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Erotik chat for free
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I woke up early the morning after my first night with Kathy. She was sleeping soundly with a very content look on her face. Oh how I wanted to go down on her again but she didn't get many chances to sleep in so I let her be.

I snuck out to grab us tea and breakfast. She was still asleep when I got back. I figured I'd grab a quick shower and wake her before our food got cold. About 2 minutes in I heard her tap on the door.

I told her it was open and she came in, giggling about how not sexy it was to pee in front of me and how if she farted she'd die of embarrassment.

Things weren't weird or awkward at all. I told her I'd picked up some breakfast and tea. She couldn't function without her morning caffeine and I knew it.

I heard the toilet flush then she got quiet and I thought maybe she'd left the bathroom. I pulled the curtain back a bit and saw her sitting on the counter in tears. I had shampoo in my hair but I grabbed a towel and got out. I put my arms around her and asked what was wrong.

Again, she was moved to tears because she just wasn't used to being treated so well. I told her that was the way it SHOULD be. What she had experienced with her bf was NOT the norm. I told her to go get started on her breakfast before it got cold and that I would be out once I finished washing my hair. Instead, she offered to help me condition my hair and give me one of the fabulous head massages that our favorite hairdresser in the mall salon had taught her to do one slow Monday a few months ago so that Kathy could make a few extra dollars under the table helping out when they were busy.

I washed her hair for her, returning the favor for the head massage she'd given me. Then I washed her body. It was a turn on, soaping her bald pussy, knowing the next person to touch it would be me. I told her how much I loved that she shaved it.

At this point I'd never done the whole thing and she offered to do it for me.

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At first I thought it might be weird. I'd never done it because I was too afraid of cutting myself but she said it was easy. I trusted her and she said I would probably notice my pussy would be a lot more sensitive.

You could say that. Once she finished, she told me she wanted to try something and had me sit with my back leaning on the end of the tub opposite the taps with my legs spread. She turned the nozzle on the shower head to a setting for pulsing massage and aimed it my clit The concentrated stream battered it and I gasped.

She knelt down between my legs and pushed two fingers up inside me, still holding the stream of water on my clit. She asked me if it felt good but I could only moan and nod my head. She added a third finger.

It felt better than good and I came quickly, my pussy tightening around her fingers. She turned and laid back against me in between my legs. She put the stream onto her own clit and I reached around to rub her nipples. They hardened as I ran my fingers in light circles around them. I pinched them, lightly at first.

Kathy arched her back. It was her turn to moan.

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Harder, she told me. I pinched and twisted them and she she moaned louder, telling me she was going to cum. Harder, she kept begging me. She pushed back into me as she came, moaning and whimpering as her body whole body shook against mine. I stood to turn the water off and helped her up. I couldn't wait the 10 seconds to return to her bed.

Standing behind her I dried her off then turned her and knelt down. She leaned to the counter and spread her legs. My tongue found her clit right away.

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She jumped, still sensitive from cumming in the shower. I flicked it gently with my tongue, staying on the top of it where the hood protected it instead of underneath at the base where her sweet spot was. I stayed there until she was ready for more. I pulled her down to the floor with me and she straddled my face. She leaned over me with her hands braced on the side of the tub and lowered her pussy to my mouth.

I licked her clit up and down slowly and she threw her head back, letting out a strangled moan as she came. Again, I went back to the top of her clit with my tongue, stroking it lightly but consistently.

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She took one hand off of the tub and spread her pussy lips wide. I could see wetness leaking from her and brought my tongue down to taste it. She groaned as my tongue entered her hot wet crevice. I put my hands on her hips and pulled her down onto my mouth so that I could put my tongue further inside her. She braced on the tub with both hands again and I was able to use my thumb to rub her clit while I tongue fucked her.

She said she was going to cum again and began grinding her hips and caressing her own hard nipples. I felt her pussy tighten and she lifted up off my face as she came.

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I still didn't stop, replacing my tongue with 3 fingers inside her and pulling her back down so that I could suck her clit. She was wild now, humping my fingers and telling me to suck her harder and to push my fingers farther inside her. I added a 4th finger, filling her pussy and stretching the edges.

She was so desperate for one last release she was almost frantic. When she came it was so hard she grunted and went stiff, then screamed as her whole body reacted with spasms.

She rose up involuntarily to escape my mouth, so sensitive that even my breath was too much. Needless to say, breakfast needed to be reheated.