Pinch pennies nuisance fucks wifes mom gets throw a monkey wrench intthe machinery

Pinch pennies nuisance fucks wifes mom gets throw a monkey wrench intthe machinery
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High School Chronicles - Chapter 1 - To Be Lucky The teacher began her methodical role call, "Dax Acel." I despised how she said it, like chalk being scraped down a chalkboard. It truly annoyed me and I'd utter the same dull response as every other student, "Here!" Mrs. Kelly, a lady older than the dirt the school was made on, would always begin the day like so, then the rest of the class period would go into a mind numbing lecture about topics we covered in previous years.

Our class was traditional with the cliche school hotties and jocks to the uncanny girls and nerds who keep to their introvert selves. Like every other straight guy in the class my attention was stolen by the cute girls.

I never hung out with the popular students per-say, but I was well known among everyone for my social personality. "Students; You're aware of the assembly after class today?" The class remained in silence. "The counselors will be discussing class selections for next year, you'll need a pencil." she explained with her raspy morning voice.

She sipped her coffee and began her lesson. "Now onto today's lesson, we'll be learning about Ethos, Logos and Pathos!" her voice came off as enthusiastic, but everyone else ignored her hoping for the bell to dismiss them. Thoughts were circulating my mind a mile a minute, finally I settled on daydreaming about my crush.

To my knowledge I had slim to no chance at dating the girl with violet-blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, a perfect smile, C-cup breasts, a gorgeous ass and a spectacular athletic figure, Allie Fox.

Rarely we'd exchange a glance because my eyes would be wandering and happen to fall on her. By luck today was one of those rare occurrences which lasted longer than normal. The brief exchange ended when she giggled and returned her gaze to the teacher. My mind raced with all of the possibilities before I settled with two reasonable outcomes.

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I was either going to be ignored like every other guy who just wanted to bang her and call her their trophy or I had an actual shot. I was fully aware that I was overreacting, we glanced at each other for a mere five seconds. Nevertheless, the thought danced in my mind until the end of class. Mrs. Kelly ended her lecture early reminding us to leave our belongings in the classroom and report to the auditorium with a pencil.

I stowed my items in my backpack and ignored my pencil letting it rest on the desk. The desks in the room were in rows to prevent talking and it proved effective for the most part.

My desk was in the back of the last row, which was the worst and best position in the class. I was furthest from the teacher, but last to leave every time. The bell rang and I stood up grabbing my pencil and adjusting it above my ear. I was walking to exit the door and noticed Allie and her friend Isabelle waiting for everyone to shuffle out. Presumably the duo was waiting to speak to Mrs.

Kelly, but I was proven wrong when Allie instigated a conversation with me. "Caught you staring at me." she began. I was fixed in a trance with her eyes then snapped out of it when I exited the door. "I glanced briefly, you kept it going." I replied. "Keep telling yourself that." she smiled lightly. Isabelle excused herself telling Allie she'd find her in the auditorium.

I questioned Allie, "Out of curiosity, why did you wait for me after class? I know it wasn't to only ask that question." She smiled almost knowing I would ask that, "Just wanted to see what classes you would choose, we're in the same classes anyways." I took a second to register the obvious coverup and realized that we did in fact every class together.

How could I miss that? "I suppose we do have every class together, what do you plan on taking next year?" I sheepishly asked. "I have no clue, I want to be a doctor though." she explained.

"So, if I accidentally stapled my finger, you'd be able to fix it?" I asked smiling. "I guess." she laughed. We reached the door to the auditorium, most of the juniors had already sat down and the remaining juniors, like Allie and I were filing in. I followed Allie as she tried locating Isabelle with no luck.

"She isn't where we usually meet up." she mumbled seeming frustrated. The intercom boomed, "Find a seat and sit please." My shirt was being tugged as Allie pulled me through the crowd of people to the top row with the only empty seats.

She sat down first and I followed in unison. Papers were passed down the aisles as the counselors explained the classes. "Sex-Ed sounds interesting." she whispered into my ear. I was baffled before whispering back, "Why is that?" "So I could get an easy A+." she returned. What the hell kind of trick was this. If she was going to play dirty, so was I, "Want to show me how you'll get an A+?" I whispered massaging her knee.

Her face turned a bright shade of red in the dimmed lights and she squirmed in her chair lightly. "You know, you've gotten farther than every guy in this school has." she whispered. I turned to see her staring directly at me. She was teasing me too much, I slid my hand up her leg placing my hand on her inner thigh. She bit her lip trying not to make a noise.

The students in front of us looked at us then quickly looked forward pretending to ignore us. Allie and I returned our attention to the front of the auditorium as she placed her hand on mine. I loosened my grip and she made no attempt to move my curious hand. I leaned over to her ear again, "If you're lucky I'll continue where we left off." With that I removed my hand completely and rested it on the armrest. We sat awkwardly for the rest of the time, sometimes glancing at each others papers.

For the most part my mind lingered on the thought of what had just happened.

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Both I was shocked I had gotten this far and I assumed she was equally as shocked. The bell dismissed everyone and students exited the auditorium handing their papers to the counselors on the way out. Next period was Algebra, the teacher was the definition of a sex symbol. The boys would talk about how hot she was and get into more intimate details.

The teacher, Miss Alba was a college graduate and immediately began working when the position opened in our school. She had blue eyes and dirty blonde hair matching Allies. Her body was well-developed with curves in all of the right places and she easily had D-cup breasts.

To quote my single father who was 32, "She was sexy." Short and concise, but it cut to the point. Allie and I grabbed our stuff from Mrs. Kelly's class and headed to Miss Alba's class.

"What do you mean by, 'If you're lucky.'" Allie finally questioned me. We were at least twenty steps from Miss Alba's class, "Just wait and you'll see." I said before holding the door and letting her walk in to the class. We sat on complete opposite sides of the room.

Miss Alba was sitting at her desk by Allie talking about yesterday's homework as I scribbled something down on a scrap of paper. I balled the paper up and held it in my hand. When she finished talking and everyone checked their homework on the chalkboard I walked over to Miss Alba's desk, dropping the paper ball on Allie's desk. Miss Alba looked up questioning what I wanted with her eyes.

"Could I go to the nurse?" I asked. "Why?" she questioned instantaneously. "Migraine." I responded. It was an obvious lie, but she wrote me a pass letting me leave.

Instead of visiting the nurse I made my way to the supply closet across the hallway from the bathrooms. I unlocked it, cutting the lights on, then stood waiting. A few minutes later the door cracked and a familiar hand reached in, Allies. She entered and the door shut. "How did you unlock this?" Allie asked. "I swiped Miss Alba's keys off her desk when she wrote my hall pass." I explained softly feeling proud. I made my way to Allie and she jumped on me wrapping her legs around my waist.

"You're energetic!" I whispered enthusiastically. "I just wanted to know what it's like to be lucky." She whispered seductively into my ear. Her lips met mine and she grabbed at my shirt. I pressed her against the wall while I held her waist.

She was eager to lift my shirt up and I let go of her waist to help. She was slowly kissing her way down my face to my neck and I proceeded to lift her shirt off. Her legs finally dropped and she was a few inches shorter than me staring into my eyes.

She unclasped her bra dropping it to the floor. Her C-cup breasts were beautiful and it boosted her confidence that I was happy with what I saw.

She reapplied her lips to mine and placed her fingers inside the waist of my jeans pushing them down lightly. I placed my hands on her stomach then moving my hands to grope her butt. She kissed more passionately, then dropped to her knees with my pants.

My seven inch erection was making itself more and more noticeable by pushing the fabric of my boxers to its limit. She looked up at me to confirm if she could continue and I nodded. She pulled down my boxers and my cock flung in front of her face, she was not familiar with what she was doing, but I helped guide her with the best of my ability. She placed her hand reluctantly on the base of my shaft and slowly moved her hand back and forth.

I placed my hand on the back of her head slowly pushing her mouth to the tip of my cock.

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She stuck her tongue out and slowly licked my shaft. Her lips went around the tip of my cock and she slowly bobbed her head back and forth. She was hitting a mental block and couldn't push her head forward anymore without gagging. When she was about to bob her head forward again I matched her pace and quickly pushed her head forward.

She coughed and gagged when she came back. Again she moved her head forward and I repeated what I had done before. With time she slowly got used to the entirety of my cock being down her throat and made it much more pleasurable. I was about to cum and pulled out of her throat. I aimed towards her face and came. She was pleased she had pleasured me, but worried that her face was covered with cum and dripping down her chest onto her yoga pants. It smelled like sex and she was obviously wet.

I helped her up, "How was that?" I questioned kissing her face. She brushed my hair vigorously, making it messy, "Hot, but how do you plan on getting me new clothes and cleaning me up?" she questioned somewhat worried. I turned behind me grabbing a rag then handed it to her. "This is a nasty rag." she complained. I picked up her shirt offering it instead, "It's your shirt or the rag." I replied. Apparently the rag was too nasty and she used her shirt, since she got it dirty I wiped my cock dry with it as well.

"Do you have gym clothes? I can ask Isabelle to get them." I offered. "No, I don't." she replied.

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I quickly put on my clothes and stuffed Miss Alba's keys in my pocket. "I'll be right back with clothes." giving her hope.

I made my way out of the door locking it on my way out. Contemplating how I would get clothes, the bell rang before I made it to the classroom. This wasn't good, I picked up my pace and made my way to the Algebra room with my messy hair and slight smell of sex.

I had received multiple weird stares before making it to Miss Alba's room. I swiftly made my way to my seat with my backpack. Miss Alba closed the door to the classroom. "Hey Dax, can I talk to you quickly?" she questioned. "Uh, sure, what is it?" I was confused.

"You and Allie both left for the nurse, my keys are missing, you come back with messy hair and the smell of sex, care to explain?" she caught me and we both knew it.

"Great theory we can discuss later, but you have a class to teach and I need to get to my next class." I made my way to the door that she stood guarding.


"This is my planning period, I'll make a deal with you though." my heart dropped. "What's your bargain?" I asked. "I won't report you or your little girlfriend, but I need something from you both." she was cut off by the tardy bell. "What?" I questioned.

"Bring Allie in here and I'll explain the rest." she said sternly. I stood in awe before she spoke again, "You're not getting a choice really, I could report you both and get you expelled or you can listen to me." she made it clear which choice I would be doing.

"I'll be back then." I said while dropping my backpack and pushing my way out of the door. When I opened the door to the supply closet Allie was happy to see me, but worried to see no clothes. "I need you to walk to Miss Alba's class with me." I stated. She stared at me, "You want me to walk into the hallway with cum-covered clothes into a teachers classroom?

How crazy are you?" she interrogated me. "Miss Alba caught on, we get expelled or do the favor she wants." I explained. Allie mumbled before slipping her bra and shirt on.

I opened the door and I shuffled quickly down the hallway with Allie right behind me breathing on my neck. She was breathing faster and faster making it obvious she was nervous being in public doing this with me. We reached the classroom entering as the door automatically locked behind us. "I called your current teacher, you're both fine for this period. Now onto that favor you owe me." she looked up seeing Allie's wetness and cum covered shirt.

"You two were busy." she was cut off by Allie. "What is the favor?" Allie questioned. "Both of you get undressed." she commanded. We were both in awe, "Do you want to be expelled or not?" she asked rhetorically. She was standing now and I started taking my shirt off.

Allie was still in awe and I had to help her. I lifted her shirt off with her bra and pulled down her yoga pants revealing her thong. I returned to my attire stripping myself nude as well. My erection returned seeing Allie almost naked. Allie had stepped out of her yoga pants, but left her thong on.


"Dax, rip her thong off." Miss Alba said with a wicked smile on her face. Allie looked at me as I placed my hands on the band of her thong. Her eyes were telling me not to, but the fear of being expelled compelled me to.

Allie's eyes went wide as the tearing noise happened suddenly exposing her glistening wet pussy.

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I dropped her ripped thong onto the floor. "Great, now Allie could you put your back on the desk and bend over in a backbend-like position." she ordered waiting for Allie to do so. Allie slowly did and her pussy was prominently exhibited in the air, wetter than before. "Dax place your cock between her pussy lips." Miss Alba commanded. I walked over to Allie doing as Miss Alba said.

Allie was breathing hard. "Dax, do it." Miss Alba ordered. Allie was whimpering that she was a virgin still and was not on the pill. Miss Alba made her way to Allie's face. "Your choice, do you want your mommy to know you were fucking boys in the school closet or do you want to obey me?" she stated wickedly.

Allie was in tears, "Dax do it." Miss Alba repeated returning to the front of the room with her phone to record the experience. I leaned into Allie whispering to her, "Sorry it has to be this way." Leaning up I slowly pushed my way in, thrusting slowly.

Within seconds her hymen had broke. She cried as my cock was slowly covered in her womanly juices and blood. "Dax all the way now." Miss Alba commanded. I slowly pushed into Allie as she whimpered and cried. Astonished, I had heard, "Faster!" from both of them. I thrusted faster until the entire length of my cock was in her pussy.

Allie leaned her head forward into my chest with her mixed emotions and clawed my back with her nails. "Thank you, Dax." Miss Alba said, then walked over pushing Allie back down. I pulled out before I came. "Her face." Miss Alba ordered.

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I quickly lept over the row of desks before releasing my load onto her face once again. "Now if either of you two disobey me in anyway the whole school will see you raping Allie, Dax." She taunted wickedly.

I fell to my knees realizing what I just did, Allie turned her head staring into my eyes, "At least it was with you." she whispered with a small smile creeping across her face.

I was on the urge of crying and wanting to pummel Miss Alba to set her straight, but it wasn't worth the risk. Miss Alba walked over taking pictures, "You students can leave now. I expect you both to be here tomorrow." she stated. I wanted to punch her right then and their, but couldn't bring myself to it.