Dr Charles Deras face got pussy stuffed by Ashley Fires

Dr Charles Deras face got pussy stuffed by Ashley Fires
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continued from Part II… The next morning Amber rolled over to find her mother nestled in bed beneath the cold morning sheets with her.

They were both still naked from the night before. 'OMG' she thought. 'I really did eat my own mother last night; and she ate me out'. Amber rose out of bed and snuck off to her room to lie down in her own bed for the rest of the morning.

First though, she had to stop in the bathroom. She had to piss so bad, it being first thing in the morning. Her thighs were still sticky with the residue from her cum. Even her face still had the remnant odor of her mom's cunt. She took the shortest route through the unused bedroom between her mother's room and the bathroom.

She raced light on her feet to the toilet, lifting the lid off the rim and sitting down her young firm ass cheeks on the cold seat. She relaxed her bladder letting out a stream of hot piss splash down into the toilet bowl.

She closed her eyes, raising her hands into an early AM yawn and stretch; her legs spread out to her sides. Mid yawn she noticed a break in the noise of her piss hitting the water below her.

Amber quickly opened her eyes to find her mom on her knees before her. Sam's hands were cupped between Amber's legs, forming a shallow reservoir that was overflowing with the hot piss dripping out of Amber's pussy."Mom!" Amber said surprised to find the woman she just left in the bed in front of her, catching piss in her hands. "Good morning sweetie" Sam said not breaking eye contact with the splashing yellow liquid running over her fingers.

Sam lifter her hands up and away from her daughters pussy, holding them as steady as possible to not drop any on the floor. She tilted her head back and began to pour out the warm piss of her daughter down onto her face and into her open mouth.

She tasted the salty liquid, odorous and raw. She swallowed the little that got in her mouth, most of it being dripped on her face and neck. It ran down the top of her chest and over her tits, with rock hard nipples. "Mmmmmmm, I always wanted to do that with your pee baby." Amber sat their having squeezed her bladder, stopping any further piss from coming out. She saw her mom there with piss dripping down her hot body and onto the tile floor.

Amber began a small smirk and started to stand up. Her eyes met her mothers and they didn't need to utter a word to each other.

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Sam sat down all the way on the floor, unfolding her legs after they passed underneath the strong nubile legs of her daughter. Amber stood there over her mother, looking down at her wet face. She lowered her hips and body down so that her pussy was just inches from her mom's face. She then again relaxed and released a stream of hot piss out of her cunt. It came down on Sam's waiting face, splashing off her cheeks and forehead into her hair.

Amber aimed her stream right into her mom's mouth, then out again pouring over her tits. Sam's skin glistened with the hot piss that ran wildly down her body and coated her skin. This being the first piss of the morning Amber continued to piss all over he mom, until the last drop was out.

Sam was drenched. "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" grunted Sam, turned on by the smell of piss and the taste of her daughter in and on her. "That was amazing honey. I may want you to pee on me everyday." "I think I could do that for you" Amber said smiling back at Sam. "But you have to do something for me." "And what's that dear?" "Fuck me with one of those strap on dildos you keep under your bed. Fuck me…in my asshole. I want you to be the one who stretches me out and explores my ass.

I want you to fuck me until I cum again." "Yes, yes…yes and yes" Sam replied. "I will worship your young tight ass for hours" Sam slowly stood up and gently slapped her daughters right tit, letting two finger linger just enough to pinch her nipple as she drew them away. "First let's get Amy up and enjoy a nice Saturday morning breakfast together." Sam got up and grabbed a towel to wipe herself off and then laid on top off the puddle of pee on the floor.

Sam didn't want to shower off the odor of piss on her body. It would keep her turned on for hours and she loved it. "See you downstairs" Sam said as she walked out of the bathroom.

Sam and her two daughters enjoyed a filling breakfast all gazing at each other through the meal. Amber faced fucked her mom with her eyes, obvious to Amy who sat there reimagining the two off them from the night before going down on each other.

The phone rang as they were all taking their dishes to the sink. "Hello" said Sam as she picked up her house phone. "Hey you two!" she exclaimed. "Sure. We don't have any plans" "Yeah they are right here." Sam turned the earpiece of the phone towards her daughters.

"Say hi to your aunt and uncle". "Hey Uncle Max, hey Aunt Susan!" they said back. Sam returned the phone to her ear. "Sure, a little before dinner sounds great.

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The girls will be excited to see you and especially Josh, Susan. They had so much fun with him this summer I am sure they will find something to all do together. I am so excited.


What a fun quick weekend this will be. OK…see you soon.

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Bye." "So your Uncle Max, your Aunt Susan, and your cousin Josh will be coming over later and staying with us until Monday. Now go upstairs and get ready and clean your bathrooms. You both can come with me to the store later." Both daughters agreed and skipped upstairs to get ready for the day. Right before they reached the top of the stairs Sam called out to Amber; "Amber, why don't you let Amy shower up first.

I need you to help me with something in my room real quick." Amber's faced turned red as she replied "Sure mom!" Amy had a hunch they were probably going to fuck around again, but kept on going to clean up. Amy was excited to see her aunt, uncle and especially her cousin who she remember being a gorgeous young man.


Sam opened the door to her room to find Amber standing with her hip cocked out to one side. One hand was on that hip, and the other was raised up dangling a strap on, slightly swaying back and forth. "Is uh.this what you needed me to help you with?" said Amber. "Yeah sweetie, that is exactly what I needed help with" Sam strutted towards her daughter, shedding her white t-shirt top and boy shorts along the way.

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Amber untangled the strap on for her mom and held it open down by her knees. Her mom stepped one foot in, and then the other as Amber pulled it up to her mothers waist.

They adjusted the cock together, then tightened the straps so it was snug on Sam's waist. Sam jiggled the rubber cock a little side to side checking its movements, then put her hand on it, stroking it as if it were her own cock. Hell, it was her own cock. She was about to use all 7" of it on her own daughter. She had an idea. "Honey" said Sam. "She neared her face towards her daughters who looked eager for what was about to happen. Instead of a gentle kiss, Sam reached her right hand up and grabbed he eldest daughter by the neck.

She raised her left hand to cup Amber's left tit, squeezing it hard. "Mommy is going to make this a little rough for you." "I know it is your first time, but I want it to be passionate above all. So I am going to treat you like a little teenage slut. There will be plenty of time for some longer sessions; trust me. But for right now, I am going to give you this dick like the teenage slut you are." All Amber could do was nod her head, her face already turning red from the grip her mom had on her neck.

Amber's nipples were hard, sending a signal to Sam that she was ready. "Now turn the fuck around" said Sam, roughly spinning Amber so she faced the bed. She pushed her over from her waist so she was bent over the bed, her tight round volleyball player's ass plump and taught.

"You have fingered your ass before haven't you, you little slut." said Sam. "Yes, yes I have." Sam then kicked her daughters legs open, should width apart. She pulled down her daughters lace panties down just to her above her knees, stretch the thin fabric taught. Sam got down on her knees behind her daughter. She spread Amber's ass cheeks open revealing the small pink pucker of her asshole. She lapped at it, drawing her tongue from the base of the taint up to the top of her ass crack.

She did this over and over, wetting the hole slot between her cheeks. She spit right at her daughters perfect asshole and flexed her tongue stiff so she could jut it directly at the ass opening. "Reach your hand back here." said Sam. As soon as Amber's hand reach backwards Sam grabbed it and slapped it on the top of her daughter's ass. She licked two of her daughter's fingers then guided then to the rim of her asshole.

She shoved one in up to the first knuckle. Amber let out a brief moan. "That's it baby. You work that finger into your asshole all the way up as far as it can go. Then you do the other finger. I want both of your dirty hands inside your ass." "Ummmm…hmmmm" muttered Amber. Sam stood up and went over to the night stand where she produced a bottle of lube.

She returned to find Amber had just barely started to run the rim of her asshole with the second finger. Sam grabbed her daughter fingers and yanked them away.

"Oh no you little sly slut, like this" Sam squirted lube on the first two fingers of her right hand and jammed them both into her daughters asshole. Amber let out a founder grunt as her own mothers fingers reach into her.

Sam twisted her hand at the wrist, moving the fingers inside her daughters ass. She felt the folds and wrinkles inside her daughter and smelled the musk as her daughters asshole began to loosen.

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Sam loved that stink .She withdrew her fingers, brought them to her nose and whiffed in the musk. It drove her mad. She reach up her hand to her daughters faced and shoved the fingers under her daughters nose and then into her mouth. Amber tasted her own asshole in its raw scented glory. Sam placed that same hand down upon the back of Ambers head turning it to the side.

She pressed Ambers head down into the soft comforter of the bed. Sam was going to restrain her daughters head in that position. Sam used her other hand to begin again working on Amber's asshole. She kept massaging it, stretching it, and priming it with lube as she hovered over her daughters young body. "You like mommy's fingers inside you baby?" asked Sam. "Yeah mommy, they feel so good" Amber said, much of the sound lost in the bed cover. Sam worked three of her fingers in and out of her daughter's asshole, now faster and faster.

"What about this cock. You want this big dick in your ass?" "Yessss" mumbled Amber. Sam looked down to the strap on jutting from her pelvis. With one hand she lined up the tip of the 7" rubber dick with the opening of her daughter's asshole.

Sam pressed the head into her daughter's asshole. It opened just enough to let the first 2" in. Amber let out a moan mixed of pain and pleasure in equal parts.

Amber had only felt her own fingers in her ass, never something with this girth. She tried to relax her bowels to let more in. Sam slowly drew the strap on in and out, each time bringing it a bit further in. Finally with about 2" left to go all the way in Sam gave a hard and fast thrust unlike the ones before it, jamming the cock all the way in, letting her daughters ass push against her own crotch.

Amber let out a small scream. "Shut up you little slut.

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You want mommy's dick, this is how you are going to get it." Sam then started to rapidly fuck her own daughter in the ass. She raised her torso straight up and grabbed her daughter by the waist. She rammed the dick in and out, clapping her ass cheeks with each slam against her daughter.

"Fuck" cried out Amber in ecstasy. Amber reached one of her hands down underneath her and started to fiercely rub her own cunt. The cock being shoved inside her had started to prime her pussy to squirt. It needed just a little more stimulation to get her to the max point of ecstasy. "Shit mom, I'm going to cum!" exclaimed Amber. Knowing Amber was going to cum any minute, Sam withdrew the strap on and turned Amber over onto her back, yanked off the panties that had slid down, with her hips still at the edge of the bed.

She lifted each of her daughter ankles up in the air and pushed them both away from her and towards Amber. This forced Amber's pelvis to rotate upward revealing the red skin of her asshole, having been pounded by her mom.

Sam shoved the cock back inside the slightly gaped asshole. "So fucking cum you little slut. Cum all over me and yourself. You are mommy's little anal whore." Amber flicked her cloth the point where she was ready. She gushed a fountain of cum straight up out of her cunt and onto her mothers large tits.

It gushed out of control, falling back down onto her own body. Sam shoved the little puddles that formed on the surface of her daughters skin down to her daughters asshole so she could shove it into her daughters anal canal.

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Amber finally finished cumin and Sam withdrew the strap on, it dripping with juices. "There you go you little slut. Your first anal fuck from your mom." Sam lifted Amber up onto her feet, slapped her on the tight young ass she just ravaged and said "Now go clean up baby, we have guests coming." Amber was in a daze and jaunted off to her room to clean up.

Sam took off the strap on and jumped in the shower to get ready for the day. to be continued.