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Cute Desi Boobie Indian remove top and play with her Breast and Nipples
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Georgia by Vanessa Evans Before you read this part I strongly suggest that you read the previous parts. It will give you the background that will make this part a lot more enjoyable. Part 05 James parked in the station car park then went to the back of the car. "What are you doing James?" "I take it that you are staying in the car Georgia." "Correct unfortunately, I'm not that brave." "Nor are you stupid Georgia, there's bound to be at least one policeman in there.

This Charlotte doesn't know what I look like and I don't know what she looks like so I'm getting a bit of card to write her name on." "Now I know why daddy hired you." Ten minutes later I saw James and Charlotte walking towards the car, James carrying a little case.

As James opened the door I shuffled over to the other side so that Charlotte wouldn't see me until she was inside the car. "Oh my gawd, Georgia, what fuck is going on? Why are you naked? Has he kidnapped you? Has he raped you?" "And hello to you too Charlotte.

Relax; everything is just fine; in fact it's better than fine. It's all your fault that I'm like this anyway Charlotte." "What? How's that possible, I've only just got here." "If you hadn't pushed me out of that shop changing cubicle with nothing on I wouldn't have discovered that I'm an exhibitionist and I would have just been my old, boring self." "So it's all my fault?

Don't you think that you would have found out anyway?" "Probably; but maybe not soon enough." "So you're living like a naturist now are you? "As much as I can; well this week anyway. You can join me if you like." "Whoa there girl, I've never agreed to that." "No, but you want to don't you?" "I like the idea of you flashing YOUR bod to every Tom, Dick or Harry, but me!

I don't think so." "Well you can at the house; we're the only ones there until daddy gets back on Friday evening. Go on; say that you'll do it. It isn't like I haven't seen you naked before; remember the showers?" "Of course, but we HAD to shower together; we'd never have got to our first lessons if we hadn't. But that was different." "Why?

It isn't like we're lesbos or anything, just 2 friends having fun." "Maybe." "Okay; your 'maybe's' usually end up as 'okay's' so we'll see how it goes. James; to the woods please. We're going to give Charlotte another shock and you're going to give me another lesson and I've got a surprise for you." "Yes ma'am. Another surprise ma'am, is it Christmas?" "It might be; we'll see how it goes; and cut the ma'am and madam crap please James; you know what our names are." Just then the egg decided to give my pussy a quick burst of pleasure.

I gasped, then moaned then pulled my stomach in and clenched my pussy muscles. "Are you okay Georgia? You look like you've just had something rammed up your hole." "Yes, I'm okay." I said when the burst stopped.

"It this egg, it keeps attacking my pussy." "What!


You've got an egg in your pussy? I hope that it's hard-boiled." "I wonder if a pussy can boil an egg if you leave it in there long enough. No, it's plastic and it's a vibrator. Hang on a sec, I'll squeeze it out.

It needs to be out anyway." "Bloody hell." I shuffled forwards in the seat then lay back and squeezed.

"Fucking hell G." Charlotte said as the egg appeared the plopped onto the floor. "My BFF has turned into a sex maniac." "Your fault Char." By then the car was getting close to the car park and I was looking to see if there were any other people there. Unfortunately, by the time James parked the car I hadn't seen anyone. When James opened the door for me and I got out Charlotte said, "Georgia, you can't walk around like that, you'll get arrested." James went round to the other side of the car and let Charlotte out then went to the back of the car.

"Georgia, at least try and hide." Charlotte said. "No chance, are you going to get naked as well Charlotte?" "No I am not, we're out in public." "There's no one else here Char." "But, but there could be." "Char. Stop being such a prude; strip off and have some fun, stop being a slave to society." Charlotte just stood there as James walked round to me and without saying anything he reached down to me, lifted my hair out of the way and put a pink dog collar round my neck.

"What are you doing James, is that a dog collar?" "Yes, and this is a leash. Now you can't run away from me." "When have I ever done that?" "Never." "You can add that collar and leash to your collection of toys Georgia. You'll find that some men like you wearing a collar. You might like wearing it as well." "Thank you James; I think." With that James gently pulled on the leash and I started following him to 'our' clearing; Charlotte following. When we got there I said, "Remember me telling you that I had a surprise for you James?" "Yes." "Well I've been taking the pill for nearly a week now so we don't need to use condoms now." "Oh good, I much prefer bareback." "And I'm looking forward to feeling your cum inside me." With that James dropped his trousers and Charlotte gasped.

"Nice isn't he Charlotte. Now James, which one of the 200 plus Kamasutra positions are you going to teach me now?" "I've no idea what it's called but come here; I'm going to lift you up." As I went up I automatically wrapped my legs around his waist.

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"Don't grip me so hard, I'm going to lower your dripping pussy down onto my cock" That was the first of 5 different positions that we tried before James shot his load inside me. It was also the first time that anyone had ever done that to me and I really like the feeling. All the time Charlotte was just standing there, mouth and eyes wide open, but getting more fidgety on her feet.

I was sure that she was trying to grind the sides of her pussy together. As James and my body untangled I looked at Charlotte and said, "Your turn, James has some condoms so you have nothing to worry about." "You've forgotten that I'm on the pill Georgia, have been for 5 years; remember?

Anyway, I'm alright as I am thank you Georgia." "Next lesson Georgia," James said, "down on your knees and get me hard again girl." I proceeded to suck James' cock until it was hard then devoured all of it in my mouth and throat; James holding my head so that I couldn't back off him until he let me. Each time that he pulled my head back I gasped for air then went for more. Then James fucked my mouth until he was close to cumming.

I looked up at his face as he finished himself off then coated my face with his cum. Our sex session finished with me filling my mouth with what was on my face then letting him look at it before swallowing it.

I got to my feet and looked at Charlotte.


"Your turn Char." "I don't think so, but I must admit that it was awesome watching you two." "Go on Char, I'm sure that James will be happy to take your virginity; he's good at it.

You're only here until Friday you may as well make the most of it." "I'm okay thanks. Maybe tomorrow." "Come on Char, it's about time you stopped being responsible for your own orgasms, let a man take over. It's good, I promise." "No; maybe tomorrow." "Your loss girl. James, take us home please." James led me back to the car with Charlotte walking behind me.

During the journey I asked Charlotte if she had at least been turned on a bit. She blushed but didn't say anything so I pounced on her and spread her legs so that I could see her pussy. "Bloody hell Char; you've got some knickers on, very wet knickers by the looks of it. I thought that I told you to leave your clothes at home?" "I couldn't very well have come here dressed like you are; you're the exhibitionist not me.

Besides, what would my mother have said?" "Sounds like you want to get naked Char." "Maybe." "At least get those knickers off." Charlotte put her hands up her skirt and slowly pulled her knickers down.

I helped her with the last bit and held them for her to lift her feet out. Then I threw them over to the front of the car. They landing on the dash and James turned and looked back at us. Charlotte's legs were still open and when she saw him turning she quickly slammed them shut.

"Hey, you nearly crushed my hand." I said quickly pulling it away. "Sorry G but he's looking." "So what, he's going to see you naked sooner or later, and it's only James, he's seen thousands of naked girls; one more isn't going to make any difference." "He hasn't seen me naked." "Yet." I replied.

We quickly got home and James got out and came to my door. I lifted my outside leg and put the foot on the gravel giving James his usual treat, then I turned to Charlotte.

"This is the right way for a girl to get out of a car Char." "You're joking?" "Nope, you do it when James lets you out." I stepped out then watched as James went round to the other side of the car. I was a little surprised, and happy, when Charlotte did as I had done.

The skirt that she had on was to mid-thigh so she must have given him a bit of a show. James retrieved Charlotte's case and followed us to the door. "Shall I take it upstairs for you?" James asked. I declined his offer then told him that I'd phone him in the morning. As the front door shut I said, "Right Char, the house is empty apart from us until daddy gets back on Friday evening.

I've even given the cleaner the week off. So you don't have any excuse now, it's just you and me, so get them damn clothes off." "But I'm not a lesbo." "Neither am I, we're just 2 friends enjoying some freedom; a bit like naturists, they're not all lesbians or gays, they just like being naked." "But I might not like it." "You won't know until you've tried it." "Well.

…… okay then, I'll give it a shot." "Good girl; now get 'em off." Charlotte started taking her clothes off and when her skirt came off I saw her light brown bush. "Oh yes, I saw that in the car; we'll get rid of that tomorrow." "What?" "Your mini forest." "I've thought about that but I never had a reason to do it." "You have now. We don't want people to see you with that lot there." "Who's going to see me G?" "Well me for starters; I don't know who else yet." "I guess that James will if you make me get in and out of the car like that again." "Was he the first man to see your pussy?" "Apart from my doctor; yes." "I'd forgotten that you are on the pill Char; did you get examined like I did when you went on it?" "No, I guess that he thought that I was too young, and I was only going on it to regulate my periods." "Maybe you should go to a different doctor and pretend to want to start again?" "Maybe." "Anyway, about that bush of yours, I can get that problem sorted for you, I know someone who can fix it for you.

She fixed it for me and it's been done permanently." "You mean you've had laser treatment?" "Yes, it didn't take long and it didn't hurt. I'll fix it for you too, hang on." I got my phone and rang Celeste and asked her to arrange it, telling her that she'd meet the lucky girl the next evening.

As we waited for Celeste to phone back Charlotte asked me what was happening the next evening. "You're coming to watch me get pleasured by lots of people." "You mean a gangbang?" "I don't know yet; I don't think so, there's going to be women there as well. We'll have to wait and see.

Maybe you can join in as well." "I don't know about that; it sounds a bit scary." We took Charlottes case and clothes upstairs. As we went I asked her if she wanted her own room or if she wanted to share with me. "How many beds have you got in your room?

"Only 1, but it's a big one, twice as big as those at school." "Okay then, I suppose that we can put a pillow between us." "If you must." "Bloody hell G; your room is massive, we could hold a party in here." "We could, but I'd rather have a party down by the pool then we can see all the men in their speedos or swimming shorts or naked even." "Do men still wear speedos?" "Some do, I like them because you can see the shape of their cocks." Just then my phone rang and Celeste asked if 10 o'clock tomorrow morning was good.

I said that it was.


"Let's go for a swim." I said. "Okay, I brought a bikini." "You won't need it; we're the only ones here, remember?" "Yes, but &hellip." "We're going skinny dipping; you'll like it, I promise." Charlotte finally agreed and we set off downstairs. "It feels weird walking about the house without ant clothes on." "Yeah, I thought that at first but you soon get used to it and even like it. And wait until you go for a walk outside; it's awesome." Just as we walked into the pool room Charlotte screamed.

"There's a man in there, and he's naked." She said. "Oh that's only Tommy, I used to go to school with him; he's harmless." "But …" Charlotte started to say but I interrupted and spoke to Tommy who was just getting out of the water.

"I see that you decided to skinny dip as well Tommy." "Yeah, after seeing you do it I thought, 'why not?'" Tommy was just standing there facing us. I didn't look at Charlotte but I guessed that her eyes were focused on the same thing that mine were. "It's a nice feeling isn't it?" "It sure is; well I guess that I should be getting gone; leave you two to it. I don't want to get in your way." "You won't be doing that Tommy.

Stay, maybe we could mess about a bit." "Well I guess that I could if you want me to; I don't want to get in your way. I guess that I should put my swimmers on." "No you don't. We're naked so you can be too." By then Tommy's cock was starting to get hard. Charlotte's face was still bright red and her hands were still covering her tits and pussy. "Tell you what; let's get in the pool and throw a ball about for a bit." Charlotte quickly jumped in, closely followed by Tommy, while I went and got a ball.

Maybe I should describe Charlotte a bit more here. I guess that she's a scaled-up version of me. A whole head taller, skinny with 'B' cup breasts and light brown hair.

I threw the ball to Charlotte and jumped in. The next 10 minutes were spent throwing the ball to each other with both Charlotte and me having to jump up to get it most of the time causing our tits to come out of the water. I don't know if Charlotte realised that she was getting exposed or not. For the next half hour or so we played a couple of other games, tag being the one that took most of the time. I know that I got groped by both of them and that I groped both Charlotte and Tommy, grabbing Charlotte's tits and pussy and Tommy's cock.

By the end Tommy's cock was hard and I wanked him a bit the last time that I tagged him. All 3 of us had smiles on our faces. I started to get out of breath and I announced that I was getting out of the water. Tag with just 2 players isn't as much fun so both Charlotte and Tommy got out and came to sit on the loungers near me. Neither of them appearing to be embarrassed by their nudity, although Tommy was obviously aroused.

"So Charlotte; was that fun or was that fun." I asked. "Okay, you were right, this no clothes lark is err, shall we say 'interesting' and not as embarrassing as I thought it would be." "And I see that Tommy is enjoying it." I said and nodded towards Tommy.

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Charlotte giggled and Tommy said, "Sorry about that, I just can't control it, but what do you expect when there are 2 gorgeous, naked girls in front of me?" "I think that we can do something about that Tommy, come on Char." I stood up and went over to Tommy. At first Charlotte just sat there looking at Tommy until I said, "Come on Char, I think that Tommy would like both of us to help him with his 'problem'." "Lay back and enjoy it." I said to Tommy. I knelt down and put my hand on his cock.

Charlotte looked at me' when I nodded my head she did the same as me. With Charlotte's hand flat on one side of his cock, and me doing the same on the other, we synchronised our ups and downs and Tommy soon started to enjoy himself even more. I could see that Tommy wouldn't last much longer so I said to Charlotte, "Take it in your mouth Char." Charlotte hesitated. "Go on Char, before it's too late." Charlotte slowly lowered her head and opened her mouth.

No sooner than she'd closed her lips around Tommy's cock than it erupted, Charlotte gagging a little. "Swallow it Char." I said. She did; then gasped for some air. "That was nice wasn't it?" I asked Charlotte. "Yes it was." Both of them replied. Tommy's cock was starting to wilt so I took over from Charlotte and sucked it back hard. "Do you want to ride him?" I asked Charlotte.

"It's okay G, you do it." I straddled the lounger and held his cock as I impaled myself on it with a long sigh. I bounced up and down half a dozen times before standing up then turning to Charlotte. "Your turn Char." "I've never done it before." She replied. "Have you done it before today Tommy?" "No." "Right, 2 virgins losing it on the same day, come on Char get on him, I'll hold it for you." "No you won't, if I'm doing this then I'm holding it." "That's my girl." I said as I watched Charlotte slowly make Tommy's cock disappear.

The 'OUCH' as she broke her hymen soon got replaced by sighs and expressions of pleasure and before long she was obviously having fun. Not to be left out I straddled Tommy's face and lowered my pussy to his mouth. Okay, Tommy isn't anywhere near as good as James at it but that wasn't going to stop me cumming. He came first (he stopped licking my clit for a few seconds), and I think that both Charlotte and I came at about the same time.

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Both of us collapsed down onto Tommy and he had to push me up and off him so that he could breathe again. Charlotte was obviously knackered so I helped pull her up and we both sat on a lounger to reflect on what had just happened.

Finally, Charlotte said, "That was; that was awesome, why weren't there any boys at our school." "Probably for just that reason." I replied. "So there weren't any boys at your school?" "Not a one, even the teachers were all women." "You poor things; at least you can make up for it now." "And how." I replied.

"I think that I should be going now." Tommy said. He got up and got dressed with both Charlotte and me watching. As he started to leave I said, "If you come back tomorrow you might just get some more Tommy." "I'll be here." Charlotte turned to me and said, "Bloody hell G. This morning I got on a train, a naïve little virgin, and look at me now. Just a few hours later and I've lost my virginity, given a blowjob, watched my best friend have sex in positions that I never even imagined, swum naked and she's got me walking around her house total naked.

You've got a lot to answer for G." "Are you complaining Char?" "No." "Good, because there's more to come." "What else can you possibly get me doing?" "Let's see; have you had your pussy eaten yet? Have you been gangbanged? Have you been out naked in public?" "Bloody hell G; you're going to turn me into a sex maniac." "I doubt that; but now that you're starting to see what you've been missing maybe you'll let yourself have some fun." "Maybe." "So Charlotte, are you hungry yet?" "Now that you mention, yes, I am." "What do you fancy; Chinese, Indian, Pizza, English?

We've got some menus in the kitchen." "Okay, let's have a shower then go to the kitchen and decide.

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There's a shower through that door over there, come on." We showered, together, then went and looked at the menus. We decided on an Indian and I phoned and ordered it then jumped up onto the worktop and sat talking about the day's events and a few other things. When the doorbell rang I got up to go and answer it. "Aren't you going to put something on G?" Charlotte asked.

"No, I'll give the guy a pleasant surprise. I don't suppose that he'll complain and if he looks good I might get a bit of a thrill. You can come and watch or you can stay there, it's up to you." "I'll stay here if you don't mind." Jumping down off the worktop I left the kitchen and went to the front door.

Opening it I saw a young man that I hadn't seen before; and he was shell-shocked. I let him look at me for a few seconds then said, "Is that for me?" "Err yes, that will be £24.50 please." I put my arm out to take the bag and said, "Just charge it to our account please." "Sorry madam but you don't have an account with us." "Oh, I'd better go and get you some cash then.

Come on in and put it in the kitchen while I go upstairs and get some. The kitchen is that door." I pointed to the kitchen door and then set off to get some money.

I didn't hear him moving so I guessed that he was watching my little butt as I walked away. I was in my room getting the money when I heard Charlotte scream. Guessing what had happened I smiled then went downstairs to the kitchen to find the man and Charlotte stood staring at each other.

Charlotte having got off the worktop and she was just stood there, arms at her sides. I smiled again the said, "Take the bag off the man Charlotte." That meant her snapping out of her shock and moving forwards.

"CHARLOTTE." "Oh yes; sorry." The man turned his head towards me, then back to Charlotte as she took the bag out of his hand. "The money." I said but he didn't turn towards me, still staring at Charlotte's naked body. "MONEY." I repeated. "Oh yes; £24.50 " He finally said as he turned back to face me.

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I gave him £30 and told him to keep the change. "Thank you madam." "Charlotte, show the man to the door please." Charlotte glared at me then walked towards the door and the man followed her. Two minutes later she was back and her first words were, "You bitch; you did that on purpose didn't you?" "Yes I did, and you enjoyed it." "No I didn't." "Charlotte, I know when you're lying." "Okay then, just a bit." "Did it make you wet?" "Yes." "See, I told you that being naked was fun." "Let's eat before it gets cold." "There's hope for you yet girl." I got a bottle of wine out of the fridge and we sat and ate the food and drank the bottle of wine, and then another one.

After that I dragged Charlotte outside, and, promising her that no one would see her, we walked around the garden. She finally relaxed and admitted that it was a nice experience. Charlotte needed a pee so we went up to my room and I put on the dress that I went to the Ball in. As I walked about in it Charlotte said, "Bloody hell G; no wonder everyone was looking at you, I can see your pubes and slit." "That's nothing; if the light in here were brighter, like they were in the ballroom the dress becomes totally see-through." "Wow, I'm surprised that you didn't get either raped or locked up." "Yes, I know; it was great; do you want me to get you one just like it?" "What, no, I couldn't go out in a dress like that." "Why not?" "Because I WOULD get locked up or raped." "You should be so lucky." I took the dress off and we lay on the bed talking about old times.

"Do you remember when we used to lay on your or my bed in our nighties and talk and play with our pussies?" Charlotte asked. "Yeah, fun wasn't it? And when we played with the other's pussy and made each other cum?" "That was when we were little, we've grown up now and we didn't have any wine then." "The last time was last September, that's only 9 months ago. Why, do you want to do it again, now?" "With all the sex that you've forced me to do today I was thinking about it." "Hey, I didn't force you to do anything." "You won't but if you hadn't invited me here I'd still be a virgin." "So have you got any regrets?" "Fuck no.

It's just that I'm still horny and I thought that maybe we could repeat that night." "Right now I couldn't want for anything more." "Hang on a minute." I said as I jumped up and went to the drawer with my toys in. "Bloody Hell G that's big. I don't think that it will fit in my hole." "And I don't think that the other end will fit in my hole either but I'm happy to give it a try if you are." We frigged our own pussy, then the others, then scissored our legs with the double-ended dildo pushing on both of our pussies.

It took a while and a lot of clit teasing but we managed to get at least 15 centimetres in each of our pussies. We gave up when we'd got that far and pulled it out. We were both exhausted and were soon asleep.