Teresa Palmer Nude Showing Pussy

Teresa Palmer Nude Showing Pussy
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Retired with Mom. It was early summer and I had taken my last exam as a sixteen year old boy that morning.

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Deciding not to celebrate with my friends at the pub close to school I headed off home, walked straight through the large house I shared with my mom and jumped straight in to the outdoor pool where I thrashed around wildly to relieve the stress. As it was early summer, and even though I was still fully clothed it got cold quite quickly, so I swapped pools and headed indoors. Mom was the owner of a local internet distribution business and often worked till the evening before making her way home where I normally prepared our evening meal.

I was an only child, and I never knew my dad. Due to the fact that is was still early afternoon, I stripped off naked before relaxing in the warmer waters indoors. It didn't take long, and after around half an hour of laying against the pool wall, I headed for the shower. The house had a large family sized shower room off the indoor pool which was handy for getting the smell of chlorine off you. After a good rinse I realised that there were no towels near by, so I shook and scraped what water I could from my body and short-cropped mousy-brown hair before heading for my room.

Mom always said I looked like a soldier with my crew-cut and good physique, but I had the time and the facilities in her mansion, so I used them to work out.

I was confident that I still had the house to myself when I padded across the hall floor and started up the stairs when I suddenly realised that mom was idly making her way down. She was wearing a yellow bikini and a pair of large sunglasses.

Her long black hair was tied back and she was reading the back of a book as she absent-mindedly wandered down. She looked stunning. Not a bad catch for a mid-thirties woman.

She had given birth to me at a young age, and while I lived with my grandparents, she went out to college and worked hard to be where she was today. She didn't like to expose herself too much in public and would barely swim with me in the pool. Even when she did, she wore a one piece suit which covered her very modestly. Now her long, slender legs, toned and taut torso and graceful neck were almost on top of me.


And I was naked! "Mom!" I gasped as I realised my predicament and quickly moved my hands to my groin.

"What are you doing here?" She was definitely lost in her thoughts, 'cos it took her a while to realise her surroundings before she made a start. She was only a couple of steps up from me, but her 5'8 frame easily towered down on me. Her free hand went to her mouth to cover her surprise and then up to her sunglasses which she casually lifted and I could see her taking in the scene. It made my penis twitch.

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"Hi hun'" She said quickly. "I thought you'd be having a celebratory drink with your friends." She quickly looked around the hall and towards the door leading to the pool. "I had a look outside and in the poll but didn't see you." Her expression changed to a more commanding stare after she had looked at me again.

"Are you alone?" The truth was that I was alone. I was too busy studying, trying to fulfil my potential to make her and my grandparents proud, that I didn't have time for girls.

I'd had many casual acquaintances, but nothing that lasted more than a couple of months at a time. I nodded in response to her question. The water was slowly evaporating from my body and I was getting colder, so I slid past her and up to my room to get tried and dressed. I turned round at the top of the stairs as I was sure I could feel her gaze in my back as I went, but she was slowly sashaying down the last few stairs and out to wherever she was going.

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As evening eventually came around, Mom re-appeared from downstairs. She had been sun-bathing, which was also something she never did with anyone around. I could tell by the way her bikini top was attached only round the middle, the shoulder straps hanging loose below her arms. She was also covered in a slightly sticky residue of lotion, which made the right side of her bikini pants ride up, showing her curvaceous behind as she walked past the gym. I was on the bike, just cooling down after a good workout before she turned round and came in to chat.

"Are you feeling alright Danny?" She asked. "I saw your pile of wet clothes. Did you fall in the pool?" I laughed and shook my head before telling her the story.

She giggled a delightfully cheery laugh. "I didn't mean to cause you any embarrassment on the stairs earlier." She said. "I just slipped away early today to kinda celebrate too. I sold the business for 65 million, so now I'm officially retired." "Wow! That's great news right?" "It is that kid." She slapped my leg as she got up to walk out.

"I'm going to take a shower, then we'll see about eating out tonight." I took a shower after finishing my workout and as normal left my bathroom naked to get dressed. It was then I saw Mom sat on the bed dressed in a towelling gown staring straight at me. It took me a few steps before I noticed anything unusual and once again covered my groin with my hands. Mom looked fantastic sat there.

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Her blank hair hung over her shoulders, and she had crossed her legs revealing most of her right leg up to the upper thigh. "We'll have to stop meeting like this." She said. My heart was pounding and my cock was expanding at an alarming rate. Mom had got herself ready to go out for the evening hair done, perfume on (she never wore make-up) except for getting dressed.

As I got closer I could smell her rich scent which intoxicated me. The head of penis grew up over where my wrists were crossed. I stood glued to the spot, but she patted the bed beside her, and I obediently scuttled over and sat down. Still with my hands over my crotch. "Danny, I want to spend more time with you. That's why I sold up today. I know it was hard for you growing up, being raised by mum and dad, but now I can safely say we don't need anyone else for a while." Sitting so close to her was breath taking.

She looked a million dollars just like a movie star. When she had said hard, my penis gave it's final push and was harder that I had ever known it.


It was very difficult to conceal. "I've watched you grow up from afar like a spectator in your life. It was strange watching you gradually get bigger from a baby up till now, the big handsome man you have become." She was looking straight at me with her piercing blue eyes and I tensed when she took hold of my wrist and pulled them away from myself.

She didn't look once and I relaxed as she leaned forward and pecked me on the cheek before she stood up and walked towards the door. I half expected her to leave and get ready to go out, but she stopped three paces away and dropped her robe.

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She stood naked in front of me and I took in her every curve from her shapely legs up to her perfectly round ass up her beautifully straight back to her head. She turned to face me and I followed her ample brown breasts and toned figure all the way down to her shaven mound and alluring pussy lips. She stood there for the briefest of moments as I took in her astounding beauty and while my heart began to bang hard inside my chest, before she stalked towards me.

Her long legs covered the distance in two strides, and her swaying hips parted her thighs slightly at the top so I could get a better view of her vagina. As she reached me, her right hand gently, but firmly pushed me backwards and I leant back, supporting myself with my arms and I watched as she knelt between my legs and took hold of my very erect penis in her delicate hands. "Oh Mom!" I gasped.

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"Now, now son. Mommy's busy" That was what she always used to say when she was working hard and I came to disturb her. We both laughed. She smiled and kissed my engorged head. I fell back on to the bed and felt the sheer ecstasy of my mom playing with me. She ran her tongue down the front of my cock from where she had kissed it, all the way down to my balls where she circled each one individually two or three times before moving her tongue down between them, then under them, then to my asshole.

She gave me five gentle probing laps before she thrust hard and fast, and I'm sure I felt her part my opening before she ran her tongue back to my testicles and took both of them in her mouth. She took hold of my penis beneath my head with her left hand and slowly corkscrewed my shaft while sucking and running her tongue over my balls. She must have felt them tighten up, 'cos I knew I was about to shoot, so she quickly opened her mouth to release my balls and let go of my shaft.

"God mom!" Was all I could manage, but she wasn't finished. She grabbed the base of my cock between her thumb and forefinger and squeezed hard, just above the base. Satisfied, she leaned forward and engulfed my head in her mouth. I sat up. It felt amazing, but I was still close to cumming. With her left hand, she found mine and pulled me to my feet as she bobbed back and forewards along my cock. She didn't have it all in her mouth, bit it was enough. I don't know how she could tell that my time was up, but even though she gripped the base of my shaft, I was going to cream.

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My hand was still in hers, and she now guided it to my balls and made gentle massaging motions which I duly followed as she removed her grip with her right hand. I was rapidly building up to a big cumload and could feel the energy within me. She looked up at me with her gorgeous eyes as she knelt sucking my cock, and at the last second, opened her mouth and beamed up at me.

"I love you son." She said as she grabbed my shaft again and began to furiously work my length and aimed the tip to her mouth. BANG. I shuddered as the first massive bolt ejaculated and mom shuddered as it hit her top lip, splashing up her face and down her chin.

The second and third shots were more carefully aimed and hit their target, while the next load dripped down her right breast.

She leaned forward again and made sure that the rest of my load ended up in her mouth. I was flacid by the time she let me out of her mouth again. She leaned back, breathing hard and I watched my cum drip down her chin to join that already on her breast and dripping off her erect nipple. As she caught her breath she opened her mouth and swirled my semen around for me to see it before she swallowed it whole.

Then she motioned her head down towards her wet pussy and laid back, not caring about the sperm on her face or body. I breathed deeply and knelt down between her legs. It was going to be a fantastic retirement. For both of us.