Teen Couple Fucks In Various Positions

Teen Couple Fucks In Various Positions
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About the author, Bistander: I started writing because my regular life fell apart. I was already paralyzed, but the wheels came off the train because of a woman and I had to start over. Unfortunately, I grew up with a severe learning disability that went untreated, so not only do I have a lot to learn, there's a limit to how much I can do. I hope you won't hold any of that against me, nor will you excuse poor writing because of it.

I welcome and am motivated by your feed back. Please take a minute to leave a comment. Also. If you have a question, look through the comments, you might find the answer. PM if you need to find a missing chapter. Potential by Bistander Chapter 12 What is Plan B?

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After his encounter with Gloria's drawings, Evan let the hot water pulse on his face for several minutes, but it didn't wash away the images the drawings had put in his mind. He stepped back and watched the water hit his chest, cascade over his stomach, past his erection and onto his long legs.

Why didn't he want to accept the truth? Gloria wasn't a little girl anymore, but that's what she had always been to him. Ever since he was young, she was his baby sister. Somehow he had gotten older and grown-up, but in his mind, Gloria was frozen in time. When he thought of her, he saw the girl who sat on his lap, got piggyback rides and fell asleep watching TV, so he could carry her to bed.

He'd ignored her maturity, increasing independence, her body—she was a miniature version of Candy—and kept on treating her like his kid sister. Didn't her dreams make that easy for him?

She needed him to protect her from the bad man in her dreams. Wake up, he told himself. If her best friend, Jayda, hadn't opened his eyes, then those drawings should. When he finished showering, Evan collected his clothes and opened the hamper. Deana's gray sweatpants were still visible and a reminder he didn't need. Forgetting what happened with her would take a lifetime. On top of the pile, there was a plain white pair of underpants. He picked them up, put his clothes in and felt the soft material with both hands.

He slid them through his fingers, over the backs of his hands and rubbed them in his palms. Not only could he visualize the butt they had covered, he could feel it. He had touched it, palmed the round bubbles and squeezed. It had felt good, regardless of what he'd told himself.

In the mirror he saw his cock growing. He had fucked and fucked and fucked Miss Tonya a few hours ago. Why did he need to do this? Evan didn't smell the panties, he slid them across his groin, ran them under his balls and up his hard shaft, then he pressed them to his face.

His eyes closed as he inhaled. His chest tightened. The day's conquest would go down in history as some of the best sex of his life—he had fucked his mother's friend. Why was he smelling Gloria's pussy? Rebecca and Deana were sitting at the tall island counter in Rebecca's kitchen. Mrs. Stevens was on the other side talking to them. Deana smiled at her and pushed Rebecca's hand off her thigh.

It was the second time her friend had tried to touch her during the conversation. She had never been the type who liked taking chances or doing risky things or even disobeying her father, so why was Rebecca's third attempt going uncontested? The counter provided visual protection, but Deana wasn't sure her face could hide what was happening from Rebecca's mother. If it had been up to her, they would have gone straight to Rebecca's room, but being bad was growing on her.

The wait had been killing her, now Rebecca's fingers were pulsing on her inner thigh, and her pussy was getting wet.

She thought about something she had seen on TV. Two beautiful women were having an intense conversation, while a third woman watched. They paused and stared at each other. Deana had no idea what was going to happen, but she felt something she didn't understand. It was totally unexpected when they started kissing.

She had never seen women kissing on TV or anywhere else. She had glanced at her mother, her face burning, and thought it was embarrassment she felt. She didn't think that anymore. Deana stared at Mrs. Stevens and imagined kissing Rebecca in front of her. Would their relationship ever go there? Would Rebecca's mother be horrified or would she be like Cindy?

Having Rebecca's fingers inside the leg opening of her shorts while looking right into Mrs. Stevens' eyes, made her feel like they could do it, start making out right there. That's nuts! Rebecca's finger skirted the edge of her pussy lip.

She bit her bottom lip. "You ready, Honey?" Mr. Stevens asked as he walked into the kitchen. Deana jerked and flushed. Rebecca reluctantly moved her hand away. Of course, Rebecca had a lot more experience being risky. "For once I'm ready and waiting for you," Mrs. Stevens said. "You two be good. Don't do anything I wouldn't do." Rebecca smirked. "Definitely not, you know me, I'm a good girl and I'll keep this one in line." "Hey," Deana said and swatted Rebecca. "Ma'am, you know I'm the good one and you have nothing to worry about." "Just don't burn the house down," Mr.

Stevens said. "Call if you need anything." When the door closed behind Rebecca's parents, Deana said, "What the hell were you doing?" "I couldn't help myself," Rebecca said.

"I have a better question, though, what were you thinking? You were in deep thought for a few minutes. Didn't even notice my hand." "Oh, I noticed, and unless you want to see me get off in front of your mother, you better not pull something like that again," she said, but she knew Rebecca would and she'd enjoy it. "Is that what you were thinking about?" Deana said, "No, I was thinking about this," and yanked Rebecca by the arm.

Rebecca crashed into her, she wrapped her arms around her and they started kissing. Immediately her hands went inside the back of Rebecca's shorts and grabbed hold of that hard little ass, then she thrust her thigh between Rebecca's legs and ground the gymnast's pussy on it.

Rebecca gasped. "Wow, you don't waste a second. They haven't pulled out of the garage yet and you're ready to rape me." "Rape implies force. You know I won't be forcing you to do anything." "True, but still, I've never seen you like this. What happened to you?" Rebecca asked. Deana took a deep breath. It would be so freeing to say, Evan got me off and we were in the shower together.

His dick is so big and it almost went inside me. I want him to make love to me, take my virginity, so—" "Tell me!" Rebecca said. "It's nothing. I mean it's everything, not one special thing.

The wait, Cindy telling me she had been with another girl, the ride in her car and you touching me in front of your mother, it all got to me." "Oh, and I thought it was because you love me and missed me so much, and find me irresistibly sexy." Everything Rebecca said was true and much more.

Her insides trembled and her eyes stung with threatening tears. She held Rebecca by her neck and stroked her earlobes with her thumbs while moving her lips toward Rebecca's.

They stared at each other, their lips barely touching. The next kiss was like the one she saw on TV; it brought up the feelings she'd had back then when she never imagined she would kiss another girl.

Their hands weren't demanding or rushed. They touched every inch of flesh that could be reached without separating their lips. Deana lifted the bottom of Rebecca's shirt. The kiss finally stopped so the shirt could pass between them.

Rebecca's tits were firm and perfectly shaped, no bra required. She admired them until she had to lift her arms so Rebecca could remove her shirt. Nobody had ever undressed her, but she didn't imagine a boy could unhook a bra with such ease.

Rebecca's hands carried the shoulder straps down her arms. Her cheeks warmed while her nipples erected. Rebecca smiled. The silent stare continued. Rebecca's hands were on her waist. For a split second, she was embarrassed that she hadn't worn panties. Rebecca's hands followed the shorts all the way to her feet. Her skin buzzed in a line down both legs where Rebecca had touched them. She stepped out of the shorts. Rebecca only paused at her crotch long enough for Deana to feel a warm breath on her bald pussy, then she removed Rebecca's shorts in the same gentle fashion.

Two naked girls standing in the kitchen, speechless. Deana desperately wanted to speak, but the truth terrified her. It would make her vulnerable and maybe ruin the moment.

Her feelings intensified. She was going to explode. Both girls finally spoke at the same time, "I love you." When they reached Becky's room, Darlene closed the door and asked, "How was it?" "It hurt more than last night," Becky said. "I guess I was sore.more than I thought." "You stuffed a pound of dick and you, what did you expect?" "I didn't think about it," Becky said. "I was so excited about you watching me that I just did it." "You sure did." Darlene rubbed her own crotch.

"Damn, I didn't think it was going to fit in your skinny body." "I told you I did it!" "I know, I know, but you also told me you weren't going to let him cum in you." "That's your fault," Becky said. "How is it my fault?" "You started licking my clit and I lost my mind. It was crazy having him in me, filling me, and your tongue doing what nobody does as good as you.

I knew it was coming, but I couldn't stop." "I couldn't resist that giant clit." Darlene flicked her tongue at Becky. "The sponge will work, but if you really need double protection, get some rubbers. "I hate rubbers. Feeling that hot squirt inside me is so much better. I need the pill." "I know," Darlene said. "Was it good for you, just watching or did you want to—" "Hell yeah," Darlene said. "I wanted to try that cock too, but watching you was better. I blew up on your brother's face when you sat down on that thing.

I've never been so excited in my life. Letting your brother fuck you is so taboo. What could be better? "I'm glad you enjoyed it. I wish we could have recorded it." "It was too risky. There wasn't anywhere to hide the camera and be sure he wouldn't see it." "I know, I just wanted to see the look on your face. Too bad I couldn't get on him facing you." Darlene put her hands on Becky's hips.

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"It was great, thank you." Becky smiled. "Good, I'm glad, I'm glad you liked it." "I did and now I can cross that off my bucket list." Becky considered telling Darlene about the threesome on her bucket list.

"Yeah, me too." "Maybe we should put some clothes on so Jason can drive me home." "Be more exciting to go naked," Becky said. "I love looking at you. You're amazing." "Hmm," Darlene grinned, "naked could get us arrested, but that doesn't mean we can't have some fun and give Jason something to think about. Wear your skirt.the one I got you. No panties, of course" "Ooh, I like the way you think. He'll be so excited he won't even be worried about our mother anymore." "Your mother catching you, whoa, I don't need thoughts like that floating around in my mind," Darlene said.

Becky said, "Me neither," even though having her mother see her with Jason's cock in her was one of her biggest fantasies. Deana decided it wasn't time to analyze or discuss, so she turned and started towards Rebecca's room.

Her friend followed.

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When she reached Rebecca's bed, she was nervous. Rebecca's hands came around her sides and circled her stomach, then their bodies were pressed together. There wasn't anything as soft or sensual as a girl's bare flesh.

Deana's nerves settled. Lips were more sensual. Rebecca lifted her hair and kissed the back of her neck. She dropped her chin to her chest and Rebecca kissed her ear. She tried to turn around, but Rebecca stopped her. "Not yet." The kissing lips moved to her shoulders, then down the center of her back. Deana watched Rebecca's hands move to her groin, then to her hips. Lips touched the crest of each butt cheek. Fingernails dragged down her legs and made her tremble, then a warm breath taunted the gap between her ass cheeks.

Rebecca slid her hands up the inside of Deana's legs, stopping short of what Deana was ready to beg for. A stream of air blew across her wet pussy lips. She pushed back, but her friend made her wait. "Turn around now," Rebecca said. She did and found Rebecca sitting at her feet. Her hands slid up her thighs. They stopped on her ass. She held her breath while Rebecca's lips worked their way across from hip to hip, then Rebecca squeezed her ass and pulled her forward. She moved her feet apart in anticipation, but Rebecca only tortured her pulsing pussy lips with a stream of air.

"Ah, please, please." Her friend's face told her begging wouldn't work. She was going to have to wait until Rebecca was ready. Rebecca moved on to her bellybutton, then continued up to her tits.

"I love these puffy pink nipples." Deana ran her fingers through Rebecca's hair, tempted to push her in the right direction, but her own mouth couldn't have done a better job. Rebecca knew exactly how hard to suck and how long to flick and circle the tips. She was tender, yet forceful, and knew exactly when to switch.

Rebecca was pushing her closer to what she expected to be the most powerful orgasm of her life. Rebecca left her breasts and faced her. It was the same expression she'd seen in the kitchen. Neither of them needed to say it, this time, they knew.

Rebecca held her by the throat and pulled their lips together. They had already had sex, given each other orgasms, but this was different. Sex had become love making, and Deana knew it wasn't going to be the most powerful orgasm, it would be the most meaningful orgasm she had ever had. How could there be anything wrong with loving somebody so much that you wanted to make them feel good, even if it was another girl?

The kissing stopped and they opened their eyes. Rebecca eased her onto the bed, and said, "Lay back," then she stood there, staring. "Dammit, you're gorgeous.beautiful." Deana looked at the little gymnast.

Her muscular stomach tightened all the way to her groin. The raised wedge with its arrow of pubic hair flowed seductively down to that amazing pussy.

Rebecca's slit barely crossed her pubic bone. Her sexy lips were hidden between those strong thighs. Deana imagined them wrapped around her. Their power would make her feel safe and loved. She started to sit up, but Rebecca said, "Not yet," again, and pushed her down.

"You first. I've been dreaming about doing this." She got on her knees beside the bed. Deana had been dreaming too, but in her dreams, Rebecca kept turning into Evan and sometimes they were both making love to her. At Rebecca's touch, she opened her legs and closed her eyes. The anticipation had reached its peak. She had never needed to be touched so bad. "Please, Reb, please do it." There wasn't a warm breath of warning, just a hot tongue plunging between her pussy lips.

Her eyes popped open and her legs flew up. She grabbed them. Her body curved like the bottom of a rocking chair. Rebecca's top lips stretched, grabbing at her pubic mound while her tongue darted in and out, opening her deeper and deeper each time. She pictured Evan's hard dick. If Rebecca's tongue felt like that, what the hell would his cock do to her? She could scream as loud as she wanted, but when Rebecca licked her clit, she only squeaked and gasped.

Her swollen bud was between Rebecca's lips and the tip of her tongue was flicking it while two fingers rammed into her cunt. "Fuck, oh fuck, fuck, fuck me!" "Ooh, potty mouth." Deana rocked her body to help Rebecca's fingers hit the spot that made her crazy. Her clit was grinding on Rebecca's tongue. "Ahhh." "Scream as loud as you want," Rebecca said, then blew on her throbbing clit. She slammed her feet on the mattress and shoved her ass up, trying to get away, but Rebecca's mouth followed.

The fingers kept on fucking her and that tongue continued to pulverize her clit. Her climax was strong, but another orgasm was already threatening. Nothing like that had ever happened to her. It was almost what she'd call a spiritual experience. She couldn't even breathe. Her ass fell to the bed and her feet dropped off the side. "You alive?" Deana heard her friend's question, but it seemed to come from far away and she couldn't answer.

Her eyes closed. Evan came out of the bathroom disturbed. He hadn't jerked off and cum in Gloria's underpants, but that was more about being physically depleted than doing the right thing. Gloria's drawings weren't that exciting as far as pornography went, but they affected him. Did he like the idea that she knew and thought about cocks and naked women that reminded him of Candy?

"Still tempting fate?" His mother's words made him shudder like a scared girl. "Jeez… Mom, don't do that. You're gonna give me a heart attack." "Do what, catch you wearing a towel?" "No, come around the corner right when I'm coming out of the bathroom and start talking to me." "Sorry," she said, then reached up and messed his wet hair. "It's not like I know when you're going to come out of the bathroom." Seemed like it to him. "I only have to go ten feet and I'll be in my room.

It's not like I walk around the house in a towel, like Deana." His mother ran her hand down from his shoulder to his hand and held it. It seemed too close to his groin while he was wearing a towel. "That's fine," she said, "but one day you might find yourself in an embarrassing situation." Like right now, he thought, but didn't say anything. "Did you make Tonya happy?" He diverted his eyes away from his mother's face, hoping to hide his reaction, then he tried to swallow, but his throat jammed.

"What, she wasn't satisfied? She seemed so pleased yesterday. Said you were the hardest worker. The hardest she's ever seen for someone your age." What the fuck was happening? Pull yourself together, she's talking about the yard work. "She was thrilled, I mean happy, very happy…with the yard work. Said she was going to recommend me to everybody she knows.

She even has other stuff for me to do." That lie wouldn't hold up under investigation, but he needed a reason to go back Thursday. "That's good," his mother said, then put her hand on his cheek. His heart fluttered. He wanted her to hug him. Sex was great, but he wanted more. He wanted to feel all those things he felt when he was holding somebody he loved, after sex.

If he didn't get away from his mother, he was going to wrap his arms around her and squeeze her. She was right, a towel was tempting fate. "I'm going… going to get dressed.

I'll try and remember my robe, next time." He broke for his door, ignoring whatever his mother was saying.

When Deana opened her eyes she was still short of breath, but now Rebecca was on top of her, stroking her hair. "I thought I killed you." She caught her breath and said, "You did, I think, I think I died and went to heaven." She wrapped her arms and legs around Rebecca.

"I don't even have words for how good I feel." "Might be love," Rebecca said. She knew that but wasn't sure how to handle it.

It was wonderful and terrifying, like being in love with your brother. How could it work? "Don't do that," Rebecca said. "Don't start that now, not now." "What, start what?" "Analyzing, worrying and trying to see the future." Deana tightened her legs on Rebecca's ass.

There was something comforting about having someone she loved between her legs. She never wanted to have somebody she didn't love between them, again. "I'm sorry. I get confused by how strong my feelings are.

I can't help thinking about what this means." Rebecca kissed her, then said, "It means we're going to be happy and make each other feel good." "I love you." "I love you, too." "Do you really, I mean the way I love you?" Deana asked. "You've had a boyfriend.boyfriends, and been in love with—" "No," Rebecca said, "I might have thought that, but I was wrong. I have never felt like this before. I like doing it with a boy, but none have ever made me feel this way.

Does it bother you that I like it, like dicks?" "It might, but I've never had one, so I can't say. I still can't believe you've never been in love." "Have you?" Not being able to lie to Rebecca anymore sucked. "Never mind that," Deana said. "I need to do something for you now, now that I can breathe again." "You're good at that.diversion, but we're getting back to it later.

Now, there is something you can do for me, but it might be a little, um, weird." Deana smiled. "After what you just did to me, as long as it won't get me arrested or killed, I'll do anything if it will make you happy." "It might make me happy, but I won't know until we try." "Mm," Deana raised a brow and squinted the other eye, "mystery, I like it." "Okay, wait here.

I'll be right back." When Rebecca got to her door she turned back and said, "Isn't it great walking around your house naked?" "Like I would know." "Try it," Rebecca said and walked away. She thought about wearing a towel in her kitchen. That was the closest she'd been to walking around naked since she was a kid. She wished Evan had pulled her towel off. When Rebecca returned, her hands were behind her back.

"Stand up," she said. "Is this going to hurt?" "Not you," Rebecca said. "You trust me, right?" "Of course." "Good, turn around and relax." Deana trusted Rebecca with her life, but she didn't like being blindfolded. "Lift this foot," Rebecca said and touched her right foot. "Now this one, and relax, I'd never hurt you." "I know." It was terrifying being out of control of what was happening to her, but she loved Rebecca and trusted her, so she didn't yank the blindfold off.

"Spread your feet out," Rebecca said. "You'll like this, I promise." Whatever was going up her legs and against her crotch wasn't something she liked. "This is weird." "It's almost ready, one more second, hold on," Rebecca said, and something tightened around her hips and between her legs. "There, done!" Rebecca turned her around. "Just like when we played pin the tail on the donkey." Deana felt Rebecca touch the back of her head, then the blindfold slipped from her eyes.

Rebecca had that mischievous grin she was used to seeing. She looked down between them. "What the fuck!" "I told you, I like them," Rebecca said, and reached for the dick jutting out from Deana's groin. "It's the best of both worlds, almost." "Holy Shit, I have a cock," Deana said. "Where the hell did you get that?

Shit, it's crazy, I have a dick." "I'll explain later," Rebecca said. "I've wanted to try this ever since I found that in my mother's room. You're the only person on this planet that I'd let do this to me.

I want you to fuck me, really fuck me senseless. Can you, can you do that for me?" "Your mother's room? What the hell does your mother have a strap-on for?" "Strap-on, ooh, you even know what it's called. Do you have experience with one?" "Nice try," Deana said. "Why would your mother have one?" "Got me," Rebecca shrugged, "but I'm glad she does.

How do you wanna do me first?" "Do you? I have no idea how to do you. I've never even had sex," Deana said. "It's pretty big." "Is it bigger than Evan's?" Rebecca asked. The amount of time it took her to form an answer gave her away, she saw it on Rebecca's face, so she told the truth. "No, not even close." "Really?" Rebecca's eyes widened. "How do you know? Your foot through his pants couldn't tell you that, not for sure, and you seem to know for sure." "Let's get back to that later.

I'm getting pretty excited about fucking your brains out. If you have any." "Hey, don't forget I can kick your ass if I need to." Rebecca was three inches shorter and twenty pounds lighter than her, but every inch of her body was toned and strong.

She hoped she would never have to get her ass kicked by Rebecca. "You want to lay down or bend over?" She wanted to get behind Rebecca and reenact what happened in the shower, except she wouldn't miss. "Doggy style," Rebecca said. "That's my fantasy, my first fantasy, that is." "You have a bunch, don't you?" Too bad one of them isn't you helping me with Evan.

"Plenty," Rebecca said. "We won't get to all of them in one summer." "Be fun trying." "I love that twinkle in your eyes," Rebecca said.

"I might turn you into a bad girl after all." "You already have, Deana thought. "Get on the floor and get ready to be fucked." "I'm ready," Rebecca said and dropped to her knees. "You have no idea how ready.

I'm so wet you don't even need to get that thing slippery." Deana got behind the tumbler's ass. The tiny pink asshole made her mouth water. She wrapped her hands around the cock.

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It wasn't hard like the one she had rubbed her crotch on and it wasn't hot. Rebecca might be disappointed. "What should I do?" "Pretend you're a guy and fuck me." She tried to put herself in Evan's mind. His soapy hands caressing her body, squeezing her nipples while his erection rubbed on her back. She aimed the dick between Rebecca's cheeks. Evan had no idea she had been jockeying her body to receive him. She thought once he was in her, nature would take over and he wouldn't stop.

Rebecca would do the same, she hoped and acted like Evan. Her back hunched and pushed her groin forward. "Ah, yes, I knew you'd know how to get it in me on the first try. Boys can never do that. Keep going.a little faster." Deana thought it was going to be impossible to judge speed and force without sensation, but she was wrong.


There was a nub on the inside of the leather triangle that hit her clit when she thrust into Rebecca. She grabbed Rebecca's hips and rammed her. "Oh, that feels good." Rebecca grunted. "Ah, yes, it does. Keep going, harder and faster." Deana's muscles were getting tired, but the thrashing of her clit and Rebecca's moans of pleasure gave her the encouragement she needed. She pounded into Rebecca, grunting each time their bodies collided. "Faster, faster.keep going, I'm so close, so fuckin' close." The climax paled in comparison to the last one, but it demanded she stop.

She was getting too sensitive. "Ah, hurry, hurry up. I'm, ah, I'm there already, I'm cumming." Rebecca shouted, "Fuck, oh fuck," then dove onto the carpet.

Deana collapsed on top of her. "Phew, you didn't tell me this thing would finger me." Rebecca huffed. "I didn't know. You fucked me senseless." "That's what you asked for." She slid off to Rebecca side, but left her leg over her back, then kissed her neck. "Was it good?" "Compared to your mouth and fingers, it's sucked." "Was it like the real thing?" "Why, you wanna try it?" "No," Deana said.

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"Did you want me to, to let you—" "No, Dee, definitely not," Rebecca said. "You need the real thing." "Good, because even though I love you, I want my first one to be somebody I love and the real thing." "Can we get on the bed?" "If you can help me up," Deana said.

"I need you to help me." "We need each other," Deana said. "On three we'll help each other." They got on the bed, laying on their sides, facing each other. Rebecca touched her cheek, then tucked her hair behind her ear, and said, "I love you more now than ever before." "I feel the same way, and not because you made me faint." "Try breathing next time," Rebecca said.

"Who were you in love with and why did you stop loving them?" "I didn't, I love them differently now. It couldn't work, not for long." Rebecca's fingers were rubbing her earlobe. "Tell me more." In her heart, she wanted to tell Rebecca.

That scared her almost as much as her father. "I know we never keep secrets from each other, but there is some stuff that shouldn't—" "Dee, I know you, you need to tell me.want to, I see it in your eyes.

I can almost feel it eating you up." Why was this happening? She thought she was transparent with everyone except Cindy.

"Really?" "Yes, and it's not the first time. There has been something that you always held back, for years. Every time I ask you what it is, you make up some reason why you're acting strange." "Rebecca, I do, I do want to tell you, but I've never told anybody, not even Cindy.

It's not normal and it would change things between us." "Nothing will change the way I feel about you. Dee, do you know how long I've been in love with you? Forever! Do you know how hard it was for me to hold it in? I was terrified that if I told you or acted on my feelings, it would make you go away. It was torture. I couldn't love you the way I wanted to because I was afraid I'd lose the love we did have." Her friend had been going through the same thing she was.

"I'm so sorry." "It's not your fault, it was me and my stupid secret. All those times we slept in the same bed; I used to watch you sleep, wanting to touch you, kiss you and tell you how I felt." She was crying now. Rebecca's words had stabbed her in the heart.

She was wounded and afraid she'd bleed out, spilling her secrets until her walls were completely down. She'd be exposed, vulnerable and in danger. "If I tell you, no matter how sick you think it is, will you promise—" "Come on, Dee, you know me better than that.

You can tell me anything and I'll still be your BFF and more, lots more." Tell her, tell her everything and you'll be weightless and free. No, there was only one way she'd be free and Rebecca couldn't help her with that. Once again, Deana chose the lesser of the two evils. "It was Evan, I was in love with Evan. Still love him, but not the way I use to." Deana watched Rebecca's face. It changed, she smiled. "Why are you so happy? I just told you I was in love with my brother." "I'm sorry, I'm relieved.

I thought you were going to tell me something really bad, not something I had already thought." "What, you already thought that?" "Of course," Rebecca said. "I always suspected there was something special between you, but then you gave it away." "How?" Deana asked. "How did I give it away?" She didn't feel better, she was annoyed at herself for not being better at hiding her feelings. "You're a great actress, but not that good.

Nobody can make out with their brother like you did and pretend it's just an act. It got so hot I didn't think it was going to stop." "That was an act, for you," Deana said. "Whatever," Rebecca said. "You know he's in love with you too, don't you?" "What makes you think that?" "He was kissing you, too, but even without that, it's the way he treats you. Oh, and the way he looks at you and jumped at the opportunity to feel up your ass," Rebecca said.

"By the way, I'd love him too if he was my brother. He's a male version of you, wonderful." "Thanks," Deana said. "That doesn't make me feel any better." "Tell me what happen with him. I know something must have happened. I heard it on the phone this morning and when you got here, it was obvious." "That's not important," Deana said.

"I want him to be my first. What do you think of me now?" "That shouldn't be hard, damn, look at you, you're irresistible. He'd do it in a second if you asked him." "It's not that simple. He's afraid and I made it worse." "I'd be afraid too, it's taboo, but I would get over it, just like when you kissed me. If any other girl had kissed me I would have run, but you, shit, I wanted to scream, finally! It was so hard to play it cool?" "I can imagine, but I couldn't do it, couldn't play it cool.

I rushed him. I acted like an animal and rubbed my pussy on him, then I manipulated him to get in the shower with me. You should have seen the look on his face when he realized what almost happened." "No wonder you were excited when you got here. What exactly happened? Why didn't he—" "I didn't give him enough time, then he missed or maybe it was too big, but it almost went in me.

That snapped him out of it and the reality of having sex with his sister freaked him out." "Whoa, he almost went in you. How did it feel?" "Rebecca!" "Sorry, I can't help it, I need details, please." "He was rubbing it on my back and my butt. His hands were on my chest and if I had taken my time he would have, but I pushed up and leaned forward. He rammed it between my legs and it hit the right spot, but it didn't go in. Does it hurt? If he had gone in, would it have hurt?" "No, not at all.

I can help you and you can finally—" "No, we can't, we shouldn't, he's my brother." "You're not gonna dump me for him, are you?" "No." "You planning on having his babies?" "Are you crazy!" "Good, that's good," Rebecca said. "You want to have sex, need to know what it's like, and you want it to be somebody you love, Evan's perfect. I know he wants to, I saw the look on his face when you stopped kissing. He wants you as much as you want him. You still trust me, right?" "Of course, but—" "But nothing.

You let me work my magic and everybody will be happy." "What do you get out of this?" "The satisfaction of getting you what you want. That's what BFFs with benefits do for each other. You'd do it for me, right?" Deana's mind was buzzing. She had given up one of her huge secrets.

Now, her best friend and lover wanted to help her lose her virginity to the only boy she'd ever been attracted to. How could that possibly happen? "Rebecca, this isn't normal.you know that, don't you?" "You just fucked me with my mother's strap-on!

What is normal? " "I love you.more now than I did a few minutes ago." The next morning, Evan woke up thinking about driving Dale's car. It was still more like a dream than reality, but his excitement was mounting with each passing minute. All he had to do was get out of the house without talking to his mother.

The night before at dinner, he kept expecting her to ask more questions about what he did at Miss Tonya's. She didn't and that was good because he didn't want to tell her a lie. He hadn't said he was working at Miss Tonya's house today and he hadn't said he was, but he implied it, so he'd have to avoid a direct question about where he was going.

He sucked at lying to his mother. If she was in the kitchen when he went down stairs, he would need a diversion. There she was at the sink, cleaning up after his father, like a good wife. "Good morning, beautiful," he said. Gloria's head popped up. "You finally noticed," she said. "Thank you." "And I thought you were talking to me," his mother said.

Diversion, he thought and put his hands on her shoulders. "I was talking to both of you, of course." He started massaging her. She felt tense, but that seemed to be the norm lately. "You're the most beautiful mother and daughter in the world." "That's nice of you to say, Sweetheart." "It's the truth," he said, and walked over to the table and wrapped his hands around Gloria's neck.

"That tickles, stop!" "You're lucky I gotta go," he said. "See ya'll later." When he got in his car, he was still expecting his mother to come out and ask him where he was going. Maybe he should have been direct and told her a lie, one that wouldn't be debunked by a simple phone call to Miss Tonya's house. He needed Deana to help him be sneaky, he sucked at it. After Evan left, Candy asked Gloria, "What's up with your brother? Anything I should know?" Gloria scratched her head, and said, "Got me, but you know teenagers, it's probably not good." "Hope not," Candy said.

"If you hear anything, let me know." That would never happen, but it was what a mother should say, so she said it. "Ma, can I stay over at Jayda's tonight? Her mom already said it's cool." "Sure, Honey," Candy said. "I'm going to get started on my work.

Clean up after yourself, the maid took the day off." "You mean your doctor junk?" "Funny. See you later, and don't bother me unless it's important." "Okay," she said and slurped the last of the milk out of her cereal bowl.

Deana had woken up in Rebecca's bed more times than she could count, but never like this. She didn't think she had been dreaming, but what else would explain coming out of a sound sleep already grinning, on the verge of giggling. They weren't spooning, but her thigh was between Rebecca's and their heads were on the same pillow. There wasn't anything special about the smell of Rebecca's hair, but it would be filed in a happy place in her mind.

She would always be able to bring back this moment with one sniffed. Great, I fell in love with another girl. She wouldn't let the thought spoil her mood. They had the rest of the summer to enjoy, then they'd worry about how to hide it from everybody at school.

Should be easier than hiding a love affair with my brother. Her skin was hot and moist where it pressed against Rebecca's crotch. She eased the covers down and admired her gymnast's body. It would be wonderful to wake up naked every day with someone she loved. She kissed Rebecca's neck and her legs tightened. "Mm, that's nice." She whispered in Rebecca's ear, "Good morning." "Yes, it is," Rebecca said.

"I've never had someone wake me with a kiss. Wanna move in?" That would solve her problems. "I'm not sure our parents would approve." "Then we have got to come up with a reason to spend as many nights together as possible," Rebecca said.

"Remember when we were little and we'd do anything to have a sleepover?" "Yeah, but we wore PJs then. This is better. What can we do together that would require tons of our time? We have to think of something." "There's something we can do together right now. Something I've always wanted to do with you." "Does it involve something from your mother's room?" "It only requires three things, me you and a shower." "What if your parents come home?" "We'll tell them we're concerned about the environment." "Huh?" "Water conservation, we're saving water." Her nipples tingled.

Being in the shower with Evan had been wonderful. "Yes, I'm very concerned about the water shortage. It's a shame we've already wasted so much." "It is," Rebecca said, "and think about all the time you wasted trying to wash your own back." "Mm, my back needs to be scrubbed," Deana said.

"Come on, let's get clean." Rebecca giggled. "No chance a shower is going to wash away the dirty thoughts I'm having." "Good." Evan turned left at the sign boasting the fastest high bank dirt track in the South.

There wasn't the normal Saturday night line of slow moving cars, so he raised a cloud of dust behind him, blew through the grass parking lot and headed straight for the pit gate. He felt important entering the zone reserved for race cars and their drivers. What had still seemed like a fantasy when he got out of bed that morning, was manifesting in the real world, and reality made him nervous. Cindy's muscle car was right where her car hauler was every Saturday night, even though she could have parked anywhere in the empty pits.

He got out of his car. It didn't feel right without the smell of race fuel, rows of car haulers, busy crew members and all the noise he was so used to.

It reminded him of the time he went to the carnival when it was closed—no music, people or spinning rides. It felt like a sad place. The breakfast burrito he ate in two bites churned in his stomach. He knew exactly where he could find Cindy. She wasn't superstitious, but she had some predictable behavior. From the fence between turns one and two he could see the whole track, and sure enough, Cindy was walking down the front straightaway, staring down at the red clay.

His eyes played a trick on him, and he saw Deana. The feelings he felt made him angry. He spit and started down the hill to the track. The earbuds pumping music into Cindy's head made it easy for Evan to sneak up on her.


He watched her ponytail swing and realized it hadn't been the distance, Cindy still looked like Deana from behind. He wanted to hug her, but poked her instead, then ducked. Cindy whirled around and shouted, "Evan, you idiot," then she pushed stop and continued at normal volume, "you scared me." "Sorry," he said. "What are you listening to?" "Cowboy Junkies," she said and twisted her sneaker on the dirt.

"Hank did a great job preparing the track for us. Lots of grip." "Good." His cousin, in her element, was ready to talk racing. "We'll set your car up loose to start because there isn't gonna be this much grip on a Saturday night. Grip makes you tight, so let up, ease it into the turns. You'll be able to go hard on the way out, but you're going to push all the way to the middle coming in.

Remember, loose is fast if you don't spin out, and tight is slow if you drive in too hard." He nodded continuously and let her go on for a few minutes. He had been listening to Cindy and Uncle JC talk racing for years and had always pretended he needed to absorb every word and use it on race night, then on race night he repeated everything he'd heard and act like a driver. "Whoa." He held up his hands.

"Don't tell me everything at once. The car isn't even here yet." "You're right," she said. "We've got hours. I'm excited for you, that's all. It's about time you got a chance to show your talent." Too bad he couldn't tell everybody he was getting his chance.

"I think I'm too nervous to be excited." Cindy stepped close. "If I didn't think you could do this, I wouldn't have arranged it, so relax. It's important to relax, clear your mind and focus." He wasn't good at clearing his mind or focusing.

"What's that?" It was the sound of a diesel engine. "Somebody's here." "Probably Bear," Cindy said. "Let's go." On the way back to the pits, Cindy told Evan about the first time she drove a race car and how her mother was against it.

He tried to figure out if she was telling him she knew he hadn't asked his father. Cindy never came to their house anymore and he couldn't imagine her talking to his father on the phone, so the only way she could know he hadn't gotten permission would be if she told Aunt Julia about it. No, she never talked about racing with her mother. He decided he was safe.

Cindy went on about how much she loved racing and how important it was to do the things you love, even if other people don't understand or try to stand in your way. Then she warned him, "Racing is like sex, good sex, it consumes you and makes you want more. Don't start something you can't stop.make sure it's something you really want to do, and continue to do." It was nice to hear Cindy compare racing with good sex, but her words scared him. He remained silent, walking beside her while she talked.

In the pits, they didn't find Bear, the guy who had been driving Cindy's car hauler since day one. It was Elliott, one of the other drivers who chipped in on the track renting fee. Elliott and two other guys were busy unloading a modified division car.

Cindy said hello, introduced Evan and told Elliott about the condition of the track, then she called Bear to see where he was. When she ended the call she said, "He'll be here any minute." Evan said, "Okay." "Evan, relax, you're gonna do great.

I've seen you drive." "Go carts, hot laps, and a stinger, once," he said without looking up from his feet. "What if—" Cindy cut him off, "Hey, too late for what if's.

It's set up, Dale expects you to drive his car, wants you to. He can't be here and the sponsors expect to see their car going around the track. I told him you could drive. He doesn't expect you to win, just follow the pack so his car is seen." "You didn't tell him anything that might make him expect more?" "No, of course not," she said. "He knows, understands the situation. Just drive and listen to what I tell you." It was against track rules to communicate with a driver during the race, but, under the circumstance, Cindy thought it would be okay to break the rules.

Racing was about breaking the rules to gain an advantage. Cindy never cheated, as far as he knew, even though many of the other drivers did and sometimes got caught. Dale Davis arrived next, driving his own hauler. Dale had a day job at the paper mill and worked on his own car at night. He had two main sponsors, a big muffler shop and a local engine builder. If his engine had been provided by the sponsor, they wouldn't be happy if Dale didn't go fast. Evan had seen the car race and it went fast.

A lot would be expected of him and that didn't help him relax, clear his mind or make him focused. Evan helped Dale unload the bright-yellow car.

That's when he realized it wasn't a street stock car, but a pure stock. The pure stock division is faster and has a higher caliber of drivers. He didn't ask Dale when he had changed divisions. Bear arrived with a guy Evan didn't know. The three of them got Cindy's car out of the hauler, while she worked with Dale setting his car up for the current track conditions.

He did his best to listen to all the talk, hoping to pick up some tips. The noise and the activity eased his anxiety. It started to feel like a regular Saturday night, and he was only as nervous as he would have been if he was going to make some hot laps in Cindy's super late model. In the shower, after they had lathered up, Rebecca got behind Deana. Her hands slid from Deana's shoulders down to her ass cheeks and back.

"Mm, my back has never felt so clean." Rebecca's hands came around to her stomach and made big circles, teasing her pussy mound. "I might need your help washing that, too," she said. Rebecca ignored her and squeezed her tits, trying to catch the soapy nipples, but they kept slipping out of her grasp.

"Ahh, shit." Rebecca humped her. "Is this what Evan was doing?" "Yes, yes it was. He held me tight, squeezing my tits and rubbing on my ass." "You're trembling," Rebecca said. "You must be thinking about it." "I swear, I swear you're gonna make me scream." Rebecca forced her hand into Deana's ass groove.

"Was his big cock doing this?" "It was, that's what it was doing, sliding through my crack." "What did you do?" Her pussy demanded contact, rough, forceful contact. She pushed up and back, trying to get Rebecca's hands between her legs. "Were you trying to make him hit you here?" The heel of Rebecca's hands crushed Deana's pussy lips.

She rose up on her toes and arched her body. "Oh, yes, his dick spread me and slid through my groove." Rebecca's forearm sawed between her legs, lifting up and forcing her lips apart. She bent over until her clit was under Rebecca's arm. "Yes, that's it, that's it, right there." "What did you want? Tell me, I wanna hear you say it." "Don't make me say it." Rebecca increased the speed and force of her thrusts.

"Tell me, say it, tell me what you wanted." "I wanted him inside me. I wanted it all the way in me. Does that make me a bad person?" "Hell no," Rebecca said. "Now tell me what you want." Her friend was bad, and she was making her insane with desire.

She got in the position she had imagined getting fucked in, bent over, hands on the edge of the tub. "Fuck me," she said, and it felt good to let it out. "Do it, please do it, fuck me, fuck me." Rebecca pressed two fingers against the mouth of her pussy hole and circled the rim. "Who, who do you want to fuck you? Say his name. I want to hear you say it." Her insides were on fire and she would have said anything to get something in her.

"Evan, oh, Evan, put it in me! I need you, I need to have you in me." Two of Rebecca's fingers thrust into her body. "Ah, thank god." The fingers plunged her hole while Rebecca's other hand flicked her clit with incredible speed. A climax was already building. "Oh, that's so good, so fuckin' good." Her arms tightened, pushing her against Rebecca's thrusts. "Oh, my god.it's incredible." Her orgasm spiked and her body straightened up and shook.

"Oh, please hold me, hold me tight." Rebecca hugged her. "You're incredible." After they had dried off, Deana let her hair down and asked, "Does it bother you?" "You mean am I jealous because you want your brother to make love to you?" "You don't have to put it that way." "I don't think it does," Rebecca said.

"I'm not sure why it's important to you, but it is, so I want you to." "He's my brother." "Maybe it's because I don't have a brother, I don't know, but I can't imagine a better person to lose your cherry to.

You're so connected. Maybe it will be like when we do it? He might actually know what you like better than I do. Should I be worried?" "I don't think so," Deana said. "I hope this doesn't scare you, but I can't imagine not being in love with you. I had no idea how much I loved you until we both said it last night. I'm not even worried about what that means, I just know I love you." "Me too," Rebecca said.

"Can we stay naked until we absolutely have to get dressed?" "I won't be able to keep my hands off you." Rebecca smiled. "Good." The morning sun had baked the racing surface, turning it from red to brown. The cars bursting to life and being revved told Evan that it was almost time. He started feeling jittery again, and he asked Dale, "Are you sure you want to do this?" "Son, I seen you run that stinger and I knew you had talent. You're kin to Cindy, that's 'nough for me to know you gonna do fine." "A stinger is just a little four-cylinder.

I only drove it that one time and—" "You tryin' ta talk me out of it?" Dale put a greasy hand on Evan's shoulder.

"Cuz if you are—" "No sir," Evan said. "I want to do this, but I didn't want you to think I had more experience than I do." "I been knowing your cousin since she was pedaling a trike and been seeing you around this track nearly as long.

I ain't gonna git in no family stuff, but I think you deserve a shot, a chance to race." He slapped Evan on the back. "Nuff said. Let's saddle ya up and git this party rollin'." "Yes, sir!" Evan said, and ignored his sense that everybody knew about his father. Once Evan was tucked down into the glove like seat of Dale's car, with the belts tight, he was excited. He reached for the start switch. The car roared, sputtered, choked and stalled.

Embarrassment blazed on his cheeks. He couldn't even start the car. "It's tricky first time," Dale said. "Pump her twice, then hit it and soon as it catches, pop her hard three times, then she'll purr like a lion." The car rocked three times with a deafening scream. Race car mufflers weren't really to make the car quiet. He sighed and let the rumble soak into him.

It was like he had never driven a car before and now he was expected to do it on a cliff in a thunderstorm, with a pregnant woman in the backseat. Dale gave him the thumbs up and told him to go make some slow laps, then come back. Cindy and Elliot would be ready then. After ten slow laps, Evan's father wasn't in his thoughts, but he was still nervous. The pressure was on to prove himself to Dale. Surely if he didn't go fast enough or crashed, Dale would find somebody else.

Cindy came over with her helmet in hand. "You ready?" "When did Dale start driving pure stock?" "He started working on this car last year and has been doing double duty this year. He's finally got all the bugs worked out and sold the street stock car," Cindy said. "Did you think you were going to be in the other car?" "Kind of." "Listen to me," she said. "You have something that most drivers don't have, and it's a gift, you can't learn it. I should know because I got it, too.

That's the only reason I been so successful. Now do what you do and remember all the stuff I've told you." "I will." "Make three laps below qualifying times, in a row." "Three laps, in a row," he rubbed his chin, "are you serious?" "Of course," Cindy said. "That shouldn't be hard for you. We'll do some laps first to get comfortable, then stay on my ass." Evan kept his smart remark to himself, but he watched her ass until she was in her black and red number fifteen.

When she was strapped in, he followed her and Elliot towards the track. Cindy's super late model was in the fastest division that raced weekly, Elliott's modified car was the next fastest, then Dale's pure stock. Cindy had a great ass, but did she really expect him to stay with her?

That gift that Cindy was talking about was something on the inside, an internal sense that let you drive by feel rather than thought. There wasn't a speedometer or speed limit, and distance was measured in seconds that you didn't have time to count. Time and distance blurred as the laps flew by, but the driver still had to keep doing everything precisely at the right time and place on the track.

Evan had gotten into a rhythm following Cindy and lost count of the laps. The fear of getting caught was meaningless when the slightest misjudgment could send him careening into a concrete wall. His arms started to burn and sweat stung his eyes, but it didn't distract him from his mission to run three qualifying laps.

Every bump on the track's surface was stored in his brain. The sound of the car, the tension on the steering wheel and how he flowed through the turns were all being processed and reused without conscious thought. He pressed the gas pedal to the floor; slammed the brake, turned left and worked the pedals through the turns, then back on the gas and do it again.

Dale was on the flag stand, waving a green flag. Cindy and Elliott rocketed away from him and he realized they had still been running slow laps.

He wasn't sure he had any more to give, but he held the accelerator down a split second longer and pressed the break less going into the turn. The additional pressure on the seat belt was obvious. The car squealed. Cindy and Elliott were already flying down the back straightaway.

He tightened his grip on the steering wheel and pushed more, more, more. Too much, he felt it in his gut. The car was in a four-wheel slide towards the wall. Loose, tight, push, spin. Cindy's words swirled around in his head, but they couldn't help now. He was going to crash Dale's car and his racing career would be over before it started. The right rear wheel caught on the dirt berm, he hit the gas and seesawed the steering wheel.

He was halfway down the backstretch before he exhaled. Had he saved it or gotten lucky? It only took two laps and the near wreck was forgotten. Cindy and Elliott flashed by, lapping him. It made him mad and embarrassed, even though there was no realistic expectation that he should be able to keep up. He pushed even harder. Was he even close to qualifying lap speed? He finally caught up to Cindy and Elliot coming out of turn four, then he saw the red and white flags waving together. They had already finished their last lap and were slowing to leave the track.

He hit the brakes and followed them. He was hot and his muscles ached, but he still regretted having to stop. If he drove too slow or Dale was pissed that he almost crashed, he might not get another chance in a race car. The adrenaline rush was over and he was exhausted by the time he parked behind the hauler and switched off the engine. There wasn't an ounce of energy left to give and getting out of the car was difficult. Cindy was already out of her car and looked a lot better than he felt.

Dale and Bear were hustling over from the grandstand. Evan leaned on the car and waited for the critics, hoping he didn't get his ass chewed. Cindy looked at Elliott and said, "Dammit, you drove me hard." Evan asked her how many laps she ran.

He knew she had lapped him six times. Cindy shrugged. "I don't know." "You don't?" "No, never do," she said. "I watched the flag stand. When the flagman shows five to go, I start counting." "Thirty-six laps," Dale said. "Evan, you ran thirty." Thirty, he thought, it felt like five-hundred. He looked at Dale and said, "Sorry about almost—" "Son, only thing you got to be sorry for is wasting time.

You shoulda been in a car as soon as you hit legal age." He held up the stopwatch. "Bear, you ever seen a thing like that?" Bear smiled and said, "Once, and I been drivin' her hauler ever since." He poked Evan's chest with a beefy finger. "Kid, you drove the piss outta that car. Only problem you got, is figurin' how to get your old man to buy you a car." Cindy asked, "Did he make qualifying laps, three?" "Three?" Dale said.

"More like a dozen, maybe more. I stopped countin' and enjoyed the show. Took ya'll a bunch to put em a lap down." Cindy smiled. "I'm going to get out of this suit." Evan felt his pride swell. His dreams of racing were within reach, but he had one huge obstacle left. After Rebecca recovered from the orgasm Deana had given her, she sat up and said, "Pow-wow," then she folded her legs. Deana got in the same Indian style position with her knees touching Rebecca's.

"You got the peace pipe, Tonto?" "Kemosahbee, no wacky weed for us today. We have to make a plan." "Ooh, can we ride Silver together?" Rebecca bounced up and down.

"Mm, that would be fun, but no. Maybe later you can ride me, though." "I won't even need a saddle for that." "Pow-wow, let me get to the point. I told you I would help you and I've been thinking about it. I got some ideas. You ready?" Deana closed one eye.

"I bet you'll tell me whether I'm ready or not." "Of course. My first idea is this, you catch me and Evan having sex and you demand he stop because he promised. Then he has to make it up to you by—" "No, not a good idea." "I figured you'd say that, so how 'bout I make him think he's going to have sex with me, but I blindfold him and you come in and sit down on—" "No," Deana said. "I hope you have a plan B. I want it to happen because he wants to, and I'd like us to be alone.

"That sucks." "At least the first time," she said and her face got warm. "Mm, okay, so here is my real plan. It starts a little like the first, so hear me out before you reject it. You'll like it, I promise." She didn't expect she would, but she agreed. "Go ahead, but it better not involve any of your mother's stuff." "Nope, it's the perfect plan.

You'll get to have that special moment, you and Evan, making love. It'll be beautiful and you'll remember it for the rest of your life." "I'm actually listening to you.to a plan you thought up, so I can lose my virginity to my brother. This is insane," she said. "What is wrong with us?" "Nothing, nothing at all.

Love is blind, so don't worry about how it might look to somebody else. Let me work my magic." "I love you, but your magic still scares me a little." "Your first time would be scary even if it wasn't Evan, believe me, I was scared." "At least I'm not going to have him put it in my butt." "Are you ever going to let me live that down?" "Honestly, Reb, I doubt it.

Now tell me plan B." "Alright, the first thing we need is a day when my parents aren't home, which is pretty much every week day. Then I'll get Evan to find us tanning. I'll get him to touch you.inappropriately." "Hold on." "Just wait, let me finish. You're pretending you think it's me, then you freak out on him when you realize it's him." "How is that going to get me—" "Let me finish." "Sorry, go on." "He'll feel really bad, you know how he is.

You don't speak to him and make him come to you. He'll want to try and make things right. You play hard to get, but make sure he sees a bunch of you. Don't flirt, but, you know, towels, short shorts, boob slips and maybe another charlie horse. Draw him in and get cozy and before long he'll be the one to—" "You're bad, very bad.and devious." She actually liked plan B. "I love it, and I love you, too." When he got home, Evan had considered parking down the block and coming through the backyard to avoid his father's stupid cameras, but if his mother happened to be in the kitchen, he'd have to explain not having his car.

That would be digging an even deeper hole, so he decided to take his chances and parked in the driveway. If she was in her office working, she might see him, but he thought he could get into the bathroom to shower off the evidence before she came out of her room. Now that he was in the shower washing away the dirt and smell, he realized the excitement bubbling inside him would be more difficult to hide. Cindy was impressed and proud of him, and she never mentioned his father or getting permission.

All he had to do was play it cool and hope his father went to China before his race. In his mind, it would be better to do it and get in trouble later, than be told not to and do it anyway. After his shower, he was less paranoid, but not confident that he could pull it off. If Cindy really did know, that meant there was a chance his mother knew. Once he saw her she would look at him and start asking questions. Lying about a lie was worse than just lying.

Maybe telling his mother the truth was the way to go?With her on his side—No, his father wouldn't change his mind, especially when he found out how far things had already gone. His mother might be on his side and tell him to just do it. No, he couldn't implicate her in the dishonest act. Keep the secret, he told himself, then take your lumps after.

That was the only way to go. Now, how could he avoid his mother? Evan opened the bathroom door. Shit, how does she do that? "Mom." He wasn't ready to face her with his clothes on, this was worse. "Hi," his mother said. "I forgot," he said. "I'll—" "When did you get all these muscles?" Her hand moved from his bicep to his chest. "And hair, it's very sexy." His chin hit his chest and all the blood rushed from his head. She was touching his nipples. "I, um." "You have a six pack down here." She traced the grooves between his muscles.

They got deeper as she moved lower. He commanded his penis to stop, but it kept swelling.

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The ends of the towel barely overlapped and he expected his erection to lift between them. "This little towel isn't enough for a man like you." His heart thudded against his ribs.

His mother was going to kiss him. It was worse than he had imagined when he had to kiss Ms. Tonya. He refused to look and see if his cock was pushing the towel up because if he knew for sure he would faint before her lips touched his. She said, "I told you you were tempting fate," then started laughing. "You should see the look on your face." She's not trying to seduce me.

"That's not funny," he said. He was more sad than relieved. "I made my point, didn't I? Imagine you ran into Rebecca like that or your towel falls off in front of your sister." She made a point all right, and he was glad it was going down. "Okay, I won't forget again." "I bet," she said. He'd never forget what just happened, that was for sure. Probably be fantasizing and dreaming about it, too.

"Good," she said and kissed his cheek. "Is there something you need to tell me?" Shit, he knew that look. His mother suspected something. If he told her and she didn't know, he was in trouble, but if he lied and she did know, there was no hope.

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Could she have talked to Cindy? That was the only way she could know. Cindy used to come over all the time, but not lately. "No, mom," he said. "Why?" "It's just one of those things mothers ask now and then." "Okay, can I go get dressed? Hate it if Rebecca showed up." "I bet you would." "Speaking of the tumbler, is Deana coming home tonight?" "Why, you miss her?" Actually, he did, but he said, "No, I was only acting like I cared so you would be happy." "Smart ass," she said.

"She isn't, said they were having a foursome with the other tumblers." He might have shivered. "That's great, more food for me." "Gloria isn't here either," she said. "Oh, where is she?" "Spending the night with Jayda." Great, that wasn't something he wanted to think about.

"Even more food for me. See you at dinner." "Jason said he figured you didn't bring your phone with you today, so he asked me to have you call him when you get home." "Okay." That night, after dinner, Evan finally remembered to call Jason. "It's about time," Jason said. "It would never have happened if you had your phone with you today." "What wouldn't have happened?" "Remember when you told me you saw your mom without a bra?" The last thing he wanted to talk about was his mother's tits.

He was still trying to forget the incident outside the bathroom door. "Yeah, why?" Jason asked, "Are you sure they're real?" He stared at the phone for a second then said, "Yes.

Why the hell would you ask that?" "I guess you would have noticed if they suddenly got bigger, but you sure?" He had been looking at her tits as long as he could remember, and he was still amazed by them. "Of course!" "Don't get mad at me," Jason said. "If you had your phone we wouldn't be having this conversation. They don't have cords on them anymore, that means you take it with you." "Wouldn't have mattered, I couldn't have answered it while driving a race car." "Driving a race—Shit, that was today.

Damn it." "Yeah, it was, but what does this have to do with my mother?" "I was worried.worried that your mother had talked to my mother about the races. She told me she saw her at the library. I wanted to warn you in case it came up, so you would know." "When?" "The other day." "Why didn't you tell me sooner? What have you been doing all week?" "I could ask you the same question," Jason said.

"The summer is going by and we haven't done anything." Evan wanted to say, are you serious, I fucked Miss Tonya for two hours, but he had promised.

A blabbermouth could spoil all the fun, just like when those idiots who were having orgies with their hot teacher had to talk. Now she's in jail and nobody is receiving the special education only she was giving.

If he ever got to have group sex with Mrs. Beck, he'd never tell anybody. Would he? "I had to work, and man, Miss Tonya is demanding. She worked my ass off." Knowing the true meaning of his words would have to do. "Hopefully she'll have lots more for me to do, so I can work there all summer.

Now, why did you ask me that?" "Oh, yeah, like I was saying, it is totally your fault that this happened. I only went to your house because your dumb ass didn't have a phone." "Get to the point." "Not really a point," Jason said.

"My mother's tits are pointy, but your mother's are more like cantaloupes with peanut M&Ms on top of them.

How do they do that?" "Do what?" Evan asked. Jason had noticed how pointy his own mother's tits were. "Jeez, why are we talking about our mother's boobs, anyway?" "I've been trying to tell you that since we got on the phone.

Now shut up and let me finish." "Go on." "I went to your back door and saw your mother in the kitchen, so I knocked and went in. I surprised her, but she wasn't mad." "And?" "Dude, her tits are huge, bigger than I ever thought, and they don't hang, not even without a bra. It was incredible. I popped a boner before she finished telling me you were working, except you weren't. Does she know?" "She had a bra on.

She never goes without a bra." Thank God, he thought. That day at the kitchen sink when his arms touched them and he saw them swishing under her shirt, nipples bulging, was too much to endure more than once. "Maybe it was because nobody was home and she wasn't expecting anybody, or maybe she was expecting you, but they were free, Dude, I swear." He wanted to know what kind of shirt she was wearing and if the dark outline of her nipples could be seen, but he wasn't going to ask Jason.

"It doesn't matter," he said. "Stop staring at my mother's chest. How would you like it if I was checking out your mother's or your sister's?" "Becky, I check hers out. You can look all you want, they're amazing. Shoot, if my mother wanted to, I wouldn't mind if you fooled around with her. That's the kind of friend I am. You should show me some of that kind of friendship." "Just keep staring at Becky's, and leave my mother out of it." He wished it had been him who caught her off guard without her bra.

"I hope your mother didn't mention us going to the races. That could raise a flag and maybe that's why she asked me if I needed to tell her anything." "She did, oh, I hope that wasn't her giving you enough rope to hang yourself. What if she tells your father?" "I'll worry about that later, for now, I'm happy that I'm going to get a chance to do what I love and I'm good at." "So you think you're better at racing than sex?

Does that mean the porn career is out?" I'm living in a porno already, he thought. "That's Plan B. I gotta go." "Wait," Jason said. "Just in case you get killed, I better tell you something. I hate holding onto things and you would want to know this before you go to the great porno in the sky." "I am not getting killed." "Then I better not tell you I saw Darlene, in high heels and a micro-skirt." "You just told me, so now you might as well give me the details." "There're no details," Jason said.

"I saw her. She was actually hanging with my sister and I gave them a ride home. Well, I gave her a ride home, Becky just rode with us. Did you know she lived in that crappy trailer park?" "I guess, but who cares. What was she, um, what were they doing together?" "Can't really say, Becky's door was closed, but they fingered each other while I drove Darlene home." "Whatever, now I really have to go before the bullshit reaches my knees." "I figured you would say that, but sometimes the truth is harder to believe than my bullshit.

Goodnight and good luck. Make sure you let me know if you're dead."