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Theresa Maxon's lips trembled with anger as she looked at the man tied before her. Her slightly greying hair barely moved in the wind. Drawing herself up to her full five foot eight inches she nodded to the rest of the coven. Pointing to another female she motioned to start. Bowing the younger woman, Shandra Belle, began to read. "Merry Meet. Sisters of the coven, we are here to decide what is to be done with." Here Shandra wrinkled her nose brushing her red hair from her face.

"This interloper into our communion with Gaia. The list of atrocities follow: attempting to draw all the power of the coven members; attempting to take sacred personal items from coven members. Lastly trying to mislead several young members to break their oath with the coven and the earth mother Gaia." Again bowing Sandra stepped back, her petite frame almost lost next to the others. The man's eyes glowed a moment then went dark after Theresa waved a hand over him.

Snapping his head up the man started to laugh. "You've already lost, you damn bunch of cunts! None of you have the power to defeat my master! Kill me and get it over with, Oh! That's right you simple bitches can't kill! Ha! As I said you've lost, master has no such nice convictions! I." Theresa started to smile as the man started to scream, his body hitting the ground hard.

Convulsing and writhing on the ground the man's skin started to change to a red color then stopped reverting back to normal. "I believe we have heard enough from you, spawn of hell!" Theresa's voice sounded loud conveying her authority. Screaming louder the man started to laugh, "You can't kill me, you." "We don't have to kill you!" Sandra spit out in a low growl.

"Then again, many are surprised what they can actually live through!" The man's face was shocked then he nodded with a huge smile.

"So true you bitch of a witch. You I like! I think I'll kill you last after I take you a few times. You ought to last a few hours on my cock!" This time Theresa growled as she made a more severe chopping motion. This made the man scream even more. Shandra bowed before Theresa, "I am sorry I spoke out of turn high priestess. Please forgive me." Tuning her ice blue eyes to Shandra she nodded then touched the kneeling woman.

"Arise Shandra; this is a test upon all of us. The earth mother won't allow this one or any other to harm us." "Thank you high priestess, hearing this from you brings me great relief," Sandra replied.

"This intrusion has prompted me to bring in our brother coven. High priest Taladron?" Theresa said indicating several males who moved forward. "Thank you high priestess. The earth mother had always told us that the energy of both sexes should not mix. This is not to happen without her permission. With this emergency the earth mother has spoken to both of us.

In this instance we are stronger against this foe together. Separate we would have no chance." The high priest said. There was an inhuman laugh then the tied up male spoke again. "So the old, powerless, and dickless man is here hoping to save all of you. Pathetic! I will enjoy master." Taladron, along with several of the males with him, and then Theresa and several females pointed at the man. Suddenly unable to speak then breathe, his appearance started to change. "Behold sisters!" Theresa stated.

"The most terrifying monsters always look just like ordinary men." Snarling the man's skin went to a red hue as his face contorted and elongated. Horns sprang from the top of his head, as a tail grew from its ass. "So Belatron! You really thought to hide your true self from us?" Taladron growled. "Bah! Old man, master will consume you as easily as you do a bite of stew! The bitch witches, I'm sure he will find uses for them. Though they are human so he might just use their bodies.

They are only women after all!" "So you were the scout I see." Taladron stated. "If you don't return I take it he will leave." "Ha! No matter if I return or not he is coming!" Turning to look at the coven of females, then male witches the man laughed again. "There is nothing that either of your weak covens can do!" Taladron whispered to Theresa, then to his coven members. Sandra nodded to Theresa after she had spoken to the high priestess.

She then went and spoke to her coven members. Forming a large circle around the demonic entity, they all started to chant. "What are you doing?

You don't have the power to do a damn thing to me you. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!" Even as they watching the skin on the creature in the center started to flay off. The two covens ignoring the threats and screams increased their chanting.

Suddenly the creature started to swell its entire body. Finally a few moments later the creature screamed a last time as it inflated more, and then exploded! Theresa and Taladron both waved their hands over the spot that the creature had been in. Nodding to each other they bowed then moved off to their respective covens. Both were speaking to their followers when they turned and met again in the middle. Both bowed to each other again.

"I have spoken to my coven," Taladron started. "As I have to mine. I take it yours suggested an alliance? At least for the duration of this crisis?" Theresa replied. Taladron was nodding, "I am not sure if this is possible with the history we have. We must make it work if we are to save everything." "I agree wholeheartedly. Though the prospect of having both sexes in the same place seems risky. If either so much as takes a sexual partner from the other coven then I am afraid all is lost." Theresa warned.

Taladron nodded as his mind drifted back.

Decades before all this had started. The covens were together as one, dancing naked with the earth mother was an almost daily thing. The battles then were a lot easier with the sexual energy that they released. Theresa was also remembering the day the incident had happened. Two female members were found slaughtered.

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The local authorities had investigated. A young male was found wandering not far from where their bodies were discovered. He was covered in blood a lost look on his face.

He had no memory at all of the last twenty four hours. Even after the High priest and priestess had gone through his memories, they had found nothing. Tears started to fall from both their eyes. After the authorities had taken him away it was only a month later that the male was executed. Theresa shook her head her dear brother! Taladron was also sad remembering the last true friend he had.

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After that, the coven split into two at the suggestion of the leaders. Taladron could still see his friend as clear as day. Then on the whispering wind he could swear that he heard the earth goddess say 'look closer.' Taladron and Theresa both looked up at each other.

Pulling the memories up, they both went through them again. They both looked closer suddenly gasping when they saw the mark near the hair line on the dazed young man. Looking at the mark they both again gasped the mark of the evil master of the demonic beasts! Looking harder they both began to see what they hadn't had the knowledge back then.

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Shaking his head Taladron was the first to speak. "It appears that the coven was broken to allow the infiltration of our dimension." Hanging his head then dropping to his knees Taladron almost whispered.

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"Earth mother Gaia, I beg your forgiveness for not seeing what we should have. Thanks to us not seeing, this war has been going far too long." Theresa had also dropped to her knees beside him. "Please forgive all of for abandoning your purpose.

To protect this dimension." Here she looked at Taladron, "plus all our sisters AND brothers!" Again on the whispering wind they both heard the earth mother 'Finally you are one again. Protect all and end this!' Both of them looked up startled before they called their covens together.

Taladron nodded to Theresa as she started. "I and High Priest Taladron have spoken to the earth mother. That which broke the coven has been found to be a lie. Through the images given to us it was found that my brother had been marked to forget what had taken place that day." Theresa said then turned to Taladron. "As we found out when we destroyed Belatron, we are far stronger together than apart.

It is this separation that has perpetuated this war for so long. As of this minute that is over. We are once again one coven. Both the high priestess and I will try to lead you as we continue, together, we will end this war!" There was a great amount of shouting as Taladron and Theresa joined hands both of them starting to glow a bit. Smiling at each other Taladron held up his hand to quiet them. Theresa bowed to Taladron as he did to her. "We have much to do before the master of the demonic beasts' attempts to take over this dimension.

I know that there is a great mistrust of the non-witches. Especially after it was they who executed my brother. This we will have to get past also.

I myself have the greatest mistrust of them. Now I'm not sure if they also might have been influenced by the master." Theresa said. Taladron nodded as Theresa motioned that she was done. "My brother and sisters, I know we've not much time. I feel that the master will attack soon thinking we are weak and even more separated.

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I say that we ALL end this bringing the peace back that has been missing for decades. Together I know we can defeat the evil!" Again there was cheering from both covens as they began to mingle shaking hands getting acquainted. "I just hope that we have the power when the time comes." Taladron told Theresa. Turning to look at the worried look on his face Theresa leaned in kissing him. "As I said before I know that Gaia wouldn't have given us this to do had she not thought that we were ready." Wrapping her arms around Taladron she whispered in his ear.

"It has been far too long Taladron. Many nights I have longed to hold you again as we used to." Taladron started to hug her back taking a long look into her eyes seeing the slight tears there. "I also have longed to hold you Theresa.

It has been far too long I know." Pressing his body against her he heard her sigh. Theresa could feel how excited Taladron was to hold her again as she was. The tingling in her body becoming more intense the longer they were together. Separating they saw that almost all of the now one coven were staring at them with open mouths. Shandra walked up a moment later asking Theresa in a whisper. "Can we actually do that? I thought it was forbidden!" "It was but no longer.

Find a partner that makes you feel complete. This we both have been told will empower us to victory." Theresa told her young assistant.

Shrugging the younger woman moved off toward the mingling males and females. With the urging of both the High Priestess and Priest the coven started to draw much closer. Much closer than any at first thought was possible. Theresa and Taladron smiled though they both were worried that they might not have enough yet. As they both feared it was a week later that there was a splitting of the sky with huge amounts of lightning and thunder.

A great thunderous rolling sound began to assault all the coven's ears. A great rushing of power was felt as a grotesque; misshapen, red skin hued demonic form appeared. Sighing Taladron held Theresa's hand as they both called the coven together.

Forming two rings they all joined hands chanting. "So," came the thunderous voice of the demonic form. "My agent met his end at the hands of the two covens. It is of no consequence even together you've not enough power to defeat me. I am the lord of all evil; there is no hope for you no matter what you do!" Even as he was speaking a barrier began to form around the hideous form.

Laughing the form bashed an arm against it screaming when it was severely burned. "We do not need a lot of power to defeat you!" Theresa shouted at the master. "HA! HA! HA!" The master laughed at her. "I will so enjoy using you until there is nothing left of you!

Now stop this useless defense you are trying!" Again the beast hit the barrier screaming louder when it not only didn't give but ripped a section of its shoulder away.

"The coven is whole once again despite your best efforts. All that was done before has now been undone. You therefore no longer have power over us!" Taladron shouted at the beast. "Oh, you are so wrong little man!" Pointing at several of the male members he bid them come to him.

When not a single man moved the beast roared shooting several blasts of energy at them. He then roared even louder when all the blasts were reflected back at it. All the males smiled as they looked at the females that were holding their hands. "As you can see we are far closer like we were when you started this war. Now we are going to end it!" With that Taladron and Theresa started to close their hands making the barrier shrink closer to the beast.

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Screaming the beast started to fire at every one of the coven members that it could. Panting greatly as the barrier started to tighten around it.

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"Go ahead destroy me! Then you will never see this one again!" A moment later Theresa gasp as the face of her brother appeared. "I can restore him to you. The humans didn't kill him. I consumed all he is. Though I am growing tired of his constant whining about wanting to see his sister. Stop this now and I will release him!" The beast said. Theresa smiled looking at the concern on Taladron's face. "It's alright Taladron. I know no power can restore that which has passed on.

They can only create a false image made from memories. I know he is at peace." Suddenly the wind began to whip up buffeting the coven members then just as suddenly it was gone. A voice sounded in the wind 'It is over! No longer will you destroy this realm! Be gone!' The beast creature started to laugh. "So the bitch goddess makes an appearance! No! I will not be defeated there is nothing you can do to defeat me." 'I do not have to. My loving followers will.

Goodbye foul one forever!' The voice in the wind said. Again the beast creature started to scream as the barrier shank more and more. With a mighty roar the creature tried to push out, for a moment, only for a moment, he succeeded. Then the barrier wrapped around him tightening to a ball, and then with a pop it was gone. Taladron staggered a moment as did Theresa. Looking out they saw that all the coven members were falling off their feet. "I am hoping this ends it.

I know there are other agents though after Belatron they are weak in comparison." Taladron said as he tried to hold Theresa up. "Yes my dear, dear Taladron, though together as Gaia intended us to be, we will no longer fail!" Theresa told him. "My precious Theresa lets us never allow the coven to break again." Taladron said as he kissed her. On the wind a deep thankful sigh could be heard.