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It was another day at work, which meant stealing glances at the new Hispanic girl, Kim. Suddenly her eyes caught mine. I looked quickly to my monitor, cursing myself for staring so much. Last thing I wanted was for her to feel uncomfortable and report me or worse yet, quit. I looked back at her as she turned around.

Kim was short.

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She was probably around five foot two, and had a curvy one hundred and twenty pounds body that was nothing short of perfect. Absolutely sexy smile, in fact I believe Kim looked a lot like Gina Gershon when she smiled. Her breasts were average, and her hips exploded out to meet her hot curvy ass.

She was only twenty-one, thirteen years my junior. Hell, I liked younger women.

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Especially hot ass ones like her. Since I turned twenty-five, I've always been the classic dirty old man. I always stole glances at hot young women who paraded around my office. But it did not stop with the young, I liked all women. I had been with older women, and loved the pleasure they provided me as well.

But as of now, my thoughts were centered on Kim. It was a dead issue, really. My office was a meat market of young men, all which could give her some terrible, inexperienced sex. Hell, she would probably think their skills were amazing.

After a few hours with her, I would have her curled up in the corner, mumbling incoherently. I've been there and done that, and have a certain skill set when it comes to sex that usually makes the women come back and want more.

Once I had her, it would be all she wrote. I once again snapped back to reality. What would a young, sexy woman like her see in an old man like me? I looked back at my spreadsheet and continued pecking away at the keyboard. "Data entry, my favorite part of the job," I thought. Creating and filling in copious amounts of spreadsheets to keep the bosses happy. The only thing that kept me going lately was Kim's sexy body swaying around the shop.

I headed home that night, thinking about numerous ways I could get her to see the type of person I was. Nothing I could come up with sounded like it would actually work, and some of the ideas I had would probably have landed me in jail. As I walked in the house, I was greeted by my sister Nicole, who was sexily under-dressed. She was wearing a small pair of shorts, and a loose tank top that left very little to the imagination of her nice round tits. I immediately felt my cock twitch as she turned around and went back into the living room.

I watched her ass as she walked away, as it slightly protruded from the bottom of the shorts, and then continued upstairs into my room. Nicole was a beautiful woman. Nicole is five foot six, one hundred and thirty pounds, with her brown hair dyed auburn. Possibly model material, I am not ashamed to say I have had some excellent thoughts about being with my own hot sister. But that was incest, and I was not willing to go there. I flew out of my working outfit and stretched out naked on my bed, rubbing my cock and thinking about Kim.

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I instantly was rock hard, all the pent up desire in my body reflecting in my blood-gorged cock. I imagined her perfect mouth wrapped around my cock, bobbing up and down, her small hands milking my shaft, trying to get the cum out. Then I imagined her swinging her legs around over my head and nestling her bald pussy onto my mouth. That was enough to cause me to shoot ropes of semen over my stomach, with some even landing high on my chest.

I took my hand and scooped my cum into my mouth, something I always enjoyed when I was turned on. And I was really turned on.

It tasted so good, so salty, I continued to find semen and place it in my mouth. "Oh, my god!" Nicole was suddenly standing there in the doorway. "Get out!" I thought I closed the door. My my sister shot out the door. "Now I know why you don't have a girlfriend," she said from the hallway, "you're gay!" I quickly walked over and closed the door. I rested my arms on the door and put my forehead in my arms, "No, I'm not gay.

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Go away." Shit, how do you explain that you are bisexual to your own sister? "I saw that, and I am pretty sure straight men do not do that, Tim" "And how would you know? Your barely 23," then a thought crossed my mind," Tell me you never tasted your pussy." "That's different," she said. I opened the door and walked out into the hallway. "Oh, yeah? How?" I asked as she looked at my naked body. "Go put some clothes on you faggot!" She yelled as she looked down at my still erect boner. "Why are you still hard?" she asked as she realized my member had not subsided.

I had to say something to get her to stop thinking I was gay, "Because I'm sitting here naked in front of a sexy woman! See, not gay!" "You're sick, then." "Then I am," I grabbed my shaft and gave it a few strokes. "Ewww," Nicole turned and walked away.

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"Go do that in your room." Instead of going to my room, I went into the bathroom and took a nice hot shower. Under the hot water, I thought about how I was good enough to let my sister stay with me after her divorce. She never had a boyfriend since, and she was just going to continue to live with me because I did not charge her rent.

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I suddenly thought I should not have stroked my cock in front of her in the hallway. I did not want things to be weird between us. After my shower, I wrapped up in a towel and went down to apologize to my sister. I walked down the stairs and went to my sister's room.

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He door was closed and as I approached it I heard something I did not expect to hear. I heard her crying. Did I hurt her feelings? I quickly opened the door, "Hey sis." "OH MY GOD GET THE FUCK OUT!!!" The next thing I saw will be plastered into my mind until the day I die. My sister, on her back with her head on her pillow, stark naked and thrusting a pink vibrator into her shaved snatch. I instantly froze up and continued to survey the situation.

She took the pink machine and hurled it at me, missing by a wide margin and shattering her dresser mirror.

The sound of the glass shattering woke me from my trance and I bolted out of the room, unable to close the door because I had dropped my towel in the doorway on the way out. Still I tried to close the door, as if the towel was going to cut in half. "Get the fuck out you freak!" Nicole came at me off the bed and suddenly she screamed in pain, "ARGGHH!! Fuck!" She fell to the ground. I was still trying to close the door when I realized my sister had stepped in a piece of broken mirror, cutting her foot wide open.

I quickly ran in the room, careful not to step on any large pieces of glass. I picked her up and took her out to the couch, her grimacing in pain.

I ran and grabbed the first aid kit from under the kitchen sink, and ran back to her on the couch. She tried to cover herself with her hands, because there was nothing nearby to cover herself with. The couch pillows were sown into the couch, and the nearest blanket was back in her room through the broken glass.

I quickly cleaned out the wound and wrapped it up in a bandage, all the while stealing glances at my sister's breasts and naked legs. She was still in a lot of pain at this point, so I got up on the couch and held her in my arms. To my surprise she held me back, crying until she was too tired to cry.

Her head was on my chest inside of my arm, and she looked as if she was looking down straight at my soft pecker. Once I realized that she could be looking, I felt the blood start to flow again. "Doesn't that thing ever calm down?" She whimpered, with a slight attempt at a giggle. Amused that she was in fact looking at my growing member, I replied, "Yeah, it's pretty sensitive." That is when my sister took her hand and pushed my dick down and laid her hand flat over me, holding me down.

The sensation of her touching me made me jump. "Calm down, I don't want that thing poking me in the eye. shit. ow.

that hurts so bad. do you think I need stitches?" "No, I'm pretty sure you don't." We will check it soon. If it is still bleeding then I'll run you to the E. R." I slid her over, got up, went up to my room and put on some pants, socks, and shoes, grabbed a blanket for Nicole.

I covered her and went to clean up the broken mirror. "Seven years bad luck, you know!" I shouted across the house. "Ha. Ha. Shut up!" I walked back into the living room after cleaning the mess, and Nicole was now watching TV, still naked under the blanket. "I think it's broke," I held up her vibrator.

"I need a new one anyway," Nicole said candidly, "I need to get one that feels more like a man." I was shocked by how forthcoming she was, "Okay, I'll toss this out then." "I'm sorry." "No, I'm sorry, I did not mean to walk in on you, I thought you were crying." "I was about to cum." I felt my cock twitch in my pants.

"Well, I am sorry." "You should be.

you know that. well., "she paused, "you were the one who got me all hot in the first place." I asked, "Is that right?" My cock was not thumping, no longer twitching. In short moments, my hard on was visible in my pants. "Does it make you horny that I was masturbating thinking about you brother?" She pulled the blanket off exposing her naked body. I could see her far better than when in she was fucking herself in the bedroom.

Her pussy was clean and smooth and parted slightly open with small lips folded outward. Her hole was wet and small. My whole world started to shift.

was I in a dream or was my hot sister wanting me? "Yes. Very." "Well, I still have not cum yet. could you help me?" Let me know if this is good enough to warrant continuation. Will take ideas on what to do as well.

Kind of like choose your own story.