah!

Your getting something." He replies I imagine with a devilish grin. "Something long and hard I hope." "well I honestly cannot say. Its not like I went around comparing it to others." That gives me an image in my head which makes me laugh. "So I don't want to see you at work today. Take a day off." Says Rick pulling rank on me. "No im coming in. I've got nothing to do at home. All my friends are at work. So that's where I'll be." "I guess it's pointless arguing with you." "yes it is." I say simply.

"Alright I'll see you later but we're going out tonight!" He says firmly.


"Yes we are!" I say just as sternly. "Ok I'll see you later." We say our goodbyes and hang up. After I put down the phone I have breakfast. Since it's my birthday I think I deserve a treat. Honey and jam pancakes. Yum! After breakfast I jump in the shower before getting dressed for work. My favourite black and red bra with matching panties. Add that to my more or less see through white buttoned shirt with short sleeves, guys will be choking on their coffee as I walk by.

I slide on my short black skirt and undo the top three buttons of my shirt allowing a little bit of boob out. Once im done brushing my hair and applying my makeup I grab my bag and keys and leave for work. Finally I arrive at work. I grab a coffee from the coffee room while getting a few wolf whistles from whoevers in the room.

Even some of the women in the room. I walk away with a smirk and some sway in my hips. I hear someone say "birthday girl looking fine!" I look back and see it's David who said it as he grins at me. I blow him a kiss and head to my office. Rick. I'm heading towards Katy's office thinking of her birthday present. Everything is set. I just need to get her to the location. Luckily I have a plan. Knocking on Katy's door I hear her gasping before I hear "Um.

Come in!" I walk in and see her sat and her table. She looks flushed. Her breathing is heavy and her fists are clenched. "Are you ok?" I ask confused. "Uhuh!" She replies nodding. "okay I just wanted to ask you a favour." I say pulling out an old file. As I place it on the table in front of her I notice she's really trying hard to stay focused on me. "Can you take this to ark 5 please, just put it in the closed case box." While im talking to her she takes a sharp gasp. Now I know something's up.

"Hey what's wrong. Are you feeling alright?" I reach over and run the back of my hand across her forehead to feel for a temperature. Its at that moment she gets a panicked expression and pushes my hand away. "Yeah Rick im fine honestly.

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I'll get it done after work ok." I give her a suspicious look but say ok and leave the office. Wonder what came over her? Katy. Fuck that was close. I look down at my lap and see bill still eating my pussy under the table. He's not a great fuck to be honest, but fuck he can eat pussy. It's his birthday present to me.

I can feel his tounge flicking up and down my slit while he sucks my clit. I think im about to burst. Nearly getting caught by Rick only brought me closer to my orgasm. I put my hands below the desk and hold Bill's head to my pussy as he slurps up my juices making me shudder. My moans are getting louder as his magic tounge pushes into my hole making me squirt all over his face. My legs are shaking. I cant stop panting. I've lost all the energy in my body and im starting to sweat.

Bill climbs from under the table and begins unzipping himself. Right now im not in the mood for a quick fuck and duck and he knows it. But it'd be mean for me to take everything he's got to give and not give anything back. I slide off the chair onto my knees. And pull his cock out from his underwear. Its not so much that his cock is small, its just that im use to Rick's much larger cock.

I wrap my lips around his cock and immediately begin sucking. Bill moans and suddenly grabs my head and forces more of himself into my mouth, making me gag. He really needs to learn how to control himself and not get over excited. My ruby red lips clamped around his cock are working up and down his cock while my hand jerks him off. My tounge is snaking around his cock. I'm bobbing my head on his cock and I can feel he's close to cumming. I continue to bob my head before taking his entire length in my mouth.

I've had much bigger cocks in my mouth so this is pretty easy.

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Suddenly he starts moaning loudly, he grabs my head and pulls me right in as he shoots load after load down my throat. He finally releases me and i come up gasping for air. I look up and smile at him while I stroke his shrinking cock. I lick the tip getting that last drop of cum before cleaning him off with my mouth. I stand up while he zips himself up. Just before he walks out of my office I plant a kiss on him leaving my signature lipstick mark on his cheek. He smiles at me and wishes me a happy birthday before walking out of my office.

Half an hour later its lunch and me and Rick are sat in the lunch room. He's sat their drinking coffee and im eating my sandwiches when Rick says "I hope Bill didn't stop you from doing your work." I look at him confused for a second when he clarifies "you think I didn't see the lipstick mark you left on him." I give him a devilish grin and say "It was his birthday gift to me.

He's so sweet!" That statement makes both of us laugh. "To answer your question, I got all those reports done. The incident reports didn't take long since you very rarely have an incident." I tell him smiling. "well I'm just that good!" He says.

"Anyway don't forget to drop that file off at the arc later, I really need it done today." He says. "Its just a closed case file, why is it so important?" I ask a little exasperated. "I tell you what if you don't do it, you don't get your present from me!" He says smiling which makes me pout. "looking at the way everyone is staring at you, it looks like they all have presents for you." Says Rick. I look around and see everyone has a grin on their face staring at me. I smirk and say "I'm gonna have to organise appointments to get my presents." Which makes both of us laugh hard.

Finally the work day ends and im over joyed until I remember the last job Rick wants me to do. I give a deep sigh as I grab my things and head out to my car. The drive only takes 10 minutes but im eager to get home ready to party. Finally I reach ark 5.

It's a warehouse we haven't used for a while. But for some reason Rick's been talking about it alot to me, to people on the phone and some of the guys at work. I walk up to the steel door and type in the four digit code. Once im inside im greeted with a confusing site. The whole place has been cleared out, all that's left is a couch in the centre of the warehouse with a carpet rolled out in front of it.

Against the left wall is a table with bottles of alcohol and about 5 glasses. Suddenly 4 of the guys from work walk out from the shadows, adding to my confusion. I see Tyrone, Alex, Lenny and Tyler. "What's going on here?" I ask. "You have Rick to thank for this." Says Tyrone. He's a tall 6'0 black man who's built like a tank. "Why, what's going on?" I ask a little worried. They start to walk over and lead me to the couch where they surround me.

"This is Rick's birthday present to you." Says Tyler as the guys start running there's hands over my body. That's when I catch on and understand what's happening. Rick arranged a gang bang for me. He knows its one of my biggest fantasies.

I've never had more then a threesome with Rick and Jodi. The guys have there hands all over me. Alex is behind me groping my breasts making me gasp. Tyrone is on my left, he's lifted up my skirt and has his hand in my panties running his finger up and down my slit. Tyler is kissing my neck, while Lenny is stroking my thigh kissing it.

I can't comprehend the stimulation im getting all around my body. I reach behind me and start stroking Alex's cock through his pants while I do the same to Tyrone.

Suddenly Tyrone starts fingering my pussy furiously making me nearly scream in intense pleasure. To keep me quiet, Tyrone leans down and kisses me while I moan into my mouth. His finger is pumping into my pussy so fast. On top of that Alex has unbuttoned my shirt and reached into my bra, twisting my nipples. I cant help it, it feels so fucking good, I cant take it. I squirt all over Lenny's face. My legs are shaking and I think I might fall. Before I drop Tyrone catches me and drops me on the couch where im panting and the guys start to undress me.

In flash the guys unzip themselves and I have 4 dicks in my face. I don't know which one to take first but Lenny has made the choice for me. He thrusts his dick into my mouth and grabs my hair, fucking my face furiously. I feel someone take my hands and place them on their dick. I start stroking them and realise how huge this dick is. It's probably Tyrone. This is gonna be so much fun.

I use my free hand to stroke another cock while Lenny is still pumping his cock into my mouth. Lenny the pulls out only to stand over me on the couch. He leans down and pushes his cock into my mouth again. I wonder why he did that until I feel someone fumbling with my panties and suddenly I feel them licking my pussy. I start moaning with a big cock in my mouth while i stroke two more cocks as someone eats my pussy. #Luckiest girl ever. Whoever's eating me out is doing a fucking amazing job as I feel like im gonna cum again.

Lenny suddenly pinches my nose and pushes his whole cock into my mouth. I cant breathe and im starting to panic but I love the way these guys are making me their whore. Eventually I let go of Tyrone's dick and begin tapping on Lenny's leg. Mercifully he releases me and pulls his cock out of my mouth making me cough. I'm taking long rapid breaths when Tyrone steps over and flips me over onto my hands and knees. He then walks round the other side of the couch and offers his cock to me.

I take it and stroke it before sucking the first few inches in my mouth. I feel someone behind me grab my hips, I look behind me and see Lenny smiling at me while the others stroke their cocks. God everything about this is making me so wet. Lenny lines up his cock and thrusts it inside me making me spit out Tyrone's cock so I can moan.

Oh fuck he's pumping his cock into my slutty pussy. Oh shit! It's so good fuck. Tyrone grabs the back of my head and pushes me back onto his cock. I'm bobbing my head up and down his big cock making slurping noises.

Lenny is really working my pussy. Hammering the shit outta me, I'm moaning on Tyrone's cock which I think he's enjoying. I can feel Lenny's dick pounding into my pussy, its gonna make me cum. He grabs my hair and pulls me off of Tyrone and says in my ear "Scream for me slut!" My head is being pulled back, he's still fucking the shit outta me, I cant help it I scream as I cum so hard.

"OH FUCK! I'M CUMMMIIIIIKNNNG! AAHH! SHIT!" Lenny keeps fucking me all the way through my orgasm. As I start to calm down Lenny pulls his cock out of me and Alex sits on the couch beside me. "I. I can't go on! You gotta stop fucking me so good!" I stutter as im frozen in my position. "We're just getting started. Tyler get ready!" He says as Tyler pushes me onto Alex's lap so that I'm facing him.

He grabs my hips lines up his cock with my pussy before pushing me down onto him. I think I might cum straight away but I use all my strength to hold out as Alex starts bouncing me on his cock. My brain is dazed and I can barely focus on what's happening. My tits are bouncing up and down and my jaw is hung open, my eyes have rolled up into my head. Suddenly I feel another cock press into my ass while Alex fucks my sore pussy. I look back to see Tyler grinning at me.

"You might wanna hold on tight, cause I'm goin in." Before I can say anything else the tip of his cock pops into my ass and I grunt in both pain and pleasure. My fantasy come to life as im being fucked by two cocks.

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Lenny comes round and sticks his cock in my mouth. I'm sucking his cock as best I can, bobbing my head up and down while im fucked by two guys. Eventually Lenny pulls out and steps aside so Tyrone can have his turn. I go back to bobbing my head on his dick while I stroke it. Tyler pulls his cock from my ass and Lenny takes his place. Lenny enters my asshole and I start bouncing on both cocks. Tyler comes round and I jack him off while I suck Tyrone. I have 3 cocks inside me.

One in my mouth, one in my pussy and one in my ass. Soon after Tyrone leaves me to take his turn at my ass. I'm so glad the others loosened me up but I know this is still gonna hurt. I grab the couch and hold on tight as I feel Tyrone pushing into me. As soon as I feel him inside me i tense up and grunt In pain, my eyes are sealed shut and I scream as more of Tyrone is pushed inside of me.

Alex is sucking on my tits while he squeezes them. After I've adjusted, Tyrone starts rocking back and forth fucking me slowly.

Alex starts thrusting up into me and the pain starts to turn to immeasurable pleasure. I'm moaning loudly while I alternate between sucking Lenny and Tyler's cocks.


I don't know how long we're like that but im sucking cock and being double fucked then every few minutes they switch round so that everyone gets a turn at my holes. I don't know how long I can go on and mercifully Tyrone drags me to sit on the couch and they surround me stroking their cocks. I sit their half conscious with my mouth open and my tounge hanging out. The guys start to grunt loudly and I'm showered with cum goin in my face, my tits, my hair and some in my mouth.

I'm spent. I can barely move and im sat their taking long deep breaths. The guys high five each other and get dressed before having a few drinks at the table talking casually while im nearly passed out naked on the couch.

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I wanna get cleaned up but I've got no strength in my muscles. I think im gonna. Rick outside the warehouse. I got a call from Tyrone saying they were all done and that I should probably drive Katy home. I laughed when I read that.

I park outside the ark and see the guys leaving. They all shake my hand and say they'll see me at work on Monday. I walk inside and see her passed out on the couch. Damn! What the hell did they do to her.

I walk over and hear her snoring lightly. She's naked and has cum all over her. I grab a towel and wiper her off because I don't really want another man's cum on my hands when I carry her out. I wrap the towl around her and scoop her up in my arms. After some effort I get her in my car and put the seatbelt on her. Its a 20 minute drive back to her house but I think its best if she stays with me tonight.

Its 20:00, Jodi should still be up. Good I'm gonna need some help.

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I get on the phone to call her. "Hey sweety!" She says sweetly. "Hey mom can you set the spare bedroom up. Katy's coming for a sleepover." "Oh honey are we gonna have some more fun with her?" "not tonight sorry, just make sure she has a gown and a change of clothes ready.

She's just had her birthday present!" I say smiling. Jodi laughs over the phone. "Ok sweety, the room will be ready when you come home. Where are you?" "I'm about 5 minutes out." "Ok baby I'll be ready." "I'm not a baby anymore Jodi, I hate to tell you!" Jodi laughs and says "Your my baby!

Always and forever." We share a laugh and hang up. I pull into the driveway and see Jodi has the door open and ready to help. Her eyes go wide when she sees me carrying Katy in wrapped in a towl. "I see she enjoys herself then!" She says laughing. "She better have enjoyed it, it wasn't easy to plan. Has she got some clothes?" Jodi nods and says "Yes I've washed her clothes since her last visit." She follows me up stairs and into the spare bedroom where i lie her down and pull the covers over her.

We leave her to sleep and go downstairs to watch tv where Jodi makes us both a cup of coffee and we sit together watching tv. That's where I notice my siblings are no where to be seen. "Where's Jake and Ashley?" I ask curiously. Jake's hit the town with friends and Ashley's out on a date." She says smiling.

It makes me smile to see them both living their lives after everything they've been through. Jodi leans down and rests her head on my shoulder while we watch tv. I'm still watching when I hear Jodi snoring beside me. I smile and carry her to bed. Once she's taken care of I go to the kitchen and pour myself a small glass of whiskey while I think of how things have been.

No threats from enemies, no ghosts from my past, nothing. Finally, life is good.