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Vanessa fucks london in the ass with a toy
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My Lovely Daughter, Leia When Leia was born she was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen. I had been there for her birth, her 1st birthday and every birthday since. Her mother and I never had any other children until we turned 36 years old, and Leia was 16 years. Her mother, Joyce, had complications with the birth of the twins and died after caesarean section.

Leia and I were devastated by her death. Since her mother died, Leia took over all the duties of the household. I don't know what I would've done with out her. She took care of the twins ever since I brought them home from the hospital. Never once did I ask anything of her, and she never asked for anything different.

I don't get home until after 6 pm on week day nights, Leia is there looking after the children. She has dinner ready and the house never looks out of place. The boys are always fed and bathed by the time I get home.

The boys, Rodney and Conner, are nearly two years old. Though they haven't started speaking, they are very attentive of Leia. On the weekends I wonder how I would ever get by. But watching Leia and how she looks after everything. I just don't know what I would without my darling daughter.

At 18 years old Leia is beginning to fill into a beautiful woman. She has raven black hair, the same as her mother. When she wears makeup she can pass for 22 years old. Her hips are curvy, not what I would call slim, but something like child bearing hips. She has 34A size breasts, I help hang out the washing, and I notice things.

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Her skin is medium, slightly tanned. Leia left school at 16 years old mainly to look after the children as a nanny/house maid would've been very expensive.

Her only peculiarity is that Leia likes to walk around the house naked, after a shower. In fact there has been many a time when she passed me, totally naked, just to get a towel. She's done this ever since she was 5 years old. These days she says that she usually checks on the boys just so she can get dressed. Just after the boys turned 2, I was given the opportunity to go to London and take over the company's office there. I went home and spoke with Leia about this promotion.

Leia was thrilled at my promotion and was all for the transfer. Several weeks later I went over with Leia and the boys to find a house that we could live in. We flew over and on arrival a woman met us at Heathrow Airport. She introduced herself as Amy and drove us to our hotel. On arrival Amy told me that I had a lovely family and she would meet me the following day after I had rested.

I went upstairs to our room and found that the room had only one bed and two cots. I rang the management of the hotel and they told me that they had nothing left and though my wife and children would be happy with that room. I thanked them, mainly because I was tired and because they thought that Leia was my wife not my daughter.

I hung up and told Leia what had occurred. She laughed and said, "Well we could share the bed. I'm happy to sleep in that big bed." I looked in the bedroom and saw a bed that must've been a king size bed. I'd never seen anything that big before. It was just before midday and I was tired from our trip to London. So, I told Leia that I was going to have a nap. She'd said, "I'll join you. The boys are out for the count and I'm a little tired too." Leia got undressed down to her bra and panties, and hoped onto one side of the bed.

I undressed to my boxer and hopped into the other side. Lying on the bed, I realised that it was very large and the boys could even get in without bothering us.

So, I fell asleep after my head hit the pillow. The bed was very comfortable and I only intended to have a nap. At 2pm my watch sounded the alarm I had programed to ring at. As I came awake I saw Leia had rolled next to me, and now we were spooning. At first I was going to wake Leia, but then I didn't want to disturb her. I soon caught scent of her perfume, which tantalised my senses very much. Her hair was touching my chest and it felt silky smooth when I touched it with my hand.

I wondered at that moment what it would feel like just to hold her, so I wrapped my free arm around her waist. I don't know if she was awake or not, but at that exact moment she wriggled her bottom into my groin, which caused me to have a hard on straight away.

I loved the feeling of Leia sleeping with me, though I thought I'd never do anything to wreck our relationship. We laid like that for what seemed like 20 minutes.

My hard on was not going away any time soon, when one of the boys woke up crying. I didn't want to go and pick him up at that moment, as I was enjoying myself. Then Leia yawned and looked around at me and moved my hand. I faked sleep, and she leaned over and kissed my cheek, got up and walked out to the cot. I watched as she sauntered away and closed my eyes. I dreamed of her walking away, that cute bottom, those beautiful hips and the shining black hair streaming down her back.

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Then I heard her come back into the room with Conner. Leia got back into bed, laid with her back to me and wriggled back against me. She had Conner lying in front of her and she started making crooning sounds to relax him.

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It was now that I saw that Leia had become more than a sister to these two boys, she had become their mother. It was funny that as I was thinking this Conner said, "Mama." Leia said, "Hush little boy, daddy is still asleep." I was amazed that Conner thought Leia as his mother.

But as I thought on it she took care of him ever since his birth, why not think of her as his mum. I was still laying there when Leia reached back grabbed my arm and placed it around her waist again. I was now turned on further by her action. As I faked sleep, I decided to pull her in against my cock and see what she would do. So, using my arm I pulled her against my hardening cock. As soon as she could feel my cock, she again wriggled her bottom on it.

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I nuzzled into her hair, breathing in her heady perfume. It was then that Leia turned around and face me. "Dad" she said, "Dad, you're awake. I know you are." I opened my eye and looked directly into hers. "What darling. What's wrong?" Then I faked a yawn. This surprised Leia, but she went on.

"Joseph, the boys are waking up and I want you to change Rodney and Conner for me, please. I feel like a shower. Then can we go out to lunch." That was the first time that Leia ever called me by my first name, and I kind of liked it.

So I said, "Ok honey, I'll change the boys you have your shower." She got out of bed and went into the bathroom. I quickly changed the boys with disposables, left them in their cots with some toys, and I went into the bathroom too. As I entered the room Leia was just turning on the shower.

I had slipped off my boxers and was standing there naked. Leia looked at me and said, "Dad, I'm naked, what are you doing." I said, "Honey, I just want to take a shower too. Anyway it's not like I haven't seen you naked. You do it all the time at home." With that Leia was resigned to letting me shower with her.

I washed her back and she washed mine. I watched as she washed her breasts, and her pussy. She watched me as I washed my cock. I asked her, "Do you ever douche?" She looked at me and said, "What's that?" There was a flexible shower hose attached to this shower, and I said, "Well do you want me to show you." She looked at me and reluctantly nodded her head.

I first tested the water to make sure it was warm, on the underside of my wrist. When I thought it right I aimed it at Leia's pussy and let the spray hit her pussy with a small amount of force. Straight away Leia moaned, and I caught her by the shoulders and wrapped my arm around her.

I again hit her pussy with the same amount of force that I did before. Again she moaned, louder than before. I looked into her eyes, when she said, "oh again daddy, please do it again." So again I hit her pussy with the flexible shower hose, but I left it on longer and a bit harder. This time she moaned loudly and groaned at the feeling. I looked into her eyes once more and I said, "Was that good baby?" She replied, "Yes daddy can we do it again." I said, "Later tonight after the boys go to sleep.

Ok?" She looked at me and just nodded. We got out of the shower stall and started drying off. I started helping her, rubbing the towel over her tits and pussy. I was a little rough but I think she liked it. Then she towelled me off and was a little rough over my cock.

My cock took next to no time in being rigid. She looked at it and then at me, and innocently said, "Did I do that." I laughed and started tickling her and she tickled back. She ran out of the shower and towards the bed, where I caught her and we fell down onto the bed together.

I was lying on top of Leia, when I said, "So, you like to wriggle your arse into my cock do you." She replied, "You were awake.

I thought you were." Then she playfully hit me. I laughed and laid my lips to hers, without thinking. At first Leia was surprised, but then she responded back and our tongues played for several minutes.

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She pulled away from me and looked up, saying, "Daddy, I don't like leaving the boys by themselves to much and I've left them for too long now." I looked down at her, and said, "Well can we finish this later tonight, along with the shower." She looked at me and again shyly nodded.

Leia checked the boys and then got dressed. I got dressed before her and went out to look after the boys. I played with the boys for about 10 minutes, when Rodney said, "Da, da.", Conner followed suit and said, "Da, da." Then he said, "Mama, mama.", now Rodney said, "Mama." I looked around and saw Leia standing in the doorway watching us.

I looked at Leia and she was stunning. The yellow summer dress she wore made her look fantastic. She now looked older than 22 years, and not 18. Leia walked over, and boys kept on with the 'mama' I went and got the stroller andthen we dressed them.

I picked each up and put them into the stroller and tied them down with each belt. I stood up and looked at Leia and she returned my look. I couldn't help myself and I leaned forward, which she did at the same time, and we shared our second kiss. It was quick, it was on her lips and I wanted more.

Leia said, "Daddy, not now, not in front of the boys. Please." I said "Okay. Honey but people think we're husband and wife, so will you wear your mother's ring while we're here please." Leia looked elated and said, "Yes daddy. I will." I took my dead wife's ring from a chain I had around my neck. Once off I held Leia's hand and placed the ring on her ring finger. Then Leia grabbed me around the neck and kissed me hard on the lips.

Now I kissed her back, and held her around the waist tight as our kiss took on a deeper meaning.


We broke from our kiss and I could see that Leia was happy. I said, to her, "Now we're off Mrs Platt." With that she beamed a wider smile and said, "yes, Mr Platt, let's go." Then we walked out, with Leia holding my arm as I pushed the strolled. Part 2 Our Pseudo Wedding Night