Lethal Lipss Big Tits Ebony Sucked A Big Cock And Screwed In Her Ass

Lethal Lipss Big Tits Ebony Sucked A Big Cock And Screwed In Her Ass
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this is FANTASY yust so you know Im in kina looking for a place to live in thats not a town no cars,air planes,mobile so moved to a littel village ther it was like 300 poepol that livd. anyway im in my house and looking out at the village in the deep wood my job is to take care of the nature thats no problem out here. its late i got to sleep so i sleept like 4 hours then i wake up from some nois i sound like some one was moaning so i sneakd out from my hut in the middle of night.

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i followd the moaning to hut 2 min from my hut i sneakd to the open door and lookd in and i did see a village girl looks like shes 14-15 long black hair gets fuckd in the ass shes moaning more and more then i feel hov my cock gets harder and harder- the women is moaning more and more then the guy cum in her ass!.

the guy then takes the women in the hair and throws her out they cant see im in the dark but im yust 2 meters away.she starts to walk in to the wood and im following her shes all naked she walks after path she walks like 10 minuts from the village im still following im feeling that my dick gets biger and biger after a time i take of my underwears and a big cock looks up im still following her. she stops a water fall and bends over to drink then i see her nice littel ass im taking the chanc and sneaks to her ready for it i push my cock in to her ass she screams i start to fuck her hard then more harder realy hard!

then i throw her at the ground and grabbes her legs and push my cock in to her wet pussy i feelt it was a bitt hard to get in but i made it and i start to fuck her and i fuck her harder and harder shes crying and moaning i roll her over on her stomach and takes her pussy agen and fuck it hard shes still crying and moaning i fuckd her pussy and then i grabbed her and stand up and moved her pussy over and start to fuck her standing she stop crying and moans more and more at the end i cant take any more and i cum in to her little pussy she falls to the ground and faints and i start to walk home or i start to run home in the middle of night when i come home im going to sleep and sleeps to 09:03 i wakes up and takes my clothes on my and starts to work in the nature.

im walking around in nature and looks so no one have damage the trees or someting after i walkd around 20 min i start to see this little girl thats all of her self out ther she looks like she are lost in the dungel i start to walkd to her she cant by more then 8 years old black hair green blue eyes i walkd up to her and askd her in chines if she have got lost?.

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she answerd my .Yesss and i sayd that i can help her home if she want?. she sayd yesss. i start to carrier her and walkd away whit her she askd if this was right way home and i sayd yes it is we wher walking to some rocks ther i put her down and fuckd her hard we did like the butterfly and the missonary one way of it shes screaming but its great sex we did it like 2 hours then she suck my cock and i fuckd her mouth then i heard someting and i did see a man standing and looking on us he takes out his hard cock and whant to join us.

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then we fuckd the shit of that little girl we wher fucking her like 4 hours then we cum all over her and in her then i carried her om to my hut and fuckd her in it like 2 hours then we sleept.

i wake up and lookd at her sleeping it was so bueateful my cock was geting harder i need to fuck her so.

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i start to fuck her little ass agen she waked up screamd i tierd her mouth and her arms and ass fuckd her more then i cumd in it!.we did the the butterly agen it was so pretty i fuckd her a long bitt over lunch and late to the night. and no one was mising her so i keept her i teach her hove to fuck and tings about sex. now she is 14 her name that i gave her is jing she have titts and she so beautiful we fuck like 4 times at day and out her we dont have condoms but she isent pregnant becous im making my owne condom.

after this years she isent screaming shes moaning and happy we fucks some times on the day and she can live her and i feed her whit cum and food. on time she had a friend whit her home i fuckd the shit out of her to i fukd her so hard that she faint and she then sleept over her i and jing fuckd her in the night her freind on my cock and jing on my face whit her pussy it was great i cum in her freinds ass and jing gum over my face then when we wake up next day we fuckd agen but her freind leavd us but i meet her some times and fuck her behind some hut or in the wood.

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but the greatest sex is whit jing shes great on it but what did you think i have teach her ;). move to china was the best ting i ever done and to fuck this girl.

on time i fuckd her so hard that so she screamd like she did the first time i fuckd her. but im not only fucking jin and her friend i fuckd a 15 years old girl in the wood when she was peeing i jumpd at her and did the missonary whit her she screamd but moaned at the end then i cumd over her and she cumd to i fuck her some times when i finde her.

but jin is my favorite she so good and my cock feels so good in her plz comment im new one this tings.