Naked twinks free full gay porn Explosions failure and punishment

Naked twinks free full gay porn Explosions  failure  and punishment
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On Saturday night I dropped in to Russ's place to find the gang playing poker at the table in his room and Bazz and Pat rooting on Russ's bed, Bazz still had his jeans on and Pat still had a dress on but I could see a pair of knickers on the floor. Neither of them looked up as I entered and Bazz soon finished and pulled out then returned to the table leaving Pat laying spread eagled on the Bed.

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Pat pulled her dress down and rolled on to her side calling Bazz a "mongrel using bastard" before they started abusing each other. Bazz sat back at the table with his back to her and started playing poker while they argued back and forth.

No one else seemed to take any notice as it was apparently a common thing. Pete was sitting over in the corner and after a while I noticed that he had somehow sneakily moved to the bed, then up behind Pat and was now almost spooning her.

I watched out the corner of my eye as Pete lifted her skirt up from behind and unzipped himself so sneakily that no one noticed.

Pat was still arguing with Bazz as Pete moved closer then Pat suddenly stopped talking and looked behind her in surprise, Pete had obviously just pushed his cock up inside her. Pat looked back towards the table but no one had noticed anything so she turned back towards the table and kept on abusing Bazz.

Pete very slowly started to fuck her as Pat stared angrily at the back of Bazz's head then a minute or so later Pete grunted and pulled away zipping himself up, Pat just kept on talking as if nothing had happened but I noticed that Shane had spotted what was happening and as Pete got off the bed he scooted up behind Pat and quietly unzipped.

He was soon thrusting into her and kept it up for several minutes until Pat started having trouble talking, Shane grunted as he filled her cum soaked pussy with another load while Pat groaned through her orgasm. Bazz turned to look when Pat stopped abusing him and after seeing that Shane was obviously fucking her, turned back to the game as if nothing was going on.

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Pat was really pissed off that Bazz didn't seem to care and rolled on to her back pulling her skirt up as soon as Shane pulled out, she nodded at Russ who got up from the table and was soon chocablock up her. I walked over and stood next to Pat, She unzipped me and sucked my cock into her mouth as Russ kept pounding hard into her pussy. As soon as Russ finished Pete took his place and Bazz now turned to watch what was happening, Pete wasn't going to last long so Shane lined up again and stripped off looking at Bazz to see if he was going to object.

Pete finished and was replaced by Shane then Bazz walked over and removed Pats top and bra before stripping off himself, I came in her mouth then Bazz straddled her chest and pushed his semi erect cock between her tits and grabbed her head to pull her up so she would suck him off.

Pat was coming again and again as she relished all the attention until we had all had our fill of her wonderful body and the room absolutely reeked of sex. After a bit of a sleep in on Sunday morning I headed down to the river to have a swim and found everyone else already there.

Pat was lying on her side in her bikini and I noticed Pete had snuck up behind her and spooned her as he pushed his dick up against her bum, within seconds he came in his togs with a silent groan.

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"Friggen hell Pete !" exclaimed Pat in exasperation, "you must be the quickest cummer in history … I bet no one could beat your time""I got absolutely nothing out of that either except stained Bikinis" "I dunno" said Russ laughing, "I reckon I could get hard and cum in less than a couple of minutes" "go on then, lets see what you got?" said Bazz as he walked over and stripped Pats Bikini bottoms off. Pat frowned at Bazz then grinned and laid back, wet her fingers in her mouth and started rubbing her clit.

Russ walked over and dropped his shorts while Shane walked up with his watch and started a countdown. Russ was looking upwards and as the countdown ended he looked down, grabbed his dick and started pumping while watching Pat masturbate. "Wait" said Bazz … by this time Pat was getting into it and looked pretty crestfallen when he stopped it and Russ quickly lost his horn.

"How about we all stand around in a circle and beat off, first one to get close enough pumps it into Pats pussy and gets straight back off before the next guy comes on him!" laughed Bazz We all laughed, even Pat who immediately went back to rubbing her clit in anticipation.

"well if someone's inside Pat when I'm ready I will cum in their arse instead!" grinned Russ getting a huge laugh from Pat as she said "well if Pete is in me and Russ is in Pete and someone else is ready &hellip. Could be a trainwreck !! " "Done deal" said Bazz grinning mischievously A few of us were looking a bit worried as we surrounded Pat and dropped out togs or shorts, Pat was laying there laughing up at us as we waited until all of us were soft they she yelled GO !!

We all as one looked down at Pats fingers in her pussy and started pumping our cocks for all we were worth. Pete dropped straight down onto Pat and shoved his still semi soft cock straight in and came within seconds then quickly jumped up with a huge grin on his face. I noticed that Bazz had slowed his hand to a languid pace.

Jeff was next and came for a long time and only just pulled out when Russ started to bend down over him … almost had him. Russ pushed into Pat and started pounding away, it must have been what Bazz was waiting for as he picked up the pace and hit his peak then jumped on Russ pushing his cock into his arse crack just as Russ grunted and poured his cum deep up inside Pat.

Bazz had him pinned and as his cock spurted we could see him searching for Russ's bumhole. He found it obviously as Russ yelped … Bazz grinned broadly and quipped "well this was YOUR idea mate!!" It was all a big turn on for Pat and she reached back behind Bazz and pulled him and Russ deeper as she let go a big series of grunts as she thrust hard on Russ's cock and came violently.

"Don't worry, I'm not interested in your arse" I whispered to Shane then loudly started moaning in mock passion, Bazz looked back with a worried look and quickly rolled off Russ with a load plop, Russ was next to roll off saying "I don't believe you actually shoved that thing in my arse Bazz!!" he was not happy but the rest of us were pissing ourselves laughing.

Shane bent down and shoved his hard cock into Pats sloppy cunt as she was still on the tail end of her orgasm, as he got close she started heading for another one but he was soon dumping his load and quickly pulled out for me to take his place.

I looked around at the circle of soft cocks and enjoyed a minute or so of fucking before cumming as Pat hit her next orgasm. It would have been between 10 and 15 minutes from start to finish with 5 loads of cum and 3 orgasms for Pat so she lay there with a look of supreme satisfaction on her face.

Russ was still pissed off and frowned even more as Pat said "anyone else? Anyone for seconds?" Bazz looked at the scene before him and lapsed into deep thought. We all jumped in for a swim then lazed on the grass for a while, Pat kept making suggestions and teasing us and finally got our interest by suggesting that we could see how many cocks she could do at once for a bit of fun.

We decided it would be more comfortable at Gary's so headed up there to see if he was home. Gary was working on one of his cars but decided to join in and headed for the shower while we piled into his room.

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Pat was so excited she was like a kid in a candy shop and grabbed some vitamin E cream from Gary's sister Deb's room and picked me to start. She pulled my shorts off and with the help of the cream soon had me hard, she stripped naked then with me sitting on the edge of the bed she faced away from me and lined up my cock with her bumhole then very slowly started to work it in, "don't move" she said as the pain hit, she waited for several seconds then just dropped straight down as far as she could with a load yelp of pain and pleaded "don't move, don't move, shit this hurts!" Russ reached around her pinching her nipples and she slowly started to relax and about 30 seconds later started to slide up and down slowly bringing me back to proper hardness again then Bazz laid us both back and shoved his cock up her cunt hard causing her arse to squeeze by cock so hard the skin moved on my cock not slid inside her like it had been doing.

Russ moved over Pats head and dropped his cock into her mouth for her to suck on then Jeff and Pete grabbed a hand each and wrapped them around their cocks. We were all trying to move but it was not very easy then Gary walked back in and started stroking himself saying, "where do I fit in?" Pat turned her head and said "see if you can fit in with Bazz but take it easy OK" I was quite shocked at that … there was no way you could fit two cocks in her pussy with me in her arse … it was too tight now.

Gary wormed his way into position and tried to slip his cock underneath Bazz's but it was a bit too short so Bazz pulled out and told Gary to take his place then when he was inserted he moved up behind Gary and started trying to slip his knob in underneath Garys.

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Slowly but surely he wormed it in stopping when Pat asked to let her adjust to the size of the two cocks, lucky Gary's was fairly small. Eventually we were all inserted and starting to fuck in and out with Bazz doing most of the moving, Pat started to enjoy it going by her moans and asked Russ to fuck her mouth as she wanked off the other two.

I looked over at the mirrored wardrobe door and laughed out loud saying "that just doesn't look right" Bazz had a hold of Gary's hips and it looked like he was fucking him instead of Pat. Everyone turned to look and laughed breaking the tension. Pete was first to blow his load and moved away, the friction was too much for me and I filled her gut with my cum soon after and squirmed my way out from underneath knocking Bazz out at the same time causing him to emit a loud Nooooo.

Gary took the opportunity to speed up with long deep strokes and blasted his load high up in Pats pussy then moved out of the way. Poor old Jeff just went soft so he also moved away. Bazz's cock was still bouncing up and down, he must have been very close to cumming and was soon pushing back into Pats sloppy cunt. Russ was pretty close by now so moved his wet slippery cock out of Pats mouth and in between her Tits asking her to rim him.

Pat lifted her head and started tonguing his arse as he fucked her Tits, Bazz was wildly trying to get off inside Pats loose pussy and was panting hard.

I then noticed Russ had grabbed his cock and was pulling hard while grinding his arse down onto Pats tongue … I could see what Russ was up to and it was not going to end well … he was going to try and shoot off into Bazz's mouth by the look of it.

Russ was getting closer and had his cock aimed at Bazz's mouth then a big spurt shot out on Bazz's cheek, in his mouth and over his chin. Russ grinned madly as Bazz jerked back in surprise then he surprised all of us by lunging forward to take Russ's cock in his mouth as it continued to shoot out his sperm. Russ tried to move back but Bazz held him tight and pumped hard, fast and deep into Pats cunt as he finally tipped over the edge into his orgasm.

As Bazz came Russ was able to wriggle back out of his grasp started calling him all the names under the sun getting angrier and angrier. It all erupted into a huge fight with Russ threatening to tell the whole town Bazz was gay and had raped him. Bazz ended up angry and embarrassed and moved interstate a few days later with Pat leaving home and going with him the next week. … pity.