Cockriding euro babe gets her pussy fucked

Cockriding euro babe gets her pussy fucked
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My Weekend with Carl Carl arrived at his slaves house at 5:30pm, half an hour late but purposely done of course. She had answered the door as instructed, only wearing her dressing gown, with collar on as tight as it went, clamps attached to both nipples, her large vibrating egg inserted inside her and black beads half inserted to look like a tail. They both went straight to her room to start the punishment for the weekend. As soon as they got to her room he instructed her to take off her dressing gown and get on to her hands and knees.

This was how she was to be all weekend. She must crawl like a dog. He then instructed her to make them a drink. She crawled to the other side of the room and poured him a drink but before she could pour her own he stopped her and gave her another instruction.

She was to pour hers in a bowl and that was how she was to drink all weekend. It was difficult to drink like this and very embarrassing being down on all 4's lapping from a bowl as he watched her. The next thing he wanted was food. For this she had to go to the kitchen so she was allowed to wear a dressing gown and walk properly. She walked to the kitchen nervously she didn't want to be caught like this by her housemates.

She walked into the kitchen and was relieved to find that it was empty so she quickly started to prepare the food wanting to get out of the kitchen before anybody decided to come in. She was just finishing up when one of her housemates walked in. Her housemate started to make conversation and she replied politely while trying to cook and keep her collar well hidden from her housemate.

She didn't know how she was going to explain the collar if her housemate was to see it.

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She could hardly tell her how her boyfriend owned her and treated her like a slave. It was difficult to cook and keep the collar hidden but she managed it and walked upstairs with the food. She entered the room and stripped immediately then crawled over to him with one of the plates.

She gave the plate to her master and hoped it would be to his satisfaction or she knew that she would be punished. He tasted the food and was pleased with it so he decided to be generous. He told her that she may use cutlery to eat her food but she must still eat it out of a bowl on the floor on all 4's like a dog. It was difficult to eat like this but at least she could use a knife and fork.

When the food was eaten he instructed her to go and wash up and she was not to use the dishwasher. Again she put on her dressing gown and went downstairs. This time the kitchen was full with 4 of her housemates.

This really scared her if her dressing gown was to slip down slightly they would all see her collar. Then she started to worry about her clamps, what if one fell off. Her housemates would recognise a nipple clamp, how could she ever look at her housemates again if they saw that she had come downstairs wearing them.

She quickly started to wash up, a few minutes later the washing up had been completed without anyone noticing what she was wearing. She started to dry up, last pan, and then she noticed her dressing gown had slipped down slightly, has anyone noticed?

She hoped not. She put it back in position and walked upstairs, got into her room and stripped again and crawled over to the bed where her master was lay. Her arse was very sore by this point after walking around so much, especially with the stairs. Having being fed her master decided it was time to have some fun.

'Lets see what a good bitch you can be?' he said. He threw the red cock ring across the room and ordered her to fetch it.

She crawled across the room as he watched the anal beads in her arse move from side to side like a real tail. She reached the toy and picked it up in her mouth, she then crawled back with the toy in her mouth and placed the toy in front of her master. The next part was the part she didn't like; she knew what she was supposed to do next. She hesitated for a few seconds. Her master was not pleased with this.

He got up off the bed and started to spank her. He ordered her to count and thank him for each hit. The first hit wasn't too hard and she replied One, thank you master.' Each hit got harder; finally he reached twenty and stopped.

'Now you know what you were supposed to do, now get on with it.' She positioned herself over the toy she had had to fetch and this time with no hesitation she started to bark and wag her tail over the toy. 'Good girl,' her master said and he picked up the toy and threw it again.

This time she fetched it, took it back and barked at the toy with no hesitation. Her master continued to play this game for 30 minute while he watched TV. His slave was started to get really cold by this point and her knees was sore from crawling on the carpet.

Her arse was sore from wagging her tail and her nipples sore from having them dangle down for so long. Towards the end of the 30minutes her master seemed to throw the toy further and further away and ordered her to bark louder and more enthusiastically. She didn't like this as her housemate was only in the room next door and she didn't want her to hear her barking loudly.

After her master's programme was finished he stopped throwing the toy. He ordered to face away from him and put her arse in the air. As she did this he started to push the anal beads further and further into her arse. He put all but one bead in. This was painful, her arse was already sore from wagging her tail and having more and bigger beads shoved in her didn't help. After all this punishment she was dripping wet.

Her master had never seen her so wet. She was so wet that she had started to drip onto the carpet.


After a few drops her master noticed this and her ordered her to lick it up. The carpet wasn't that clean and definitely didn't taste nice but she continued to lick the carpet until he gave her permission to stop.

After she had cleaned the carpet her master decided they should play on the wii fit. He told his slave to set it up. She knew what was coming next; she was to do the advanced obstacle course. She set the game up and started to run and jump on the game.

Her master enjoyed this as he could see the clamps bouncing up and down. She managed to complete the obstacle course which surprised her master so he decided to set a new challenge. He ordered her to crawl over to the bed and then kneel up. As she did he removed each nipple clamp. This was a relief after running and jumping on the wii they were incredibly sore. He then ordered her to stand up so she did. He then tightened the setting on each nipple clamp and attached them both to her clit.

This was really painful the weight in the clamps felt even heavier when they were attached to her clit. They pulled down on it stretching it as far as it would go. He then made her crawl around the room to check that they could stay attached and they did.

It was now time for her new challenge, she was to do the flying game with the clamps attached to her clit and would be punished for any toys the fell off or out of her body and for failing the game. She stood up on to the wii board and started the game. Every movement made the clamps swing more and made her clit swing which felt so painful.

Again her master enjoyed watching the swinging clamps and the discomfort on her face. This time the task was too painful and she failed the task and would be punished. Master made his slave stand up at the side on the bed and swing the clamps on her clit while he thought of a suitable punishment.

She started to swing the clamps hoping he would think of a suitable punishment soon as the clamps were hurting more and more with every swing. Two minutes later he thought of a suitable punishment and stopped her swinging the clamps. He made her get back down on all fours again and started to spank her as she counted and thanked him for each hit but this time she was to play with the anal beads as well.

He made her remove half the beads and then with every hit she was to insert one more bead and then remove it again.

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She found it hard to count and remove the beads in time to each hit. The spanking was starting to sting and the beads were hurting her arse. When master had hit her 20 times he asked if she thought she deserved to be punished more.

She knew the correct answer to this and replied 'yes master, I deserve punishing more.' So he continued until he reached 50 hits. At this point he told her to continue inserting and removing a bead while he inspected his work. Her arse was red with hand prints all over. He was pleased with this and stood watching her inserting and removing the beads for a while. He then told her to insert all the beads and come and sit on the floor in front of the bed.

He knew sitting down would make her arse even more sore. Once she was sat down he gave her two options. 'As you know dogs like you deserve to sleep on the floor but for a price I will allow you to sleep in the bed with me.' She wondered what this price would be but thought she could not possibly manage to fall asleep on the floor so she agreed to pay the price. As it happened master was pleased with her obedience that night so he didn't make the price too high. When she had been washing up master had attached the bed restraints to the bed.

As she lay down on the bed he attached her left leg and arm to these restraints and then used the handcuffs to attach her right arm to the top of the bed. He then removed the clamps on her clit and loosened the settings and attached them to her nipples again. He then removed the black beads and inserted the smaller pink ones, now she was ready for bed. Master turned the light out and went to sleep.

His slave lay for a while wondering how she could sleep while attached to the bed in such a way. The beads, vibrating egg, clamps and collar made the position even more uncomfortable but eventually she managed to fall asleep. I n the morning master woke her up. They were going for breakfast. He untied her from the bed. After last night and waking to see her in that position master was turned on.

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He instructed her to kneel on the floor and start sucking his cock. She did this for a while then as he felt himself about to come he removed himself from her mouth and shot his cum all over her face.

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He rubbed the cum on her face making sure she was covered in an even layer and then wiped the remainder of cum onto her tits. He then instructed her to lick all the last bits of cum off of him.

He then told her to get on all 4's and stay still so the clamps didn't swing. He removed the left clamp and put it back on her clit. He left her in that position while he got ready to go out. He then went over to her and fingered her for a while, this got her really wet but he didn't allow her to cum and slaves did not deserve to cum.

He then told her to stand up. He had put some light blue jeans on the bed with a white top and some socks. He told her that this was what she was to wear to go out. She pointed out to him that he had not picked out any underwear and for this she got a spanking.

He had purposely not chosen and underwear and she didn't deserve to wear underwear. 'Dirty little whores don't deserve underwear,' he reminded her. He removed the clamp from her clit and placed it back on her nipple. She then got dressed in the clothes he had chosen for her. Once she was ready he told her to sit down on the floor and bounce up and down.

He knew this could make the beads hurt and make her wet. He also knew by making her wet in pale jeans when wearing no underwear it would probably make the wetness show through her jeans and he was right. He told her she was driving and told her to leave the house. He picked up her jumper and went to the car with her. She drove to the cafe feeling very stupid. Her collar was clearly in view and the clamps could be seen through the white top.


When they got to the cafe he allowed her to remove the collar and leave it in the car. He then gave her a jumper that she put on.

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This meant nobody could see the clamps but he would know they were there. When they got to the cafe she was very wet and the wet patch on her jeans had grown. They were in the cafe for ages. Every movement meant she could feel the beads and clamps move and this kept making her wetter and wetter which made her nervous as he had given her the chair facing the assistants working in the cafe and she didn't want them to see her getting wet.

She was also aware that they could probable see what was on her face and she hoped they wouldn't realise that it was cum. She was relieved when they left the cafe. They got back to the car and he put her collar on her again. He told her she would be punished severely when they got in for acting like a dirty little whore and getting wet in front of the workers in the cafe.

This punishment was going to be masters favourite, he'd been waiting for this point all weekend. To be continued .