Sexy brunette with a nice rack banged up both ends on the sofa

Sexy brunette with a nice rack banged up both ends on the sofa
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Evan woke up the next morning with Sarah sleeping in his arms and his morning wood pushing against Sarah's ass. Evan got up and groggily walked to the bathroom to get rid of is wood and then the phone rang. "Hello," said Evan as he picked up the phone. "Hey Evan I'm not going to be back until late tonight," said Evan's mother.

"Okay mom it's all right I'll be fine today," said Evan. "Okay honey see you later," said Evan's mom. "See ya," said Evan. Evan walked into the kitchen and cooked eggs and toast for him and Sarah. He put it on a tray and brought it out to the little angel on the couch. Sarah then woke up.

"Here we go Sarah," said Evan as he put the tray down. "Aw thank you sweetie," said Sarah. They ate the breakfast while watching television. "So Sarah what do you want to do today?" asked Evan.

"How about we go swimming?" asked Sarah. "That's a good idea," said Evan. "But I don't have a bathing suit so I have to go home," said Sarah. "Why don't we just go skinny dipping, I have a privacy fence," said Evan.

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"Okay sexy," said Sarah. They headed out in their undergarments into the backyard with the sun shining right down on them. They walked over to the underground pool and started to strip off their clothes. First Evan jumped in and felt a rush as his cock adjusted from the warm air to cold water.

"Come on in," said Evan. Sarah jumped into the pool with a perfect dive and her nipples became erect the instant her tits touch the pool water. Evan looked over and saw as Sarah came up and flipped her hair over her head. The sun glistened perfectly off her now brownish hair because of the water. Evan swam over to her under the water while she wasn't paying attention and he picked her up as he got up. He held her up there and noticed her tits were in his face. He started to suck on one of the globes and then the other.

"Go over to the edge and hold onto it," said Evan. He took his one finger and teased her asshole. "Is it alright?" asked Evan.

"Go ahead," said Sarah. He stuck his finger into the tight ass and started to slowly finger fuck her. The suction from the water made it feel so good. Sarah moaned loudly while Evan added a second and then third finger.


Sarah could feel a climax coming and he continued pounding the asshole. "Uh…uh…uh Evan get the fucking cock in my cunt right now," yelled Sarah coming down from her organsm. "Okay bitch here I come," said Evan. He slowly pushed the head of his cock into her asshole.

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"Fuck that hurts," said Sarah, "keep going". Evan continued to push his cock into the tight ass. "It's so tight," said Evan. He loved the way his cock warmed up as it went from the cold water to the warm ass. "Ugh yeah keep going," said Sarah.

Evan finally had his cock in until his pubes rubbed against her shaved pussy. "Here I come bitch," said Evan. Evan started pounding the young, tight asshole. The suction made it even harder for him to hold back his cum. He loved how the ass shaked as he pounded his cock in and out of the sweet cunt.

"I'm going to cum," said Sarah as Evan pounded the ass. Evan felt the jet push the water into his leg. Her body was shaking violently and Evan could not take much more. He felt a strong pressure in his balls and he knew he was going to lose it. "Here it comes," said Evan as he shoved his penis all the way up her ass. The white liquid spurted out of the end of his cock and stayed in here ass.

Eventually the cock stopped twitching and his cock was limp as it slipped out of the gaping asshole. The sight of his cum leaking out of the pretty gaping brown star surrounded by the pale ass cheeks almost turned him on. "Holy fuck!" screamed Melinda. "Melinda!" said Sarah between moans from her last organsm, "Don't tell anyone they will think I'm a slut." "Fine," said Melinda still in complete shock, "if you allow me to join you anytime I want." "Fine anyway why did you come here?" asked Sarah.

"Was seeing if you were home, but you mom said you were over here so I took one of your bathing suits cause I thought you guys would be swimming," said Melinda. That is when Evan noticed Melinda's outfit. It was one of Sarah's skimpy bikinis that was even skimpier on Melinda.


The top barely covered anything except her nipple and the bottom had her out lips exposed. By now her hard nipples were exposed and pussy juices soaked the bottom. "Why don't we go inside?" asked Evan. With that the three walked into the house. Evan lead them up to his mom's king sized bed.

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Evan's and Sarah's dads both left the wives before they were born, but Evan's mom insisted on keeping the king sized bed. Evan lay down on the bed and not before long Melinda's small hand was stroking the cock and then the warmth of her mouth covered his cock. Evan could tell she had done this before because she was a pro.

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"Evan take my virginity," said Melinda catching her breath. "Are you wet enough?" said Evan. "Yeah Sarah has been sucking my pussy," said Melinda. Evan turned around to see his girlfriend's nose dug into Melinda's cunt. "Come on stud fuck me hard," said Melinda. Evan pushed his cock head into a very, tight, virgin pussy.

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He pushed and sure enough there was a hymen, which was surprising considering all the other things guys did to her. "Wait let me do it," said Melinda as Evan lay down and Melinda squatted down on the cock. She fell straight down on it, which made her scream. Slowly she rode up and down and not before long her tight pussy erupted in an organsm. She continued to ride it and Evan liked how her tits bounced and she erupted into a second organsm.

Her legs were weak so Evan laid her down never pulling out and then pounded her cunt. "Don't cum in me," said Melinda. "Why aren't you on the pill?" asked Sarah. "Yeah, but I want to taste it," said Melinda. "Then what should I do?" asked Evan. "Fuck my tits," said Melinda.

Evan pulled out and placed it between the two massive boobs. "How big are they?" asked Evan. "36D," said Melinda as she squeezed them together.

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Evan started fucking the tits and eventually he had to cum. "I'm going to cum," said Evan. "Cum on my tits," said Melinda. Evan stood up and shot his load. The large amount of cum covered here tits making them glisten. "I wish I could get pictures," said Evan.

"Sure you can," said Melinda. "Yeah do it," said Sarah. Evan took many pictures of them individually, some of them making out, some of them grinding, some of them licking each other, some sucking each others tits, some of them each sucking his cock, some of them being fucked, some of them swapping his cum and some of their faces and/or tits covered in his cum.

It was getting late so Sarah and Melinda got dressed and went home. "Hope we can do this again," said Evan. "Hell yeah," said Melinda. "We have the whole summer ahead of us," said Sarah…