School boy bondage and gay dicks in Deacon may be new to the world of

School boy bondage and gay dicks in Deacon may be new to the world of
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It happened at the dormitory ( The Latina slut ) Let me tell you a little Story about a young man, a beautiful Mexican girl and what happened last summer.

Her name was Amarillis. Amarillis Pereira de la Olivera.

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She was one of the most beautiful girls, or women she was at least 25 the whole campus has ever seen. She had raven smooth hair, bright hazel eyes, very tender, natural tanned skin and nice, well shaped 34 C breasts. Amarillis was very proud of her perfect body and to assert her slinky body, she always wore micro-mini-skirts, often combinated with black jack- or thigh boots and very tight belly tops with a deep neckline, mostly without any bra underneath.

Further she had an ability for a bottom shaking walk; so no wonder that nearly everyone she passed by gazed after her. It was Friday afternoon when Amarillis left the lecture theatre. "Finally it's Weekend" she thought while she toddled downstairs, carrying some folder under her arms. Steve Millet and Ron Stuard watched her narrowly from behind going down the stairs. Steve and Ron were both some fellows of Amarillis, both were smart guys but no one of them ever got closer to her than it is normally the case among friends.

"Uh, she's so hot, isn't she!?" asked Steve without expecting an answer "Yeah, fuck…yeah Steve, she is!" "I think I should ask her if she is free this weekend…" Steve broke into a run, not knowing what he should say when he would speak to Amarillis in a few seconds. "Yeah Steve yeah&'ll be sent packing&hellip." Ron shouted after him&hellip.but Steve ignored it. Steve reached Amarillis after a few seconds and walked beneath her without saying a word for a moment.

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But then he dared to begin. "Hi Amarillis, it's weekend again at last&hellip.and splendid weather, too…" Amarills looked a little surprised at his sudden fellow. "What?.Oh ya&hellip." "Ahmm, what I wanted to ask…is&hellip.ahh are&hellip.are you free this weekend??" Amarillis got more surprised than she was anyhow and looked up to Steve.

Steve started to flush a little but then he noticed something like a twinkle in her pretty brown eyes. "Yes sure Steve…What about this evening? Would 8 be fine?" Steve could see the bright smile on her face. "O wow, well, 8 is perfect!" "Cool, then I'll meet you at 8 in my dorm&hellip.c-ya Steve" With these words she faced away and crossed the plaza to her dormitory. Steve stood a while on the spot and couldn't believe that he would date the hottest chick of the campus tonight. Amarillis unlocked the door of her dorm and occurred.

Inside, she let the door shut and threw her folder in the corner. Amarillis thought about to take a rest, so she set the clock, got undressed and jumped totally nude onto her bed.

After two hours of sleeping, Amarillis woke up in her bed. She felt the lighter draft which caressed her body softly and she became aware that her nipples got rock hard by touching from the draft. She enjoyed the little breeze for a while but then remembered that Steve would come over soon.

"Shit, I've got to get dolled up a little" she thought, jumped out of her bed and rushed into the bathroom. She took some toothpaste on her brush and started to brush her teeth. As she looked up in the mirror she saw her tits bouncing because of her brushing activities and a bold smile rushed all over her face. After she coped with brushing her teeth she stepped into the tub and turned on the water. She felt the refrigerating water that crackled down on her skin.

Her both hands touched lightly her whole sexy body and she laid back her head and held her face right into the water jet. She took a little bottle from the brink of the tub and squeezed some shower foam in her hands. She soaped her arms and moved them from hugging herself from her waist upwards over her stomach unless she reached her breasts, where her fingers circled around her nipples until they got hard.

From circling her nipples she proceeded to squeeze her firm breasts together and finally she moved one hand, over her foam covered stomach, down again. As her right hand reached her crotch, she slowly shoved it through her legs, to her cunt and beyond until she touched her ass from below, while the other massaged and squeezed her tits alternately. When she withdrew her hand up to her lower stomach she felt the slippery wetness between her legs and let out a soft moan. Amarillis took the showerhead out of the retainer and set down on the brink of the tub.

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She splayed her legs and spread her puffy lips with two fingers. Next she started to caress her chesty clit with the water jet. Amarillis commenced breathing harder and louder and finally she gave a loud groan.

A slight prickle came up in her lower area which intensified slowly until it encroached upon her whole body. She was tensed and squeezed a sustained moan through her throat. Fast as lightening she turned off the water, dropped the showerhead and stuck two fingers into her tight, wet and hot cunt. She hammered her fingers in and out, faster and faster, harder and harder; when she moaned out once more, a big load of cum gushed out of her shaved pussy.

Her whole body quivered and she slid down from the brink and laid on her back in the tub; with her tushy in the wet spot of her own cum.

"Oh my God, that was awesome…caramba" she thought while she pant for breath. She stood up and got out of the tub. Then she took a bath towel from the frame, wrapped it around herself, covering from her breasts to high on her thighs, higher than any skirt she had ever worn, and left the bathroom.

As she dried her hair she still could perceive her sexual craving. All her cogitations circled around Steven and what she would do with him tonight a bold smile rushed over her lips. When Amarillis had a look at the watch she thought "Uhh just half an hour left I better get dressed…&hellip.for now!!" Then she dropped the towel and began do dress.

When she finished, she eyed herself in the full-size mirror from all sides. She wore a black micro-mini-skirt with black thigh boots and a too small, deep neck lined, belly top which squeezed her firm breasts together and for the reason that she didn't wore any bra underneath, she could see her erected nipples through her shirt.

In the meantime Steven went down the 3rd floor of the dormitory and approached slowly No 317; Amarillis' dorm. He took a last deep breath, checked his clothes again, and knocked on her door. Just a second later, as if she had already one hand on the door handle, Amarillis opened him up. "Hi Stevie,&hellip.I've already waited for you" she said with a high voice as she gave him an amicable hug. Steven felt how her firm breasts were pushed against his chest.

"Oh God&hellip.what an awesome feeling" he thought as their embrace dissolved. "Come in and have a seat,…wanna something to drink?? Whiskey-Cola??" Amarills asked as she shut the door and walked over to the fridge. "Yeah…that would be cool" Steve sat down on the couch while Amarillis opened up the fridge and got two tins of Whiskey-Cola out of it.

After that she sat down across form him and opened her tin. She took a big sip and asked "So what would you like to do this evening?? Anything scheduled??" "Not really&hellip." he replied. Then they started to talk a while; about these and that, God and the world but through the whole conversation, Steven got only eyes for her nice breasts and nipples which were pushed through her tight shirt.


Amarillis noticed that for sure, but she agreed with it for a moment. "Hey…you are staring at my tits, right?!" Frightened he looked up in her face and felt caught red-handed. He flushed a bit and babbled something, but no word left his mouth.

"Come on&hellip.! Wanna touch them?" she said with a bold grin in her face. "What…what do you mean?" Amarillis could hear the unease in his voice. "What you mean ??" Amarillis replied. "DO-YOU-WANNA-TOUCH THEM?" she repeated herself very slowly. "What the hell is going on here" Steven thought, didn't knowing what to say; but then she bent over the table, took his hands and pushed them against her tits.

"Do they feel good?" "Wow…nice…it feels nice…and so firm" Steven felt that his cock was getting hard while touching her tits, and obviously his little friend agreed with him. Amarillis sat down again and noticed the tent, that was built up between his legs and that teased her, too. For a short moment it was silent in the room but then Amarillis rised to speak.

"Now…would you like me to put my shirt off?" she asked.

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Steven nodded as if he were remote-controlled. "Hmm…but it wouldn't be for free&hellip.what about…ahh…twenty bucks?" Amarillis added. For a moment Steven seemed to be petrified but then, still like remote-controlled, he opened up his wallet and gave her what she wanted. Slowly Amarillis pulled her shirt over her head. Steven saw her firm, round tits, each one coroneted with a rock hard nipple.

"That are nice tits,…your so damned sexy" Steven whispered and he felt that it wouldn't take much longer, and his cock would tear up his pants. Amarillis enjoyed how Steven was staring at her body; she squeezed her tits together and gave him an arch smile. "And what about dropping your skirt? How much would that be?" Minute after minute his unease turned into certitude, probably also because of his horniness.

"Hey…you dirty, dirty boy;…hm…let me see…ahh, another twenty!" she answered. Again he placed the money on the table and thrusted it over to her while Amarillis stood up, unzipped her skirt and let it drops on the floor. Steven still enjoyed the show and noticed a kind of a wet spot on the white panties between her legs.

Amarillis squeezed her tits again and moved one hand down, over her plain, trained stomach, till she reached her panties.

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She slipped her hand under the waistband of her panties and stuck one finger in her wet, slippery cunt. Still standing in front of him, she let out a soft moan. Amarillis pulled her hand out of her panties, stuck her finger into Stevens mouth and gave him a taste of her pussy juice. Steven sucked a bit on her finger and moaned as he tasted the slight salty flavour of her juice.


"Wanna see some dirty things that I do when I'm alone?" Steven nodded once more "Please…show me you dirty Latina." "But what about some more money, mi poco caliente amigo?" she asked with a Spanish accent in her voice.

Without losing a second he threw everything he had got left on the table. Amarillis gave him again a bold smile and dropped her wet panties quickly; she turned around and walked over to her bed. Totally nude, but still wearing her thigh boots, she laid down on her bed, spread out her legs, moved her hand down to her cunt and rubbed it a bit, while the other was massaging her tits.

Steven couldn't resist any longer, unbuttoned his pants, pulled them down over his knees and started to stroke his rock hard cock while he stared at the masturbating hot chick in front of him. Both let out a loud moan. Steven spied how Amarillis slid two fingers into her tight hole and finger-fucked herself softly. In the same rhythm she finger-fucked herself, he stroked his cock and imagined he was fucking her. Steven heard that smacking-noise that was created by Amarillis' fingers, sliding in and out her wet pussy.

Again, both moaned out loudly. Suddenly Amarills stopped playing with herself and got out of the bed. "Come over to me and fuck me, Steven…I wanna feel you deep inside my wet cunt!" Amarillis said with a soft voice. Fast as a lightening Steven pulled off his shirt and went over to the waiting girl. Amarillis bent over and propped her arms against the bed. Steven rubbed her clit with his cock from behind and then he stuck into her tight and warm cunt. Amarillis moaned out louder than ever when she felt him penetrating her slippery hole.

His shoves got harder and faster while he adhered with his hands to her hips.

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Again this prickling feeling came up in Amarillis body and she pressed her face right into her bed while she moaned out loud. When Steven shoved her faster and faster his cock popped out of her cunt.

In this tick, Amarillis squirted out two big loads of cum onto the carpet and Stevens' shoes. Although she barely couldn't breath, she turned around and got down on her knees and started hard to suck his cock. After a few seconds also Steven couldn't hold it any longer and jerked off in her mouth. He felt that Amarillis kept going on sucking him dry; she won't waste only a drop of his jizz.

Amarillis gulped it and wiped off some pearls of his juice, which dropped down on her tits. Even this she liked off her fingers and said "Thank you baby …I hope you come around now more often" T H E E N D