Straight guys busted sucking cock and hot nude young gay With a prick

Straight guys busted sucking cock and hot nude young gay With a prick
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Dominating My Older Sister (An Incestuous Harem Story) Chapter Three: Big Sis's Humiliating Punishment By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this! Carmelita Campo The dildo stretched out my pussy, my flesh spasming about it.

I groaned and gasped, my wrists twisting in the handcuffs, my asshole clenching down on the invading butt-plug. I shuddered, groaning, gasping, my lips stained with pussy.

Zoey's pussy. My little sister's pussy. Alicia's. I had eaten so much pussy today. I hated how much I liked it. I shouldn't like it. I wasn't gay. I wasn't. But my bitch of a little sister and that faggot Clint had me on videotape forcing my dyke sister to eat my pussy. They were blackmailing me. My parents, especially my father, would kill me if he thought I were gay.

I wasn't. I was straight. I liked.guys. They were.fine. I didn't like being my sister's sex slave. "Oh, yes, you loved that big dildo," purred Juana, the fucking dyke-cunt-whore.

Her hands gripped my asscheeks, pushing them together. The butt plug drove deeper into my ass. "Aren't you glad you bought this toy so I could fuck you with it?" Juana purred. She was attached to the dildo, leaning over me. It was the largest dildo I had ever ordered off the internet.

I bought it to fuck her little dyke cunt, to ram a big, Black dick into her and make her squeal. I knew she would like it. She was the dyke. Not me. I just liked putting lezzie whores in their place. I had done it to a few girls when I saw that they were muff-divers. I showed them what they were and how pathetic it was to crave licking my snatch. And Juana turned it around on me.

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"Don't deny you didn't love it," Juana said, her fingernails biting into my ass. It was welted from being flogged. Pain flared through me, mixing with the buzzing remains of my orgasm. "I heard you cum hard." "Fine, Mistress," I said, hating that I called her that. How it made me feel: owned. I wasn't her property. My Mis.little sister didn't own me! "I came. Any girl would cum. It's a fake cock. I like cocks." "Oh, yeah, she loooooves cocks," Lee giggled.

She was bound nearby, just like me, her ass thrust up in the air, her hands cuffed behind her back, her legs spread apart by a bar, keeping her pussy on display. Only the fucked-up little slut loved it. She got off on it. She wiggled her hips, no doubt trying to get Clint to ram his dick into her nasty snatch. "She's just begging for Clint to fuck her." "Do you want Clint to fuck you with his big, thick cock?" Juana asked, leaning over me.

"Does my little lezzie-slave want that? Huh? I mean, if you're straight, you must be dying for Clint to fuck you." "My big brother is such a hunk with an amazing cock," Alicia said.

She was cradled in Clint's strong arms. He stood over me now, his cock smeared with her pussy juices, half-hard, throbbing, twitching, swelling. "Do you want him to fuck you?" Juana purred. "I think you deserve a reward. You ate out Zoey's pussy so well. You showed her how good you are at pussy licking. Which is weird. Since you're straight." "So straight," laughed Lee. I wanted to beat that little shit. Wipe that smirk off her face. I wiggled, pulling on my cuffs.

But I couldn't. "Yes, I want to fuck Clint," I hissed. I wasn't gay. Clint just didn't turn me on. He wasn't my type of guy. He was too.muscly. Too hard. I liked.other guys. Pretty guys. But I didn't like girls. I wasn't a dyke. And I sure as shit wasn't my Mis.little sister's sex slave." "Then enjoy your reward," Juana said, pulling the monstrous dildo from my pussy. I groaned, shuddering as it withdrew. It was big. "Unless you're really a lesbian and don't want a guy's cock in you," Juana said, moving around before me, that huge, black dildo bouncing from her crotch.

On her petite frame, it looked surreal. "Cumming in you. All that nasty jizz spilling into your pussy. Maybe even breeding you." "I'm not a dyke!" I snarled. "I'll fuck Clint!" That'd show them all how much I liked dick. Clint set down Alicia. She fell before Lee, grabbing the bound girl's short, black hair and pulling her head to a cum-filled pussy.

"Devour me, whore!" "Yes!" Lee groaned with such eagerness to eat her half-sister's snatch. "That looks fun," grinned Juana, pulling off her strap-on.

"I want you to eat me, too, sister-slave. Help you take your little dyke mind off Clint's nasty cock fucking your pussy." A shiver ran through me as she laid down on her belly before me, her legs spread wide.

Her pussy, covered by brown hair, glistened. She spread her legs wide, her tight slit parting, revealing pink depths. She wiggled her hips, her ass, rising like a bubbly mound before my face, jiggled. She had the same rich, golden-brown skin as me, so gorgeous and.

I hate pussy. I am not a dyke! "And lick my ass, too," Juana added. "Now, slut!" "Yes, Mistress," I muttered, resigned. I would have to do it. They would spank me until I did it either way. And my poor ass burned so much. And my pussy ached for more. My traitorous cunt loved it all. I pressed my face into my little sister's pussy, my tongue licking through her tangy folds up to her taint. I shuddered, licking higher as I delved between her butt-cheeks.

I found her asshole, sour and. Not tasty! I didn't enjoy licking and swirling my tongue about it. It didn't make my pussy tingle with excitement. And then Clint grabbed my hips, his cock nudging at my pussy. I shuddered, my stomach twisting. This was so humiliating. I felt Alicia's eyes on me, heard their mother and my history teacher cooking in the kitchen behind us, all aware that I was about to be fucked by Clint. Forced to fuck him by my dominating little sister. This was unbearable.

"Ooh, yes, lick my ass while you enjoy Clint's cock," Juana groaned. "Unless you want to admit you're really a dyke. Be honest with yourself, sister-slave." "No! Fuck me, Clint!" I hissed. I wouldn't disappoint Father by lying about who I was. I was straight!

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"I am so wet for your cock." I would enjoy his cock. I would. I wanted his cock. I needed his cock. I wasn't gay. My tongue licked and swirled so hard around Juana's sour asshole, her soft butt-cheeks pressing on my face.

My own asshole clenched on the butt plug filling my ass, making me wiggle, rubbing my pussy against Clint's cock. But why this faggot? Why not another guy. Someone pretty. Just not him. Clint rammed his cock through me. I shuddered, moaning into Juana's asshole. I both hated the faggot being in me and loved the feel of a hard shaft sliding through my pussy.

My pussy didn't care I hated the owner of the dick, that it was so humiliating that he fucked me before his submissive family. My treacherous pussy just cared about the friction of something thick and long plunging over and over against its sensitive flesh.

I groaned into Juana's asshole. I jammed my tongue deep into her asshole, swirling it around. It made her groan and gasp, her hips twitching. I shuddered, Clint's heavy ball's smacking into my clit, so full of his cum. Oh, god, he was going to cum in me. "That's it, you little slave," moaned Juana.

"Mmm, you love licking your Sister-Mistress's ass. You're just an anal dyke-slut, too!" "Oh, yes," Alicia gasped, her voice so throaty as Lee devoured her pussy. "Oh, she just loves it. Look at her go. She's getting fucked by my big brother's cock, which she loves, while eating your ass. Such a lucky slave." "So lucky," Lee whined. "I wish Master was fucking me." I shuddered, hating their mocking words. "Yeah, fuck my pussy, Clint.

I love your cock in me!" Clint thrust harder, his strong hands sliding up my body to my swinging breasts. They were so rough, so calloused. So different from the lesbians I had dominated over the years. He seized my tits with his strong grip, thick fingers clenching about them.

"Try and sound more convincing, slut. Make me believe you love cock and aren't a lesbian faking it!" He thrust harder, making me groan into Juana's asshole. I shuddered, focusing on my little sister's sphincter, moaning and grunting. Three different sensations swirled through me.

Pain flared in my ass every time Clint's crotch smacked into me. Pleasure roared out of my pussy as his cock plunged in so fast and hard, and humiliation twisting around my stomach, sending shameful exhilaration through me.

Clint was fucking me so hard because my Mis.little sister let him. Everyone was watching me being used. And the pain. The reminder that I was being punished for being a bitch. A cunt. For doing to Juana what she was doing to me. "I love your cock," I moaned, fighting against the submissive desire, pushing down how tasty I found her ass. I moved back to her pussy, nuzzling into her tart flesh. "Fuck me so hard, Clint." "Better," he growled, driving that dick into my depths.

"I think you're just lying about who you are, slave," groaned Juana, her hips wiggling. "You got that tongue jammed into my cunt, lapping at my folds. You love pussy!" "Yes," Alicia groaned.

"You love pussy so much. You're just a dyke-slut! Admit it! Admit you hate my big brother's cock fucking you." My pussy clenched.

I wanted Clint out of me. I wanted. No. I didn't want Juana to fuck me with a strap-on more than I wanted a guy fucking me with a dick. I focused on Clint's cock, how thick and fleshy it was, how warm. It wasn't a rubbery dildo. It wasn't fake. It was real. It was what my body craved.

But, god, that dildo felt amazing. I tongued my little sister's pussy so hard as I bucked back into Clint's thrusts. My tongue swirled through her folds, making her gasp and squirm. I licked back up to her asshole, tonguing her sour musk again. I reamed her bowels, probing my tongue as deep into her as I could, making my Mis.little sister moan and gasp.

My butt plug twisted in me every time Clint thrust into me. His crotch smacked into my burning ass, sending stinging agony to my pussy, heating my traitorous cunt up. My holes clenched down on their invaders, the butt plug teasing, Clint's cock reaming. "Yes, yes, yes, you are such a dyke!" howled my little sister.

"Oh, you are devouring my asshole. You just love it." "Yes," Clint groaned, his rough fingers finding my nipples. He twisted and pulled on them. "Just admit you're a lesbian, and I'll stop fucking you. I won't cum in you. Breed you." I shuddered, my pussy and asshole clenching so hard on his dick and the butt plug.

"I am not a lesbian! Keep fucking me! I love your cock!" "Then beg my big brother to cum in you," moaned Alicia. "Beg him to breed you like the heterosexual whore you are, Carmelita!" "Yes!" Juana moaned.

"Prove you're not a lezzie slut! Let Clint breed you!" Clint just growled, twisting my nipples so hard, driving that cock deep into my pussy. He churned me up. I focused on it, how humiliating it would be to feel his cock spurting into me, to being bred by this faggot. And then I focused on how much I liked licking my sister's asshole. Her pussy. I squeezed my eyes shut. "Breed me!" I was no fucking lezzie! "Yes, yes, yes, breed her, big brother!" Alicia howled, clearly cumming on her half-sister's mouth.

"Fuck, yes," groaned Clint, driving that cock deep into my pussy, his fingers tightening on my nipples. Sharp pleasure shot from my tits to my pussy as Clint's cock erupted. I shuddered, the greatest wave of shame and humiliation swirling through me as his jizz fired into the depths of my fertile cunt. I wasn't on birth control.

He wasn't wearing a condom. He could really breed me. And I begged for it. I was such a whore. Such a filthy slut. But I wasn't a lezzie slut. "Yes," he growled. "Oh, you are going to be so pregnant. You're going to love carrying my child." "Yes, yes, yes," Juana gasped, her asscheeks clenching about my face, her bowels spasming about my tongue as she came.

"Because you're sooooo not a dyke! Oh, no! You just lick pussy like a fish breathes water!" I squeezed my eyes shut, my orgasm bursting through me.

All the humiliation and shame had overwhelmed me. My traitorous pussy spasmed about Clint's cock. It writhed, milking his dick, gathering out all his jizz. To breed me. Like a filthy whore should be.

Tears fell down my cheeks as the rapture burned so hot through me. Why was this happening to me? "You were a good fuck for a lesbian," Clint grunted when he finished. "But, honestly, if you want me to think you're straight, try making me believe you love my dick fucking you. We'll try again later." "Why won't anyone believe me?" I sobbed, the rapture shuddering through my body. "I am straight!" Lee laughed so loudly. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Clint Elliston The tiredness of the day melted away as I stared down at my sleeping daughters.

Christie and Hikaru, born on the same day to different mothers, slept in their joint crib. They were four months old and so cute. Christie was ivory skinned like her mother, Melody, a tuft of sandy-blonde hair peeking out of the little hoodie she wore. Hikaru had the dusky-olive skin of her mother, Pam, her hair fine, black silk.

"They are so beautiful," Pam whispered, standing on my right, her arm around my waist. Melody nodded her head. She was on my left, leaning against me. My arms were around both my women. "We made them, Clint.

Every time I look at that, I keep thinking that." "We did," I said. Pam's hand stroked my back through my shirt. We were standing in the nursery. It used to be Melody's bedroom.

We had rearranged things between our two houses. Growing up, I lived in the larger house with Dad, Mom, and my two sisters while thinking that Melody and Lee were just my cousins and that their father had run out on Aunt Vicky when she was pregnant with Lee. Now I had taken over Aunt Vicky's bedroom to be my master bedroom while Melody's room became the nursery. And soon we'd need more space with Lee and my mom pregnant. "How's it going with Carmelita?" Pam asked, her head leaning on my shoulder as we watched our daughters sleep.

Hikaru yawned, shifting slightly. "About as expected," I answered. "She's totally into it, but she is really hung up on being straight. Her parents did a number on her. She's so terrified of her father finding out she's really gay that she refuses to admit it." "I heard her begging to be bred by you." Melody gave me an impish grin.

"Bet you loved that, perv." I grinned at her. "There was a certain amount of satisfaction in it. Juana says neither of them are on birth control. Their parents never would let them." "Catholics?" Pam asked. I nodded my head. "But, since their daughters are both lesbians, it really didn't matter." "So Carmelita has been ragging on Lee for a year, calling her dyke, and then secretly making girls lick her pussy?" Melody asked.

"That's just fucked up." "But she's learning her place now," Pam said. I nodded. "She'll make a good slave for Juana. And she's coming around nicely. Learning how to be a dominant." "I bet the perv wants you to knock her up, too," giggled Melody. Her hand slipped down, squeezing my ass through my boxer shorts. "Taking advantage of the lesbian while you're teaching her, right?" "She agreed," I shrugged. A car driving down the street flashed light through the dark nursery, drawing my attention out the window to the house next door.

It was for sale. It seemed like everyone on the street was moving away. Two houses had come on the market at the same time, one next to ours and one farther down the street.

"How's your mom's offer going, Pam?" I asked. "Oh, it was accepted," Pam said. "She told me while you were having fun with Carmelita. Just has to go through escrow. In a month, we'll have it." Three houses in a row. Another backyard to connect, more room for our growing family. The third house might have to become the kid's house the rate things were going. I had to breed Alicia soon. She so wanted to have my baby, and I couldn't keep denying my princess.

I loved spoiling her. "Come on," I said. "Let's get to bed." I leaned down, my arms slipping off my women, and kissed both my infant daughters on the foreheads.

Christie twitched in her sleep. "Sweet dreams." Pam and Melody kissed the babies. Both felt like the infants were their daughters. And then the three of us slipped out.

Lee, Aunt Vicky, and Ms. Hiragawa were waiting for us naked in the hallway, on their knees, their heads upraised, expectant. I couldn't help but admiring them. My aunt was busty and gorgeous, her black hair falling about her head. On her breast was a tattoo with three initials—my father's, hers, and my mother's—contained in a triangle, my father's initial at the pinnacle.

Lee was slim but developing rapidly, her breasts already up a cup size from when she first became my slave, and she was on her way to being the tallest woman in the family.



Hiragawa had such a submissive, demure look on her mature face, her glasses perched on a slim nose. "Master," Aunt Vicky purred, licking her lips. I dropped my boxers while Melody and Pam lifted their nightgowns, flashing their pussies, one shaved and one with a thick bush.

All three of us loved our nightly ritual. I grabbed Lee's black hair, pulling her lips to my cock while Pam and Melody seized their mothers' heads. Lee's mouth was warm, her cheeks hollowing as she suckled on it, her eyes so eager and ready like the good slut she was. Mostly. I relaxed my bladder and pissed into her mouth. Beside me, Pam and Melody urinated in their mothers'. Ms. Hiragawa had taken to being a pee slut for her daughter with ease, so eager to please me, and my women, like she had once pleased my father.

It was such an erotic thrill to piss into my half-sister's mouth. I stared into Lee's eyes, seeing the joy and humiliation in them as my urine streamed out of my cock. It tingled, almost like cumming, but not as intense.

I groaned as the pressure dwindled while savoring the obscene sound of my piss splashing against the back of Lee's throat. And the wicked sound of her swallowing. She gulped it down. Aunt Vicky and Ms.

Hiragawa did the same for their daughters. Melody and Pam both whimpered and shuddered, grinding their pussies on their mothers' lips as their urine streamed out of them. "Oh, yes," Melody groaned. "Oh, I have such a slutty mother." "So slutty," Pam whimpered, her round face twisted, her own glasses shifting as she shuddered.

"Oh, Mommy, yes!" My cock spurted the final blast of piss into Lee's hungry mouth. She sucked on it so hard, drawing out the lingering drops, making my dick twitch in her mouth. I kept a hold of her hair, savoring her hot mouth wrapped about my dick, cleaning it.

"Oh, thank you, Mommy," Pam moaned, pushing her mother's face from her pussy. "Have a good night." Melody shuddered and then yawned. "Oh, god, I'm bushed." "Thank you for letting me drink your piss, Mistress," Aunt Vicky panted, her large tits heaving. Lee popped her mouth off my dick. "We so have to make Carmelita do this, Master! She needs to be pissed on." I looked at Melody, saw her agreeing grin. "Yes, she does." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Juana Campo I pulled the knot tight on Carmelita, leaving her trussed up in the living room.

I had let her out so she could pee. "There," I said. "My little dyke slave is safe and secure." My older sister squirmed, her face twisting. Her eyes were still red, her cheeks puffy. She had been crying off and on all night, protesting she wasn't a lesbian.

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But it was so obvious. I just wanted her to admit that she was a lesbian like me. That she loved being my submissive. She came so hard. "Yep, she's not going anywhere," Alicia nodded, her hair loose. She had untied her pigtails, her teeth freshly brushed. She was naked though, her hairless pussy drawing my attention. "Zoey and Stefani will check up on you when they get home from work. I'm sure they'll be horny." "Yum, more pussy for my dyke-slave to eat," I grinned.

"Lucky you." "I'm not a dyke," she whined. "I like cock. You heard me. I begged for Clint to cum in me." "And breed you," Alicia added, sounding so proud, like it was amazing that her big brother was breeding my lesbian slave. I shivered. I might be pregnant. Clint had fucked me without protection. And I had a feeling he would do it one more time before the weekend was over. My parents would have an easier time with us being pregnant than being lesbians.

How fucked up was that? "Good night, my sweet linda," I purred, using the pet name I had called her growing up. Back before she turned into a complete bitch. But I was fixing her. "We're going to go up to Alicia's room and lez out all night." Alicia giggled. "But you can come join us.

You don't have to be tied up all night. You can have fun with two sexy girls." Carmelita glared up at Alicia. "You're just a flat-chested freak that pretends she's six." I kicked my sister's welted rump, making her wince. "Apologize, slave!" My older sister shot me a look.

I matched it without flinching, putting all my authority into it. Looming over her. She looked away like a submissive bitch. "I'm sorry, Alicia. I'm just tired." "You can apologize by coming up to my bed and licking my pussy and having fun with us," she squealed. "We're having a slumber party!" "I'm not gay," Carmelita said. "I'm not either," Alicia said. "But licking pussy is so much fun. Can't you even admit that?" She set her jaw. "Fine, good night," my friend huffed.

"Sweet dreams," I purred then turned, shutting off the living room light on my sister-slave before we headed upstairs to Alicia's room. I wasn't surprised to find the mound of stuffed animals piled on Alicia's bed. Her bed was right against the wall, and they formed a pyramid of them, a few scattered across the bedspread. It was such a girly room, at once both perfect for her and at odds with her naked, eager body.

The nineteen-year-old threw herself on her bed with such enthusiasm, her budding breasts barely jiggling. They were a tiny bit smaller than my own tits. "Mmm, I don't have a friend I can have naughty slumber parties with," Alicia purred.

"What about Jenny?" "She's not interested in having fun away from her brother," Alicia said. "People are different. She'll be happy with James and their mother. The three of them are forming a monogamous relationship." "There are three of them," I pointed out. "Isn't that the opposite of monogamy?" Alicia shrugged. "But me, I have my big brother, whom I love, and my big sister, and Pam. Plus, I get to have fun with the sex slaves and my friends.

Sex is so much fun. Clint taught me that. I used to think it was all just making love with the guy who made your heart beat so fast. But there's also fucking. And that's soooo much fun, too." I shivered, admiring her body. She was so cute. I moved to her, licking my lips, my heart beating so fast.

I wished she wasn't in love with Clint. Then she could be my girlfriend. I moved to the bed, slipping beside her. She pulled me close, a big smile on her lips. Well, she wasn't my girlfriend, but we could still have lots of fun together. I kissed her. At first, it was a gentle kiss, the two of us snuggling closer, our breasts pressing together, our legs rubbing. Tingles raced down to my pussy, a simmering heat growing. It wasn't that fiery need to make my older sister gasp in pain and purr in pleasure, to dominate her and feel her tongue lapping my pussy.

This was something purer. Something far more loving than satiating lusts. It was friendship. But friendship expressed in such a naughty manner. I liked it. So my lips grew a little more bold, a little more aggressive. My hands roamed her body, caressing her sides and thighs, making her squirm against me as we kissed. My tongue got into the fun, brushing her lips, tasting her, then pressing into her mouth.

She groaned at that, her hands finding my ass, squeezing it. My pussy was wet now, itching, eager to be touched and played with. My thighs spread, wrapping about her legs, and suddenly her hot flesh was rubbing on my snatch, my clit throbbing.

That made my tongue really aggressive. I moaned into our kiss. She hugged me tight, pulling our bodies together, her shaved snatch rubbing on my thigh. She was molten and silky, her cunny sliding up and down my leg as we writhed and kissed. Our small breasts pressed together, nipples nudging as I settled my weight on hers. My hips undulated, the pair of us thighing each other. We both moaned and groaned, savoring the delight of rubbing our pussies on each other's thighs. We shared our blossoming friendship, tongues dueling, skin kissing skin.

"Mmm," I purred, breaking the kiss. "You're good at this." "Zoey taught me a lot," she said. "And I taught her a thing or two." "Really?" I asked, my hips undulating, grinding my clit into her thigh. Such delight rushed through me. "Like what?" "Fisting!" she grinned. "But I don't think you're ready for that. My eyes widened. My pussy clenched. "Mierda, I don't think I am." "Zoey loves it," she said, her own hips writhing, her hot pussy staining my thighs with her fresh juices.

"But there is something I know we'll both love." "What?" I panted, savoring her thigh, my nipples tingling as they brushed her hard nubs." "Sixty-nining!" "I've always wanted to do that!" My pussy clenched so hard.

"Carmelita never would lick my pussy." "She does now," giggled my friend. I gave her a wicked grin. "She's learning she's a lezzie-whore." "You have to humiliate her at college on Monday," Alicia moaned, humping harder, her hands squeezing my ass. "Ooh, she deserves it." "Yes!" I groaned. "Oh, my pussy is on fire! Let's sixty-nine!" Alicia nodded her head, so eager. She ripped off her glasses, setting them on her nightstand as I turned around quickly. My ass bumped the stuffed animal pile.

An avalanche of plushies fell on us as I straddled her face and buried mine between her thighs. I ignored the soft teddy bears and playful elephants and cute bunnies bouncing across my back as I pressed my face into Alicia's fresh pussy, eating it for the second time today. "Mmm, you have such a cute cunny," Alicia moaned, her fingers parting my pussy lips. "And so pink inside." I grinned, parting her tight slit, exposing her pink lips. "So are you. And so wet. It's so hot looking at your girlish cunny." "Then why aren't you licking it?" she asked before licking mine.

Shuddering at her tongue sliding through my folds, I pressed my face into her shaved cunt, my fingers holding her labia apart. My tongue lapped through her folds, gathering her fresh juices, savoring her musk on my tongue, squirming in delight. There was nothing better than pussy. I even enjoyed licking my older sister when she was blackmailing me. There was just something so beautiful about them, the sexiest flowers that blossom to reveal their delicious nectar.

They were so hot and silky and juicy. So much fun to explore and devour. Especially when the girl returned the favor, lapping back at your own pussy.

"Alicia," I moaned as her tongue explored my petals, making me squirm and groan and shudder on her mouth. "Oh, you taste so good." "Mmm, so do you!" she groaned. "I like slumber parties!" "Pussy licking slumber parties!" I squealed, grinding my face faster. "We need more friends!" "Yes!" she squealed with girlish enthusiasm before her tongue plunged into my hole and fluttered around inside of me. I squirmed, lapping at her pussy, my fingers keeping her pussy lips parted.

It was so hot, licking through her spread-open folds, flicking my tongue through her depths. It made her squirm beneath me, her body so warm and silky. I shuddered, the stuffed animals sliding along my back, tickling me with their soft fur.

I found her clit, my tongue flicking over it. That made her groan as she fucked her tongue in and out of my depths. She squirmed more, stuffed animals sliding off of me onto the bed as I writhed. Her hands clutched my ass, squeezing it as she fucked my pussy while I sucked on her clit. It was such a cute clit. Her little bud. I sucked and nibbled and licked it. She bucked and twitched every time, moaning and cooing into my pussy. I squirmed atop her, my ass clenching beneath her groping hands as she churned such amazing pleasure through me.

It was such a gentle, loving pleasure. The pleasure of friendship shared. All girls should do this with their friends. Even if they were straight. Just sharing this amazing intimacy with them. Carmelita was such a stupid cunt for denying herself what she truly craved.

But it let me dominate her. Which was great for me. "Alicia," I moaned, her fingers sliding about my ass, dipping into my crack as her tongue delving into the depths of my pussy.

"I'm going to cum! You're so beautiful!" "Yes, yes, yes, so are you!" she groaned, her fingers reaching my asshole, caressing it before she lapped through my pussy. My eyes widened, remembering my sister's tongue licking at my asshole this evening.

How hot it had been when she had worked her tongue into my bowels, swirling it around. I groaned, shuddering atop Alicia, my heart beating with such excitement. I moaned about her clit, sucking on her bud so hard, as her finger penetrated my asshole. It shoved so deep, sending burning delight rippling through me.

I groaned, squirming on her, the excitement building and building between us, the pressure growing in my pussy. My asshole clenched on her finger, her tongue probing so deep into my snatch.

She was amazing. Wonderful. I nibbled on her little bud, everything swelling in my core. I trembled atop her, grinding on her lips, savoring her reaming finger. It probed so deep into my bowels, hot, velvety rapture melting from my asshole to my pussy. Combining. Swirling. Mixing. Exploding. I gasped about her clit, bucking hard as my orgasm rushed out of my pussy. My cunt spasmed about her probing tongue, my asshole writhing about her plunging finger. My juices squirted out of her into her mouth.

"Juana!" she groaned, trembling beneath me as I kept sucking on her clit, my moans so throaty as the rapture burned through my mind. "Juana!" And then she was cumming. Her fresh juices bathed my face. My friend's passion spilled over me.

I released her clit, opening my mouth, drinking them down. It was so amazing. I was so glad she was my friend. That her family was helping me. Fucking Clint was worth it for all of this. We moaned and gasped and shuddered together.

We feasted on each other's cream, stuffed animals shifting around us, their furry bodies rubbing on our sides and thighs. I savored it, making love to this sweet, naughty, innocent woman-child. And I knew when we woke up tomorrow, my sister's training would continue. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Carmelita Campo I didn't so much as sleep as doze. There was no way to get comfortable.

I was helpless, being punished for all the mean things I had done to my sister, to Alicia, to even Lee. I was a cunt to them, and they were getting revenge on me. I would shift, struggling at my ropes, my arms pulled down before me, my wrists tied between my knees. I was lying on my side, the carpet nowhere thick enough. I felt the hard cement slab beneath it, the true floor. I couldn't see a clock. But I could hear one ticking away, marking every second of my torment.

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When I did fall into sleep, it echoed through my dreams while a dizzying array of memories shot through me. All the pussies I had licked today.

How they were different. Alicia's so tight and fresh. Mrs.


Ellison's thick pussy lips. My sister's furry muff. Pam's thick bush. Melody's sweet snatch. Zoey's bald muff with her unicorn tattoo staring me in the face. And more. Ms. Hiragawa. My history teacher. Lee's filthy snatch. They all burned through my dreams. I remembered how it felt to lick each of them.

How they tasted. How I loved it. Alone, it was so hard to run away from that fact. I loved licking their pussies. I had enjoyed sliding my tongue through hot folds, even the incestuous snatch belonging to my dyke sister. And the entire time, I shuddered, remembering the humiliation of Clint's cock firing jizz in me, the shame of begging him to cum in me.

To breed me. I wasn't gay. I wasn't. I couldn't be. It was such a sin to be gay. I wasn't a lesbian. I was just confused. They were spanking me. Tying me up. They were all trying to trick me. If they had a pretty guy, someone with a gorgeous, delicate face, a slim body and girlish hips.

That was my type of guy. Not someone ruggedly handsome like Clint, with his muscles and body hair and hands rough from work. He was too manly for me. I wasn't gay. Zoey made me lick her pussy when she and Stefani came back from work. Then I ate Stefani's snatch, staring at the daffodil she had tattooed on her pubic mound, this beautiful, happy, yellow flower. I had licked her so hard, devouring all her tangy juices. Then I fell back into my doze, hating how wet my pussy was after they left.

How much it itched. How much I wanted it licked by my sister. By Alicia. By Lee. By anyone except that faggot Clint. But I wasn't gay. I wouldn't let them trick me. They were all trying to corrupt me. Make me think I wanted to be a sex slave, that I got off on being a dyke. They were all evil. I was dreaming of eating Juana's pussy, my little sister praising my skill, which made me only eat her harder, when I felt my body shift. It was almost like someone was carrying me.

But I was so tired, I didn't want to open my eyes. I was set down on linoleum, the flooring cold on my back. My legs, tied to my arms, were forced to be above me by the rope.

I was trussed up like a deer just killed by the hunters. I could hear giggling around me. Girls were watching me. I bet they needed their pussies licked. Then something was shoved into my pussy. For a moment, fear shot through me. But it wasn't Clint's cock. It was hard and plastic, cold but warming up inside my cunt. I shivered, my eyes opening to see a pair of legs over me, golden-brown and leading to a snatch covered in dark fur.

Juana's pussy. "Good morning, my naughty little dyke sister-slave," my Mis.little sister purred a she lowered her pussy to my mouth.

"How'd you sleep?" "Poorly, Mistress," I said, so groggy, struggling to shed sleep. And then her tangy pussy was rubbing on my mouth, her curly pubic hairs tickling my lips and cheeks. My tongue licked out before I could stop it, acting on autopilot, and lapped through her silky, hot folds. Her delicious musk coated my tongue, making my pussy clench on the dildo.

It hummed to life. I groaned into my sister's pussy, my body twitching. It was at the lowest setting, a small vibration that just stirred my cunt into a juicy snatch. I wiggled, my legs and arms pulling on the bonds, wanting to move.

And then Juana let out a sighing groan, like she was relaxing after an exertion, like she was holding in— Piss splashed into my open, licking mouth. The acrid, bitter urine filled my mouth before I could react. I spluttered, gasping, accidentally swallowing the nasty liquid. It burned down my throat as my head twisted, her pee splashing across my cheeks, spilling across my hair. I smelled it as I breathed.

It reached my hair, soaking into it. "Oh, yes, that's soooooo good," moaned Juana. "Mmm, be a good slave and drink it, Carmelita. This is your job." "Yeah, dyke-slut," the hateful Lee giggled. The vibrator hummed faster. I shuddered, Juana's piss splashing across my face. I clamped my lips shut, hating the pleasure rippling out of my pussy as the humiliation of her piss squirmed through me. This was so disgusting, and she was making me enjoy it.

That bitch. Then Juana's piss petered out. She stood up, some urine clinging to her pubic hair. I stared up at her, smelling the acrid stuff, feeling it pool on my skin, some gathering in the hollow of my throat. I blinked, my cheeks burning. She held the remote to my vibrator in her hand. "You got piss all over your face," she said. "Well, we expected this. That's why we're in the kitchen." I blinked, realizing I was. Her piss that had ran off of me was puddling beneath my hair and shoulders.

I shivered, feeling it on my skin, wanting to get it off. Around me, all of Clint's family stood: Lee, his mother, my teacher, the rest of his sisters, Mrs. Hiragawa, Stefani. They all were naked, all looking at me with such.eagerness.

"Oh, no," I groaned, my pussy clenching on the vibrator humming away. "Oh, yes," Alicia said brightly, pushing up her glasses before she straddled my face, rubbing her bald beaver on my lips. Her juices were so fresh. She pinned my head in place with her knees, not letting me get away from her pussy. From her urethra. The vibrator hummed louder. I groaned, my mouth opening just as Alicia's piss spurted out of her pussy.

She let out mewling moans of delight as her acrid urine poured into my mouth. It filled it up before I could clamp my jaws shut. I shuddered in disgust, forced to swallow as her piss streamed against my closed lips, spilling across my chin and cheeks to her thighs.

She ground her pussy on me, her piss flowing about my face. I breathed that horrid scent in through my nose, shuddering, groaning. It burned down my throat. I felt hers and Juana's urine in my stomach.

I drank their nasty piss. My pussy grew hotter, the vibrator churning me away. Tears fell down my cheeks as Alicia shuddered, a few final spurts of piss squirting out, and then she rose. "Oh, I have wanted to do that for sooooooo long." "Yes, you have, cupcake," Melody said, such a malicious smile on the blonde's lips.

"I find morning piss to be the strongest," Lee said. "The most bitterest and nasty. You are so lucky." Then she leaned over and kissed me on the lips, tasting the mix of our sisters' piss on my lips. I squirmed, hating it even as my pussy swelled with rapture, that damned vibrator humming away, sending pleasure that crashed into the shame.

"You have never been a good student," Professor Samuels, my history teacher, purred as she lowered her shaved pussy to my mouth. "Please, no," I groaned, twisting my head away. But she grabbed my urine soaked hair in her hand, yanking my face upward into her pussy. Her urine came out as forceful stream, striking my sealed closed lips. Hot piss spilled over my face, washing like a flood. I groaned, feeling the heat trickle down my cheeks, mixing with my humiliated tears. "Oh, yes, you were so mean at school.

Such a bully. And this is how bullies are treated." "Yes!" Lee groaned in pure rapture. I hated it even as another throaty moan rose in my throat. The pleasure made me all confused. The damned vibrator kept my pussy loving this, craving more humiliation.

I fought against my swelling orgasm. I didn't want to cum while being pissed on. "Please," I whined as Professor Samuels rose, her large tits heaving. "Please, I'm sorry for being a bully." "Admit you're a lesbian," Juana said, clicking up the vibrator in my pussy to the next setting. It hummed so loudly. And I saw it, as my cunt drank in the delight, my orgasm swelling fast, their evil game driving me to a humiliating climax.

This was how they would trick me. They would do something so disgusting and force me to admit I was lesbian. To believe it. "No!" I howled, my pussy drinking in the vibrations. They rippled through me. I breathed in acrid piss, feeling it pool around my head and shoulders, more running down my neck.

There were even droplets splattered on my breasts. "I'm not a lesbian!" Clint grabbed his cock, aiming it at my pussy being churned to an orgasmic froth by the vibrator, and unleashed his urine. The hot stream struck my shaved pussy, spilling around my labia stretched open about the humming toy.

I gasped, the degrading liquid running down my snatch and dribbling to my ass. It sent a hot surge of exhilaration warming my body. Then Lee turned around, bending over me, and her piss spurted out of her pussy, splashing on my tits.

Hot urine rained down on me. Melody and Pam joined her, leaning out, two more streams of the disgusting liquid striking me. The other women—Zoey, Stefani, Mrs. Hiragawa, and Mrs. Elliston—all pressed in, there asses meeting over me. So much piss rained on me. They showered me in it.

It hit every part of my skin, washing up my face, pouring over my tits. I screamed out, urine splashing in my mouth. My clit ached as the warm flood covered it. The humiliating liquid pooled in my bellybutton. They drenched me. They degraded me. Juana smirked standing over me. She held the remote. Clicked the button. The vibrator buzzed so loudly, churning my pussy as the urine fell on me.

The exploding humming struck the shameful exhilaration. They were humiliating me.

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Demeaning me. They were taking such enjoyment at pissing on me. I exploded. My orgasm roared through my body. I gasped and trembled and screamed out in rapture as the pleasure rushed through my body. I groaned and twitched and gasped. My eyes rolled back into my head. The heat surged through me. Stars detonated before my eyes.

My body heaved, urine sloshing about my skin. It dribbled and splattered my body. So hot. So nasty. So disgusting. Just perfect for a filthy slut like me. My pussy spasmed about the humming toy.

My mind drowned in rapture while my body drowned in urine. I had never cum so hard in my life. My body heaved at the soaked rope, the strands growing so tight as the rope absorbed their piss.

And the vibrator kept churning me. It kept making my pussy cum and cum and cum. Tsunamis of humiliated ecstasy crashed over and over into my mind. And the entire time, my Mistress stood over me, staring down at me, knowing she owned me. That she would do this to me whenever she wanted.

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I squeezed my eyes shut, breathing in urine, tasting piss in my mouth, and screamed out my rapture. This would never end. It would go on and on and on. I had to be strong. I had to fight them. They wouldn't reprogram me.


No matter how much my body loved it. To be continued.