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ok i gotten some bad feedback on the serious but also some goood, you might hate me for this chapter, its a shitty twist, so ill be taken a break from writing the series for awhie until i get some good feedback.


i suck at writing i nkow, that is what many of you say but ill write the next chapters even if one peerson wants me to, so hopefully enjoy chapter 5 Legendary Shy Chapter 5 I gave a puzzling look at her then turned around looked at the demon then back to her.

"ok if it's a demon then why is it here?" she looked around then said in a hoarse voice, "its probably aft-" right then a deep screeching voice said, "im here for you angel, you have been in this world long enough, its time for you to disappear." I blinked, then couldn't help but smile, *why in the hell am I always in the fucking middle?* the second I thought that it turned to me and said in its screeching voice, "you mortal shall die along with the bitch angel." For some reason I started to laugh, I couldn't stop, I looked at Sarah she gave me a look like I was crazy, I looked at the demon and I got the same look.

I guess he got tired of me cause he charged towards Ms. Higgins, I guess he was serious, I started to run after it, 'shit its going to beat me there, but wait, its serious, Sarah's going to die!' I quicken my pace somehow; I tackled Sarah as the clawed arm came down. I suddenly felt a white searing pain slash through my back, I felt eat sorrow and hate, I was screaming but not in pain but in agony, I saw things that were flawed in human society. I was on my hands and knee above Sarah; she was crying why was everything was going so fast I couldn't keep up with it all, I heard her whisper, "why ken?

Why did you save me?" I slowly tried to stand, wavering with the pain in my back; I looked down at her and said, "Because everyone still needs a homeroom teacher." I turned and walked a few paces in front of the demon it gave this high pitch noise, I guess it was laughing and said, "so you have some balls human?

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Then move out of the way!" it move so fast I couldn't even respond, I felt its great arm hit me in the side. All I could see was cement, sky; cement, sky then I hit a fence, I slouched against the ground, my finish was blurring, I could see the thing laughing at Sarah trying to crawl away; then it started to raise its arms, I felt a blinding white pain sear through my body, and couldn't keep my anger down, "NOOOO!!" "NOOO!!" the demon was bringing its arm down when Kens' voice rang out, followed by a blinding white light.

I saw the demon turn around and back away from me, I gasped at what I saw, ken was floating towards us, growing pure white, his eyes were burning gold; he spoke but not in his voice, "you shall not harm that child, I shall purge thy evil." With that he lowered to the ground and the glowing stopped, but then he started to chant something&hellip.wait…no it can't be, the old tongue?

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No one has spoken that in an era, and why Ken? He raised his arms before him, then the ground around him started to crack and break apart, then a bright light erupted around him. "Rise child what is your name?" I opened my eyes I was floating I think.

I saw some guy in a grey robe with a black sword across his back. I looked around then said, "Where am I?" he gave me a look for a second then said, "you are in my world, but no one is allowed here except for the chosen." I blinked for a second, why me?

Why in the hell am I always the one getting into these things?" as if he read my mind, "Because you are apparently the chosen one, it seems you have passed the test given by god." "Wait god has been doing this to me why?" he looked up then back to me, "he has only done this twice before during times of great danger, the last time this happened it was 1938, so I believe something bad will happen soon." I couldn't believe what was going on, and then I felt something on my back.

I looked around and saw the sword on the guys back was on mine.

It had a pure black hilt, I was memorized when I heard him speak again, "pull it out, after that you shall return to your world, but to make the sword appear and disappear, speak the words on the blade.

Return so you shall save the angel." I unsheathed the sword and held it in front, the guy then smiled for some reason, and then he burst into smoke, and flew directly into me, my vision turned into different scenes, wars, peace, death life, love hate, people, places, history, future, were just going through me.

Then it all stopped as sudden s it began. I had the knowledge of what the guy knew, but I learned his name also, it was— I realized I was back at school, the demon was still in front of me a short distance, and Sarah was still on the ground behind it. It said in a voice of fear and anger, "who in world are you mortal?" I looked at the sword and realized the blade was pure white, but the hilt was pure black.

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I guess I knew what it meant. I looked into the creatures eyes and said, "I am gods sword, I am Death." I saw Sarah flinch in fear, the start to back away from the demon, even the demon back up a bit.

It gave a howling scream and charged at me, it didn't even get 3 feet before, it fell to the ground missing both legs and ripped in half, "I crouched beside Sarah and held out my hand, "are you ok Sarah? Its ok, lets go." I gave a soft smile then added, "or were going to be late to class." I saw the fear in her eyes but she grabbed my hand I lifted her up, and held her close, the demon said in a fading voice, "I won't be the last, the plans are already into motion.

You will fail!" I looked down at it and sheathed my sword and said in a soft voice, "LOVE IS THE ENDING." With that it burst into ash and vanished, the darkness lifted with it, Sarah back off, then a white light similar to the darkness surround us, then a deep voice said, "Yes Sarah? Why are you calling me&hellip.oh, it seems he is also there, let me guess it has finally happened?" Sarah said in an angry voice, "You knew wall along didn't you?

That he was the chosen one? Whats going on?" I looked around and blinked a few times, serious what is she talking about; I knew some of it but still.

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"Yes I knew so of the things but not all, anyways you need to get back to your job, we will discuss it later, something just happened in Alaska, I need to take care of a few things. So ill leave you to this." With that the light ended, Sarah looked at the ground, I walked closer and said, "Are you ok Ms. Higgins?" then before I could say anything else she was hugging up against me balling, I awkwardly hugged her, she backed off wiping her eyes, she said, "I sorry that its you Ken I wish it wasn't." with that she vanished into a golden glow like usual.

I flipped open my cell phone and looked at the time, shit im late again; I started to walk towards 3rd hour. Along the way I kept on getting weird looks from people, I really didn't understand, they were frightened looks, like they just saw something to scare the shit out of them. I opened the door to 3rd hour, Ms. Higgins said while turning to face me, "you're late, where have-" then her and a few other girls in the gasped, and a few of the guys flinched. I looked at all them, and then Ms.

Higgins said "Ken, what happened?" I gave her a look like what the hell do you mean? But realized no one else knew about it, I turned and looked into the mirror and was taken back by what I saw, I had a slashed running down my left eye and blood was covering half of my face, my shirt was red and crimson ,my shirt was torn here and there. I turned thinking fast, "oh im sorry I forgot to change." There was a silence for a second then Courtney slowly stood, and yelled, "YEAH RIGHT WHAT IN THE HELL HAPPENED KEN!" it looked like she was about to burst into tears.

I sighed and said, "I was coming to second hour after I finished my talk with Ms. Higgins, when I saw some big guy chasing after a girl, I decided to find out what was happening, I guess I cant stay out of other peoples problems." That got a few nervous laughs and a couple giggles. "I found them in an alley I guess the guy was trying to mug her or something, I attempted to stop them, and this is what the result is." Before anyone could ask anything else, I turned to Sarah and said, "ill be missing 3rd hour, I get cleaned up, ill stop by the nurses office to get this cut stitched." I walked out of the room without another word.

I finally made it to the nurses office, when I opened the door, when I did I heard a gasp, and looked at the desk, and said, "why are you here Heather?" she gave me stern look then said, "that is not important right now, what in the hell happened to you, I thought you said you weren't going to get into anymore trouble? Never mind sit on the bed." I sat down and she brought over a wet towel and a bucket of water, she washed the dry blood off my head then went to work stitching it.

When she finished it still stung from before. Then she said something that made me flinch, "it seems like you were in the wrong place in the wrong time, being hero again? Your lucky you found something to help you out." I looked at her but her eyes were different, and the room darkened again like before.

Her eyes went red and slit like snake eyes, I walked back a few paces, then whispered, "no&hellip.why are you one?" she gave a laugh then gave this seductive look, "because it is who I am ken, but don't worry I know what you are now&hellip.but it's just makes me want you more!" I could hear the death talking, but I didn't want to fight, so I looked through the memories and found what I wanted.

I started to speak softly, then the darkness vanished, I looked at Heather wide eyed, "back to normal good, look I don't want to hurt you ok? Thank you for stitching me up; I wont let this change anything, but don't hurt anyone in the school ok?" without another word I exited the room, why am I always in the middle, and why did heather have to be an arch demon, why why why why.

Wait if heather is one& not Wesley too. God im so stupid; I quickly walked out to the car and drove towards home, but half way there, I go a sinking feeling in my heart, it felt like a rock was forming in my stomach, I knew something bad had just happened.

I awoke to see a few familiar faces, I looked around and realized where I was at, it was the hospital, I look at Courtney, Angela, Zach, and Jake sitting around my bed I took a look at each of them and quickly lowered my head blushing.

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"Doctor he is awake!" I heard Courtney say from the door. She walked back and sat down, Jake looked nervous then said, "Do you remember anything man? About what happened before?" I looked into al there eyes and thought back, when I spoke my voice was hoarse, "there was a wreck…some trucker flipped his truck&hellip.wait it was a toxic waste truck, I remember running then I woke up here." at that second a doctor and nurse walked in, it was Wesley, when she looked at me I flinched, "ok kids visiting hours are over, we need to talk to and see how well Mr.

Gethings is doing." They all gave there goodbyes why were they all sad? The doctor pulled a stool beside the bed and pulled a stool beside it. He flashed a light, took my temperature, pulse, and so on. Then at the end, he finally asked me what I remembered from before, I repeated myself again, and then he got a relieved smile on his face but still had sad eyes. "Mr. Gethings all the events you just said had taken place exactly one year ago.

You have been in a coma for 1 year. Exactly one year to be precise, you must stay in the hospital for a week or two until we know your able to walk and other things. Please rest for now." I was just shocked… "……one year?" I whispered; I missed everything for a year.

"Yes Mr. Gethings I know it must be hard for you. But please don't freak out. I just looked at him; I slowly laid back down and rolled to my side facing away from him, so he wouldn't be able to see the tears forming at my eyes.

The first week passed with Jake, Zach, Courtney, penny, and Angela coming to visit me. The sad look disappeared by one of relief. It must have been hard on them; I asked a lot of questions. Nothing really changed except ages and school, penny moved back in with her parents. When they left, the doctor walked in with my parents, before I could even say anything my mom was balling into my shoulder, "oh ken thank god you back, we were so worried!" I looked up at my dad but he had tears coming out of his eyes also, "sorry we didn't come sooner son, we were at a rig site in Alaska." After a few more minutes my mom finally calmed down to be able to sit in a chair.

The doctor finally stepped out of the corner and said, "He should be able to leave with you both tonight.


He is fine but has the scares, he shouldn't stress himself too much." My mom then said, "Oh he will need some clothes! Ill go get some from home be back in a minute honey." Then she left with the doctor following her. My dad turned back to me, "so your finally awake good, you gave us all a hell of a scare this past year ken." I slightly nodded but couldn't bring my eyes up to look at him, "yeah the reporters were everywhere trying to find out who you were and all that nonsense, I think if there is a word of you waking up they will be here faster than a lighting bolt." I gave a laugh and looked at him; he just smiled back at me.

My mother returned shortly after that, I got dressed and we left for home, I guess everything wasn't as bad as I thought. What I didn't see was the pair of eyes following us out from the hospital, pure red slit eyes, a voice said into a phone, "yes master he is the one&hellip.I could feel him tapping into the future, its as you said&hellip.I understand." But there were another pair of eyes, normal light blue ones, but they spoke to the wind, "why does it have to be him?

I know but still&hellip.yes im sure the other side felt it also, he is the one&hellip.I know ill do my best."