Military gay sex movie gallery Kyler Moss and Nick Duvall get into

Military gay sex movie gallery Kyler Moss and Nick Duvall get into
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Chapter 1 One day after school Holidae wasn't going to do her homework right away she diecided to go on the internet and play on facebook. The next day was her graduation day before she went off to college. Holidae didn't know what kind of college she wanted to go to. More then ever she found a college that she liked but it was on a different planet billions of light years away. Her parents didn't go to her gradutation because they where to busy working on a project for a big labatory that they work at.

Mrs. Holidae: So honey how was your gradutation? Holidae: It was fine it would of been better if you guys would of showen up it was the biggest day of my life and by next year i am off to college don't know where yet. Mr. Holidae: We would of have been there but are boss wanted use for a big project for this lab that we have a contract with. Holidae: Well at lest my godparents showed up to my gradutation but my own birthparents couldn't show up.

Mr. and Mrs. Holidae: We would of went but are job is more important and we couldn't get out of it if we tryed but we will be plaining your graduation party. She went up to her room didn't think about anything at all. Closed her door and turned on her computer wondering who was on skype at the time. One of her friends came online wondering what she was going to do for her graduation party.

Jessica: So my graduation party is going to be off the hook my parents are throwing me a alien invation party so you could dress up. Holidae: Sounds like fun. I don't know what my parents are going to throw me a party just don't know what kind of party its going to be. Jessica: That's fine if you don't know what kind of party it's going to be that is half the fun about it.

Holidae: I guess your right on that one but it's almost time for dinner i have to get washed up you know how my parents can be if i am late for dinner. Jessica: Yeah i guess so but ill talk to you later i have to go and pick stuff out for my party it's in July if you can come that would be great there will be guy's there as well.

Her parents call her down for dinner. She loges off her computer and heads down stairs for dinner. Mrs. Holidae: So honey who where you talking to in your room? Holidae: I was talking to Jessica she is having a party in July and wanted me to come it's going to be a good one. Mr.

Holidae: What kind of party is it going to be? Holidae: It's going to be her graduation party that i will be going to her mom is going to put on a alien invashion party for her. Mr. and Mrs. Holidae: Sounds like fun you going to go to it. it's a one life time opputunity to go. After dinner Holidae goes back up to her room as her parents go down stairs to watch switched a tv show they wanted to see since it aired on tv but couldn't catch it in time. Tv show: A long time ago in about the 1800's there was this guy named hole in a day.

He was an indian chief doing great things. No matter what happened he always drove off the white men that tryed to take over his land. Mrs. Holidae: You know Mark we have a good daughter but there is something in your pants that i want up my pussy. Mark: And what would that be Grace? Grace: Your dick Mark i am very horny today. And we havn't got any since about 3 weeks ago when Holidae was at bible camp. Hole in the day: White men grow stronger and more powerful we need to drive them away from are lands or kill them that way we can be free.

Worrior's: And how do you expect us to do that chief Hole in a day? Mark: Well Grace then you know what you want from me so here you go i can't keep my dick away from you. Grace goes down on her husband Mark not knowing what he does after a hard day of work. She undid his pants pulling them off of him slowly then start to play with his balls.

Realizing that he was watching the show she ripped off his underwear and start to suck on his soft dick. He moaned softly because he didn't want to let his daughter know that her mom was giving him a blow job in the family room right by her grandmother's bedroom.

She deep throats his cock he lets out a nice loud moan that could wake up the dead. Grace's mother come out of her bedroom and wondering what is going on. Lynae: Grace what the fuck is going on here i heard someone screaming? Grace: Nothing mother i was just giving my husband a blow job and he screamed out loud in a moan of pleasure is that not to hard to explain anything about having sex with my own husband.

Lynae: Yeah but your bedroom is just right over there you can fuck who ever you want to i don't care but not in my family room. You should have more commion since then that what would of happen if your daughter came down to use the bathroom and saw you sucking on that big cock of his how would you explain that to your daughter. Mark: Honey let me handle your mother i know what she want's. Grace: What are you going to do to my mother there Mark?

Mark: I am going to make her happy once in her sour puss old age. Come here Lynae let's see what that old body of yours can handle might need some wd 40 to lossin up your pussy. Lynae: The only lub your going to need is the one that comes out of that hot big jucie dick of yours.

Mark and Lynae goes into her bedroom while Grace filps throw the channels and finds Playboy porn on a higher channel and starts to play with herself. Christina: Hey there big boy what's a 17 year old boy doing here all alone wacking my weeds.

Henery: Well Mrs. Spicer i was just cleaning up your yard like you said for a price. ChristIna: I'll give you a price you can pay up too.

Henery: Yeah and what would that price be? Chirstina: Have you ever had sex with your best friends mom your not a little boy anymore and my husband is not home so i am super horny for your young big hard dick. Henery: Mrs. Spicer i can't fuck you i'm uner age and i could get you into trouble. Chrstina: Awww come on Henery like anyone is going to find out that you fuck my wet juice pussy don't you want it rapped around your dick.

Grace start to play wtih herself having no regrates on cheating on her husband that is banging her mother right now. Lynae: Oh god Mark yes lick my old snatch. Mark keeps licking Grace's mothers pussy. She moans out of pleauser. he keeps licking it more baring his face in her pussy juice. Lynae: Oh yes Mark fuck my wet pussy. Mean while up stairs in her duaghters bedroom Holidae went on skype again this time she wasn't talking to her friend Jessica.

She was talking to Zane from the planet. We talked for a while after his brake up from his ex-girlfriend he didn't menchin her much what he had told me about her is that she was a tottle bitch and she didn't deserive him. I told him if we meet in person that i would date him. He told me why don't i come to his planet and start my schooling there.

He also told me that they have the greates program. I told him that i would think about going to a different planet to go to school. Holidae: Well Zane i have to go to bed i am getting tired so i'll talk to you later hope i can see you sometime.

Zane: Yeah ok i'll see you later Holidae have a good night sleep. After Holidae got done talking with Zane she went down stairs to go take a shower and head off to bed out of the conner of her eye she see that her mom is naked and playing with herself with one of her rubber dicks. She thought nothing off it she knew that her mom was very sexualy active in her own way. She walks up to her mother and ask's.

Holidae: So why isn't dad porking your pussy right now? Grace: Because grandma cought us while i was sucking on your dad's dick and she wanted some of it so your dad is fucking your grandmother right now. Holidae: Oh ok what ever floats his boat i guess. Holidae went into the bathroom and turned on the shower then hops in. She hears her dad and grandmother going at it in the other room as the head bored bangs on the wall.

When she gets done with her shower and get her pj's on she goes back up stairs and crawls into bed. The next month in July Holidae went to her friends grauation party. when she got there her mother answered the door. Becky: Can i help you Holidae? Holidae: I was invited to a graduation party by your daughter. Becky: Oh yes well all of them are in the back yard if you want you can go and meet them. Holidae: That would be great thank you. Holidae walked back to the backyard where all the kids where getting ready for the graduation party.

She walked up to Jessica and taped her on the shoulder.


Jessica: You made it. Holidae: Yes i did so what's up? Jessica: Nothing much just getting ready for the alien invasion party. We been setting up for it what do yout think. Holidae: I think that it's going to be a real good hit on a graduation party a remember that we will never forget.

Other kids where setting up the decerations. One kid name Joe he had to go use the bathroom so he goes into the house and Jessica's mom is standing there naked wondering if she could fuck Joe. the next kid showed up to Jessica's party it was Alucard Tepish he should up right when it became dusk no one knows what is condition was towards the sun light. Becky: So Joe where are you heading?

Joe: I was going to go use the bathroom i really have to go use it. Becky: Can i watch you go maybe see if i can give you a hand with your cock. Joe: I don't know i am under age for you don't you think. Becky: Come on Joe i am not asking you to marry me i am just asking for a little bit of cock i havn't got fucked in a very long time and my wet juice pussy needs your cock in it. Joe: Ok fine you can watch me maybe it will turn me on about you and you will get my thick big cock in your wet hot juicey pussy.

The both of them went up stairs into the bathroom he whiped out is dick and started to pee. Jessica's mom went be hind him and held his dick for him as he was peeing. He turned around and started to play with her clit she let a slight moan in pleasure. Becky: Oh god Joe fuck me please don't make me beg for it.

Joe laid her down on the bathroom floor spanked her pussy with his big dick it got harder in is pants. She laid there taking every beating from is cock moaning more into pleasure. He went down kissing her neck as he was inserting is dick in her pussy and begining to fuck her. Becky: Oh yes Joe more please Joe god you feel so good in me.

As the party was going good Becky and Joe where thursting hips togeather hard and faster. Becky: Holy shit Joe yes fuck me god yes i love you Joe Joe thought nothing of it because it was just sex to him the faster he went the louder she was on her moaning. he barried his dick all the way up the birth conall. She felt every inch of him moaning out louder in pleasure. Becky: Oh my fucking god yes Joe don't stop i want to cum with you. As Joe was about to cum she pounded ther pussy all the way up to his balls taking in all of his dick in her pussy.

She moaned louder cuming when he was cumming with her. Becky: Oh my god Holy shit Joe yes wow your a great fuck thank you for pounding me out i really need that. Joe: Becky you where my first woman that i have every fucked thank you for giving me that chance.

Becky: I keep seeing you looking at me sexualy when you where over here helping my daughter out with her homework i wanted to fuck you then but i was stilled married to my ex-husband know since i am not with that asshole anymore i am a free woman and can fuck who ever i want. Joe: Yeah i guess you can thank you for the sex you are the hotties girl i have ever fucked.

Joe walked down stairs joining the party with his friends Jessica walked up to him. Jessica: So how was the bathroom you where in there for a long time my mom didn't have a hand on your cock did she.

Joe: It was good i know i was in there for a long time and no your mom was not in there with me i had to masterbate and i didn't think it would of been right if i just whiped out my dick here and started to storke it in front of everybody. Jessica: Good point well you ready to join back to the party. Joe: of course i would love too.

Joe joined back into the party that his friends where a part of wondering what could have been with Jessica's mom.

He wasn't thinking clearly all he could think about at that party was Jessica's mom with her curved body her 44 tripple d tits and that nice tight pussy that he just got done fucking not to long ago.

After the party was over everyone went home holidae didn't have a ride and was a little drunk Joe walked up to holidae. Joe: Do you have a ride home Holidae? Holidae: No i do not have a ride home someone was sapost to pick me up and take me home but i guess they forgot.

Joe: I do have my car here would you like a ride home? Holidae: Sure i would love a ride home and just so that we are clear no tricks on getting me into bed so you can fuck me i am saving that towards marrage.

Joe: Of course i am not going to get you into bed i wouldn't do that ok by the way can you keep a secert. Holidae: Sure what is it?

Joe: Well when i went into Jessica's house to go use the bathroom her mom was standing there naked and wanted me to fuck her.

Holidae: Holy shit what did you do? Joe: Well we both went up stairs in her private bathroom i was taking a piss and her had went on my cock jurking it. Holidae: Wow so if you don't mind me by asking how was it? Joe: Oh my god she knows how to please a man i think i am going to keep on seeing her and still pound that pussy of hers. Holidae: Well she not married anymore so what ever you want to do with her that is fine.

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Joe: Well here we are at your house have a good night thanks for that talk. Holidae: Your welcome anyway i can help out a friend to figure out his sex life with an older woman.

Holidae walked into the house went up stairs thinking Zane was going to be on but he wasn't so she took her drunk ass to bed an slept it off. Wondering when Zane was going to be on again. The next day Holidae went out to look for jobs because she didn't want her parents to pay for her college she wanted to earn it on her own. She walked around filling out applocations thinking about what was Zane up to and if she could go to college on another planet what that would be like.

More appolications she filled out the more job oppertunties would come. When she got back home she saw her parents having a three some with her grandmother she just didn't worry about that and went up stairs and hoped on skype to see if Zane was on. Zane: Hey it's me Zane look failbook is being a huge dick they just suspended my account for my "safety" because my name isn't "authentic" I'm trying my Computer.

Holidae: Oh my ok be safe. Zane: Heh. (laughing in his own language.) Holidae: I do worry about you. Zane: Mhm Holidae: Oh bubby Zane: My skype was better off hand over my account. Holidae: Yea but why go after you and no one else Alucard don't use his real name on skype. Zane: I don't know but they've been hitting my other friends too.

Holidae: Hum not good. Maybe someone reported you and your friends Zane: No it's skype their only going after rpers. Holidae: Damn Zane: Yeah but.hmmmm Holidae: That's not right Zane: no it isn't right. But it is getting late i have class in the morning. They both signed off of skype and went to bed.

The next morning Holidae road her bike to work she had a early shift at Northpark pet store. She didn't want to be late for her first day on the job. Her boss was kind of nice if you where a few min. late he would cut you some slack on the first day but after that he was mostly a dick. Some times Holidae thought that he needed to get laid. Jerry: Hey Holidae why don't you go stock the animal food in issle 6. Holidae: Yes sir.

Jerry: Hey Amanda what the fuck are you standing around for get your ass to work or your fucking fired you got me. Amanda: I don't have to take this shit from you. You want to fired me then go right a head what a fucking dick that you are. Jerry: Fine you want to play hard ball. Pack your shit, clean out your fucking locker, and get the fuck out of my store you fucking whore.

Amanda started to cry on how her boss treated her. She was glade to get rid of that asshole of a boss even thow when she first started her boss couldn't keep his hands off of her and been undressing her with his eyes when he stued in a conner. Amanda started to clean out her locker put all her work clothes in a nice pile for her boss togather up she was happy now. About a week later Holidae got promoted to head cashier.

She had a smoking body on her Jerry wanted to see what was underneath all that clothing he started to think about her tight pussy and those big tits of hers.

Jerry: You know Holidae you can take your brake now. Holidae: Why thank you Mr. Gilbert. By the way how long of a brake do i get? Jerry: Well since your working an 8 hour shift you get 3 brakes one 15 min. one 30 min. and one 15 min. brakes. Holidae: Sweet ok thank you Mr. Gilbert. Holidae went outside to smoke her ciggerates it was only her 15 min. first brake. She stued there smoking away not knowing that her boss was up in his office looking down her shirt. He thought to himself ( Boy what i wouldn't do to get some of that action of her body.

I know if i am nice to her maybe ill invite her over to my house and have my way with her.) He was a dirty old man that Gilbert but he didn't care as long as he got pussy he was happy. After Holidae's brake her boss Jerry Gilbert comes up to her and ask her a quesion. Jerry: Hey Holidae me and one of my friends is going to go see a movie and he wants us to go on a double date. Would you be intrested in going with me as friends? Holidae: That sounds great and all but i have other plains that i can not miss but if you want me to go it could get me out of the house.

Jerry: Great what time should i come by and pick you up? Holidae: It don't matter as long as we are not late getting to the movies.

Jerry: Ok then the movie starts at 8 pm tonight so ill come and pick you up around 7? Holidae: Sounds good to me ill see you then. When she got home after work her grandmother was in the kitchen baking cookies. She went up to her room to check on her emails to see if she got in to any college's she applyed for. After dinner she went back up stairs to talk with Zane before she had to go to the movies with her boss. Holidae: How long would it take before you get your page back?

Zane: I don't know. Holidae: That sucks. Zane: Yeah I just got a reply from them it says they won't give it back unless I give them a pic of my ID.which I do not have. Holidae: Damn. Zane: At some point I need to go get it and i don't know how long that is going to take. because I have to do all this other shit before I can even do that and mom hardly ever has a day off. Holidae: It usually takes about a month to get your id in the mail.

Yea. Is the DMV close to you which you can walk to? Zane: No it's not and I'm not good with direction I need mom to take me there. Holidae: Ok Zane: But I just don't know when that's going to be.

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Holidae: Yea Zane: If only I hadn't told them who I really as I could have used Emmett's ID. Holidae: Yea Zane: .I don't think my mom is going to help me. After they been talking for about an hour Holidae looks at the time and tells Zane that she has to go. Holidae: I am sorry to cut this short Zane your a really nice person to talk to but i have to go to the movies with my boss. Zane: Ok ill be here when you get back and then we can finish are conversation.

Holidae: Sounds good to me. Holidae logs off and waits for jerry to pick her up and go to the movies. He pulls up and ask her.

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Jerry: are you ready to go? Holidae: Yes i am lets go to the movies. Jerry drives off but he takes a turn some where else doesn't seam like there going to the movies. He pulls up into his yard at his house.

Jerry: Here we are. Holidae: This doesn't look like the movie theater where are we? Jerry: We are at my house i have a movie theater in my basement.

I thought i told you. Holidae: No you did not tell me about this and if you think that your going to have sex with me you have another thing coming. Jerry: No it's not like that i don't sleep with my emplyees. Holidae: I hope you don't because i don't sleep with any guy that is not going to take relationships seriously. Holidae and Jerry get out of the car and walks into his house wondering where is friends that where coming is.

It was around 8:30 no one showed up i was wondering if he was liying to me so he could get down my pants something was not right with this picture. So i asked him. Holidae: Ok Jerry what the hell is going on here it's just you and me here no one else? Jerry: Ok fine i wanted to hang out with you and get to know you more better then just empolyee's. You be my first friend i would have to hang out with. Holidae and Jerry sat down and started drinking coffee to get to know each other one thing lead to another and they where all over each other she didn't know what was going on but it felt great having a man that wanted her sexy verigin body.

So they went up to his bedroom and started to rip each others clothes off like rabbits in heat. Holidae: I hope this doesn't change anything between us. Jerry: No why should it. All where doing is just having sex. Holidae: Yeah maybe your right it is just two people have the greates sex in there life.

Jerry went by her neck and kisses it then lays his toung up and down her body getting to her clit.

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She moans out loud like this is her first time have sex with another person besides herself. Holidae: Oh god Jerry give it to me. Jerry continues to lick her clit while sticking his whole fist in her vergin pussy. She screams like nothing before Jerry ddin't know what to think after that he thought that she had sex once before.

Holidae: Holy shit Jerry i want your dick in me fucking that pussy of mine i am so wet for you. Jerry didn't know what to think so he did what the girl wants him to do. He stuck his dick in her ramed it in her really good all 7&1/2 inches up her vergin pussy. Holidae: Oh fuck yea that is the fucking spot Jerry fuck me pound me harder i want to feel every inch of you in me. He pounds her so hard and so fast the the bed brakes and they both cum all over each other.

Jerry: Wow Holidae that was great holy shit. Holidae: Yeah i know and just think you where my first fuck. After fucking for an 1 1/2 hours Jerry decides that she should take Holidae home. She gets home around 5 in the morning goes up stairs and takes a shower before she has to go back to work that day.

Then she realized that she had the day off and goes right into bed and sleep for about 12 hours. She got up around 8 o'clock that night and goes on her computer to finish the converstation she was having with her friend Zane.

Holidae: Then ask Emmett. Zane: Like that is gonna do anything he doesn't have a car she is the only one with a car hell she could take me to a library or something get me a library card apparently that can be used as a ID too. hell it just needs my name not even my pic on there just my name and date of birth.

but the thing is I might have to make two of them one saying Dee Raven Bay and another saying Zane because idk if they are wanting a ID of Zane or Dee.

Holidae: What name did you give them? You can only have one id. Zane: One min I'll just send you what they are doing. fuck it I'll just try and tell you what I remember. Holidae: Ok Zane: when it told me to input a name I inputed Zane again then it said it was unable to confirm what I put in so I told them my real name and sent them a pic of my self again after doing so the first time both different rl pics of me.

but honestly they wont give my account back unless I show them a pic of my ID. Holidae: You need to show them an id of your rl name. Zane: Alright so I either go get my ID or go to a library and make a library card with my date of birth and full name on it.both of which I can't do because I don't know this town like I knew Tython .wait Holidae.

Holidae: Show them your Tython id card. Zane: I don't have one. Seriously I never got one. and my Library Card is lost too. Holidae: Shit.


Wow. Zane: I have a idea though and I would need yours and a Male of your choices help too. still there? Holidae: I'll scan mine in my printer and send it to you. I don't know if William would help but I can ask Alucard if he would help. Zane: Holidae I need someone to go to the Library and get a Library Card with my name and Birthdate on it.

It has to say Name: Dee Raven Bay. Holidae: I can't do that without you being there and my libraries don't show birth dates. Just names. Can you send them you birth certificate? Zane: Dammit and no I don't even have my social security card.because mom lost it.

Holidae: Shit. That's easy to get you just go to social security office. You don't have to pay for that. Birth certificate you have to pay for. Zane: That is if mom has any time for that again she is the only person with the car and she works like all the damn time. Holidae: Damn if I was there I would be driving you around. Zane: Hell she could take me to a library right now and get me a Library Card at least I would have something I could use to get my account back.

Holidae: Yea is she there? Zane: She is but she isn't going to do it.she yelled at me when I mentioned it saying I most likely did something bad.

Holidae: Damn what a mom. Zane: Pretty much she get's pissed when I didn't get a ID now she is pissed because I want a ID. Holidae: It's not a win win for her is it? Zane: never is. But Holidae it was nice chatting with you i have to go i have class tonight at the college ill talk to you tomorrow if you are up to it.

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Holidae: Deffently up to talking with you Zane have a good day at class hope you learn something. They both loged off it was getting pretty late and Holidae had to go to work the next morning so she went to go take another shower and headed off to bed playing with her new vibrater thinking that it was Zane's dick going in and out of her. The next day Holidae went to work thinking nothing happened with her boss that night.

He walked up to her and wanted to ask her a question. But when he got there he forgot what he wanted to ask her in person. Jerry pondered on it for a while and could not think on anything he wanted to ask her so he left it alone.

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After the day was done she quickly went home and hoped on her computer and started to chat wtih Zane again. Holidae: Not good Zane: It's fine I should be used to this shit. Holidae: Alucard said make a new page. Zane: No I need this account back I have things on there I can't replace. most of my friends on there I wont be able to find again. Holidae: Ok Zane: Not only that but there no way I can make a new email for it either my email is still being used for that account because it's not terminated just suspended.I would need a cell phone number to even make the new email.

Holidae: Hum I didn't my cell number to make a new account. Zane: Well that is how Yahoo is doing things now.

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Holidae: Damn. Zane: Yeah everything is turning to shit and my mom doesn't even care. Holidae: Everything is not going to shit. You just don't have help from anyone. Zane: Yeah. Holidae: You need help to make this happen. Yea I know Zane: I have no one here who cares enough to help me. Holidae: I care but I'm here and you are there. Zane: I know I meant everyone where I am. Emmett cares too but he has no car other wise he might've helped me too.

Holidae: Yea I know Emmett cares and he should show you around town. Zane: Even he doesn't know Holidae we just moved here a year or two ago. Holidae: Yea. Zane: (sighs) Holidae: Wish I was there. Zane: Yeah. Holidae: I would be helping you. Zane: I know sis. Holidae: I would be taking you everywhere.

Zane: Awwww. Holidae: And I wouldn't care if you would put up a fight. Zane: Lol. Holidae: You need to get out of the house and have fun. Zane: Can't when I don't know where I am. Holidae: And how would you know if you don't go out. Zane: I think I just mentioned I have no sense of direction I easily get lost Holidae I've not been in this town since I was a child like I was in Tython. Holidae: I have no sense of direction either I get lost all the time when I'm by myself. That's the point of getting out and finding my way around here.

I never heard of Brainerd until I met Alucard. I lived in the cities my whole life. I still ask Alucard how to get to places and I've been living in Brainerd for 2 years. Zane: Holidae just stop!!!! The point is I need my mom for this alright!!!

She is the only one who has all my shit and knows what to do!!! Holidae: Ok I'll stop Zane: No matter how we went about this I still need mom she has all my info and knows how to get it too. Holidae: Yea Zane: I'm sorry if I got angry at you.I know your only trying to help.

Holidae: It's ok. You are right the only one that can help is your mom. It was getting late that night and Zane had school in the morning he forget all about it until it was too late he lost track of time and so did she. Zane looked at the time it was 6 o'clock in the morining there he told Holidae that he has to go.

So he can get ready for his class that he has today but didn't get any sleep. So he loged off of skype and went to class that he was teaching. Holidae didn't have to work that day but had to pick up her paycheck and save that towards her college education. She didn't know what she wanted to do for the rest of her life so she thought to just take general's until she could figure it out. She hoped in her car and drove to work to get her paycheck and went to the bank.

Bank teller: Hi i'm Matt and i will be your bank teller today how may i help you? Holidae: Yeah i would like to open up a bank account with you guys. Bank Teller Matt: Ok why don't you have a set in are lobby and i could get someone over to you and we can help you set up her account with us today.

Holidae: That would be great thank you. Matt called up to one of that higher ups that could help her with the account from Pandora bank. A guy walked up to her.

Bank Manager Tom: Holidea can you come with me and we get you going on your bank account for are bank. Holidae: Ok Tom lets go into your office and have a bussines meeting and see what my oppions are on getting an account with this bank. Tom and Holidae went into his office he couldn't stop stairing at her tits they way she prosented her self was unbalivable. He got hot in the first 10 mins. in there meeting so he wanted to ask her a question out of the ordernary.

Bank Manager Tom: Holidae could i ask you a question? Holidae: Sure what is the question you wanted to ask me and if it i want to sleep with you and fuck the shit out of your pussy the answer to that would be another question i would ask.

Bank Manager Tom: Ok then that answered my question and i didn't have to ask. And what would of your question be to me. Holidae: Well you see Tom i ran into alot of guys like you thinking that you can have any woman you want and my question to you would be are you married?

Bank Manager Tom: Well you see i am not married yet. But i don't want to throw it all away because i want to fuck a young beautiful person like your self. Holidae: I am here for buissness not pleausre so if we are going to do bussiness then we can procied on it if not i will take my bussiness somewhere else where there going to help me set up an a account and not try to sleep with me or have sex with me my pussy is not going to be used just for sex so that i can get what ever i want in life.

Bank Manager Tom: Ok i am sorry that i want to fuck you so if we could porcead we can get you on your way. The bank manager filled out all the infromation that he needed to get her going on her own account. They didn't fuck at all that day it was to risky for the both of them. She went home after have a fewed with the bank and hoped on skype and started to chat with her friend/ brother. Zane: That if she will. Holidae: Yea.

Zane: She did say she'd see what she can do.Honestly I don't think she even cares. Holidae: Yea now its a waiting game. Zane: Yeah.One I will win. Holidae: Yes you will. Zane: I just need a government ID.if I get that then I will win. Holidae: Yes you will. Zane: I changed my account name til I get my Zane account back I've turned this account into my rl account. Holidae: Ok.

After she told Zane that a bank manager from Pandora bank wanted to have sex with her right in the office while all she wanted to do was to get a bank account so she didn't have to anything just keep her money or buy anything to cash her check.


He was supprised that they did something like that they stopped two low that time. She also told him that they job she has her boss like to fuck younger woman tell them that he will take them out to the movies and insted take them to his house lie about the whole thing and fuck them at his house.

He couldn't beleive his ears he go so mad that he wanted to go to earth and just be with Holidae so other guys would leave her alone. The End Of Chapter 1