Jessica Rizzo milf double penetrated on bed by two young boys

Jessica Rizzo milf double penetrated on bed by two young boys
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Ms. Rosen was a beautiful young guidance counselor in my High School. She was 5'4 fair skin, brown hair that reached the middle of her back. Beautiful blue eyes, nice small round ass and great legs. She always had great smelling perfume. Now I'm a 15-year-old student. I'm half Puerto Rican and half black. I was part of a student group that would go to Ms. Rosen's office at lunchtime. That was the best part of the day as I always enjoyed being around Ms.


Rosen. I mean who wouldn't. Anyway one day it was the grade trip and I was really excited. I woke up late and I tried to get to school on time. I got there and just missed the bus. Now I was really upset and I didn't want to stay in school all day. I was going to miss all the amazing rides. Little did I know the day would get better, A whole lot better.

I went to the office to let them know that I missed the bus and saw Ms. Rosen. She looked really hot that day. She was wearing a nice tight black shirt. Her was tied up in a ponytail. She was wearing her glasses what she rarely does. She was wearing a nice green skirt a little long for my taste with black heels.

Her legs were to die for. She was nice and thick on a thin body frame. She asked, "What are you doing here?" I replied that I had missed the bus.


So I used the phone called my moms job and told her that I missed the bus and if I can go home for the day.

She said yes so I was about to go when Ms. Rosen said that she needed help with something. I followed her to her office. "Can you help me with these boxes to my car?" It was 2 boxes that were pretty heavy but I knew I could handle it so I said sure. Before we left her phone rang. She picked up "Hi honey. How you doing? Ok what is going on? You are doing what?

I can't believe you. How could you do this to me? Stay with her than I don't want anything to do with you.

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How could you get her pregnant? I don't care, I hate you" she slammed the phone down tears coming down her face. I stood outside for a few minutes. Ms Rosen came out her office face red, eyes puffy and still looked upset. I followed her to her car. Put the boxes in her trunk.

She asked, "Do you want a ride home?" I said sure Ms. Rosen thank you. There was silence in the car for about 10 minutes. Then finally Ms. Rosen, Are you ok? I asked. She replied. "Yes I'm fine Miguel.

Please whatever you do when you get older and you have a girlfriend don't cheat on them. It is very hurtful. I shouldn't be talking to you about this." Its ok Ms. Rosen I don't mind listening you always listen to us when we go see you, I replied.

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"Miguel when you grow up and become an adult you will see how things get a harder. Before I take you home how about we get something to eat before I take you home?" I smiled and said yes that would be great. We ate shared some of the stories about the school. We got back in the car. She looked at me and asked "Miguel do you think that I'm pretty?" I looked at her in her beautiful blue eyes and said. You are more the just pretty you are beautiful. I think you are the best looking woman I have ever seen.

I always thought you were beautiful. That is why I joined the group. I really like you. I stopped embarrassed about what I just said. I couldn't believe my sudden boldness with Ms. Rosen. I put my head down. I knew that I was going to be in so much trouble for this. "That is the sweetest thing I have heard." I looked up and saw her smiling. "No need to be sorry Miguel. I see how you look at me. I know you have a crush on me. Remember it's just a crush. You are only 15; you will have plenty of girlfriends that you will think look better than me.

But it is nice to hear that I'm beautiful." She hugged me and I hugged her back. As we started to break free I kissed her right on the lips. At first she pulled back, she looked at me and kissed me back.

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We started making out right there in her car. We made out for about 10 minutes and I put my hand on her legs and started to move up to her thigh. I started to kiss her neck and moved my hand up her thigh. She stopped me and said, "We need to go somewhere private." I told her about a cheap hotel that was only about 50 dollars for 3 hours. She said, "Let's go" I couldn't believe it. We got inside the room, my dick so hard right now and I couldn't hide it.

Ms. Rosen sat on the bed told me to come closer to her. She spoke, "Miguel whatever happens in this room you can never tell anybody. I'm going to make you feel good like you made me feel good." She stood up and we started kissing again. My hands just rubbing up and down her back pulling her into me. I started to move my hands down her back and I reached her ass.

I was kissing her neck now and just rubbing on her nice round ass. While I was kissing her neck I started pulling down her skirt. She was wearing black sheer panties that looked so good on her.

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I'm sure anything looked good on her. Then I took off her shirt and she had on a black bra. Her tits were a perky B cup and looked nice in that bra. She smiled and said "You next Miguel". I pulled off my shirt first then I took my jeans off next. Now it looked like I had a tent in my pants I was so hard. Then she undid her bra and let it fall. Her areolas were about nickel size and her tits were perky without the bra. Her nipples were hard.

Those were the 2nd pair of tits I have seen in my lifetime so far. The others that I have seen were on porn videos. I moved down on her tits and started to kiss each one.

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I took her nipple and put it into my mouth and sucked on it. She let out a soft moan. Then I started to feel on the nipple and pinched it. I started to move down slowly and kissed her stomach. She moved onto the bed, and lay down I got on top of her she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me in.

She started kissing again but this time really heavy. My cock was raging to get out of the boxers as it was near her panty-covered pussy.

I pushed against her and she flinched a little. I got off and pulled my boxers down and let out my hard dick. It was about 8inches long. (I measured it myself cause I heard girls like big dicks so I had to see it was big one day.) She looked at it and said, "Oh My you are pretty big Miguel.

It is the biggest one I seen so far." Now I looked at her and said, it's your turn Ms. Rosen. She slowly pulled her panties off. I looked at that nice looking pussy.

It was clean shaved. I moved closer to her and went to kiss her pussy like I saw in the porn videos. I kissed her pussy and she let out another soft moan. Then I started to lick it a little. This was the first pussy that I have ever tasted.

I told her she tasted good. She smiled and I now put my finger inside her like I seen in the videos. I put 2 fingers in her and started to go in and out. Then she reached down and put her finger on this spot right on top of her pussy.

I would later find out what it was. She told me, "Please put you mouth on here and lick and suck on it. I did exactly what she told me. But she told me not to stop with my fingers. She started to moan louder as I kept going. Then I felt her legs start to shake and I looked up, she had her eyes closed and she was breathing really heavy.

She started to scream now. Then all of a sudden she screamed "I'm cumming oh god don't stop I'm cumming." I kept going and then I felt something coming out her pussy. It was a little slimy but warm and tasted good.

She was still shaking I moved up to her and gave her a kiss. She looked at me with those beautiful eyes. She spoke after catching her breath, "So I guess you do this with a lot of girls? That was really good Miguel." I told her no that she is only the 2nd girl I have ever been with and the first time that I have eaten pussy.

She looked at me like she couldn't believe it. Then she looked down at my dick and said now I'm going to give you the same. She pushed me down. She started to slowly stroke my cock. It felt so good. Then she kissed the head of my dick. Licked it and put it into her mouth. It felt like so great I thought I was going to cum right there on the spot. Then she pulled out my dick and licked the tip of my head.

I could have just died at that spot and I would have died happy. She put my dick back in her mouth. She started to jerk and suck on my dick a little faster. After about 5 minutes I had that feeling. My balls started to tense up. I stopped her and told her that I was getting ready to cum. She looked at me and said "I want you to cum. I want to taste it like you tasted mine." Now she put it back in her mouth and she jerks me faster.

She sucks me harder and puts it deep in her mouth. Now I'm moaning. I'm cumming I yell out. My dick explodes and cum shoots out.

Cum is in her mouth and she swallows it. My dick squirts out a couple of more shots of it and she takes it all in. I haven't cum like that in years. It felt like the first time all over again. (The first time was with my mom's friend but that is another story).

Now I lay on the bed my chest still breathing heavy. She lays next to me and said, "That was a lot of cum Miguel. I take it you don't have sex lot." I'm looking at her still trying to figure out how we got to this point. We start to kiss again. She moves her hand down to my dick again and starts to stroke it again. She says, "Your hard still Miguel I guess you really want me." I look at her and say I always wanted to have you Ms.

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Rosen. She replies "Miguel I want you to fuck me right here and now. I want you inside me. Take that hard cock and fill me up." I get on top of her. She opens up her legs and she grabs my dick.

She puts it at her wet pussy opening. I push it in just a little and we both let out a moan. It felt so good to be in Ms. Rosen pussy. It was wet warm and tight. I couldn't believe I was going to FUCK Ms. Rosen. Now I push it deeper inside her. She moans louder. Now I start pushing it in and out. She moans with each movement.

She tells me faster. I move a little faster. I keep this up for about 5 minutes.


Now she tells me, "Miguel fuck me fast and hard I'm almost there." I start to move faster and harder I thrust into her pussy. The end of my heading is starting to tickle. I keep going now cause I'm almost there also. I start to pound that pussy harder and the harder I pump the louder she gets. "Oh my god fuck me Miguel, Fuck me please don't stop." I keep pounding on the pussy.

She wraps her legs around me and she starts to shake again. Our bodies making that clapping noise it makes when you are sweaty. She screams "I'm cumming oh I'm cumming." She starts to shake again. That sends me over the edge knowing I made someone with more experience than me cum.

I tell her I'm cumming also. I make that last thrust and explode my load into her pussy. I'm shaking now the cum still coming out my dick. I fall onto the bed. Both of us breathing heavy and still shaking. She looks at me and says, "Remember don't tell anyone and I promise that this will happen again. Next story Ms. Rosen teaches me more.