Amazing twinks Ryan heads down on Ian first anxious to feel that

Amazing twinks Ryan heads down on Ian first  anxious to feel that
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Dear Readers, Here's another one just on the heels of Club Cane. Enjoy and let me know what you think. 'll add anyone and I post special update there now that I know how. Add me and come check me out. I also post pics of outfits the girls may were and other pics that you might enjoy. Notice to you spammers, if you add me and spam my page I will delete and block your loser asses.

Join or something if you wanna hook up, not my Stories. Anyway here's an updated Table of Contents. Hope to have more out soon. 15. Feeling Hidden 16. Raping Silk 17. Bad Day Sex 18. Club Cane 19 .Blurred Lines Defined 20. Halloween Fun - Coming Soon 21. Conference - Coming Soon Faith *************************************************************** Michael and Silk had been seeing each other for almost 2 months now.

Michael begin thinking that while he was enjoying every minute of their time together, the lines of their relationship were blurred.

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Baron had asked Michael what was the nature of their relationship and Michael couldn't honestly answer. With Syndee and Stacey, he could honestly say he was their Master and they were his slaves. With Silk however there seemed to be more to it. Silk was pretty much living with him even though she had her own place. They were together 24/7 only being apart for classes and when they were at the station. Yet Michael wouldn't say they were boyfriend/girlfriend.

They seem to live the lifestyle 24/7 but at times they weren't Master and slave. Baron told Michael it looked to the outside world that they were more then just a casual thing as Silk had suggested. Michael knew that the lines of their relationship were blurred and it was time to clear them up. At 6, Silk was done for the night, so she joined Michael in his office.

Quickly she caught on to his mood and wondered about it. He seemed almost sad which made Silk worry. She also knew that their relationship was blurred. She'd began reading about the lifestyle and knew that theirs was different. While it was normal for couples to be in the lifestyle, she didn't consider her and Michael a couple. She did think at some point they could be more but she still wasn't ready to take that leap. Her heart was still recovering from Reed. She was starting to feel something for Michael but she was still taking it slow.

Michael finished up while Silk watched him. He wasn't ready to talk yet as he was still going over in his mind how to approach the subject. He had an idea but he needed his laptop so once he was done, they left for home.

At home Michael pulled up five stories that he felt expressed the types of relationships found in the lifestyle. He then turned to Silk who was sitting at the table reading a textbook for homework. "When you done with that," he said pointing toward her book, "I'd like to talk." Silk nodded and finished the page she was on. She wouldn't be able to concentrate on the rest knowing he wanted to talk so she finished up and closed the book, "I'm done, what's up?" She asked.

Michael had turned back to his laptop while he waited on her so when she spoke, he had his back to her. He took a deep breath and turned back to her once more and began, "First let me say, you have taken to the lifestyle very well.

You are coming along nicely as my slave and I am very proud of you." He watched Silk take the praise with a smile on her face. She had every right to be proud of herself as she was doing great. "However there are some lines that need defined in our relationship." At Silk's nod, he went on, "As you have seen so far most relationships consist of the Dom or Domme and the slaves. Each has his or her own relationship with their slaves but the relationship is clearly defined.

Like with Syndee and Stacey, I am nothing more to them then their Master. You've also met Baron and Dyna and know that their relationship is more then just BDSM. While they live it 24/7 she is also his girlfriend.

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Do you understand what I am saying here Silk?" Silk took in all he had to say and answered, "Yes I understand. I think what you asking me here is to define our relationship, correct?" Michael smiled, "Yes that is what I am asking and before we go on let me say this. I know you are still hurting from Reed so I am not pushing you in any way. I just need to know where we stand in terms of what we are to each other.

I need to know so that I can proceed further." Silk felt some pain in his voice. She knew he would make their relationship more if she just said the words but somehow she just couldn't yet. Each time she thought of Michael in that light her heart would remind her of what happened with Reed and she wasn't ready to face that again.

Keeping it light between her and Michael kept her heartbreak at bay so to speak. "Michael I do understand what you are asking. I don't really know enough about the relationships in BDSM to tell you what I want just yet.

I know I want more then what you have with my sisters but I am also not ready for what Baron and Dyna have either. I am not trying to be difficult here either, I am just not ready for more then just casual sex," Silk told Michael bluntly. There was those words again. Michael was almost beginning to hate them. Casual sex. What did that even mean to her, Michael wondered. He wanted to ask but that was for another time, right now he needed to define this relationship so he pressed on, "I understand completely, so what I have in mind is for you to read some stories I've pulled up.

They cover a few different types of relationships that are common in BDSM. I want you to read though them and tell me if any strike your fancy. You don't have to read the whole story, just enough to get the gist of how their relationship dynamics work. It will give me an idea of what you expect of me as your Master." Silk agreed and Michael got up and gave her his seat.

While Silk read through the stories Michael went to the dungeon to give her space. He was still thinking on her casual sex comment. To him casual sex meant having sex with multiple partners or friends with benefits sex. Surely Silk didn't mean to have casual sex with others. Michael couldn't handle the thought of someone else touching Silk. While Silk might not be ready for the next step in their relationship, Michael knew he was, but he was also willing to give her time to come to the same conclusion.

Michael was a patience man. Silk began reading. The first story was of a girl who met a man online. They met and decided to take things farther. The relationship was strictly Master and slave. They would met up a few times every week and play. He would give her tasks during the week as well that she would have to complete and write about them in an online journal that he could read but that was the extent of their relationship.

They didn't talk during the week other then the tasks he assigned her and occasionally she would email him if she'd failed a task and he might email back his disapproval but that was it. They didn't see each other socially, their time was spent only as Master and slave.

The next story was similar but the woman was married and cheating on her husband. She'd gotten into BDSM in college and liked it very much but life had steered her on another course later. After 15 years of marriage she felt stale and unloved so she began to flirt online and found sites dedicated to the lifestyle. Soon she hooked up with a Dom just as the girl in the first story did and they too were Master and slave. In this story however they were slowly developing their relationship into something more and she wanted to leave her husband for her Master.

It all started out simple but they would email everyday and soon the relationship blossomed into something more. She was unhappy in her marriage to start and this Master offered what she felt she was missing. After Silk got the gist of that story, she moved on.

She didn't want to know how it ended. The next story was of a Master and slave who started off by meeting at a party for the lifestyle.

They were hooked up by friends because both had a need. He needed a slave, and she a Master. Their relationship started out slow, at first she would spend a few days a week like the first girl but slowly it became more.

As they fell in love they deepened their relationship. When Silk left off, they were living together and their relationship was 24/7 but they lived normal lives. As Silk left off, he'd asked her to marry him and she had said yes. Silk liked this story very much and even briefly thought that someday that might be her and Michael.

The next story was a type of the lifestyle Silk wasn't familiar with. She gathered it had something to do with some books that she had seen as suggested reading for BDSM but hadn't read yet. The books were called Gor or something and their type was called Gorean. Silk didn't much care for this type as it seemed to her the gift of submission wasn't a gift but more an expected right. While some of the stuff turned her on, the dynamics offended her.

She didn't have to read very far to know she didn't want this. Michael had taught her that her submission was a gift, not to be given lightly. In Gorean it seemed to Silk that it was an expected right of the Dom and one that wasn't respected either. No thanks thought Silk as he moved on. The last story on the tabs was of a married couple who found BDSM online and decided to explore it.

While Silk found some errors in their methods she found that they were basically doing bedroom BDSM. They would plan weekends while the kids were gone to act out scenes. In the bedroom they were Master and slave but only there. Silk had heard of this from the other girls and while it was frowned on in their group Silk knew that there were some at the club, that did it regardless. Silk had yet to form an opinion on this type of relationship but after reading more, she understood why others didn't care for it.

She felt they were using it more like role playing instead of the lifestyle choice that many of them had made. For these people it was a sex game like playing doctor or teacher/student and while Michael might enact her fantasies on occasion her submission to him wasn't a game.

This method was most definitely not for Silk. Michael had came in and saw she was on the last tab so he sat down to wait while she finished.

He knew she wouldn't take long on the last story once she figured out the type. Their group frowned on bedroom BDSM due to the fact that it was more a game then what they felt it should be.

Michael was taught and in turn taught his own slaves that their submission was a gift not to be given lightly. Bedroom BDSM was a game that made a mockery of that teaching to them and while a few couples who came to the club did have that type of relationship, their close private group did not except membership from people who only practiced it.

To Michael, that type lacked the respect and education given to all. These were people who just played at it sometimes in the bedroom to enliven their sex life.

Many didn't even know enough to practice it safely thus injuries often happened. The private group they belonged to had strict rules about safely and above all else the education of each of its members.

Many of the Doms and Dommes were even once slaves themselves so that they may understand that point of view which made them better Doms and Dommes. At least that is how their private group viewed it. Silk was finally finished so she turned to Michael and waited not knowing what to say. Michael started, "So what did you think. Let's go story by story and tell me your opinion." This made it easy to start, "Ok first story," Silk began. "While I have seen this before in our group, I have to say I think its rather cold and unfeeling.

These two only meet for this and they have no other communication otherwise. I know its normal but I can't say I like it." Michael smiled to himself glad she didn't like this but he wanted to elaborate more before going on, "What exactly didn't you like about it?" "Well the fact they only see each other for the BDSM. They never talk about anything other then the BDSM. I don't know it seems so cold. Almost like her submission isn't a gift to him but more like an expected right. I know that it normal but it seems he should care more about her outside life.

I feel it would make their experience better if they would be closer. I'm not saying be a couple or anything but he doesn't even know what she does for a living or what she does with her free time except when it gets in the way of a task.

Just seems real cold to me," she told Michael. Michael thought for a moment, "So you think he should know things about her, like her job, what she does when she's out living life? You think she is just a sex slave to him basically, nothing more?" Silk thought on that for a moment, "Exactly.

She's just a sex slave." "Ok I see. Alright, the next story, what did you think?" Michael went on. Silk checked it real quick before answering, "That one, I didn't like at all. While the beginning was good and less cold, I didn't like that she was cheating on her husband to do so and later planned to leave him for this Dom." Michael again smiled to himself, good she didn't approve of cheating, "Ok but outside that. Considering what you said about the first story, did you find this one less cold?" "Yes I liked that they were more caring towards each other.

He knew a lot about her and she knew his life as well. I felt it made them closer so that their play time was more loving and less like slavery. I mean she served him as his slave but you knew that her submission was a gift and one he respected," Silk told Michael without thinking about the effect her words might have. Michael listened carefully though. Silk wanted loving submission.

This made Michael happy because that type of relationship did lead to more and more is what Michael wanted eventually. He knew however not to dwell on it so he moved on, "Ok next story." Silk took a deep breath, "Ok this one is perfect to me. They started slowing and it developed into more as time went on. They weren't cold with each other and over time they became more," she paused for a moment unsure how to go on then just decided to jump in head first.

"Michael I know what you are getting at here and this is exactly what I want. I want to be your slave for now and maybe something more later. I don't know what you mean when you say you need to define things as I thought we already had." Michael watched her and when she stopped talking he spoke, "I do understand what you want. What I am saying is I need to know what kind of relationship we have.

Are we just Master and slave?


Due to the fact we are practically living together others see it as more. I guess what I need to know what do you want me to tell people Silk." Silk thought for a moment and understood now what he meant, others saw that they were living together so they must be more then the casual sex Silk was claiming. She now saw what he was asking, "Michael you know I don't care what other people think and I know you don't either but if it will make it simple to others then we are boyfriend and girlfriend to the public.

I want what I just read with you but I want to take it slowly. If this isn't want you want then say so now. I can still be your slave but I'll go home when we aren't playing." Michael's heart squeezed at that thought. He was more then willing to take it slow for her if that meant keeping her in his bed every night, "Silk I told you I am fine with that and as I just said, I only want to know what to tell people.

You live with me to the public so saying, no we're just casual sex isn't working. People who have casual sex, don't live together. So all I am asking is what is acceptable to tell them?" Silk was feeling a bit pressured now so she snapped a little, "Fine tell them we are boyfriend and girlfriend if it makes it easier for you.

We both know its just BDSM and causal sex but they don't have to know that." Michael felt her stress so he backed off, "So tell me what you thought of the rest of the stories." Silk liked how smoothly Michael could turn the subject sometimes. She was feeling pressured and knew she snapped at him even though she didn't mean to. She was glad he changed the subject just like that. It wasn't that she didn't feel something for Michael, it was that she wanted to take it slowly and that line of talking suddenly had her feeling pressured.

Michael changed the subject however so Silk too let it go for another time, "Well I can tell you this about the last story. I now see why you guys don't approve of bedroom BDSM and I can say I wholeheartedly agree now.

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I can see where they don't take it seriously and how accidents could happen. For them it is just a game to be played here and there. They don't respect it at all." "I'm glad you now see that and agree. I don't know why people think its a game but they do.

I had a friend for a while that was doing that but I didn't know it. He knew about me and thought it sounded like a fun game to play here and there with his girlfriend. One night I got this call for help from him.

Seems he'd tied her up wrong and she passed out and he thought he might have killed her. I went over there, got her untied and revived and gave them both a lecture. I told him either learn it the right way or stop playing around." Michael told her.

Silk asked, "So what happened to him?" Michael gave her this serious look, "He ignored me, almost killed some other girl. She freaked out, pressed charges on him, and now he's serving 12 years for attempted murder." "Oh my god Michael.

Are you serious?" Silk gasped. "Very serious. That is one of the reasons we don't allow it in our private group. You can get seriously hurt if your not properly trained. That is why most Doms and Dommes were also once slaves themselves. I myself spent a year in slave training, then a year as a switch and then a year training to be a Dom before I was allowed to own my own slave.

We take it very seriously," Michael told her. Silk thought on this and decided she agreed with their way of thinking, "I agree, it's not to be taken lightly or some game to be played at." Michael smiled at her agreement, "So what about the other story, what did you think?" He said moving on. Silk thought quickly on that one, "While the very idea interests me from a learning view point, I'd never want to live that lifestyle.

I feel her submission isn't a gift at all but more like a right he expects from her. I don't like that idea." Michael was glad she didn't like it as he wouldn't want to live Gorean ever. He agreed, submission was a gift, not a right.

He did however note her other words, "What do you mean it interests you? In what way?" "Well," Silk thought choosing her words, "I'd like to see someone who lives like that, but I myself would never allow my submission to be something other then a gift. With them its like she really is a slave from back in the day when it was legal.

I mean do they even use safewords or does she have no voice?" Michael was glad at her words, "No they don't use a safeword. She has to do what is ordered of her without question. I think you should probably just read the books to better understand it. I know someone who lives like that also, if you want we can spend some time with them so that you may see how it works in the real world." "Okay.

I'll read the books first tho so I understand what I am seeing. It might not make as much sense if I don't. So they really developed this type of BDSM based on some books?" She asked Michael. "Yes they did. I mean its best to read the books to understand better but it is a type of BDSM that is more extreme.

I don't agree with it but I can see it's appeal for some," Michael told her. Silk grew quiet after that thinking on some other things she had read. There was a scene that the first couple had enacted that excited Silk for some reason.

It was way more extreme then anything Michael had showed her thus far but it really peaked her interest. As she remembered it, she felt herself flush at the very idea of Michael doing it with her. Michael too noticed the flush in her cheeks as she sat in thought. He wondered what brought it on so after many moments of silence he had to ask, "So was there something else my pet found interesting in those stories?" He used his Dom voice to get her attention. Silk quickly glanced up knowing her cheeks would be red.

She also noted his tone and the choice of words he used, "Well," she started out, not knowing just how to ask, "There was this one scene," She faltered not able to go on, unsure what to say. Michael knew it must be something they hadn't tried, "And it has your interest why?" Silk didn't know how to explain so she turned back to the laptop and quickly found it again, "Here read it. I don't know how to describe it to you," she said blushing. Michael quickly read though the scene. It was way more advanced then anything he'd shown Silk so far but he felt she might be ready for it with some help so he asked, "So you'd like to try this?

Do you feel you are ready?" Silk could only nod as the very thought had her beginning to pant already. Michael too noticed this fact and smiled. "You have to tell me what you want little one or else you can't have it," Michael told her wanting to calm her down as well as hear her speak of her desire. Silk took several deep calming breaths like Michael had shown her, finally she felt ready to speak, "Yes Master. I mean it scares me to a point since we haven't really explored this far but I have to learn some time, why not start there.

I've read it so I kind of know what to expect," She said, then after a quick thought, "Yes Master, I want to try that." Michael gave her a dark smile, "Well then, you got 10 minutes to be clean and present yourself to me in the dungeon. If your late, I will give you 5 swats for every minute." He then looked at his watch, "Time starts now." Silk just looked at him for several moments before his words sunk in then suddenly she jumped up and ran to the bathroom where she stripped quickly and showered.

She cleaned her pussy also as she knew Michael expected cleanliness. While she was showering, Michael too took a quick shower. He expected his slaves to be clean when he wanted to play so he figured he'd lead by example. He also wouldn't expect a slave to go down on him all sweaty so he showered before play as much as possible.

Silk jumped out of the shower as soon as she was clean. She didn't have her watch on so she wasn't sure how much time she had left. She hadn't washed her hair so all she had to do was dry her body and put her collar back on.

As she entered the dungeon, she saw Michael already there and her knees hit the floor in front of him with just under a minute to spare. Michael looked at his watch to be sure. "Very good little one," He told her, "I'll be sure to reward you later." As Silk knelt at Michael's feet, she noted he was still in his jeans. She could smell he had showered also and this made her smile to herself.

She liked that Michael was always so clean. "Stand slave," Michael ordered. Silk gave a yes Master and stood up. She knew it was inspection time as she called it. Michael always looked their bodies over before serious play. He told her it was to check for any injuries to avoid. A good Master always knew his slave's body before he ever played with her. Michael was inspecting her but he also used the light touching to tease as well.

He knew women could be slower to turn on so he used the inspection as foreplay of sorts. First he knelt and ran his hands lightly up and down her legs. He used a teasing touch to excite her and he could tell it was working by her pants. Next he bent her over under the guise of checking her ass cheeks for bruises. He also knew that very idea would bring to mind sex which also excited a women.

He would also slip a finger near her pussy, just a slight tease to get a reaction. Silk never failed to react either giving him a slight push of her hips towards his fingers. Next he inspected the upper body. He would also tease by giving her nipples a pinch and tug. Sometimes he would cup the whole breast or caress it pretending to inspect it in some way.

Again Silk would react. When the inspection was done, he slapped her ass, "Perfect my slave. Now are you ready to play?" He asked. "Yes Master," was all Silk could say.

She was too keyed up. Michael next grabbed her wrist and leg cuffs and proceeded to place them on her. When that was done, he grabbed the nipple clamps and after a pinch of each nipple, he clamped them, then he led her over the the St. Andrews Cross, something Silk had never really tried before. She was tied to it at her first party for a whipping but that was all.

She'd never really played on it so far. Michael firmly attached her arms and legs and then stepped back to gather the rest of his tools. Once he was ready he stepped up behind her. Pressing his already hard cock into her ass he grabbed her by the hair and tipped her head back, "Slave I want you to breath deeply and calm yourself before we go on," he told her.

When she did as he asked, he went on, "This will be a first for you. What we are about to do is going to be a step up from what you've seen thus far so I want you to listen closely. Do you remember your safewords?" Silk answered, "Yes Master. Green for go, yellow for slow and red for stop." "Good, now I will ask you several time during our play, what color are we, and you will answer with one of these words depending on how you are feeling. If it gets too extreme you may use them as well without my asking.

Other then that you are not to speak. If you speak other then that, I will gag you. Do you understand?" He asked. "Yes Master," was all Silk said.

Michael felt she was ready now, "Ok we'll start slow and pick up the pace as I see fit. Remember no speaking except your safewords if necessary or if asked. Now what color are we slave?" "Very green Master," Silk told him very ready. Michael started out by grabbing the blindfold and placing it over her eyes, "I am taking away your sight so that you have to concentrate more on what you hear and feel," He told her.

Next he grabbed the riding crop. He knew she was used to it but he wanted to start slowly so he warmed her up with it. He would caress her and slap her alternatively with it all over in the spots allowed.

Next he switched to the paddle and used it to slap her ass several times. While he would slap her ass he also reached around and tugged on the chain on her nipple clamps. Soon she was dancing and panting.

Michael assessed her and asked, "What color are we now slave?" "Still green Master," Silk panted wanting more. Michael gave her more in the form of the flogger.

The flogger was one of his favorites as he could really let loose without fear of harming her. Michael was a Master with the flogger, slashing all parts of the body allowed with just the right level of sting. He could please and pleasure as well inflict pain with just a flick of his wrist.

Soon he had her body glowing and her breathing was such that Michael knew she could cum if he ordered her to and kept slashing her with the flogger. That in mind, he told her, "Breath deeply little one.

Wouldn't want you to pass out and end our fun before it's over." Silk knew what he meant so she worked on calming down as he gave her a small break.

While she was breathing she heard him leave the room and come back. Suddenly she felt something hard and cool near her lips and his voice broke her thoughts, "Drink," was all he said. When she was calmed once more he asked, "What color are we now slave?" "Green Master," She told him.

Michael began slashing her again with the flogger to warm her back up. When she was ready, he grabbed the leather bat. He'd never used it before on her because it was more of a punishment item then anything. He could use it for fun but it still was rougher then anything she'd experienced thus far. He gave her a swat on her ass and she jumped a mile.

After about 5 swats to each cheek he asked, "Color slave?" Silk didn't necessarily like the last swats but she wasn't hurt so with a shake of her head she said, "Green Master." Michael kept swatting her ass with the leather bat and he added pulling her nipple clamp chain to that as well.

When he felt he worked her up he stopped and pressed up against her once more, "Are you close my pet?" Silk panted, "Yes Master, so close." While the bat hurt to a degree Michael wasn't rough with it, so it was turning Silk on. She felt like she could come with each swat but knew she wasn't allowed to yet. Michael smiled and bit down on her neck knowing it would really push her buttons, at her deep hiss Michael laughed darkly, "Don't come my pet.

That leather bat can punish as well as pleasure." He then sucked and kissed at the bite to sooth and tease her. Silk was out of her mind with his play, then his voice in her ear was like he was whispering directly to her pussy. When he bit down, she almost lost it. Her mind screamed NO while her body screamed YES. If it wasn't for his follow up words, she might have lost it but the idea of that leather bat used in punishment was enough to give her control.

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Michael stepped back and allowed her to calm herself once more. When she was breathing deeper again, he unclipped her cuffs and took her over to the table. He helped her onto the table then reclipped her arm cuffs once more. Next he went around to her legs and grabbed a spreader bar. Attaching it to her leg cuffs, Michael then hooked the bar to the chain hanging down over the table this leaving her legs spread and raised in the air.

He then pulled a machine over to the table. After attaching one of her dildos to it, he pulled it up closer till just the head of the dildo was insider her pussy lips. Grabbing the remote to the machine and her vibrator he went around to her head once more. He sat the remote and vibrator down next to her head and undid some other part on the table so that Silk's head dropped down and hung there.

Silk waited patiently while Michael adjusted everything. She was curious about everything he was doing but knew it was pointless to ask since she was told no talking. When he clipped something to her legs and lifted them she wondered what it was, then she felt the dildo and knew he was likely up to no good. Her breathing increased again at the thought of all the things he was doing to her. Once Michael had her like he wanted he spoke, "Calm your breathing slave because right now we are yellow." Silk understood quickly and began deep calming breaths.

When she was much calmer Michael went on, "What color are we right now slave?" "Green Master," Silk answered still practicing her deep breathing to remain calm. Michael's voice affected her greatly when he was in Dom mode. His dominance was her greatest weakness.

Michael waited a few more moments and then pushed the button on the remote. It went to a fuck machine which started thrusting the dildo in and out of Silk's pussy. He watched as she arched her back off the table so he slowed it down and leaned down to her ear, "You may not cum yet my pet." When she was settled, Michael then unzipped his jeans and guided his cock to her ready lips.

When she started sucking him in, he placed the vibrator on her clit. Once he had a rhythm down between the fuck machine and her mouth he picked up the pace a little. Soon she was bucking and he knew she was oh so close and fighting it. "Not just yet my pet. Hold it for me a little longer," He told her as he drove her higher and higher. When he knew she was at her breaking point, upped the fuck machine one more level and then he used his other hand and reached down to grab the chain on her nipple clamps.

As he jerked up on the chain he growled to her, "Come now my pet." Silk responded just like he knew she would and arched her back so high, he thought she'd break.

She never stopped sucking him while she came and Michael felt deeper then he'd ever been.

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He worried if she could breath so he pulled back a little. Silk thrashed and trashed through not one but five orgasms. She thought she might never stop. If Michael hadn't pulled back a little she might have suffocated as well but what a way to go. She couldn't think to stop him only marveling at how deep he was in her throat. As her body kept exploding she wondered if she'd ever stop.

Finally she felt Michael stop the machine but that didn't stop her body. She was like a tightly strung spring now, one pluck and she'd vibrate all over again. Michael didn't know how many times she had cum but he knew it was multiple times. After a while he felt it was time to back her off so he stopped the machine and turned off the vibrator. When he felt her calm more he pulled out of her mouth and leaned down to wipe the sweat off her brow.

"Are you ok little one," he asked out of concern? He'd never seen her let go like that. "Yes Master," she sighed deeply, "And thank you, that was wonderful." Michael laughed gently, "You're more then welcome my pet," he told her as he pulled her head back up and locked the table back in place. He then grabbed the bottle of water and held her head up to drink some. Once she had a few mouthfuls, he uncuffed her hands and gave her the bottle to drink while he undid the rest of her body.

While he did this Silk's euphoric moment was affecting her greatly. Suddenly she could see just how easy it would be to say I love you to Michael right this very moment. She struggled with the idea however but it was so fresh in her mind it was betrayed in her eyes. She was glad Michael wasn't watching her right this moment.

Once Michael had her free, he helped her off the table to stand. He held her up as she finished the whole bottle of water at his insistence. Once it was empty he took it from her and sat it on the table. He looked down at her as she looked up at him and what he saw in her eyes made his heart leap. Silk was still wrestling with her thoughts, her heart was screaming but her brain put a gag order on her mouth.

Finally she did the only thing she could and wrapped her arms around Michael's neck and pulled him down for a kiss that spoke volumes to both of them.

Michael allowed her to lead this time as not to scare her off. When she pulled him down for a kiss he put all his feelings into it. Soon they were kissing deeply, so deeply he felt the pull on his soul. He gave in this time and lifted Silk up to sit on the table for better access. Once she was there, he broke the kiss to dive into her neck. She threw her head back gladly and he felt her nails find his shoulders.

Soon the kissing and necking wasn't enough for Silk so she said, "Take me Michael. Make love to me like only you can." Michael quickly noted the use of his name. It sounded like a loving caress on her lips.

He also noted her other words, make love to me like only you can. Michael's heart jumped at this and he scooped her up bridal style and did just that. He took her to their bed in the bedroom however since she said make love to me. Silk didn't care where they went. He could of done it right on the table. She just needed to express her feelings to Michael in the only way her body would allow right now. If she couldn't say I love you with words, she'd let her body say it. It might be wrong but Silk didn't care right now.

What was the saying? "All's fair in Love and War." Once in the bedroom Michael broke the kiss long enough to take off his jeans. When he joined Silk on the bed she practically attacked him. She met him half way with a kiss and pushed him down on his back.

Straddling him she kept kissing him as their hands explored each others bodies.


When Michael's hand brushed the chain on the nipple clamps, they both realized they forgot to remove them. Both stopped kissing and looked down at them at the same time. "Shhh hold on little one," Michael told her. He knew they'd been on long enough that it was going to be a rush for her to take them off so he had an idea. Lifting her up he entered her hot wet center. "Ride me little one while I remove them," he told her. Silk began to ride and when she got her rhythm like she liked it, Michael undid the first one.

The blood rushed back to her nipple and it was so intense she started cumming even though she hadn't been close. Michael allowed her to finish before touching the second one. When Silk came down, she smiled at Michael, "WOW! That was so intense." She told him in a breathless tone.

"I know," He told her, "I thought for a moment you were peeing on me it got so wet." He laughed.

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Silk began riding again and when Michael felt she was ready he removed the second one. Once again Silk started cumming but this time the love feeling over came her and she dropped to kiss Michael once more, devouring his mouth.

Michael kissed back enjoying every minute of it. After a bit Silk sat up and Michael could see she was getting worn out. As much as he was enjoying it, he knew it was time to end it.

So he flipped them over. Taking a pillow he placed it under her ass and then he kissed her once more as he began thrusting into her for that last time. Silk responded to his kisses ardently and Michael once more felt the pull on his soul.

Soon he was driving them higher and higher and Silk felt like she would shatter. Michael's kisses were intoxicating and she too felt a pull to her soul when they kissed like this. She didn't care tonight however because her heart was in charge of the rest of her body, her brain only had a gag order in affect. She would say with her kisses and body, what her mouth couldn't say.

Soon they crested the height they had been driving to and as Silk exploded she passed out but not before her brain lost the battle, "I love you," She breathed deeply into Michael's mouth as she lost conscience.

She didn't even know she'd said it. Michael however heard her loud and clear and his heart soared with her words. He wouldn't speak of it later but for now he would relish it while the feeling lasted. He pulled out of her and lay down next to her and just held her till she returned to reality. As she came back to him she found him stroking her cheek and brow. She realized she was sweaty and felt exhausted. She smiled weakly at Michael, "Wow, that was something else." She told him.

Michael smiled back at her, "I'm glad you approve," was all he could say. He wasn't about to tell her what she'd said in the heat of the moment and have her pull away from him. Michael could also tell she was very tired and remembered they hadn't had dinner. "Why don't I order in some Chinese and you go soak in the hot tub while we wait for it. Your muscles are bound to be sore." Silk stretched at bit and found Michael was right. She would be good and sore in the morning if she didn't soak now so she did as Michael.

They went down to the hot tub and Michael removed the cover and started up the hot tub. Once she was in, he went and ordered some dinner. The guy said it would be about 20 minutes so Michael went back into rub her shoulders while he waited. As he did this, he thought again on her words. He was now certain she loved him but he also knew that often things were said in the heat of the moment so he was going to give her time to adjust to the idea that was obviously present in her mind.

He knew he had time now and he could wait.