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I hope you guys enjoy this story as much as I enjoyed writing it (; ***WARNING; there is more emotions involved at the end of the story but the smut continues, I promise*** /// I was happy and smiling as I walk through the halls of the school.

In the morning. I was always grouchy in the morning, except for today. I walk to my locker after the second bell and find Jane there. I smile at her when I get there. "Hey, Jane." Jane smiles back. "Hey. I wanted to ask you something." I unlock my locker and grab my books. "Okay, shoot." Jane takes a deep breath and steps closer. I raise an eyebrow and she blushes. "Doyouwanttogoout?" She says it so fast I blink in surprise.

"What?" Jane bites her lip nervously. "Do you want to go out?" Jane says slower and I gulp. She was one of my closest friends. Maybe I could play it off dumb. "Sure. I don't know why you're asking. We always go out." I take a few things out of my bag and Jane rolls her eyes.

The bell rings. "Emily, you're the smartest person in our class. I know you know what I'm asking." Jane says softly. I shut my locker and turn to her. "'s not a good idea. You're one of my best friends. It will mess with our friendship." I excuse. Jane steps closer and I find myself backed into the lockers. Jane slides her hand into mine and gives me a small smile.

"You know it won't and I really like you, Emily. Please.give me a chance?" My heart beats faster and I bite my lip nervously. I can't just tell her to fuck off, she's my friend but I definitely can't tell her yes. I'll have to- oh god.oh god, oh god. Jane is kissing me. My eyes are open wide and my arms are stiff at my sides.

"Girls! Get to class!" That voice sends shivers through me and Jane pulls away. We look to a furious Kelly and Jane blushes hard as my face pales. Jane says a quick promise to talk later and scampers past Kelly and around the corner. I gulp as she glares at me. "I.Kel-" Kelly cuts me off. "Save it.

I need to get back to class." Kelly's voice wavers and I start to walk towards her but she shakes her head and clenches her teeth, backing away from me. "I can't believe I was so stupid." Kelly mutters then turns and walks down the hall. I groan and bang the back of my head against the lockers. How could I let this happen? // When I walk into the seventh bell Kelly doesn't look up. I walk to her desk and gulp. "Kelly." I say softly. Kelly looks up with a hard look on her face.

"That is inappropriate Ms. Hart. You call me by Ms. Harper or Ms. H, you know this. Now- please go sit down. We're getting started immediately." My face falls but I concede and go to my seat. Jane comes in and starts to talk to me but I block her out. "Jane, I'm not in a good mood. Okay?" I say and Jane nods her head with a frown.

I put my head down on my desk and work on the worksheet Kelly had passed out. When the final bell rings I raise my head and look for Kelly to see her quickly gathering her things. I stand up. "Ms. Harper, I need to ask you a question on the paper." Kelly looks to me and clenches her teeth.

"Can't it wait until tomorrow?" I shake my head. "Not if I don't do it as homework." By now the door has clicked shut and I sigh. "I didn't kiss her, Kelly." I say quickly. Kelly looks away from me and rests her hands on her desk as she leans on it.

"But you didn't stop her, did you?" Kelly sounds so hurt, it kills me. I lower my eyes to the floor. "It lasted two seconds at the most- she caught me by surprise." We look back to each other and I can tell Kelly is straining to believe me.

I walk closer to her slowly and keep our eyes connected. "Yesterday, when I kissed you after you told me not to kiss you unless I felt the same way.I meant that kiss, Kelly. I did NOT mean that stupid little kiss that Jane gave me.

I need you to believe me because of our kiss. Please." I finish as I reach her.

Kelly bites her lip. "How do I know it won't happen again?" I don't hesitate to take the last step forward, cup her cheek, and kiss her as passionately as I can. Kelly sighs against my lips and rests her hands lightly on my hips. I kiss her harder and move my fingers to slide into her hair. Kelly moans softly as my tongue grazes her lips for entrance. She parts her lips and our tongues start a fluid motion of teasing and careful strokes.

When air becomes necessary I pull back and we both pant for breath as I rest my forehead against hers. "That is how you one.will ever kiss me the way you do.and I don't want them to." I say breathlessly. Kelly nods her head and laughs lightly. "Okay.that's a good answer." I smile and steal a quick kiss.

"So you believe me now?" Kelly nods her head and I smile. "Good, I didn't not want a reason to go on a date with her." Kelly pulls back enough to look at me. "She asked you out?" I nod my head and she crosses her arms even though my own arms were around her waist.

"Well, it's a no just in case you were wondering." Kelly informs me and I smile. "I already knew that but thank you for clearing it up." Kelly rolls her eyes affectionately and smiles as her arms wrap around my neck.

"I'm sorry I was so quick to judge you." She whispers and pulls me into a hug. I shake my head and kiss her cheek. "Don't be. I understand." Kelly kisses my neck and moves her hand to cup my cheek. I moan softly and her kisses move to the other side of my neck. I lick my lips and gulp. Kelly moans and nips at my skin, making my breath hitch.

"Kelly." I moan out. Kelly hums against my pulse point. "Hmm?" I pull her blouse from her skirt and drag my nails up her back, making her moan. "I want to fuck hard." Kelly chuckles against my neck and I frown. Suddenly she is grabbing my wrists and trapping them behind my back and her lips hover over mine.

"No. What's going to happen're going to call your parents and tell them you're going to a friends house for a project.then I am going to keep you hostage in my bedroom until I think you can leave." I smile and laugh but she was completely serious. Kelly sinks her teeth into my shoulder and I cry out. Kelly smiles against my skin. "Laugh again and see what happens." Kelly threatens and being the tease I am, I laugh.

"Ha-Ha" I let out, sarcastically. Kelly switches to hold my wrists with one hand and uses the other to slap my ass. I gasp loudly and look at Kelly with wide eyes.

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As surprising as it was.I liked it. She simply smirks and raises her eyebrow in response. "There's more where that comes from if you keep thinking I'm joking." I bite my lip and bring my lips extremely close to hers. "Kelly?" Kelly lets out a soft 'hmm?' and I close my eyes and gulp. "Wh-What if I like it?" I ask hesitantly. Kelly pulls back with a small smile. She cups my cheek. "We have many more nights to figure out what you like and don't, okay?

No rush." I blush and nod my head. Kelly leans forward and kisses me lightly. "Would you like to come back to my house now?" I bite my lip and feel the throbbing of a headache behind my eyes that I've had since I hit my head against the lockers. I've been to the nurse before this class and she gave me child pain meds which seem to dull the pain but it was still there and who knows when it will wear off. "I have a headache. I don't think I'll be much fun." I frown and Kelly chuckles.

"We don't have to have sex every time Emily." I lift my head and look at her with a raised eyebrow. Kelly furrows her brow. "Emily, we do NOT need to have sex every time. Especially if you or I don't want to- I need you to know that.

I don't want you to feel pressured to have sex with me, okay?" I blush harder and nod my head. "I-I know, I just.the sex is REALLY good and.I do want to fuck you.I'm not pressured.I don't.okay." I jumble because I don't think I even know what I was trying to say. Kelly chuckles and presses her lips to my forehead. "You got one heck of a headache, huh?" I laugh and lean into her touch.

She pulls away and cups my chin. "I'll meet you at the house. I have to stop and make a quick errand before I get there. There's a spare key under the plant pot outside the door, let yourself in and make yourself at home." Kelly kisses me softly and I moan quietly against her lips.

"Okay.can I have one more kiss? It makes my headache feel better." I smile cheekily as she kisses me again but longer. Kelly pulls away with a smile. "I'll see you at my place." I smile back and grab my bag before heading out to my car. // I manage to find her spare key and go inside her house. I get myself something to drink and turn on the television in the kitchen and hop onto the counter. Before I know it she is coming through the front door.

"Emily?" Kelly calls out into the house. "Kitchen!' I yell back. Kelly walks into the kitchen and smiles. "I'm glad to see you've made yourself comfortable." I blush and she kisses me lightly.

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Kelly takes a deep breath and holds up a silver key as she moves in front of me and in between my legs. I smile. "Pretty key." I tease and Kelly chuckles. "I'm glad you think so. It's yours.if you want it." Kelly says hesitantly. My eyes widen. "Mine?" Kelly nods her head. "Yeah, to my house so you can come over whenever you want. You don't have to take it now but it's here for you whenever you want it." Kelly bites her lip nervously and I smile.

I wrap my fingers around the key. "I want it now." I take the key from her hand and Kelly smiles in relief. I kiss her softly. "What do we do now?" I ask against her lips and Kelly kisses me tenderly. "We could.I.cannot think of anything besides sex." I chuckle and move my hands up to caress her neck.

I nip at her bottom lip. "That's headache is gone." I inform her.

Kelly smiles and wraps her arms around my waist and me, knowing what is going to happen, wrap my legs around her middle. Kelly kisses me softly as she slides me off the counter and starts walking to the stairs.

I start to unbutton her blouse as she walks upstairs. Kelly moans against my lips and presses me into the nearest wall upstairs. She presses me hard against the wall and shucks her blouse from her body. I bite my lip and unsnap her bra and she takes that off too. Her hands quickly find my t-shirt and pull it over my head before throwing it over her shoulder.

I attach our lips with a deep moan and her hands grab my ass as she continues to walk to her bedroom. Kelly falls onto the bed back first with me on top. Her hands make quick work of pulling down my underwear and jeans. I struggle getting them off but they eventually land on the floor.

I start to unzip her skirt but she stops me and I frown. "No fair." Kelly chuckles softly and kisses my neck as one hand snakes between us and finds my hard clit. I moan then bite my lip. "I want you to ride me." Kelly whispers into my ear. I shiver and buck my hips and she easily slides two fingers inside of me.

I throw my head back and moan. "Fuck." Kelly kisses and nips my neck as she thrusts gently into me. I moan and try to make her rhythm faster. "Do you want more?" Kelly husks into my ear. I nod my head quickly. "Yes, please Kelly." I pant softly. Kelly pulls out of me and pushes three fingers back in. I groan and rest my forehead against hers. "Ride me, Emily." Kelly whispers to me and moves her free hand to my ass and grips it hard. "Oh, yes." I hiss out as her hand on my ass thrusts me down harder onto her fingers.

Kelly smirks. "You like that, Em?" I whimper as she continuously slams me down onto her fingers. I feebly nod my head and Kelly chuckles softly. "I knew you would. You like how tight you feel when I'm inside you." I moan and start to aid in her thrusts. Kelly moans and presses her forehead harder into mine. "Look at me." My eyes strain to keep open but they open nonetheless and they keep hold on her eyes. Kelly licks her lips and I bite my bottom lip.

Kelly's thrusts get harder and my body simply starts to shake in exertion. I pant hard. "Make me cum, please. I want it so bad Kelly." I whimper and her eyes somehow get darker. My hands beside her head clench the sheets in my fists as I approach my orgasm. "I NEED you, Kelly." I whisper to her.

Kelly's eyes widen in surprise before adjusting her hand and rubbing her thumb against my clit. I throw my head back and cry out in pleasure. Neither hand stops until I am on my second orgasm. My body shakes like a leaf as my orgasms wash through me. I let out a sigh and rest my head against her shoulder. My skin was covered in sweat and tainted the edges of my hair a dark brown. I breathe heavily against her for quite some time before I lift my head and kiss her lightly.

"Thank you." I mumble in between kisses. "For what?" Kelly asks curiously. "Making me cum twice." We both laugh and Kelly softly slides her fingers out of me. She raises them to her lips and sucks them into her mouth with a moan.

I groan and reach up to pull her fingers from her mouth. "You're really hot." I mumble against her lips. Kelly smiles before closing the gap and kissing me hard. I moan and pry her lips apart with my tongue to tease her own tongue. Kelly moves both of her hands to my ass and squeezes hard. I get lost in our kiss and tangle my fingers in her hair. Kelly groans against my lips eventually and she grabs one of my wrists and moves my hand down between her thighs.

I smile and nip at her lip as I skillfully unbutton her pants and push them down her thighs as much as I can along with her panties. I run my fingers up and down her slick lips as she moans loudly.

I've barely touched her. I push two fingers into her and her nails dig into my ass as she moans even louder. I groan and move my lips from hers to plant kisses on her shoulder and neck. I start a fast and hard rhythm.

Making sure my thumb grazes her clit every so often. When I feel she is on the edge her hands suddenly wrap around my wrist. "Touch my clit, please." Kelly groans out.

I moan against her neck and do as she asked. My thumb presses hard against her clit and it sends her over the edge. She buries her head in my neck and moans loudly.

Her hips jerk and twitch as I continue to fuck her. When she calms down I ease my fingers out of her and kiss her cheek lightly. Kelly releases my ass and rests her head on the bed. "How do you feel about a nap?" Kelly asks softly. I smile and move off of her and under the blankets as she does the same.

I snuggle into my pillow and immediately fall asleep. // I awake slowly and find Kelly on her stomach with her face towards me and her sex-crazed hair falling over her shoulders. I smile and turn on my side to face her. The covers had moved down her body to expose her back. I get closer and run my fingers slowly over her skin.

My touches were light so I didn't wake her. An avalanche of emotions fall over me and my heart flutters in my chest. "I love you." I whisper softly then smile. I quickly check to see if Kelly is awake and sigh when I see she is still soundly asleep. I look at the clock and see that my parents will already be home in a few minutes. Shit. I get out of bed quietly and run through the house to gather my clothes. I get dressed and leave a note on the pillow next to Kelly; Dear Kelly, Today was not one of our scheduled days so my parents have beaten me home.

I had to leave quickly. I'll see you tomorrow and I hope to see you wearing one of those really hot skirts. Xoxox, Emily // I don't have time to react. Red lips were pressing insistently against mine.

Teeth were scraping across the skin of my neck. My head was spinning like I couldn't think or focus. My chest was heaving as I pant hard for breath. Want to know why I was in such a state? One word. One name. One wonderful human being. Kelly Harper. Kelly had done as I asked and dressed in a nice short skirt that hugged every part of her thighs, ass, and hips. She had worn a blue blouse that had the three top buttons unbuttoned not so inconspicuously throughout the day.

She would stare at me until I looked at her and then unbutton her shirt. Of course, I had paid attention to all of these factors. My panties were practically dripping by the end of the day. Once Kelly's door had closed she had locked it and pounced. That is why we are where we are now. I was pressed hard against the metal cabinets I had fucked her against just the other day.

Kelly was alternating between kissing my lips and kissing my neck. I reach up and fist my hands in her blonde hair, making sure to jerk her back for a split second before trying to take control and covering her lips with mine.

Kelly growls in annoyance and slams my hands back against the cabinet. I whimper is submission and arch for more of her touch. Kelly moves down my neck as her hands pull my shirt over my head. I am pressed back into the cold metal and I shiver. Kelly jerks down my bra, not even bothering to unsnap it, and attacks my breasts and hardening my nipples to almost painful points. I moan and rest my head back against the cabinets.

"God, what's g-gotten into you today?" I ask breathlessly. Kelly groans against my skin and releases my wrists to cup my breasts as her lips crash against mine. "I saw a few girls making googly eyes at you in the hallway. I got a little jealous." I smile as Kelly whispers this to me. I moan when her fingers pinch my nipples. "I should get you jealous more often if I get this treatment." I chuckle and Kelly leans back to glare at me.

"You won't like what I do if you flirt back Emily." I smirk and shrug my shoulders. "You never know Ms. Harper. I'm quite full of surprises." I say seductively and Kelly growls. "You're too talkative today." Kelly pulls me into a deep kiss and I moan into her mouth as her tongue slides past my lips.

She continues to pinch my nipples and soon I am whimpering and trying to grind on her leg. Kelly chuckles against my lips when I growl in frustration. "Kelly.please." I whine and Kelly smirks as she starts to kneel and kiss down my stomach. Her hands jerk down my jeans and panties to my ankles in one tug.

I feel her hot breath against my center and I shiver. "Please.please." I pant out and Kelly leaves a kiss on my hip. "I love it when you beg." Then her hot wet tongue is swiping through my folds and I moan.

Kelly quickly finds my clit and relentlessly flicks my little bud. I try my best to muffle my moans by biting my knuckles but a few sounds escape my lips. My other hand comes down to tangle carelessly in her hair to desperately pull her closer.

Kelly moans and brings two fingers up to tease my entrance before pushing them inside. I moan loudly and grip her hair harder.

"Yes, fuck- ah! Yes!" I cry out in pleasure as her fingers reach my g-spot. How the hell did she always find that spot? Kelly moans deeply against my clit and it takes all I have not to moan out again.

My legs shake as my orgasm starts building rapidly. My moans become broken whimpers and almost sobs. Her lips suck greedily at my clit and I'm pushed over the edge. My other hand flies down to keep her in place and I gasp. "Oh fuck!" I groan out as my orgasm rushes through my body. I fall back into the cabinets and ride out my orgasm.

My legs eventually give out and I jerk her hand away before I fall. Kelly manages to use her free hand to grab my ass to slow the impact before I hit the ground. Kelly smiles and kisses me lightly. "Now I get to check 'make a girl fall down from an orgasm' off my bucket list." I can't help but laugh and Kelly readily joins in. When I settle down I tighten the hold I had on her hair and bring her closer for a soft kiss.

"Glad I could help." I whisper softly and Kelly smiles into our next kiss. Kelly leans in closer to kiss my deeper and her fingers start to move inside me again. I moan and break the kiss. "Kelly we sh-should just go b-back to your house- Mmm." I moan at the end of my sentence and Kelly smirks. "Just shut up Emily." I frown but Kelly kisses the frown from my face and makes her thrusts harder. I moan and try to get some air into my lungs but she continues to kiss me.

I whimper and use my legs to hook around her waist and pull her closer. Kelly moans and moves her other hand in between us to rub my clit with her thumb. Unlike her fingers, her thumb was pressing hard and making rough circles on my clit. I moan loudly and cant my hips up to meet her thrusts. "Faster." I mumble against her insistently hungry lips. Kelly groans deeply and fingers me faster. I let out a high pitched moan and arch my back.

My legs fall down next to her thighs and my toes curl from the pleasure. "Kelly I-" I start but Kelly interrupts me. "You are mine. No one else is allowed to touch you. Is that understood?" Kelly growls and the possessive tone she has in her voice has me hurtling towards the edge. Kelly slams her fingers into me up to her knuckles over and over again. "Is. That. Understood, Emily?" Kelly punctuates each word with a hard thrust before resorting back to her fast pace.

I squeak in pleasure and surprise. "Oh! Yes! Yes! Understood!" I gasp out and the animalistic growl Kelly makes against my lips sends me over the edge.

My muscles clench deliciously around her fingers and my hands drop down to her shoulders to hold tight. My hips buck on her fingers as she kisses my neck and whispers sweet nothings in my ear. I moan softly throughout my climax until it becomes whimpers. Kelly gently pulls out of me as I rest against the cabinets and pant for air. Kelly tucks a strand of hair behind my ear and I lean into the touch. 'I love you' flashes through my head and I open my eyes.

Kelly smiles and gives me a light kiss. I'll save those words for another time. I smile back. "I don't think you're a little jealous. I think you're a lot jealous and I think it's about more than girls in the hallway." I raise an eyebrow and Kelly blushes slightly and lowers her eyes. "Jane was staring at you the whole time during class." Kelly mumbles.

I sigh and cup her chin and lead her eyes to mine. "You have nothing to worry about. I've talked to Jane, she knows I don't like her. She will stop liking me eventually, Kelly." Kelly gives me a small nod of her head. I look her square in the eyes.

"I'm yours, Kelly. I am all yours." Kelly smiles and moves her hands down to my hips and then pulls me so I am straddling her lap. I smile as she kisses me hard. "Yes, you are." Kelly mumbles against my lips and I take a nip at her juicy kiss-bruised bottom lip. Kelly moans and I coax her to kneel in front of me. I shimmy her skirt up to her waist before sitting her back down to climb on her lap and reach a hand into her panties.

Kelly moans into my mouth as I rub her clit hard, waiting for just the right moment to speed up. I move one arm behind her neck and pull her into a harder kiss. Kelly moans and moves her hands down to fondle my ass. Kelly growls after a while of me touching her softly. "Faster." Kelly demands and surprisingly smacks my bare ass. I gasp then moan softly at the fresh wave of arousal that courses through me.

"Yes, ma'am." I whisper smartly and speed up my fingers. Kelly moans and grips my ass harder. Our lips break apart and her lips and teeth find my tight nipples. I moan and move my free hand to the back of her head and press her harder into my breasts. Kelly moans and smacks my other ass cheek. I throw my head back and grind against her with a strangled moan.

Kelly pants hard against my skin and her fingers dig into my skin. "Right there Em- right there." Kelly pants out and I bend down to capture her lips in a hot kiss. Kelly moans and smacks my ass hard and twice in quick recession. I groan and make a fist in her hair when I know she is close. Her throat releases a loud moan and I nip at her neck. "Cum Kelly. Cum for me." I whisper to her and she complies with a shaky moan.

"Oh fffuuuuccckkkk." Kelly draws out as her orgasm rocks her body. I slow my fingers and kiss her neck lightly. Within a few minutes, Kelly is settled. I kiss her softly.

"I want to spend the night tonight if that's okay?" Kelly smiles and runs her hands tenderly over my ass and back. "Of course. I always love your company." I smile and pry myself from her embrace. I start to get dressed again as she straightens herself out. When I'm finished I walk over to her and wipe off the red lipstick that had smeared across her chin. Kelly smiles and tugs me, via belt loops, to press against her. I smile back. "I'll see you at your house then?" Kelly smiles brighter.

"Yep, you got a key if you get there early." I giggle at how happy she was for giving me that key. Kelly dips down and steals a kiss before lightly smacking my ass. "Get going." I roll my eyes with a smile as I walk to the door. "You just want me to leave first so I can use my key." I tease.

Kelly smirks as she gathers her things. I chuckle as I walk out of her classroom. // Kelly, of course, isn't there so I use my key to get in. I raid her fridge as per usual since I'm still in my hungry teenager stage. I finish making my sandwich when she walks in. Kelly walks into the kitchen and smiles. "Have I ever told you how adorable you are for making a sandwich every chance you get?" I smile with a light blush and Kelly sets down her purse on the table before leaning in and giving me a quick kiss.

I hum against her lips and she pulls away. I'm too distracted to notice her lean down and take a bite of the sandwich I was holding in my hands. I frown and send her a playful glare. "Hey." Kelly smirks as she chews and I move away to take my own bite. Kelly licks her lips. "I have to grade papers and I assume you have homework, yes?" Kelly asks as she grabs a few folders from her purse. I nod my head and grunt in response with a mouth full of my delicious sandwich.

Kelly chuckles and kisses my forehead as she passes me to go into the living room. "I'm going to go change. Come in here when you finish your sandwich." I give Kelly another grunt and she smiles as she walks upstairs.

I finish my sandwich and clean up my mess. I grab my bag and make my way into the living room and plop down on the couch. I get out all the things I need and start on my French homework. I hear a floorboards creak and I look up at the stairs.

Kelly had changed into a simple white t-shirt with gray sweatpants, obviously no bra. I gulp and squeeze my thighs together. Kelly sits down on the opposite end of the couch and opens one of her folders. When I don't stop staring at her she looks at me with a raised eyebrow. "Do you need something, dear?" I blink a few times before narrowing my eyes at her. "You're not wearing a bra." I state and Kelly shrugs as she looks back to her papers.

"No, I am not, I like to be comfortable in my own home. It's a routine of mine." Kelly dismisses. A picture of Kelly doing this every day flashes through my mind and I smile softly.

I go back to my work and we sit in silence, completing our separate tasks. It doesn't take long for me to finish my homework and get bored.

I turn to Kelly with my back resting on the armrest and watch her. Her tongue flicks across her lips repeatedly and her brow furrows in concentration. I raise myself up slightly and try to peek at the papers. "What ya grading?" I ask her and Kelly glances at me before continuing. "Worksheets." Kelly answers vaguely. I huff and fall back against the armrest. I scan down her body like I had when she was on the stairs and a heat starts between my thighs.

Maybe I can convince her to forget those papers for an hour or so.hopefully more. I stretch my legs until my sock-clad feet are touching her thigh and I trace imaginary lines on her sweatpants.

Kelly pulls her attention from the papers to look at me with raised eyebrows.

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"Emily, if you're bored there is a perfectly functional tv in the kitchen." I smile and scoot closer and sit up with my hands supporting my body behind me. I move my foot to the inside of her leg and tease the seam of her crotch. Kelly visibly shivers and gulps.

"Mmm.I have something else in mind, Ms. Harper." I hit her with a long stare of my bedroom eyes. Kelly lets me tease her for a few seconds longer before pushing my foot away and glaring at me. "I'm working Emily." I sigh dramatically before flopping back on the couch. A mischievous idea pops into my head and I hold back a smile. "That's too bad." I tease and see my words catch Kelly's attention.

I move my hands to drift over my breasts and stomach. Her breath catches. "I'll have to take care of myself then." I hum softly as I flick my nipples through my shirt and spread my legs. Kelly lets out a frustrated huff of breath and I close my eyes to really take in my touches and imagine Kelly over me. I open an eye after a few seconds of kneading my breasts and see Kelly continuing to work on the papers with a flushed face. I smirk and close my eye and let out a soft moan as I slide one hand underneath my shirt and bra to pinch my nipple and the other to my pants to skillfully unbutton my jeans.

I can hear Kelly when she takes a big gulp. I lick my lips and slide my hand into my wet panties and touch my clit.

"Mmm.Kelly." I moan and that earns a groan from Kelly. I bite my lip to hold back a smirk. My hand quickens it's pace and I arch my back. "Oh, yes, fuck me." I breathe out. In a second a warm body is in between my legs and trapping both of my hands in between our bodies, forcing me to stop my menstruations. "You're an asshole." Kelly grunts before her lips attack mine, wiping the smile that had spread across my lips.

A moan makes its way past my lips when her tongue snakes it's way into my mouth. Kelly pulls my hand from under my shirt and replaces it with her own warn soft hand. Her fingers roughly play with my nipple and I whimper in response. Since my hand was stilled between my legs from her weight I simply grind up against my fingers.

Kelly grabs my wrist and lifts herself up enough to jerk my hand from my jeans. "Only I am allowed to touch you." Kelly husks before sliding her hand down my panties. I moan and move my hands up to caress her back and ass. Kelly starts a steady rhythm of rubbing my clit but I could tell she was going easy on purpose.

I whimper and claw at her sweatpant-clad ass. "Fuck me, god damn it." I grunt into her ear. Kelly pants softly as she pulls back. Her eyes were lit with playfulness and a small smirk spreads on her lips. "What are you going to do if I don't, Emily?" Ah. Challenge. I buck my hips in time with her fingers and feel the growing warm feeling in my stomach.

"I won't fuck you for a week." I deal out but it only earns me a laugh from the woman above me. Her fingers pinch softly at my nipple and make me moan. "You can't last two days." Kelly retorts and I moan softly. "Says the woman who jumped me today." I see her try to think of a comeback so I go in for the kill. I manage to jerk her down so she is pressed fully against me but her hands could still move.

I bring my lips to the arch of her ear. "Imagine all the girls I could flirt with." I tease and it sets her off with a low, and possessive growl. Without another word her fingers speed up, faster than I think she's ever gone.

My back arches and my thighs twitch. "Fuck! Yes! Don't stop baby!" I cry out and Kelly bites and sucks on my neck. How the hell was she able to make me turn into a whimpering/moaning mess in less than 10 seconds?

I moan loudly and dig my nails into her shoulders as I hold on tight. "Say it." Kelly whispers in my ear. I furrow my brow in confusion. "Say you're mine Em. I need you to say it for me." Kelly asks softly. We weren't playing anymore. She wants reassurance.

She wanted me to be all hers. I pull her face from my neck by her hair and crash my lips against hers. I moan against her mouth as I feel myself reaching my climax. "I-I'm yours. I'm al-all yours." I stumbled out because her fingers were still working magic on my clit.

Kelly moans and kisses me hard as I fall over the edge. I whimper and grip her shoulder tightly and wrap my legs around her waist.

Kelly slides her hand from my shirt and buries her head in my neck as she rubs my sides soothingly. She eventually removes her fingers from my clit and rests her body fully against mine. I pant softly and Kelly kisses my neck. I coax her head to look up at me and kiss her lightly. "Kelly, are you jealous or are you scared that I'm going to leave you?" I ask hesitantly.

Kelly sighs and looks at me sadly. "Both. You're just so young and hot and a lot of girls your age look at you and want you. I'm scared you're going to realize I'm too old for you and stop this." Kelly bites her lip. I smile and kisses her gently. "You are too old for me Kelly but I don't care because I like you. Okay? I like you." I smile and Kelly smiles back and kisses me lightly. "Thank you." I smile devilishly and wiggle my eyebrows. "Thank you." Kelly chuckles and leans back on her heels.

I sit up and zip up and button my pants. "I'll go get some dinner started and let you keep working. That okay?" I ask as I stand up and straighten out my shirt and bra. Kelly sits back on the couch and grabs the folder she had thrown to the floor before pouncing on me. "Yeah. Ask me if you need help finding something." Kelly smiles sweetly at me and I smile back before walking into the kitchen and looking through the mass amounts of food she has, but rarely uses.

// I have just finished the spaghetti and sauce with garlic bread when Kelly walks into the kitchen. She smiles. "Wow. This smells great." I smile as Kelly wraps her arms around my waist as I stir the sauce. "Thank you." I preen under her compliment and Kelly kisses the side of neck. I hum and close my eyes briefly. Kelly moves her hands over mine and we stir the sauce together in silence with her kissing my neck every so often.

The timer for the garlic bread in the oven goes off and I turn my head to give her a quick kiss. "Can you get the bread out?" I whisper to Kelly and she smiles. "Yes, Chef." Kelly winks and releases me to take out the bread as I giggle.

We set everything on plates and soak the pots and pans I used. We sit down after Kelly grabs us a bottle of wine and wine glasses. "You know I'm underage to drink." I tease as I take a sip. Kelly smirks and raises an eyebrow. "Obviously, that's not stopping you." I smile and shrug. "What can I say, I'm a rebel." We both laugh at that and Kelly suddenly leans over and steals a kiss. "Thank you for dinner." I blush and spin my fork to gather some spaghetti.

"You haven't even tasted it yet." Kelly chuckles and takes a bite of the spaghetti. She moans deeply and I look up with a smile. Kelly looks at me with wide eyes. "This is fucking amazing Emily- fucking amazing." Kelly was hot in generally. A cursing Kelly was even hotter. I smile and lick my lips.

Kelly narrows her eyes and studies me skeptically. "Does that get you hot? When I cuss like that?" Shit. I blush and scoff. "What? N-No." A slow mischievous smirk spreads on Kelly's lips. "I fucking love it when I fuck you on the couch and you moan like a bitch in heat." I bite my lip to hold back a moan and clench my thighs as tight as I can as arousal coats my panties.

Kelly's smile gets wider and she moves her sock clad foot to rub against my calf. "And I fucking love it when you scream my name as I fuck you like my little bitch." Her foot raises to my thighs and I have to whimper and push my chair away from the table to keep from jumping her bones. Kelly chuckles and I frown and glare at her. "That's not funny Kelly. Now I'm all hot and know dirty talk turns me on." I whisper the last part and Kelly looks at me with a small smile.

"I know you like my dirty filthy mouth, especially on your hot little cu-" I stand up quickly and cut Kelly off. "Kelly!" Kelly looks up at me with guilty eyes.

"Sorry." Kelly mumbles. I sigh and sit back down. "You're annoyingly sexy sometimes, that's all." Kelly holds back a smile and we continue to eat with small chit chat. // After dinner, I fill the sink with soapy water and I wash the dishes as Kelly dries them. When they are done I drain the sink and Kelly moves in behind me. "What are you doing tomorrow?" Kelly asks me as she wraps her hands around my waist. "Umm, shopping with my mom." Kelly moves my hair to the side and kisses my neck.

"Mmm. Sounds fun." Kelly mumbles with her lips still pressed to my skin. I hum in agreement and close my eyes. Kelly kisses and nips softly at my neck until I am finished draining the sink. She runs her hands up and down my sides.

"How do you feel about just sleeping tonight?" Kelly asks hesitantly. I turn around in her arms after grabbing a dry dish towel and raise an eyebrow.

"You know you're the one who told me we didn't have to have sex." I end with a smile. Kelly blushes slightly and shrugs. "I know.I'm just asking I guess.I didn't want to upset you." I sigh and pull her into a hug. I nudge my nose into her neck as her arms wrap around my shoulders. "Kelly, as amazing as the sex is- and it is AMAZING- but believe it or not, half the time I wonder what your favorite color is or where you went to college." I pull back with a shy smile and Kelly smiles back as she tucks a strand of hair behind my ear.

"Blue and Harvard." Kelly supplies and I smile bigger. "Red and I want to go to Stanford." Kelly's smile falters before she smiles tightly. I look at her curiously. "What?" Kelly scoffs and tries to pull away. "Nothing." I clamp my hands down on her shoulders and keep her pressed against me.

I narrow my eyes at her. "You make that tight smile when you're lying to me. Tell me. NOW." I was rarely demanding so when I am Kelly usually listens. Kelly sags her shoulders. "Stanford is two states away." Kelly grumbles and crosses her arms stubbornly. I sigh and shake my head. "I applied and I haven't gotten an answer after I met you I made an attempt to get into all of the local colleges.

It was presumptuous and I guess kind of stupid but if Stanford doesn't work out I have something close to home to fall back on." I shrug as I finish. Kelly bites her lip. "I don't want you to stay here just because of me Emily." I smile and roll my eyes. "I wouldn't be staying here just for you. My parents hate the idea of me going to Stanford but they said if I got in they would be extremely proud of me." Kelly chuckles and I move my hands to her hips and pull her closer.

"I'm not leaving anytime soon. So stop worrying about it, for now, okay?" I raise my eyebrows and Kelly leans in to steal a kiss.

"Okay." Kelly mumbles before kissing me again. I smile and kisses her back. We eventually pull apart and decide to watch a movie together. The movie is longer than we anticipated so we don't go to bed until late at night. I only take off my socks, jeans, and bra before sliding in her bed. Kelly gets in after me and pulls me closer to cuddle. I fall asleep instantly. // A loud bang wakes me up. I slowly blink my eyes open and find Kelly snuggled into her pillow.

Another bang. Thunder. I look at the window and see lightning flash through the sky. Ever since I was a little kid I had been infatuated with thunderstorms. I stand up quietly and grab a blanket from the end of her bed and sit in the chair she had near the window. I wrap myself in the blanket and watch the lightening.

I hear Kelly groan after a few minutes and I look to her. Kelly was swiping her hand across the bed where I was supposed to be. She blinks her eyes open and props herself up on her elbow.

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"Em?" Kelly finds me sitting by the window and I give her a small smile. She lays back down and pats the spot I had occupied a few minutes before. "I'm cold.

Come back." Kelly whines. I smile and giggle as I walk back to the bed and drop the blanket before I get under the covers. Kelly hums softly and buries her face in my neck. "I love you." We both freeze and Kelly pulls back with eyes widened in panic. I cup her cheeks. "Shhh, it's okay." I kiss her softly.

"I love you too." I smile shyly and Kelly smiles back. "You do?" I see tears rim around her eyes and I pull her to me and kiss her forehead. "So much." Kelly sighs against my skin and raises her head to press a firm kiss to my lips.

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I moan softly and pull back. A fresh wave of exhaustion hits me and I snuggle against her body.

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"We'll talk about it in the morning?" I mumble and Kelly kisses the top of my head. "Yeah." We fall asleep quickly. /// Hopefully I will post the sixth story soon, I've already started on it.

I hope you all liked this story (;