Golder shower and monster cocks

Golder shower and monster cocks
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It was a scorcher of a day. The temperature had been over a 100 for some time and to make matters ever worse, I had to climb up on the roof of the house in order to install the satalite dish. The owner had insisted it be placed there.

After finishing the installation, my clothing was literally soaking wet from the perspiration. Before climbing down the ladder I decided to lay down on the other side of the roof since it was shaded by a large tree. What a great decision. As I slid over the top my eyes immediately looked downward into the adjoining yard and I saw a black female lying on her stomach on a lounge chair beside the pool.

It was the first black ass I had ever seen and from where I was it looked exquisite. There was a tall wooden fence encircling the yard so it was very private.

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The sight so captivated me that I lost grip of my tool belt and it slid down the room and fell to the ground with a loud sound. The woman raised up on her elbows, looked around and finally detected me staring at her.

She smiled and waved. I returned the wave. She did not seem to mind my looking at her so I continued. Almost instantly she turned over and I saw her gorgeous breasts. She elevated the back of the chair and lifted one of her tits toward her mouth and began to lick the nipple with her tongue. She placed the other hand over her pussy mound and began to rub.

After a few minutes she raised a middle finger in my direction, waved it, smiled, placed it in her mouth and then inserted it into her cunt. Her eyes were glued on me as she started to slowly finger fuck herself. I could tell she was enjoying what she was doing as her body began to respond to her finger. Then suddenly she stood up and positioned the lounge chair so I could get a side view. What she did next was totally awesome.

She knelt and leaned over the chair. She turned her head to look at me and whistled. In a flash a large dog ran over to where she was and mounted her from behind. As the dog started fucking her, she moved one of her hands beneath her and so I assumed the dog was fucking her ass while she fucked her pussy.

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I had never seen anything that even remotely resembled that before. Her eyes never left mine as the dog humped her ass fast and furious. After several minutes the dog must have cum because he dismounted her and walked slowly away. The woman then rose to her feet and motioned for me to come closer.


I could not get down off the roof fast enough. When I got to the fence gate she opened it and asked with a smile on her face, "Are you hot?" "I sure am," I replied. "Are you also horny?" she continued. "You better belive it," I managed to say in reponse. "I tell you what then. If you come in and fuck me like I need to be fucked, you can take a dip in my pool to cool off. Is that a good deal or what?" "Well," I relpled, "I have never been with a black woman before." "You do want me don't you?" she asked.

She did not need to ask a second time.

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Her hand took mine and she led me to the side of the pool where there was a large sofa beneath an overhang. She sat on the edge and untied my boots and took them off.


She then began to unfasten my pants. As she slide then down my legs I stepped out of them and removed my shirt as I did. "Now that is what I call a cock," she whispered. Her lips instantly parted and she literally sucked my swollen cock into her mouth and down her throat in one movement.

Her hands grabbed my ass and held me in place while she devoured me.

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As she finally released my cock from her mouth she looked up and said, "You have a great cock and I love sucking it, but I want to be fucked. I need to be fucked. It has been too long since I felt a cock like yours penetrate me and fill me with what I need to experience." She then lay back and lifted her legs. As she held them high I could see the redness around her asshole where there dog had pounded her. "Fuck me," she ordered.

I moved and positioned my cock at the entrance of her cunt and as I started forward she pushed her hips in my direction and just as instantly as she took my cock into her mouth and sucked me down her throat, she encircled my cock with her pussy. It was hot and wet. I had never entered a woman's cunt with my cock that was as hot and wet as hers.

Her hands held her legs high so I could push as far into her as possible. As I did and started to fuck her I felt something I had never felt before. It was her clit. Every time I pushed inward her clit responded with pressure against my cock. This was so erotic. This was so sensual. I had only been fucking her for a few seconds when she began to cum. Her body was twisting and turning and her breathing was getting louder and louder.

As she had the orgasm I began to feel a bit disappointed, but then my feeling of disappointment was turning into feeling of delight." "Don't stop fucking me," she said. "Keep on going as long as you want to.

I want to cum again and again and again." With that I slowed down and what a fuck it was.

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I had never fucked a woman for so long and I had never had a woman cum so many times. I am not kidding when I say that her juices were literally running down her thighs and down her ass. When finally I did cum she let her legs down and wrapped them around me. She then pulled my face to hers and before kissing me, she asked, "How was that?

Do you want to me my white lover? I have a couple of girl friends that would also like to get to know you, but I do not want to share you with them just yet." After the kiss she smiled and said, "Now let's take that dip in the pool."