Horny School Girl Melissa Moore Fucking The House Appraiser

Horny School Girl Melissa Moore Fucking The House Appraiser
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My heart is racing, my body a bundle of nerves, I try to concentrate on driving but the closer I get to my destination, our meeting place, my tummy is filling with more butterflies, every nerve ending on fire, I know I should not but I text you as I drive explaining my emotional state, you text me back telling me your heart is racing.

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I park the car, quickly make my way to the second hand bookshop that I know will give me an unobscured view of your arrival, I pick up a book look it over replace it, my eyes always scanning the street outside the window, people gather across the street waiting at the pedestrian crossing, I watch intently knowing I will recognise you even from this distance and I am right, I lick my dry lips as I watch you cross the street, it is when you reach the other side of the road that I realise that even if I wanted to I cannot resist my attraction to you.

I leave the book shop just as you disappear from my view but I am not concerned as I know exactly where you are, I even know by my timing what shop front you would be in front of.

As I approach I watch you try the door but it does not open, I walk up trying the door next to you 'I say you have to push,' you turn and smile at me, I melt on the spot yet at the same time I realise the doors are still locked, oh god this was not meant to happen, it was supposed to happen so smoothly, but I do not panic, instead I lead you back to the bookshop where I had watched your arrival.

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Once inside, my mind has time to think clearly, Panic begins to rise, What if he wishes he never came? We look casually at books, the most I am feigning interest inyet I come across a book or two that do grab my interest for a split second but mostly I am wondering what you are thinking, every time I look you in the eyes my pussy aches, I look at the time and decide the doors should be open by now, you follow me out of the book store, I breathe a sigh of relief when I see the doors are indeed un locked, we enter and the familiar stair case welcomes me, many scenes of my teenage years flash before my eyes, I relax a little feeling more comfortable in surroundings that seem almost apart of who I am.


Although I tell you I can pay my own way, you purchase two tickets and I lead you into the cinema, little do you know that the seats I choose for us to occupy are the same seats I always used in my younger years. We sit and I am very aware of how good you smell, small talk, I think I reply but my body and my mind are so distracted, I take in everything about you, how impeccably dressed you are, my own attire shabby next to yours, your soft skin, the way your eyes smile, your lips, I cannot help myself, I lean in, Kiss you, my god your kiss is exquisite better than in my fantasies of us.


The lights dim as the movie begins, My body aches for your touch, you play with my hair, your hands I have discovered are so soft, thoughts run through my mind, is he happy to be here with me, does he need my touch as much as I need his? If only I could read his mind, your kisses dissolve my concerns and soon I am totally consumed by my need to touch you, taste you, do you realise the affect you are having on me?

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The way you kiss me so deep the way you bite my flesh, the way you take the hair at the nape of my neck into your fist, oh god, my mind reels, my body screams at me like never before, this is what I have always dreamt of, this is what my fantasies are all about and more.

I lavish your cock with attention, eager to return to it each time your hand forces my head away, you tell me that you will come if I continue, this only makes me more hungry, you twist my nipples in a delightfully painful way, you suck one into your mouth and bolts of pleasure shoot through my body, I have to have you, my body is burning Movie? what movie?, time and time again you pull my head out of your lap, at one stage I try to resist I want your seed I want to taste you.

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You lick and suck my fingers, my palm, I can hardly breathe. My body twitches and moves of its own accord, moans emit from deep in my throat as you continue to set my flesh alight, the feel of your teeth on my skin, your mouth devouring my own, I am in love with your way of kissingso forceful at times yet so soft, caressing at others, I get down on my knees and take you back into my mouth, my hand stroking you as I savour every lick every suck, yet again you lift my head, but instead of stopping me you tell me you are going to give me a mouthful of cum, my eagerness spiked and I licked, sucked and stroked until you rewarded me with your warm sticky fluid I watched your face heard your moans of pleasure as I held your cum and your cock in my mouth, fully appreciating the taste before swallowing and sucking at you for more, I licked and sucked until you were limp in my mouth and flinching at my touch.

Returning, to my seat I squirmed as you kissed me, I watched as you fixed your clothing, I knew there would be no release for me, as you sat and watched the remainder of the movie I fought with my body to regain control, your scent that I could not get enough of made it so much harder, I had to touch youtaste your skin, my body begging for your touch, I looked at my arm wrapped in both of yours and could not help but smile.

Do you know how tortured I am?

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Are you aware of my unquenched thirst for you? All to soon the movie ended, I wanted to stay, not wanting it to end, we kissed on the stairs, walked out into the street, you walking one way me another, one last look and you are smiling at me waving, my body smouldering.


The glint of your wedding ring I put on your finger all those years ago, brings a smile to my lips. All the way home my mind recalls every detail, your touch, your smell, your taste, your eyes, your smile.

I still can't help but wonder about your thoughts of me, of our time together, I cannot wait to get home.