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Sexy emo teen movie and uk gay videos porn xxx This gives a whole
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I don't know how long I laid there in a puddle of my own making before my head stopped spinning. As my head cleared and I thought about what happened, I could feel my face start to burn with embarrassment, and a horror filled my stomach when I thought about someone knowing that I was wearing women's underwear… but at the same time, I began to feel that now familiar stirring in my dick as it started to stiffen up again.

I knew I had to get things cleaned up, so I stripped off all the clothes and headed for the laundry room. As I was grabbing the clothes to put in the washer, I felt the panties sort of squish in my hand.

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I looked at the amount of goo that was in them, and my breathing started to quicken again. I could not help myself and I stuffed the sodden crotch of the panties into my mouth and started sucking all of my juice off of them. I could taste myself and the flavor mom had left behind in them and was in heaven. I continued to suck on them as I loaded everything into the washing machine and it was with regret that I tossed them in at the very last.

I went about the house, tidying everything up, hoping that if I made the house cleaner, mommy wouldn't be angry at me anymore. When the clothes were done, I folded all of her clothes and laid them out on her bed, taking extra time with her panties and hanging her bras in the bathroom, and then I showered and went to bed.

Utterly wrung out and my head still slightly spinning. I don't know what time mommy came home, at some time in the night, I thought I heard noises and her talking to someone, but I was too far into sleep to know if it was real, or a dream. In the morning, I got up and got ready for school like usual, except mom didn't wake up and come out of her room before I had to leave.

I was sorta disappointed as now that I was paying attention to things, I wanted to see mom jiggling around the house.

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When I got to school, I saw Chantel, the sister of the pizza delivery girl, and the whole evening flooded back through my brain, making my cheeks flush as panic ran through my head, wondering if her sister had said anything.

My embarrassment deepened as I felt my dick start to stiffen and my pants start to tent out a little bit. I quickly got to my desk and sat down to cover up what was happening, but Chantel saw me staring at her and she stared back for a moment with a perplexed look on her face before turning away, calling me a weirdo as she did.

My brain spun, did she call me weird because her sister said something, was it because I had been staring, had she seen my pants tent up? I had no idea, but it kept my brain spinning for the entire day until I got home.

When I got home, there was another note on the counter telling me that there was meatloaf in the fridge, and could I please do more than one load of laundry today and put the clothes away this time.

I flushed a bit from the combination of feeling like I had let mom down, thinking about what had happened yesterday, and thinking about going back into mom's closet and playing around with her clothes.

When I went into mom's room, I saw that she hadn't put the clothes from yesterday away, so I decided to start with that. I started going through her dresser, finding where everything went. When I found her undies drawer, I was in heaven, all of the pretty colors in lace and satin. I started putting the clean ones away, and as I made room for them, I noticed a lacy item that I could tell was more than just panties.

Pulling it out, it looked like a swimsuit made of lace. I knew that I had to try this on. I was a little confused as to why there were snaps in the crotch, but I got myself into it, and pulled the straps up over my shoulders.

I loved how the lace teased my little nipples and the rubbed against my hardening dick. I went over in front of mom's dressing table mirror and looked at myself. I LOVED the way it looked.

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I danced around a little bit, watching my dick bounce through the lace and just laughed. I spotted some of mommy's make-up on the table and a sudden urge gripped me.

I picked up the lipstick and put some on. The smell that it has filled my nostrils and seemed to go straight to me crotch as I felt myself swell a bit more. When I looked in the mirror, I looked a little silly, but I liked it. A lot. I spun around and started gathering mom's dirty clothes.

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I found a pair of panties by the bed, and thought that they might have been the ones she wore yesterday and I brought them up to my nose to inhale her scent.

It was really strong in these panties, and a little different. It still smelled wonderful, and I stuck my tongue out to taste them. They sort of tasted like the ones that I had exploded into last night, and for a moment I was terrified that they were the ones from last night and that somehow I didn't get them into the wash, but I looked at them again and no, these were different ones.

I just shrugged and kept sucking on them as I did the first load of laundry. I didn't know why, but wandering around the house in mom's lacy swimsuit and wearing her lipstick while I did chores and my homework was just fun.

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It made me feel funny inside my core, but I really liked it. I did the rest of the laundry, a little sad to toss those tasty panties into the wash, but wash them I did. When it was time to put the clothes away, I decided to keep mom's swimsuit on. I thought that she wouldn't miss it for one night, so I finished my chores and slipped into bed, tucked away in lace and lipstick.

I got up the next morning and stuffed the swimsuit away in the back of my underwear drawer before getting into the shower. When I came out to get breakfast before school, mom was sitting at the table. She didn't say anything when I came into the kitchen, she just watched me with a pensive look on her face as she sipped her coffee. She was dressed in her robe which wasn't pulled tight and I was able to see a lot of her boobs, so I knew that she was probably not wearing anything else under it.

Or maybe she had on some panties, giving them her sweet smell and taste… mmmmm Oh no… I was starting to stiffen again. I could tell that my pants were tenting again but I couldn't do anything about it! I saw mom look right at my crotch and a little smirk crossed her face as I blushed and sat to eat my cereal.

I tried to stare at my cereal as I ate, but I couldn't help but look at mom every now and then as I could feel her just staring at me. I would look up (often my eyes would linger at her tits) and when I would meet her eyes, my face would flush even more. One of the times that I was looking at her, I saw a shift in her face, like she had just made her mind up about something, then she sort of did a little nod to herself, looked at me and said I am going to go out Friday night to relax after this long week.

See if you can stay at one of your friend's house that night please Vincent. I just nodded, not trusting myself to speak. I finished my cereal, and trying to hide my tented pants, got up to head to school, but before I could get out the door, mom came up to me. "what? No hug for your mommy?" And she spread her arms out wide for a hug, which just caused her robe to open up further, exposing more of those big, heavy boobs, but before I could do anything, I was wrapped up in a hug, my face getting smothered by her boobs as she held me tight.

I felt her leg rub up against my tented pants, my stiff dick twitching as she contacted it through my pants.

I was actually starting to run out of air and I felt mom keep moving her leg against me, against my dick. It felt amazing and yet I was trying to move so I could get air and get away from her leg but she held me tighter, her leg still moving until all of a sudden, I shuddered and flooded my shorts! Mom's grasp kept me from falling, and she moved so I could actually breathe, and when I looked up at her, she looked like nothing had happened.

I moved to head back to my room so that I could change, but mom grabbed my shoulder and pushed me towards the door, saying I was running late, I needed to get going. I felt the goo rubbing all over my crotch and I knew I had to change, so I said that I needed the bathroom before going to school but mom just kept moving me towards the door… telling me I could go when I got to school, and then out the door I was pushed and the door closed behind me.

There I stood for a moment.

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My crotch getting cooler as my face kept getting hotter and my brain just kept on spinning. Working on autopilot, I just started moving towards school, thankful that my pants were dark and that no one could see what must be a growing wet spot on my pants.