Two Sexy Big Tit British BBWS Fuck Big Muscle Stud

Two Sexy Big Tit British BBWS Fuck Big Muscle Stud
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Kimi slowly stood up, and pulled 12-year-old David Drake to his feet. She had just gulped down a torrent of his fresh, young cum, apparently the first ejaculation of his life.

She could still taste it on her lips, on her tongue. Now it was time to initiate him into the heavenly joys of fucking. His slim cock was so much like Jeremy's, it would fit so wonderfully inside her tight little pussy. She had to feel that now, feel the youthful, inexperienced thrusts of his penis into her welcoming sheath. Turning, she reached down and slid her fingers around his penis, whispering softly. "Come with me." With that, she tugged him toward her bedroom like a pull-toy.

He followed obediently, wondering what further pleasures awaited him. His mind swirled with visions of his teacher's lips ovaled around his penis, sucking him as he erupted in her eager mouth. He imagined telling his friends about what he had done. He imagined what he would say to Susan Ramsey, now that he was no longer just a stupid kid, but someone who had has his cock sucked by a beautiful, sexually-experienced woman. He looked around her bedroom as he followed her inside.

Her furnishings were tasteful, feminine, and yet exotic, filled with vivid colors and floral images, like a tropical island.

Releasing his resurgent cock, she gently pushed him down onto the bed, and stood before him. "David." she said, shrugging off the silky robe, droppig it at her feet with a soft rustle. Her hair fell in a dark waterfall down one shoulder, almost to her firm breasts.

Her fingers toyed with her small erect nipples. "Do you like my body?" "I.I've never seen anything so beautiful in my life, Miss Hashitani," he replied, gazing at her with worshipful eyes. She smiled, brought her hands to his shoulders, and gently pushed him back on the bed, then crawled over him, her knee insinuating itself between his legs. Her puckered nipples slid up his body, caressing his chest as she moved upward. Her knee pressed against his awakened penis as her lips descened to his, kissing him softly.

Hesitantly, he raised his hands and slid them around her smooth back, bringing her closer as their kiss deepened, her lips moist and parted. He felt her tongue touch his lips, and he opened them to admit her eagerly-seeking tongue-tip. He had never kissed a girl.not really.except his mother and sister, and that was just a quick peck.

This was different. His tongue met hers and entwined with it, causing his youthful cock to once again lurch to full, throbbing attention. Kimi broke their kiss, trailing a strand of saliva between them, and smiled playfully. "David, your cock is stiff again." "I know.", David blushed. "Sometimes it's that way for hours." "Baby, I love it that way," she said softly, as she slid off to one side of him and traced along his tummy with her fingertips, letting them glide down toward his re-awakened penis.

"You're going to make lots of girls happy with your beautiful hard cock." She slipped her fingers around it and stroked it lightly.

"David.would you like to touch me between my legs?" "I.yes. I don't know what to do," whispered David.

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"Here.give me your hand," said Kimi. Taking his hand in hers, she guided it to her bare cleft, wet with her pent-up excitement. "Touch me right there. Gently. Do you feel how wet I am there?" His fingers slid into the wet folds of her sex. "Yes." he said, slowly caressing her labia, parting them.

"That's my pussy, darling boy", she whispered. "Some girls have hair on them, but I keep mine shaved so that it's nice and smooth. Mmmmm, your fingers feel nice there." David explored Kimi's pussy as if he had just discovered the New World.

His fingertips lightly caressed her, causing her to moan softly with pleasure. "Do you feel the little button, at the top?" She guided his fingers to the spot. "Right there." "Yes.", he said, feeling the tiny raised protuberance. "That's my clitoris, David, my clit, for short. It's a very sensitive place.the place that makes me feel like you did, when you came, remember?" "I remember," said David, again vividly reliving the frantic spurts of his orgasm.

"Is it like my cock? It's so small!" said David. "Yes, it's like a little cock, in a way. David, would you lick it for me? That will make me feel so nice." "I.I'll try, Miss Hashitani," David whispered, hoping he wouldn't do anything to mess this up.

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"I've never done anything like that." "I know, sweet boy," murmured Kimi. "I'll help you.I'll always help you. I'm your teacher." Her conscience fought with her. This is wrong, it's dangerous, he's a child, it shouted at her. But her lust overcame the warnings, as it had with Jeremy, as it always had.

She was a slave to it, and she knew now that she would always surrender to the urgent demands of her body. While Kimi wrestled with her thoughts, David slid down her slim torso. She raised and parted her legs as he moved between them, his eyes transfixed by her delicious pussy, seeing it up close for the very first time.

"Now, stick your tongue out and just lick along the outside.lightly. Okay? Just barely touching me." "All right, Miss Hashitani." "And will you please call me Kimi, sweetheart?", she said, with mock anger. "Anybody who is about to lick my pussy should call me by my first name, don't you think?" David grinned at her sheepishly.

"Yes.Kimi." He extended his tongue, experimentally, and slowly licked upward along the dewy petals of her labia. "Ahhhhhhhh." moaned Kimi, her body aroused beyond imagining by her gentle seduction of this beautiful child. How could anything this exquisite be wrong, she thought to herself as his tongue lovingly explored her sex. He was such a good student, so eager to learn, just as Jeremy had been when she had initiated him into the joys of sex.

"Yessss, baby, lick me there.lightly.lightly." David learned quickly what made his gorgeous teacher respond. His tongue traced lightly along her parted labia, wanting to feel every square millimeter of her with his tongue, to taste her.

"Put your tongue inside me, sweetheart.down at the bottom," Kimi gasped. "That's my vagina. Slide your tongue in there." David complied, stiffening his tongue and seeking the entrance to her vagina, already dripping-wet with her arousal.

Finding it, he slid it inside, tasting the honeyed depths of a woman for the first time. Kimi groaned with pleasure as his tongue skewered into her, moving in and out slowly, wetly. "Oh god, baby, that's it. That's wonderful. so goooood." David slid his hands beneath her and held the firm, round cheeks of her ass, remembering how he had gazed at it whenever she wrote on the blackboard in class. He drove his tongue deep inside her and she writhed against it, her own hands moving to her breasts and squeezing them tightly as she bit her lower lip.

"Now.lick my clit, sweetheart," she whispered. "The little button I showed you. Just do it real lightly, okay? Like a feather." David slipped his tongue out of her love tunnel and traced upward, seeking and finding the tiny little nubbin, encircling and caressing it ever so lightly with his tongue, then lightly fluttering his tongue against it like the wing of a butterfly.

Kimi's hips convulsed upward, frightening the innocent boy. "Did I hurt you?" he asked, looking up in alarm. "Nooooooo, sweet one, you didn't hurt me. It just felt so good I couldn't keep from doing that. Keep licking me, baby.kiss and lick my clit. Just like you were doing." David returned to his task, as Kimi guided him, patiently teaching him to make love to her, her body responding with a growing frenzy, her arousal spiraling higher as he caressed her with his lips and tongue.

Her hand slipped down and she slid her fingers into his silky blonde hair as he lapped at her clit, driving her close to her climax. "Lick it harder now, darling.I'm going to cum, just like you did." David licked and sucked on her clit, his tongue lashing it as he felt her body become tense and rigid, like a bowstring pulled taut.and then, she cried out, her hips jackknifing upward, and held his mouth against her sex as her body erupted in a frantic, molten eruption of sexual bliss, hunching against his mouth and shuddering violently with the force of her climax.

"Unnnnhhhhh.ohh, baby boy, I'm CUMMMMIIIIIIINNNNNGGGGGGGGG!!!!" she groaned. David kept his mouth pressed tightly against her as she shuddered against him, her body seized in the exquisitely tight grip of her climax.

Finally, he raised his head as Kimi trembled from the volcanic force of her orgasm. Looking down at him, Kimi reached down and held his head with both of her hands, gently pulling him toward her, so that she could kiss his lips, wet with her own nectar.

Their tongues again caressed each other, sharing her taste. Finally, she drew back, gazing into his blue eyes. "David.I need your penis inside me now. I want you to make love to me." Reaching down between them, she slid her fingers around his stiff shaft, and guided it to the entrance to her dripping-wet vagina. "Put it in me, darling." Assisted by her hand, he slowly sank his penis into her wetly-clasping vagina, moaning as he felt the walls of her vaginal tunnel enclose his throbbing, virginal cock.

David had never felt anything so magnificent in his life, the feeling of his cock buried in his teacher's tight, wet pussy exceeding anything he had ever experienced or imagined.

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"Yesssssss." moaned Kimi, loving his young penis, so smooth and eager, deep inside her. She slid her arms around him and raised her legs, bent at the knee, to let him penetrate her more deeply. "Fuck me, David.move it in and out, nice and slow." This was, for her, heaven.

Not a man's cock, big and thick, driving into her with no regard to her needs, just using her for his lustful pleasure. This was a boy, who made love to her, worshipped her with is lovely cock, learned from her, until he poured his young love into her. "Oh feels so good! Like it's grabbing my cock!" David moaned. He began to thrust slowly in and out of her, reveling in the exquisite sensations, her muscles clasping and milking his penis, as if trying to suck the sperm from his young balls, to milk them dry.

How he loved her! He would have gladly killed for her at this moment, would have become her willing slave. Eagerly he plunged his penis into her tight, welcoming pussy, her hips rising to meet his rhythm, working with him, her face a vision of loveliness beneath him. Kimi felt a new climax building inside her, at the very core of her being. She wanted to cum when he did, to hold him tightly as both of their bodies experienced the ultimate in sexual bliss together. "Baby, go faster now," she gasped, urgently.

"Fuck me harder and faster." She raised her head and captured one of his nipples in her mouth, sucking on it hard. David needed no encouragement. He thrust into her eagerly, knowing he would soon feel again what he had felt on the living room couch.

And yet, this was different, being inside his teacher's tightly-clasping vagina.

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It was glorious. "Baby.", she urged, releasing his nipple from her lips. "I want you to cum in me. Spurt your hot, thick cum in me like you did in my mouth." "Oh, god, Miss Hashitani, I feel it, I feel it, I'm gonna cum!" he moaned, his balls tensing and drawing up against the base of his cock, driven past the point of no return by her luscious body and her lustful words.

"Oh yessss, baby, give it to me now!!! Pump your hot cum into me!! FUCK ME!!!!!" David's body stiffened, and he instinctively thrust his swollen penis deep in her yearning vagina, burying it in her to the hilt as he felt his balls spasm, and his hot, syrupy cum pulsed heavily into her, spurting again and again and again, flooding her with his copious teenage cum as her vagina clenched around it, her body wrenched upward by her own cataclysmic orgasm.

"AAAAUUUUGGGHHHH", he cried, as his penis pumped her full to overflowing, her muscles gripping him tightly, milking him of his live-giving sperm. Finally, he collapsed on her, her arms and legs wrapping around his slim body and hold him tightly as they both trembled with the ecstasy of their lovemaking.

"Mmmmmmm.I love your wonderful cock, David," she murmured softly in his ear, her muscles contracting around him and squeezing a final ooze of his sperm from his exhausted balls. "You're a man, now." David flexed his cock inside her in answer, feeling suddenly like a man, just as she had said, not some dumb kid. Hadn't he just made love to his teacher, an adult? None of his friends had ever done that. He felt a surge of pride, along with his undying love for the woman who had taught him so much.

"And I love you.Kimi," he whispered, loving the smoothness of her skin against his. At long last, he raised himself, and slowly slid himself from inside her, his penis wet with his sperm and her essence. She sat up, her legs still wrapped around his hips, and kissed him.

"Mmmmmm, you're such a wonderful lover," she said, smiling at him and kissing him. "You'd better get dressed and go now. It's late and your parents will begin to worry." She disentangled herself from him, stood up and retrieved her silk robe.

David gathered his clothes and began to dress. "Can I see you again.I mean.not in this?" he asked, once again the shy young boy. "Of course, my darling." whispered Kimi, kissing him softly again. "There are so many things I still want to teach you.

So very many nice things, But remember, not a word to anyone.


You have to promise me. That would ruin everything." He smiled. "No, not a word. I promise." He paused for a moment, thinking. "You couldn't.ummmm.maybe.tell Susan Ramsey about me, could you?" Kimi laughed. Susan was one of the prettiest girls in Kimi's class, with budding breasts that belied her age and long blonde hair.

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All the boys were in love with her, or at least in lust. "She'll find out about you soon enough! For now, your mine." "It's okay," said David. "You're way prettier than she is anyway." Kimi blushed.

"And you're too good for her. Now run along, and I'll see you tomorrow in class." She led him to the door and kissed him softly.


"Goodnight, sweet boy." "Goodnight.Kimi," he said softly. And he was gone. TO BE CONTINUED P.S. I'm considering where to take this story, and have been thinking of several different options. involving Mr. Merriam, Susan Ramsey, other classmaes of David. I'm pretty sure David is going to end up telling on poor Kimi. Any ideas would be welcome.