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Big muscle guys accepts money to fuck
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The Girl Down The Street Lemme start by saying, life gets better. If you're thinking life isn't good, wait a bit, trust me, it does.

Or at least it did for me. I never once thought that one of my best friends and I would escalate our friendship to a whole different level, but hey! Look at. Never mind. I'm getting ahead of myself. Lemme start with the beginning. My name is Jackson. I'm 16, and a sophomore in a small town high school in the Midwest. Things don't get much more boring than it does out here.

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There's nothing to do but each other. But, again, I'm skipping ahead. I don't have much in the way of "friends". True friends anyway.

I have acquaintances, and people I like to hang out with. But the number of people I can really talk to and be honest with are few and far between. I have one in particular, and her name is Rose. She has to be my best friend of all time.

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I can tell her anything, and we can talk about stuff no one else will. I've had girlfriends, but I don't think I've been as close to them as I am to her. It all started on one crisp winter day in December. She was having me and her boyfriend over to hang out and watch movies and things.

We did this often, called it a movie day. Even though most of the time we would sit and watch How I Met Your Mother on Netflix. That's just how this one turned out. We were all sitting there about 4:15 in the afternoon when her boyfriend gets a call that he needs to come home and do some work. Reluctantly, he packs up, gives Rose a goodbye kiss and head out the door.

When she comes back downstairs, I'm just relaxing in the recliner watching tv. She plops on down on the couch and watches with me without saying a word. Finally I break the silence. "I don't understand this show.

He doesn't tell them how he met their mother at all. He just tells them how many girls he banged before he met their mother." "Maybe it's trying to tell you something." was her reply, and I could have swore I heard a slight seductive tone. But I dismissed it.

"I'm going to get a drink, would you like anything?" she asked after a little while. "Water please." I reply. She got up from the couch and walked toward the stairs, her back to me the whole time, and something strange happened. As she walked away, I noticed the perfect way her ass moved when she walked.

It almost had a "come hither" motion to it. This was strange for two reasons. One, I was noticing my best friends ass, and she had a boyfriend. And two, I'd never done that before. Granted she was beautiful. At 5'9", she had a perfect hourglass figure, with not too big not too small but perfect 36B boobs. But I'd always just seen her as a great great friend. Never more.


But now.I was thinking about a whole new side, literally. Finally she disappeared up the stairs and I told myself out loud to snap out of it.

But the more I tried not to think about her, the more I did. The more her accentuated curves formed an hourglass shape with her body, how her ass curved up her sides and turned into her luscious breasts. My thoughts were interrupted by Rose returning with my water. She went back to the couch and sat down like normal, but the way I watched her do it was different.

I decided to joke with her. "Well, we're finally alone. What shall we do?" I added a wink.

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She turned and smiled. "I dunno big boy. What do yooou wanna do?" she batted her eyelashes at me. I want to rip your clothes off, was my first thought but I scolded myself. "Oh I dunno." and I took her hand in mine. "I was thinking we could start slow." She picked up fast, "I agree, then maybe we should get a little more forward." she jumped on top of me and straddled me, a seductive look in her eye, but she couldn't hold her composure, and she burst out laughing.

She rolled off of me and onto the floor, still dying of laughter. I couldn't help myself and I joined her in laughing so hard it hurt. We eventually calmed down, and turned back to the show.


Her boyfriend showed up later on and we continued "movie day" without incident, but my thought kept straying to the view of her perfect round ass.

I woke up the next morning, a lazy Sunday, to my phone buzzing. It was Rose, and she wanted me to come over. She only lived just down the street so I threw some clothes on and headed out, not before I took time to fix my hair. I knocked on her door and waited a while. I thought maybe no one was home so I turned to leave and jus then her door swung open and there she stood, eyes red from crying.

She was still sniffling as I threw open the glass door and rushed in demanding to know what was wrong. "Brandon dumped me. He just dumped me, without any warning." she said between sobs.

I ran forward and embraced her. "'s ok, it's ok. Did he tell you why?" "Yeah." She sobbed into my shoulder. "He said I was too flirty with other guys, especially you." "That's crazy!" I said, but I secretly knew it wasn't. "We don't flirt!" On purpose, I finished in my head. "Thats what I told him! But he wouldn't listen." she began to cry into my shoulder.

I led her over to her couch and we sat down and I just let her cry it out; every now and then I would say "Shh." or "It's ok." but every time I did my heart did a tap dance.

She was single! Now I don't feel so guilty for my thoughts. And it's not like I'll get a girlfriend soon either. All these thoughts were running through my head and I hadn't noticed Rose had stopped crying and she was just resting her head on my shoulder. But the unique thing was that she happened to rest her hand right in my lap. It took all my self control not to get too 'excited'. But the inevitable happened.

I felt myself slowly getting bigger and I felt it straining against my jeans. At this point I knew she had to feel it, but if she did she said nothing. She just sat there head on my shoulder, arm around my neck, other arm in my crotch. I was doing everything possible to put down the raging hard-on. Think of dead things or ugly people or. Something strange happened. I could feel her hand moving slowly on the front of my jeans.

Not a big movement but she was moving, slowly back and forth, right on my erection. This can't be an accident. I thought to myself. I turned my head and looked down at her. Her dark brown hair smelled so nice, like strawberries. She looked up and our faces were less than an inch from each other. I don't remember leaning in but the next thing I knew I was kissing her.

Lightly at first but soon our tongues made a gentle pass and we were off. We just sat there and made out, like nothing was wrong, like we were two lovers in heat. She put her hand on my chest and pushed me back downing the couch, her on top of me.

We continued making out until her hand found it's way inside my shirt. She began running her hand over my chest and stomach.

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Now I'm not ripped, but I am rather muscular, and girls like that, apparently. I felt like I should be doing something with my hands so I started to rub them up and down her sides, all the way down to her ass and all the way back to her boobs where I rested my hand and began massaging them. Rose let loose a little moan in my mouth. I took this as a sign on enjoyment so I continued. She moved her hands and grabbed my shirt and ripped it over my head and went right back to kissing me.

I moved my hands down her back until I found the edge of her shirt and pulled up until it too was off, leaving both of us topless other than her bra, which, with very little fumbling thank you very much, I managed to remove. I rolled us over so that I was on top. I took my kisses from Rose's mouth to her cheek and eventually her ear which I kissed down the the earlobe, she jerked a little at this.

I made a mental note. My kissed went from there down to her neck, and down her front until I was kissing between her breasts.

I moved my head slowly along until I was resting above her right nipple, and I went down and began kissing it. I lightly wrapped my lips around it, soliciting a quick whine out of Rose. Another mental note. I began to lightly suck on her nipple, and eventually my sucking grew more fierce. I worked my hand up and started rubbing my fingers around her other nipple, slightly pinching now and then.

Rose was squirming beneath me but I just increased the pace and ferocity of my sucking and rubbing. All at once, she let out a long and loud moan and bucked her hips into the air and held them there. I didn't stop, I just kept going until her moan turned into a hum and her breathing grew more rapid and finally she pushed me away saying "N-no.n-no more." I crawled back up toward her mouth, her breathing returning to normal after her orgasm.

She whispered into my ear: "That was more intense and anything Brandon ever gave me. Thank you." she planted a deep kiss, complete with tongue, on me and we collapsed onto the couch.

Rose laid on top of me for a while, her head on my chest, still topless. Meanwhile I had a raging hard-on, and either I needed to jerk, or we needed to go further. As if she could read my thought rose looked up at me. "It's not over yet." she said, never breaking eye contact as she crawled down the couch.

She got to my belt and began working on the buckle. After the button and zipper were undone, she grabbed the waistband of not only me pants but my underwear and pulled them down.

My cock sprung free; sticking straight out at 7", I wasn't short.

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Her eyes lit up at the sight, and I could feel it get harder. "It's so big." I heard her whisper as she wrapped her fingers around it. She began steadily stroking it up and down over and over. I closed my eyes and leaned back to enjoy the feeling. But then something happened that made me jump. I felt her run her tongue up the underside of my dick and as it reached the head she wrapped her lips around it. This made my cock twitch so bad I thought I was going to cum right then and there.

But I exerted what self control I had and abstained. Her motions were incredible. She would take as much as possible, a good 5 inches, and then slide all the way back up so just the head was in her mouth, and she would swirl her tongue around my cockhead, driving me insane. I put a hand on the back of her head as she moved up and down, enjoying it.

All of a sudden I couldn't take it. "Rose.I-I'm gonna" I couldn't finish. suddenly Rose jerked back and took just the head, then sucked as hard as she could. This sent me spiraling over the edge. I began shooting ropes and ropes of cum into Rose's mouth and down her throat and she expertly swallowed it all.

She then moved up and down my cock until it was soft again. I sat there, breathing heavily, recovering from my intense orgasm. I took a second to take in the moment and realize who was currently caressing my balls. I just got a blowjob from my best friend.

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And I'll be damned if I didn't love it! Up until now, she has directed everything.bout time the power shifted. "My turn." I said as I got up and lifted her onto the couch. I kneeled down and pulled her jeans from around her waist, panties and all, and buried my face in her crotch.

Rose let loose a yip, due to her surprise, but her yip turned into a moan as she realized what I was doing to her. I was slowly letting my tongue caress her opening, and then sliding it up and down her whole slit, pausing to suck on her clitoris for a second before starting the process over again.

It didn't take long this time. Her hips were squirming violently and as I heard that sharp intake of breath, I latched onto her clit and sucked hard. Rose hit the roof. She couldn't hold back and screamed with pleasure as her orgasm flooded over her, coating around my mouth. I kept licking until she grabbed my head and pulled me away. "No. No more." she said. "now, you're going to fuck me." She stood up off the couch, over me, purposefully wiping her soaking pussy on my face. She took my hand and pulled me up.

I hadn't noticed in the confusion how hard I had gotten again.

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She took my hand and led me to her bedroom down the hall. Once there, she told me to stand by the bed, so I did. She closed the door and turned around, back against the wood. Our eyes met, and I could see the fire in her eyes. All at once, she ran at me, jumped on me wrapping her legs around me and we feel back on the bed, and as we did so, she planted a deep kiss on me.

She was straddling me now, and without breaking the kiss, I felt her hand move between my legs and position my cock right at the entrance to her now well lubricated pussy. All at once, she sat down, impaling herself on my hard shaft. She moaned so deep I could feel the vibrations coming down through her cunt, and I almost came right there, but I once again abstained. She slowly began to slide up and down on my cock, sometimes going all the way up so just the head was in, then going back down until all you could see was her lips against my stomach.

Gradually she increased her pace and I started to match it and eventually I was fucking her just as much as she was fucking me. "Oh.oh.oh.yes.yes.don't stop.don't ever stop." was all I could hear as I rammed my throbbing cock into this sweet teen pussy. I got faster and her screams became more intense. "Oh.ohohohoh.

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OH FUCK! OH FUCK YES DON'T YOU STOP! OH GOD IM GONNA.I'M GONNA.CUUUUUUUUUUUUMM!!!!!" She screamed the last word as I could feel her juices flowing all over my cock, and I didn't slow down. I grabbed her by the sides and flipped her over so we were missionary style. I then got even faster and harder, as tears of pleasure fell out her Rose's eyes.

All she could do was moan, her voice lost in pleasure. I could feel myself getting closer and closer to the edge. "Rose." I began.

"Don't stop." she breathed. "Don't you dare stop. I want you to cum in me. I want to have your baby. Let's cum together." That pushed me over the edge. I kept pumping as I could feel my balls tighten and all my hot, sticky cum flew out of my cock and deep inside her vagina and into her waiting womb.

We both moaned, as we came together. I fucked Rose until I could feel my dick getting smaller until *plop* it slipped right out. I collapsed and fell right next to her, both of us breathing like we had just run a marathon.

She rolled over and looked me dead in the eye and said: "I think I love you Jackson." and with that, she fell asleep on my chest, naked as the day she was born. And that, I thought, is just how I like her. I might write more to please the real Rose. So you might have to sit through it. ;-)