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Public pussy play
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The wind blew through the night rattling against my window. I looked up at the sky staring endlessly into the darkness thinking to myself, if anyone could be here to hold me, look after me just talk to me I would be happy.

Then, I almost fell out of bed hearing a loud banging on the door downstairs.

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As I made my way downstairs I heard the banging stop realising that whoever was out there must have heard me I called out asking who was at the door. All that I heard in reply were the words. "I need somewhere to stay please let me in out of the rain." As I finally reached the door I rattled the latches on it slightly moving my hand down to the door knob opening it as I did the mysterious stranger almost fell straight in on top of me as if they were leaning against the door.

As I pulled myself up of the ground looking at the dark figured stranger.

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He stood above me slightly with his dark brown hair wet and slightly ruffled from the wind and rain outside. As he reached back pushing the door shut I watched him turn to face me.

His green eyes shimmering as the moonlight reflected off them. As I patted the last of the dirt off my body I looked at the stranger and offered him something warm to drink. A small grunt came before he responded. "Yes please I would gladly like some." As words began to leave his lips they sounded almost sepulchral for a moment before the tone averted to a warm, calming, enchanting type of sound.

As we sat at my small kitchen table he sipped at his drink of coffee almost slowly drinking it letting the warmth slowly move around his body. We sat at the table for some time talking his eyes never leaving my gaze.

After some time I offered him the spare room that was at the other end of the hallway to mine. As we walked up the stairs and we turned in opposite directions he flashed me a smile. As my hand reached for my door handle I instantly felt his arms move around my waist and his chest press against my back.

With a almost silent whisper he spoke to me. "I never got your name." I looked towards the dusted floors as I felt his breathing on the back of my neck and his hand moved along mine opening the door.

As he did so I slowly moved my body in with his body following behind me as his arms never budged from my body.

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We moved slowly towards the bed as we reached the side of the bed he turned me around and softly pressed his lips against mine. I moved my hands around his underneath his jacket pulling our bodies closer together. I felt his hands slowly press against my body pushing my body back onto the bed. As my body fell onto the bed I watched as his hands move around his body removing his black jacket and top.

He slowly moved down ontop of me kissing my lips firmly as our bodies pressed together again. "I want you." I whispered into his ear as he responded with just a smile. His hands moved under my top pushing it slowly up my body as his hands came in contact with my skin a soft sound left my lips as if to tell him that I was in heaven.

He pushed my top up further over my head and dropped it to the side of the bed. As I laid there without my shirt feeling the wind from outside slowly blowing over my body his lips pressed against mine again.

I moved my head up slightly moving my tongue into his mouth gently massaging it with his. After some time he pulled away from me looking into my eyes. "Would you like to go any further?" He asked while watching me.

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I gently smiled and moved my hand down fiddling with his belt and the button on his jeans for a moment. He began to kiss me again reaching his hands behind him removing his top revealing his muscular toned body. As I undone the button on his jeans and moved the zip down. I slowly pushed his jeans halfway down his legs allowing him to move them the rest of the way with his own legs, kicking them off onto the ground.

As my hands slowly played with the waistband of his boxers he began to slide down my body kissing against my stomach. His hands pushed my against my pants and onto my green panties slowly moving them down my legs and off my feet dropping them to the ground.

I felt his warm breath move over my inner thighs. His fingers crept up my thighs slowly sending a sensation up my body.

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As I felt his fingers come in contact with my pussy I felt them move around my lips ever so slowly before his fingers gently parted my lips. I felt his breath against my body as I watched him slowly move forward and I let out a gasp as I felt his tongue move against my pussy. He slowly rubbed his tongue against my pussy slowly moving it further into me as I let out a whimpering sounding moan. His tongue moved across my pussy as I felt it move over my clit. His lips pressed against me as he brought my clit into his mouth gently sucking on it making me moan again as he flickered his tongue against it for a moment I moved my head back.

I moaned loudly reaching my climax as I moved my hand down pulling on his hair more grinding my hips against his face. He stopped for some time before he pushed two fingers into my pussy picking up speed as he did so his fingers slowly became coated with my juices that began to flow over his fingers coating them each time he moved his fingers inside me. After almost bringing me to my second orgasm he slid up my body keeping his body close to mine kissing me momentarily bringing his two fingers up to my mouth.

I smiled at him moving my head up slowly licking one side of his fingers before moving my mouth over it gently sucking on his fingers as he pulled them out I let my lips linger on his fingers. He began to kiss me slowly beginning to spread my legs with his postioning his body in between my legs I felt the head of his hard cock rest between my wet pussy lips.

I felt him slowly push it into me as another moan escaped my lips. He edged his mouth down over mine kissing me. I felt his hands move down the side of my body under my ass.

He gently squeezed it while lifting it up slightly each time he pushed his cock into me. With each movement from his body I knew his cock was going in deeper every time.

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I couldn't contain myself any more and my body began to shake as another orgasm tore through my body. I chucked my head back against the bed letting out a loud moan. As I did so he leaned in close to my ear and whispered to me.

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"I am going to cum soon." As he whispered to me I felt his cock moving in deeper inside me. I felt his whole body rise up from mine. His body dropped down onto mine as he plunged his hard cock all the way into my body we both let out a loud moan. As our cum combined inside my body I felt it slowly oozing out the sides of where his cock was. We both laid there motionless in exhaustion.

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